30-01-2020, 16:50
The Supreme Court of Khakasia has sentenced a 47-year-old grandfather and a 42-year-old grandmother tossing their 11-month-old grandchildren in the oven, RIA Novosti reports.

It was found out that a drunken grandfather threw his grandson into a burning stove a year ago. Before that, the grandmother, who was also drunk, tried to drown the child. It has become known that they committed the crime out of personal hatred towards the grandchild, which arose out of a constant crying.

The court sentenced the woman to 9 years in prison. The man was sentenced to 15 years in prison in a strictly regulated colony.
30-01-2020, 16:43
Actress Zhanna Butulyan posted a photo with a wonderful creature on her Instagram page.
30-01-2020, 16:42
Actress Zhanna Butulyan posted a photo with a wonderful creature on her Instagram page.
30-01-2020, 16:32
Public figure Boris Avagyan, along with his lawyers, today presented details of a criminal case involving corruption proposals involving high-ranking Russian and Armenian officials.

It should be noted that on the basis of Boris Avagyan's testimony, the Prosecutor's Office has initiated a criminal case against former Chief of Police Vladimir Gasparyan.
30-01-2020, 16:18
Police have arrested a woman who threatened to blow up a plane in Domodedovo, TASS reports.

According to a source in the law enforcement agencies, no dangerous objects were found.

“The woman is currently in custody. No explosive devices or explosives were found in her. According to preliminary information, the woman was drunk, ”the agency's spokesman said.

According to him, there were 195 people on board, all of whom are now leaving the landing area. According to the source, a preliminary investigation into the incident has begun.

Earlier it was reported that the plane S7 had landed in Domodedovo from Simferopol. One of the passengers threatened to blow up the plane. Staff reported the situation to ground services, where police were working.

Domodedovo Airport's press service reported that "additional security procedures are provided in such situations". “This case is no exception. The airport services, together with the law enforcement agencies, will take the necessary measures, "the press service said.
30-01-2020, 14:29
Greek MEP Ioannis Lagos tore the Turkish flag from the paper in protest at the European Parliament session in Brussels. This is reported by haberler.com.

The Greek parliamentarian referred to the situation of refugees in the Greek islands and said that Turkey can do what it wants.

“We didn't hear anyone here talk about the situation of Greek citizens. Everyone is talking about refugees. What about the situation of Greek citizens? On the one hand, it is Turkey that can do what it wants. Our country is a constant stream of immigrants ... Here, this is the Turkish flag, what are they doing? They tear and throw away. We have to put an end to it, "Lagos said.

The Greek lawmaker noted that 70% of the citizens of his country are against illegal immigration, and reported that his people were being attacked by those immigrants whom Turkey sends from their country to the Greek islands.
30-01-2020, 14:18
There is a solution to the problem of the CC, you will soon know about it. Speaking to reporters, MP MP Kristine Poghosyan said this. According to him, the head of their faction will speak about this settlement within the next few days.

“I watched Hrayr Tovmasyan's interview yesterday, he was talking about honor, dignity, and I did not recall February 24, 2014, when Dashnaktsutyun MP Armen Rustamyan in the National Assembly blamed Hrayr Tovas and Hrayas Tovmasyan for responding not even a word. I hope Hrayr Tovmasyan will appeal to his lawyers, and they will sue Armen Rustamyan in court and demand honor, and Armen Rustamyan will come to court and repeat everything he said, ”the MP said.

In response to a journalist's observation that Hrayr Tovmasyan said in an interview, "Who are you not wanting me to be the President of the Constitutional Court because you are a representative of one branch of government and the other I?" and the constitution of "sewing and shaping" makes such an ignorant expression that it does not even realize that the CC president is not the representative of the judiciary, the judiciary represents the judiciary.
30-01-2020, 14:13
SB Airbus A-321 has landed in Moscow at Domodedovo airport. The thing is that one of the passengers threatened to blow himself up.

It is said that 195 people were on board the plane. The plane was flying from Moscow to Simferopol.

"Now the plane is standing, there is a big traffic jam," it said.

The message also says that when one of the passengers reported her intention, the pilot landed immediately.

The identity of the woman threatening to blow herself up is known, she has been arrested.
30-01-2020, 14:04
"He says he is a fool, a beast, he wrote that song ... I endured it to the end." Avet Barseghyan
30-01-2020, 13:32
Nikol Pashinyan's abuse of the term hybrid coup in his speech may have several serious reasons. They are both internal fears and external impulses. Let us try to understand what can cause the Prime Minister of the Republic to misuse that term, not even imagining what it means. First of all, the most important thing is his fear of losing power.

Pashinyan understands, of course, that if he loses power, his situation will become extremely difficult. After all, there is responsibility for what happened this year and a half.

Pashinyan has three options for losing power, either snap elections, where he will not be able to garner a majority, or cast a vote of no confidence in parliament and the election of a new prime minister, or the intervention of the law enforcement agencies.

Interestingly, the fear of losing power by snap elections or by-elections is not so strong, and will not be strong as long as the mass of masses is still at hand, no matter how virtual.

There are, of course, deeper worries in parliament, especially when there is often talk of a possible split between the ruling faction and more. But at least until now, he still manages to maintain control of the 88-member faction.

Powerful ones are dangerous. Pashinyan understands that the law enforcement agencies can act from the moment the situation becomes so tense that the issue of statehood is put on the agenda. The law enforcement officials are well aware that they are the number one security officer in the country. They are also well aware of the internal and external threats to the earth. The law enforcement officers are also aware of the difficulty of Pashinyan's inexperienced government.

It is for this reason that Pashinyan is trying in every way to weaken the generality, to put "mines" there in order to prevent possible actions of the generals with the ability and ability to prevent him at the crucial moment.