30-03-2020, 13:33
A criminal case has been launched by the relatives of a woman brought from Echmiadzin to Italy by a coronavirus. Sargsyan was beaten by them during a conversation with Hraparak.

According to him, the criminal case was initiated on the basis of hooliganism. He has not been questioned yet.
Our interlocutor also mentioned that after the incident the people who had beaten him gave an explanation, which he is not aware of.
30-03-2020, 13:26
We continue to think that in our country nothing can be done on its own, and if anything happens, behind it lies secret forces and conspiracy circles. Even those involved in science and research have these doubts. as the wise man said, we have never been so free, but we have not felt so powerless.

This problem also has a theoretical aspect, and it is linked to a debate that has been going on for nearly three centuries, rooted in Enlightenment, which was deliberately defined by the German philosopher Jurgen Habermas using the term "Enlightenment as an unfinished project". Two works have been published in the last two years: Steven Pinker's "Enlightenment Now" and Shoshana Zuboff's "The Age of Control Capitalism."
30-03-2020, 13:19
RA Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan on Facebook addresses the issue of tuition fees.

RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Arayik Harutyunyan today sent a circular to the rectors of state and non-state universities.

"Taking into account the state of emergency announced for the prevention of a new coronavirus in the Republic of Armenia, the Minister suggested that during the state of emergency the students should not be included in the educational process related to non-payment of tuition fees.
30-03-2020, 13:14
On March 30, at 4:09 pm (Greenwich Time: 12: 09), the seismic network of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations recorded the latitude 40 է160 north latitude and 46․420 longitude east of Karvachar 33 km north-east, 10 km deep, 2.3 magnitude earthquake.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the magnitude of the earthquake in the epicenter was 3 points.
30-03-2020, 13:13
The SATM referred to the incident when citizen Sevak Martirosyan reported on Facebook on March 29 that his child's well-being had worsened due to food poisoning and that he had called for emergency services.

He also showed the food purchased from the Yerevan City m / s Jrvezh branch, moldy spiders, from which the child may have been eaten and poisoned.

The specialists of the Rapid Response Team of the RA Food Safety Inspectorate visited the citizen shortly after the broadcast, clarified the circumstances, and took samples from the existing sardelka at home.

The SATM staff were also at the Yerevan City Broadcasting Branch of Waterway. It turned out that the spices of the "Moya Semya" brand purchased by the citizen, and all the meat products, are kept in proper hygienic conditions.

Representatives of the inspection body also visited the child who was taken to hospital today, and doctors have assessed his health as satisfactory. The causes of a child's worsening condition will be known in a few days.

Samples of sardelka taken from a citizen's home have been given forensic examination today, the results will be made public as soon as they are ready.
30-03-2020, 12:46
30-03-2020, 12:34
USD exchange rate on March 30 totaled AMD 500.80, increasing by AMD 2.37 compared to the previous day. We inform about this from the official website of the Central Bank.

The exchange rate of the Euro amounted to 554.34 Drams (increased by 6.12 Drams), the British Pound made 620.19 Drams (increased by 11.31 Drams), and the Russian Ruble made 6.30 Drams (decreased by 0.10 Drams).
30-03-2020, 12:23
hayeli.am spoke with Dr. Gevorg Grigoryan about the prevalence of coronavirus in Armenia, the government's preventive measures, the timing of the peak of infection in Armenia, the effectiveness of Rapid and PCR tests.

Details in the video:
30-03-2020, 12:15
People have no money for bread, one day they will not work, they will go hungry, so they are protesting. Well, you made people sit at home, you don't own them.

We are not a state employee like you, not working in an emergency, but getting paid. These simple things are simple and understandable without calling people home. And your commander puts some restrictions on one of the most important questions by not deciding what people should eat to survive.
30-03-2020, 12:11
Experts at the World Health Organization claim that coronavirus is not transmitted by air, but only by the so-called droplet.

According to experts, coronavirus drops are very heavy, do not stay long in the air and on surfaces. For this reason, if you go to the place where the sick person went, the chance of infection is almost zero. Do not touch surfaces, wash your hands as often as possible and disinfect them with alcohol-based remedies.