Вчера, 12:03
As we have already reported, a brutal and tragic incident took place on November 16 in Kotayk marz. At 13:00, the Kotayk Regional Police Department received a call that a group of Abovyan doctors had called to the 11 apartment on Isahakyan Street 2nd building in Nor Hachn, where they found 5 dead bodies. It turned out that the residents of the house had been poisoned by the huge gas. Today their funeral took place in Nor Hachn.
Вчера, 11:54
Actor Sergey Danielyan (Yoj) posted live on his Facebook page that today he had visited the police with actor Artyom Karapetyan and reported a crime in connection with the incident with Artyom Karapetyan yesterday.

"Yesterday he was reprimanded by someone on the way that he did a very bad thing, and Artyom had little time to run. Then a bolola starts, that GAZEL driver pulls out a knife. It's good that nothing serious happened. We went to the police, and in today's terminology we have "done business".

I call on the NA deputies, who are mainly from the PAP, who say that thieves are good, that culture cannot be reached, that is one of the treasures of our national mentality, we have been thieves, and we will remain thieves. If I'm not mistaken, Vardanik said that thieves are smart people. People, Jan, want Vardanik, want friend Margo, we don't care. I declare that I am a business person and not only myself, but also many people around me who want a legitimate country.

All those who live in panic can take the liberty of others, know that we will not speak in your laws, that is why there is a police force that I keep in our taxes. And then it will be just like that.
Вчера, 11:48
The Earth is approaching a huge skyscraper on the size of the Pyramids of Kops, and if it reaches us, it will destroy nuclear weapons on Earth. There is a real mixed situation in Iran, Syria is hot and dangerous, there are Georgian spring scents in Georgia again, Azerbaijan is deploying its military forces with deceit and silence, and is getting ready for war, and we are sleeping and enjoying our respective animal ears. Nicole's one-act theater.

No one really cares what will happen to our country, our state, Artsakh in a month, two months, or a year, what if the skyscraper slammed into our heads. When should we thus be unaware of the pain, indifferent to the pain? With all due respect to all the mentally ill, but even at the mental hospital about 50 people stood up to defend their rights yesterday, people were dissatisfied with the decisions of the psychiatric rehabilitation center and stood up demanding justice. And we, our society, whose rights are violated under many 'velvet, revolutionary' heels, how long and for what should we still be silent, why should we tolerate Nikol's self-sacrifice, complacency, and self-satisfaction?

Don't you feel that our society and political forces are beginning to resemble the madmen who throw themselves into the empty pool all the time, get up and slam into the empty pool and when they are asked, "What are you doing," with a naive smile They respond: 'We are learning to swim, they have promised to swim as soon as they know they will pour water into the pool'. Dwarfs, let's sober up, as my nose has not finally covered with velvet and has not sunk.

Written by Margarit Yesayan
Вчера, 11:47
Our political relations with Levon Ter-Petrosyan ended in 2012, nothing to do with; Yesterday, as we have already informed, the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan answered the questions of the representatives of the Russian media. Marina Perevozkina, journalist for Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, asked:

- Mr. Prime Minister, there is information in the press that you are close enough to the first President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan, and some call you a new re-incarnation of Ter-Petrosyan in Armenian politics. Can you tell us about your real relationship with the first president? Do you have a friendly relationship? What are your relationships now? Continue to keep in touch with each other? Has he played any role in your political formation? What effect did he have?

- Look closely at me and say, 'Am I someone else's reincarnation?' I'm a public figure in general, and as an adult, actually 16, I have been living in public life since I first worked as a journalist, and since 1991 you can follow everything I've done, in fact, you can get acquainted with daily steps.
Вчера, 11:39
Members of "VETO" Initiative are holding a protest in front of the Public Funds Armenia Armenia office under the motto "Freedom to Nikol Pashinyan from Soros".

Protesters say they want to free Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan from the influence of the Open Society Foundations Armenia office.
Вчера, 11:03
During the NA briefings, the journalists inquired from the PAP MPs whether they had a personal contact with the representatives of the criminal world or whether they had sat at a table or raised a glass.

Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) MP Artyom Tsarukyan responded that in this case personal relationships are of no importance, if a person has committed a crime, he should be held accountable.

"And if you want to talk about the past, let's take a look again at the interview with the recently suspended EBRD chief, who was talking about how he was elected. He made it clear, ”Artyom Tsarukyan said.

In response to the question whether Alain Simonyan is a part of it, Tsarukyan responded that Sanasaryan said what he meant.

Let us remind that the head of the EBRD, Davit Sanasaryan, who has been suspended from his post, stated in his interview that Alen Simonyan was supported by the district authorities in the elections.

Commenting on the observation that Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan accused the PAP of raising salaries and pensions, whether the PAP is not afraid of such allegations, Tsarukyan said they had made clear what was the reason behind the 2020 budget. have a negative attitude.

Another PAP MP Iveta Tonoyan added that they have repeatedly said that the 2020 budget is not revolutionary. "Our position was solely conditioned by this factor. As for the position of our faction regarding the increase of pensions or minimum wages, naturally, the Prosperous Armenia Party will always be in favor of such initiatives," he stressed.
Вчера, 10:59
All Kocharyan's Property Revealed: Here's what belongs to him
Вчера, 10:46
Moscow and Yerevan cannot act against each other as they are strategic partners, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated at a meeting with Russian journalists.

“There can be no such thing as we want to harm Russia. At least that is our understanding of strategic partnership ... We can never and will not act against each other, "Pashinyan said, referring to concerns that US-funded biologics labs in Armenia might operate against Russia. Pashinyan also noted that these laboratories, although created with US funding, are now the exclusive property of the Republic of Armenia.

"No foreigner can penetrate into these objects without the permission of our country's authorities," he said. Pashinyan also spoke about why Lavrov's visit to Yerevan did not sign a memorandum allowing Russian specialists to enter laboratories.
"We had a draft agreement with Russia, we were ready to sign it, but our Russian partners decided to work on it again. We will work on it, and when both sides agree, we will sign it, ”Pashinyan said.

In fact, during Lavrov's recent visit to Armenia, no memorandum was signed on biological laboratories opened in Armenia. It means that there are still disagreements.

Apparently, the Russian side is still not satisfied with any issues, they are trying to get great powers from the Armenian side. So it can be concluded that the Russian side was dissatisfied with Yerevan at the last meeting of Lavrov.
At the same time, Pashinyan told a meeting with Russian journalists that the price of Russian gas for Armenia by 2020 will increase. spring will not rise. "The price of Russian gas will not rise until spring," Pashinyan said.

He added that as a result of discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the issue, the parties agreed that the tariff should be such as not to harm the Armenian economy.

That is, there is no final decision on this issue yet, and tariffs may change in spring.

Instead, Pashinyan's only assurances are how good the Armenian-Russian relations are. He does not miss the opportunity to make reverberations in the direction of Russia.

Tamar Bagratuni:
Вчера, 10:39
The daughter of RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Mariam Pashinyan, has posted on her Facebook page a press release, according to which she is building a pub in the small center of Yerevan, which has been her old dream.

"Let's start the day with laughter and laughter," wrote Mariam Pashinyan, quoting one of the thoughts in the article. "And how much money is being built? We think it is understandable."
Вчера, 10:35
If you remember, months ago NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan mentioned at the Civic Contract Party congress that Armenia is a bastion of democracy, and in that sense we are ahead of all in the world.

Against this backdrop, a group of Armenian lawmakers has actually left for the United States and is getting acquainted with the American democratic experience there ... I don't understand what counter-revolutionary steps you are taking. You've gone to study how Trump is impeached, you might want to come here and impersonate our "vindictive nation, the gift of God", don't get serious.

So Americans should come here and learn how to elect a speaker of the 130-member parliament to the 130-seat National Assembly, "democratic" laws, surround the National Assembly and court buildings, determine the means of escaping people during the conversations of the country's top officials and special services; detention, as well as instructions to lower the judges and then continue to serve.

This is democracy, or you have fallen behind the Tutsis.

Karine Mamikonyan's Facebook page