31-10-2019, 19:33
Today, on the day of the government's next meeting, Ani Zakharyan, an alternative candidate for Prime Minister, spoke to reporters about her signature petition and the steps she has taken over the past week.
Details in the video:
30-10-2019, 12:15
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on October 30 that the country's parliament was preparing a response to the passage of a resolution by the US House of Representatives recognizing the Armenian Genocide by Ottoman Turkey. “The resolution is useless. Turkey will not recognize it, "Erdogan quoted Reuters as saying. As a result of the October 29 vote in the US House of Representatives, the Armenian Genocide Resolution was adopted by a majority vote. Of the congressmen who voted, 405 voted for, 11 against, 3 abstained, and 14 did not vote.