1-11-2019, 04:08
There will be rain throughout the country, snow in the highlands, winds and temperatures will drop significantly.

 YEREVAN, November 1 - Sputnik. Light rain is expected in some regions of Armenia today, November 1. Precipitation is expected throughout the country on November 2, with intense snowfalls in some areas 1700 meters above sea level and the first snowfall. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Stray dogs attack zoo kangaroos. Three have died
No precipitation is expected on November 3-5. Wind north-west - 3-8 m / sec, on November 2 expected gust, 15-20 m / s.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations also reports that the air temperature will go down by 8-10 degrees on November 2 and 3 at night.

No precipitation is expected in Yerevan on November 1, 3-5, with rain expected on November 2.

The Ministry warns that on the night of November 2 -3 in the Ararat Valley and its foothill zone the air is expected to be -1… -3, on the surface of the earth -4… -5 degrees.
1-11-2019, 04:00
Irates writes: "During a briefing in parliament recently, reporters inquired about the" quality "of former head of the penitentiary, former prosecutor Aghvan Hovsepyan, from the head of the Investigative Committee Hayk Grigoryan.

“There are constant opinions that Aghvan Hovsepyan's activities should be investigated, even charges should be brought. Are there any investigations in the committee regarding his work? Do they not want documents from you? ”One journalist asked. Hayk Grigoryan gave an evasive answer, saying that according to Article 190 of the criminal procedure, these officials are not their subjects. "I am not the addressee of the question."

According to Iravit, the authorities are not only interested in Aghvan Hovsepyan but are also cooperating with him. “Mr Hovsepyan often gives advice to law enforcement agencies. Because he has many years of work experience, he knows the biography and activities of the "big fish", is trying to be helpful, to suggest things and so on. Given this fact, no legal process is likely to start either now or in the near future, ”the newspaper writes.
31-10-2019, 23:32
Filmmaker Tigran Khzmalyan wrote on his Facebook page: "The US has released a video of a special operation to destroy ISIS leader al-Baghdadi.
      2016 During the April war, the United States provided Armenia with a live video of such intelligence at night, helping our army defeat the main tank attack of the Russian-Azerbaijani attack in Aghdam. But we are playing the CSTO and have entered Syria with the Russians. "
31-10-2019, 23:18
According to Rusarminfo, Vladimir Solovyev has called the adoption of the Armenian Genocide resolution by the US House of Representatives an important historic breakthrough that should not be underestimated.

Speaking about Turkey's reaction, Solovyev stressed that recognition of the Armenian Genocide is the most sensitive issue for Turkey's foreign policy.

Speaking of Armenians, Solovyov noted:

“Long live the Armenians. They consistently "make" respect for themselves and their history. They do not allow us to forget… ”
31-10-2019, 23:17
One of the citizens protesting in front of the government building came by paper plane and said it was brought to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan so that the Prime Minister would not spend any extra money to buy a new plane. "I brought Samyolt, it's for Nikol Pashinyan not to spend," he said.

It should be reminded that the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Eduard Aghajanyan stated that the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia is considering the purchase of a new aircraft to serve the Prime Minister.

The citizen also demanded a report on how much money was spent and what was done.
31-10-2019, 23:12
There is a ghost in our country, the ghost of populism. And in this context, Alain Simonyan has tried to say his "authoritative word" as if in response to Serzh Sargsyan. Former Deputy Defense Minister, RPA member Artak Zakaryan wrote about it on his Facebook page.

In particular, he noted: "Alan jan, I don't know if I'm right about your post or not. Because it may not have been necessary to reflect on the words that were sombre, upside down, but as long as you remember a high-ranking government official, he would have to. Especially when you, as co-chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Committee, praise the EEU during your next meeting with the Russians.

If, as you say, Serzh Sargsyan has managed to get into the EEU "in one night" in complex international relations and also to have the EUAF (hopefully you know what the abbreviation is), then you only have to learn real country thinking from a state-political figure.

However, your government should start thinking today what legacy it will leave to the next one. Imagine for a moment what you and your team-mates are going to do when the youths who have never put a stone on the wall of a state - populist and irresponsible - talk about you. By the way, keep in mind that many people have already started talking aloud about your team's qualities, and can you imagine that the opportunities for contentment have quickly run out and the time has come to face the grievances? This should scare you.

When it comes to fear, all of you are scared, Alan Jan, you are scared every hour, it is enough that you have been so "sad". Fear is a sign of maturity, intelligence, and strength. And in politics, along with courage, heroism, determination and wisdom, fears also force us to think and act for a better future.

Personally, I am afraid that the fate of Artsakh and the security of Armenia is also in the hands of a man who is known to the public to date for his sole idea of ​​legalizing marijuana.

H. c. With all due respect to you and to each and every person. "
31-10-2019, 22:23
Lusine Haroyan, Co-Chair of the Pan-Armenian National Consensus, wrote on her Facebook page: “Read carefully why Armenia is taking loans again. The first loan is aimed at enhancing fiscal risk management, improving money market liquidity and financial market transparency, and developing corporate debt and equity markets, effectively enhancing financial-banking and large equity capital, and boosting capital growth.
     And this is when the governor posts every third post on his Facebook page about job creation, budget growth, and the taxpayers' boom in tax collection, and that SRC chairman was saying, "Well, we've collected so much more tax, so much more budget revenue." Should we just be rewarded?
     Nikol Pashinyan: Could this be the result of your shocking "economic revolution"?
     And before that, our proud citizens of Armenia will put on new, velvet loans without giving a rational explanation of why we are borrowing under the $ 7 billion loan.
     Righteous, just. "
31-10-2019, 22:19
One of the citizens protesting in front of the government building came by paper plane and said it was brought to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan so that the Prime Minister would not spend any extra money to buy a new plane. "I brought Samyolt, it's for Nikol Pashinyan not to spend," he said.

It should be reminded that the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Eduard Aghajanyan stated that the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia is considering the purchase of a new aircraft to serve the Prime Minister.

The citizen also demanded a report on how much money was spent and what was done.
31-10-2019, 22:03
Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan announced on August 2 at 1in.am (40: 25-41: 20) that there is a pit in the capital privatized after the daughter of the former mayor.

“People are coming, this is my land, I want to build a building here. I look at them all, and once I find it suspicious, there is a Google Earth application where you can give back time. You look back, you see it is a big garden that has turned into a pit, ”Marutyan said, adding that the area was a master plan, but was alienated for unknown reasons.

"Alienated and who was alienated in the name of the daughter of the district head of that district," added Marutyan (11:21:20). Marutyan said in an interview that he had suspended the proceedings and had sent the case to the prosecutor's office.

Who and how took possession of the garden

The Fact-Checking Platform found that the area mentioned by the mayor is located at Tigran Petrosyan str., Davtashen. At 40. It is owned by Armenuhi Gevorgyan, daughter of Davitashen district governor Ruben Gevorgyan (Tsaghik Rubo) from 1996-99. Although Ruben Gevorgyan has publicly stated that the park belongs to him.

Who is Ruben Gevorgyan?

Ruben Gevorgyan occupied the post of Davtashen prefect in 1996. October 11, 1999 May 8. He has been a member of the National Assembly from 1999 to 2003, being elected from constituency No. 7. Until 2000 In May 2009, Gevorgyan was a member of the Unity faction formed by Vazgen Sargsyan and Karen Demirchyan, and later a member of the Armenia Parliamentary Group.

Gevorgyan later joined the Prosperous Armenia Party led by Gagik Tsarukyan and became a PAP candidate in 2009. In 2012, Gevorgyan was re-elected to the PAP proportional list. He left the PAP in 2017. Ruben Gevorgyan's relatives have almost always held positions in Davtashen municipality. His nephew Arthur Gevorgyan was the head of Davtashen district in 2008-2012, and Ruslan Baghdasaryan, his nephew in 2012-2018.

How has the park been privatized?

When studying the cadastral history of the land it becomes clear that in 1997, when his father was the head of Davtashen district, Armenuhi Gevorgyan built a 577.5 square meter recreation complex in the park adjacent to the existing Davtashen fair. The complex included a children's playroom (342 sqm), a bird showroom (72 sqm), an office (40.5 sqm) and a storage room (123 sqm).

By the decision of the then mayor of Yerevan Suren Abrahamyan in October 1998 the municipality had recognized Gevorgyan's ownership of the self-constructed buildings and had leased the land he occupied. Gevorgyan paid 577,770 drams to legalize illegal buildings. In 1999, Gevorgyan had already leased the entire garden of 6452.68 square meters for 15 years.

According to the signed contract, the tenant was allowed to do capital construction in the park, and the annual rent was only 262,194 drams (21,850 drams a month).

A week after signing the lease, Gevorgyan applied to the Yerevan Municipality to privatize the park. The municipality granted the application in 2000; The land of 6452.68 square meters and the total area of ​​499 square meters became Gevorgyan's property.

It is noteworthy that measurement documents in 2000 indicate that the area is a "public garden", but in 2002 In a letter to the head of the Davtashen Cadastre Department in August, Boris Kocharyan, Deputy Director of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Municipality of Yerevan, wrote that the plot "according to the detailed plan of the district is a land plot of public importance and is not included in the RA Land Code 60" . Article 60 of the Land Code of the Republic of Armenia adopted in 2001 prohibits the alienation of state and community owned parks, parks, gardens, etc.

Gevorgyan's land was expanded in 2006 and 2014, when the municipality alienated 850 and 535 square meters of land with 3,845 and 2.4 million drams respectively.

In November 2017, the land occupying 7,449.17 square meters was transferred to "Femida Group" LLC by Armenuhi Gevorgyan. The shareholder of this company is Armenuhi Gevorgyan himself and his brother Petros Ruben Gevorgyan. Femida Group plans to build a multifunctional residential complex instead of the former green space.

Hetq wrote that Ruben Gevorgyan had sold this park, known as Daisy, in 2011. In addition, the zoning project on the Davtashen community site, listed on the City Hall website, is designated as a public green city (NGO) area.

Authorities wrote that more than 100 trees were cut down in the area in 2013, with the remaining trees cut in December 2017. At that time Ruben Gevorgyan had declared that it was his own territory. “The trees were dry and rotten. Even if there were no rotten trees, I planted them
31-10-2019, 21:53
At the invitation of the ARF-D Supreme Body of Armenia, the Aram Manukyan Center hosted an extended conference of the ARF-D organizational structure in Armenia. The agenda included examining the country's political, socio-economic and moral-psychological situation, assessing internal and external challenges, clarifying the party's further tactical steps.

Reflecting on the policies and current developments of the Armenian authorities in the period following the change of power, the conference noted that the democratic approaches of the authorities, the deepening differences between the goals of the people's movement and the policies pursued by the government, the weakening of the positions of Armenia and Artsakh in the Artsakh negotiations, the commanding officer of the Armenian Armed Forces, , lack of strategic plans, lack of action and behavior ateseliutyune, alien agendas of commitment, national and state interests prevail personal and group ambitions, denial of dissent, discretionary approach guided by the system of public administration, personnel failed policy, the promotion of a culture of violence have created serious challenges for the country's sustainable development.

Summarizing the results of the consultation, the ARF Supreme Body of Armenia will soon take appropriate actions and initiatives aimed at ensuring the normal development of the country.

ARF Supreme Body of Armenia