7-11-2019, 08:21
Police find out the identity of the young man who died in hospital after being thrown down the Haghtanak Bridge. the life of a police officer who has come to his aid and is not in danger; PHOTO REPORT, VIDEO:
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, officers of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Central Police Department found out of a November 5 suicide bomber who had dropped himself off and was taken to hospital at the University Hospital # 1 after a suicide bomber from Victory Bridge.

According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, it turned out that he was a 26-year-old resident of Yerevan's Ajapnyak district, Garik Baghdasaryan.

According to the photojournalist, as a result of the operative actions of the doctors of Yerevan Ambulance 1-03 and then the doctors of University Hospital N1, the Malatya Police Department officer's life was not in danger, who attempted to save the life of a young man who committed suicide but was run over. His life and health are not in danger.
7-11-2019, 08:16
Robert Kocharyan to remain in custody. the court rejected the petition for bail as a precautionary measure

Presiding Judge Anna Danibekyan in Yerevan's Court of First Instance announces the decision to change the custody of second president Robert Kocharyan to bail.

It should be reminded that Robert Kocharyan's defendants in the March 1 case had petitioned him to use the bail as a precautionary measure. They have sought to recognize the use of the pledge as permissible and to apply the pledge as a precautionary measure to their client.

In submitting the motion, lawyer Aram Vardevanyan noted that the previous motion, which was filed on September 17, was rejected on the grounds that the pledge could not restrain the risk of hindering the case.

“About two months have passed since the publication of the decision, but every day it reduces the risk of obstruction. Moreover, previously serving five months in prison, Robert Kocharyan has never avoided the investigation and has not impeded the trial, ”he said.
7-11-2019, 08:08
Nikol Pashinyan will make a proposal to Serzh Sargsyan's teammates
US Ambassador to Armenia Lynn Tracy met with former President, Republican Party leader Serge Sargsyan on his initiative yesterday. The meeting has caused a great stir in the political and especially the authorities. This is the first meeting of the ambassador with Serzh Sargsyan since the 2018 revolution. The Republican office has released details of the meeting, citing Lynn Tracy. "I value the US Embassy's long-standing relationship with Armenia's political parties, including the Republican Party," Lynn Tracey said.

During the meeting, the US ambassador inquired of Serzh Sargsyan about the upcoming plans of the Republican Party and assured that such meetings would be held from time to time. At the request of Ambassador Tracy, Serzh Sargsyan also presented Armenia's domestic political situation, current concerns, RPA's positions on them, touched upon economic and security issues, the current state of the negotiation process of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement, as well as the prospects of the development of Armenian-American relations. Serzh Sargsyan spoke about the necessity of establishing true democracy in Armenia. “The real democratization of Armenia has no alternative. Real democracy is the answer to populism that has become a serious challenge for many states in the world, "Serzh Sargsyan said.

7-11-2019, 08:04
168.am writes: "168.am had recently published a statement in which it submitted that a draft law on amendments to the Republic of Armenia Law on State Duty was submitted for discussion at the unified e-draft website. Airline companies that trade commercial airline flights to new airports with their IATA code that have not been serviced for the past 12 months will be exempted from the start of the first flight, and To put it bluntly, the privileges of exemption from the "toll" will be granted not to the airlines operating the flights from the new cities, but, in fact, to the operators operating the flights from the new airports.

The project has, in fact, raised the bewilderment of classic air carriers, as they believe, and some believe, that this privilege will apply only to locust companies, that is, at the moment, only done in the context of giving Ryan Air exclusive privileges.

Earlier, we had a talk with Ararat Muradyan, the general representative of the Romanian Tarom Airline in Armenia, and we had also presented the view of Mushegh Sayadyan, the CEO of S7.

Today 168.am has interviewed Aghvan Grigoryan, Director of the Polish representation of LOT Polish Airlines.

7-11-2019, 07:52
The Civil Aviation Committee reports that the license of the Taron-Avia airline operator has been suspended.

As a result of inspections and deficiencies recorded at Taron-Avia LLC, the airline's operator's license has been suspended and a six-month deadline has been issued to correct the defects. However, the company made a decision to cease operating.

Taking into account the aforementioned, the operation of Taron-Avia Airlines Certificate No. 049 has been suspended, ”the Civil Aviation Committee reports.
7-11-2019, 07:48
Acting Rector of Yerevan State University Gegham Gevorgyan is going to present to the Scientific Council of the University the issue of tuition increase by 15% on average. “Today our professor receives a salary that is not equivalent to the work he has done. But salaries are mainly derived from tuition fees, because any service no longer brings tangible money. Not raising tuition fees and talking about salary increases is not realistic, ”he said. It is said that this announcement by the acting rector has sparked outrage among students who intend to launch new protests both at the university, outside, and on social platforms, arguing that the quality of education has not changed with rising prices.
7-11-2019, 07:45
"Come on, go home!" a protest in front of the government
Members of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D) are holding a protest action demanding the resignation of Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan in front of the government building.

“We have gathered here to take Arayik Harutyunyan home. "Come home," they chant.

It should be noted that the government is holding a regular meeting at the moment.
7-11-2019, 07:11
21 tonnes of blue cheese produced in Armenia at Spayka's newly built cheese factory 24 days after being forced to stop at the Upper Lars checkpoint in Russia. Upper Lars customs checkpoint banned the entry of Armenian cheese into Russia.

On 05.11.2019, the employees of the Russian Upper Lars customs checkpoint verbally informed the truck driver of the company that they could not drop the cheese into the Russian territory and would send the cargo back to Armenia after receiving the results of the examination, according to which the country of origin of the cheese was noted: "Armenia "East Asia, Southeast Europe".

Since the first day the company has sent letters, notifications, additional information, documents, videotapes to the authorities of the Upper Lars checkpoint of the Russian Federation and the North Ossetian Customs Service about media reports on the opening of the cheese factory in Armenia to confirm that the cheese was produced in Armenia.

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia has been informed about the problem from the very first day, which is working to provide a systematic solution to the problem. A letter has also been sent to the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEU).

As a result of arbitrary, unlawful actions like the Russian Upper Lars customs checkpoint, the company suffers great damage: the forced-out cheese has lost its usefulness 24 days, and the company has been subject to penalties and penalties for failing to supply the cheese.

To date, we have not been provided with the conclusion of the laboratory examination carried out by the Russian Upper Lars customs checkpoint. It is not clear to the company how the cheese produced in Armenia was considered a product of another country by the Russian Upper Lars customs officers.

The company will continue to fight to protect its interests and rights against the illegal and illogical actions of the Russian Upper Lars customs checkpoint, as well as to repair the damage it has caused.

The company invites all those who are concerned about this issue to visit the company's cheese factory and see the cheese production process.

 PS The Armenian representative of the Russian Customs Service also visited the cheese factory of the Company and got acquainted with the whole production process.

7-11-2019, 07:06
Zhoghovurd. Highlights about Gagik Jhangiryan ․ why he withdrew his application
Zhoghovurd daily writes: "Zhoghovurd" daily reports that former Prosecutor General Gagik Jhangiryan has applied to the RA Administrative Court to restore his former rank and position. And now, it turns out that the application has been withdrawn.

Let us remind that on September 18, 2019, the Court of Cassation overturned G. Jhangiryan's conviction and acquitted him.

The prosecutor's office said that Jhangiryan may be reinstated as a former deputy prosecutor, not excluding the possibility that he will be appointed prosecutor if he does not reach retirement age.

Why did you withdraw your claim? To the question of "Zhoghovurd" daily G. Jhangiryan replied: "I am now filing a second complaint based on the decision of the Criminal Chamber, so I have withdrawn it ... There is a complaint about the nullification of Robert Kocharyan's two illegal orders." It should be reminded that the second president of the Republic According to Kocharyan's 2008 decrees Jhangiryan was relieved of the post of deputy prosecutor and was dismissed from class. "
7-11-2019, 06:58
Aries. It's not a complicated day. It would be good to do something interesting and promising that will completely absorb you and make you focus. Some celebrities will be interested in scientific research, some of whom will be able to pursue further education or qualifications.

Relationships with friends do not work out - they seem insufficiently interesting to you and you cannot find supporters. Some celebrities are starting to blame people around them for their failures.

Taurus. It is especially welcomed today to engage in community service and engage in charitable projects. Financial prospects are favorable, deals can be made and large purchases made. You find it easy to talk to people, but you really don't trust anyone, and people do.

In the second half of the day, minor discomfort can occur, and unpleasant news is not ruled out. Some celebrities give up on pre-planned plans, giving preference to new ideas, but this is unlikely to be justified.

Gemini. The decisions you make today stand out for their uniqueness and courage, which is why they are not immediately supported. But you do not give up and you are doing it right, because your chances of success are high.

This is a good day for small changes in the professional field, as well as for starting a new business where your skills will be fully revealed. Do not be lazy and do not give in to temptations - it is only your personal weaknesses that can interfere with the realization of your ideas.

Cancer. A successful day is a lot to give in and your success can only be envied. No matter what happens, you don't lose optimism and mental balance. People around you understand that you can count on you and they appreciate you even more. A good day to meet with leaders and influential people, your ideas can receive serious support.

In addition, the day is perfect for secular activities, you like to be in the spotlight, to hear compliments.

Leo. Be careful today especially in the first half - the period when you talk too much. At the same time, people who you have no reason to trust are actively involved in your business. Trying to defend your interests, you take a tough and uncompromising position, thereby provoking those who are unfriendly to you. The costs will be higher than you expect, and there is a risk of losing money.