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Both the kangaroo and the mouflon run and jump quite well, the area is more familiar to them. How could dogs exterminate them?

YEREVAN, November 1 - Sputnik. The wandering dog pack would not appear for the second time at the Yerevan Zoo as they had been told that they had been chased and caught three. Former zoo veterinarian Anush Rafayelyan told Sputnik Armenia commenting on the dog attack on mouflons in the park this morning.

Another Zoo Case The dog pack now has eaten 3 muffins
The zoo administration announced yesterday that stray dogs had attacked and killed three kangaroos, and today a pack of the same dogs attacked and ate three mouflons.

“A pack of stray dogs would go into the garden again if they had not shown any resistance. And if, as was reported from the park, three of them were caught, then the dogs simply could not meet the danger for the second time, ”Rafayelyan said.

On the other hand, he said, the kangaroos had been locked up in the winter mansions for decades. The kangaroo is a stressful animal and is always hiding from noise, darkness, loud noises (there is a restaurant near the park where fireworks are almost daily). According to Rafayelyan, the professional gross violation of not keeping the kangaroos in the box at night.

According to him, it is also mysterious that, as stated by the management of the park, medium-sized dogs managed to enter the territory of kangaroos, overcoming the high wall. The expert notes that both the kangaroo and the mouflon run and jump quite well, the area is more familiar to them, so it is strange to attack dogs and eat them.

Besides, killing both the mouflon and the kangaroo, according to Rafayelyan, is not easy, especially as it is not about one who could be blocked and attacked, but three. That is to say, the kangaroos had to die for quite a few hours.

Kangaroo. archive photo
Stray dogs attack zoo kangaroos. Three have died
"It is also strange how the dogs managed to enter the mouflon territory. From the garden it is noted that the dogs entered the mountain above. But it is a very difficult passage, and the dogs could hardly enter the park, ”said the former zoo veterinarian.

According to him, even if they came in through the Nork cemetery, then, before reaching the mouflons, the dogs would have to pass by the cages of the predators, and the dogs were afraid of the smell of predators. they would hardly take such a risk.

 By the way, Rafayelyan also informed that the kangaroos were brought to Armenia from Moldova in the summer of 2018, and the mouflons are registered in the "Red Book of Armenia".

Zoo Chief Zoo Surgeon Harutyun Hovhannisyan told Sputnik Armenia that after yesterday's attack on the kangaroos, a double duty was set in the park and control was tightened.

"We had tightened control after yesterday's incident but failed to prevent another attack. As for the dead animals, they are transported to the appropriate laboratory for examination, ”the expert said.

The fight over the zoo continues. Khachatryan avoided the meeting
He says that except for the three dead kangaroos and 3 mouflons, there are no injured animals.

We were informed by the police news department that this morning they received a call from the park saying that the dogs had attacked the animals.

“The park administration has asked the police to assist in the detection and clearance of the dogs. At the moment police officers are in the park, ”police said.

By the way, Ruben Khachatryan does not answer phone calls.

Reminder: Director of Yerevan Zoo Ruben Khachatryan announced on Facebook shortly before his resignation.

Prior to this, Yerevan Deputy Mayor Tigran Virabyan had already posted on Facebook that in view of recent zoo management issues and incidents, he had consulted with Mayor Hayk Marutyan and had suggested Ruben Khachatryan to file a release.

Read more: https://armeniasputnik.am/society/20191101/20953075/Shnery-chein-karox-erkrord-angam-ners-mtnel-satkac-kendanineri-axmkot-mijadepi-hetqerov.html
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Arsen Torosyan on salaries of ambulance workers
“It is not envisaged to increase the salary of SH, if it is written, then it is old. But so far, working conditions have improved, insurance has been provided, workloads have been reduced at the expense of increased brigades. In general, the increase in salaries is also linked to the monthly shifts of health workers. I am very much in favor of raising salaries, but the problem was urgent at the time of call service, as the servicing cars were not sufficient. We do not have such an image now. " November 1, 2020 Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan announced at the discussion of the draft state budget, answering the question of MP "My step" Arpine Davoyan, in what period should the salary increase of the medical staff be expected.
1-11-2019, 10:17
"If a child is attacked, who should we dismiss?" David Khajakyan
David Khajakyan, head of the Luys faction of the Yerevan Council of Elders, wrote on his Facebook page: “Of course, the zoo had to be demarcated, and the stray dogs were not attacked for two days in a row. The director was fired - it's normal.

But do we realize that the real issue is the growing number of wandering packages, and if there is yet another attack on the child, will we be deprived of our parental rights or dismissed? "
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What was this day of 2016 like? Gagik Surenyan has published a photo
Gagik Surenyan, head of the Hydrometeorology Center at the Ministry of Emergency Situations, posted a photo on his Facebook page, which read: “2016 November 1 - in Yerevan. ”
1-11-2019, 09:40
I have repeatedly stated that my family does not have a medical center. Speaking to reporters today, Health Minister Arsen Torosyan said he was referring to the allegations made by David Sanasaryan, the former head of the EAR.

"When I hear about the other allegations made by Sanasaryan, I hardly thought that Mr. Sanasaryan would even blame me for sponsoring Al Capone. I am laughing at these accusations, ”Torosyan said.

Asked about Sanasaryan's allegations, is there a personal issue, Torosyan answered: "You probably have to ask that question. I've once given him public advice, but he doesn't seem to want to use that advice."

To the question whether there is a dispute between them, Torosyan replied: "Absolutely, we don't communicate with each other for personal problems."

Asked whether such party relations will not affect the party's rating, Torosyan replied: "I see no contradiction here. He will be found out during the legal process and if he is found guilty, he will be punished."

Asked if the rumors that he and Sanasaryan's "waters were not flowing" at the moment when the EARC began health inspections were correct.
1-11-2019, 09:35

"I have been writing the application for a long time, but there is no process yet," Vahe Gulanyan, director of Sevan National Park, told LURER.com, referring to the dismissal application, which has not been signed yet.

He mentioned that he has been working at Sevan National Park for 14 years. occupying the lowest position, having reached the highest position, and it is time to do another job; “I have been a director for 3 years, and before that I was acting director for two years. Not enough, yes I won't stay there all my life. I want to move to international business, science and production. It has also been a field of interest to me before becoming a director. I have written many times but have not signed up, this time I am more serious. I do not know what the conditions should be for me to agree to continue. When I am a director, I have no right to pursue another job and cannot continue. Everyone knows that what belongs to the state or the institution has never interested me. Things have changed in the country, and you can't both take a job as a director and do business. I think 3 years have been enough for me to dedicate to the state, ”he said, stressing that the work of Sevan National Park is his favorite thing, having excellent relations with the minister, the government team and will continue to be with them.

He ruled out the possibility that his release could be linked to Lake Sevan's problems, as Sevan's problems, he said, had not changed for 20 years; "I have realized that for another ten years, there will be no change. Sevan wants big money to solve its environmental problems. However, even if the pollution is eliminated from Lake Sevan at this time, it will still be 150 years before the lake comes to mind, the lake we had before it was destroyed, ”said the director of Sevan National Park.

It is worth reminding that Vahe Gulanyan is the Director of Sevan National Park. In the summer after the noise of Lake Sevan contamination, he publicly drank from the lake water to rid people of panic and prove by his own experience that water was safe. This year, too, after the noise of the algae in Lake Sevan, he expressed such readiness.
1-11-2019, 09:32
Scandalous videos that will be released in extreme cases
The unpredictable course of events in the country, the unexpected decisions to launch criminal cases and arrest, the suicides are forming a new culture in us.
Our sources say that those who feel threatened with arrest, accidents with others, etc., shoot secret video messages and keep copies of them in several places so that they can be published in extreme cases.

We were told that a similar video was filmed with the participation of Manvel Grigoryan, who was released on bail for about a month and then remanded in custody. During this time, he told the camera some details that would have to be made public if something happened to him. This video is stored in several locations, including overseas. Our source was unaware of what he was talking about, but he speculated that General Manvel had spoken of March 1.

1-11-2019, 09:03
I Offered Ruben Khachatryan to Appeal" Tigran Virabyan
Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Tigran Virabyan wrote on his Facebook page: "Taking into consideration the recent issues in the management of the Yerevan Zoo, in particular, the recent incidents, in consultation with Mayor Hayk Marutyan, I have suggested Ruben Khachatryan, Director of the Yerevan Zoo SNCO, to submit a resignation letter."
1-11-2019, 08:53
The candy sculpture with colors of the Armenian flag adorns the famous Paris
Avenue 17:18, October 31, 2019
YEREVAN, OCTOBER 31, ARMENPRESS. The candy sculpture with the colors of the Republic of Armenia flag will decorate the famous Georg V Avenue in Paris for a month. As reports "Armenpress" the diplomat of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in France Hayk Khemchyan wrote and published this on his Facebook page.

“Lawrence Schenkel's works adorn the famous Georges Avenue in Paris. They will be exhibited there from October 15 to November 14, ”Khemchyan wrote. The author of the sculpture called the tricolor candy statue "Candy. The flag of Armenia. ”
1-11-2019, 08:50
The director of the Yerevan Zoo has resigned
A message was posted on the Facebook page of the Yerevan Zoo. Dear Colleagues, Friends, Friends, Recent events around Yerevan Zoo, Concerned passions and stray dog ​​attacks on animals kept in the park, not excluding the human factor in it powers.
     During my 8 years in office, the Yerevan Zoo has made visible progress, renovated, refurbished and built European standards, imported never-displayed animals to Yerevan, upgraded zoo standards, and became a member of the European Zoo and Accreditation Board.
     Although I made the decision at the suggestion of Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Tigran Virabyan, I am hopeful that as a result of my termination, the cycle of animal declines (including stray dog ​​attacks) will end again, as I have always had animal welfare and public safety at work.
     I am officially announcing that I have always been and will continue to be a supporter of the Yerevan Zoo as well as a team and friend of the city authorities, constantly assisting in the development of the Park.
     I am grateful to the city authorities for their confidence, and even more grateful to my team for continuously fulfilling its duties and adopting the Zoo's path to development. ”