2-11-2019, 05:10
Hraparak daily writes: “Arsen Torosyan does his best to implement his dream project, the anti-tobacco law. He has held meetings with opposition factions to lobby for the project.

Yesterday a closed meeting was held with the PAP members. Torosyan, of course, has justified his point of view, the PAP members have told him that they have not yet made a final decision on what position they will express on the draft, and that position will probably be formed after the minister's answers. Questions have arisen about both the economic and health components of the problem.

Recall that he had recently met with "My Step", which, however, had largely failed because of the 88-member faction.

Rumors were circulating that NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan, who along with his son-in-law Narek Zeynalyan, has been in constant struggle with the health minister, said.
2-11-2019, 00:37
Actress Vahe Chiroyan, a member of Women's Club, released a video of the rehearsals.

Surprisingly, this time, Lily stands out in her delicate and feminine form, not as everyone is used to seeing vulgar and sexy.
1-11-2019, 21:36
NA Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan spoke yesterday about the new laws and the mothers of soldiers on Facebook. He said he had followed in the footsteps of yesterday's incident and recalled that the parents of the deceased servicemen were not confident of investigating the deaths of their sons.

"Obviously the topic is big and it's a pain for all of us, as I followed in the footsteps of yesterday's conversation, I spoke with representatives of the Investigative Committee. All the representatives of the investigative body, with whom there is little doubt or concern, will be replaced by all those persons, ”he said.

Simonyan also informed that he is going to come up with a number of legislative initiatives.

For example, with a legislative initiative on state plates, Simonyan proposes that a citizen be able to buy a state number with any of his or her characters or words, say "DUXOV", and the necessary amount goes to the state budget.
1-11-2019, 21:26
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, the Sevan police department is preparing materials for the particularly large-scale embezzlement or waste. As reported by photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, on October 30, Sevan Police Criminal Investigation and Community Police Officers received operative information that the Yerevan-Sevan-Dilijan highway was adjacent to the Yerevan-Sevan-Dilijan restaurant complex The director of the center, Mher Tovmasyan, a resident of Yerevan, has appointed his wife, Larisa T., as deputy director of the John Kirakosyan School N20 in Yerevan. His daughter, Marianna T., was also hired, but according to police reports, they did not go to work and their salaries were scrapped. Sevan police also received information that the club received 50 million drams from the state annually, in exchange for which the center would have to arrange free 7-10-day sailing lessons for schoolchildren in needy families, but they did not attend classes. the children of needy families, but the well-off, whose money has been appropriated. It was also revealed that 62-year-old Samvel P. had been hired as a driver in the club from 2016-2018, with no employment and his salary was suspected. Tovmasyan. And S. Poghosyan's salary was saved every month as a car driven by him, costing 3500 drams
1-11-2019, 21:21
Distinguished compatriots, today in the National Assembly they will try to launch a national cause. The Istanbul Convention, aimed at undermining the traditional Armenian family, will be discussed in the legislature. And why are we surprised that it's been a long time since all the wise people have been crying out and explaining, but the domestic herbs still don't admit that we are heading for the Armenian gene. The crowd welcomes prostitute carbine, welcomes satanic activities, welcomes the sermon against the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Yesterday the velvet "super" minister Arayik Harutunyan proudly announced on the air that they had allowed and financed satanic measures during their rule. And one more thing, with great confidence, declares that there will be no more cancellation of such events, no more censorship in Armenian culture. And where does the nation of these mixed genes lead to the Armenian nation that have nothing to do with the Armenian nation - to exterminate the traditional Armenian family, to perversion, to the deletion of the Armenian gene? Finally, understand the plan adopted in Istanbul by the Turks themselves and not by them.

Finally, realize that it is the Turks who have been organizing the Armenian Genocide for many years and now want to do it in a more civilized way. Where is the Armenian dignity, where is your love for the nation and culture? Crowd: Understand what they want to do and what's to come - it's going to be too late.

This is what Nune Nersisyan, the President of Paralcus NGO, reports
1-11-2019, 21:08
On October 29, another thievery took place in Russia between thieves in law. Teimuraz Zuradze, known in the criminal world as Aleko Shoshia, was brutally beaten by a close friend, criminal authority Guram Fikladze (Kvezhojevic). Lenta.ru reports.

A few years ago, two "thieves in law" were beaten by Fikladze - George Gogeliani (Gia) and Varlam Kukhianidze (Vatican). The victim was helped by Russia's Criminal World leader Zakhari Kalashov (Shakro Molodo), but Fichladze told Gogeliani and Kukhanidze that they were in danger.

During a meeting of all four criminal authorities, Zuradze stated that he wanted to take revenge on Gogeliani and Kukhianidze, but did not present any evidence. As a result, Fikladze called Churadze's intrigues intrusive and severely beat him.
1-11-2019, 21:04
Actress Vahe Chiroyan, a member of Women's Club, released a video of the rehearsals.

Surprisingly, this time around Lily stands out in her delicate and feminine form, not as everyone is used to seeing vulgar and sexy.
1-11-2019, 20:57
Lieutenant Colonel Ara Mkhitaryan is out of a coma, though the situation is not stable yet. Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan said this.

On September 18, Lieutenant Colonel Ara Mkhitaryan, who was severely beaten in Vayots Dzor Marz, had a slight positive dynamics, although the situation is extremely grave.
1-11-2019, 20:45
Nikol Pashinyan's policy is against Artsakh. David Shahnazaryan
1-11-2019, 20:03
Aries. It's not worth hurrying today. When making decisions on important issues, be more careful. Some interesting events are possible during the day. You will get new, needed information, meet people who are ready to support you. They will help you to get right in the future, to solve some professional issues.

In the evening you will receive positive emotions. Get new interests, interact with unique people, have a good time. The creative potential is high, new ideas will be born.

Taurus. Today, you will complete all the tasks you have begun, tackle even the most difficult tasks. Colleagues will love to help you. You'll get support from friends too: you can shop, get some office supplies.

In the second half of the day professional disagreements and disputes are possible. If possible, postpone important tasks, and you'll be back in time. There will be no problems in the family, and if some difficulties do arise, your loved ones will help you to overcome them.

Twins: The day will be successful. Your business smell is very sharp today. Mark's representatives will make successful deals today, find people with whom the partnership will be promising, and can also make successful purchases. You will have the opportunity to learn new things. During the day, you will be surrounded by not so sympathetic people, but this will not prevent you from acquiring the necessary knowledge.

There may be some troubles in the evening with your fault. You tend to aggravate the situation, accepting any remarks at heart. You are extremely sensitive, attentive to details. Follow the advice of those close to you and try to relax.