5-11-2020, 21:16
So hold on ... Artsrun Hovhannisyan's response post
5-11-2020, 21:07
Ali's official propaganda machine is a miracle, I present the latest summary of the tactical success of their troops in the Azerbaijani media.

2618 square kilometers were declared liberated from the so-called occupied territory of 12088 square kilometers. km, 209 settlements out of 900, as presented. And here begins the most interesting. It turns out that 32 out of 63 settlements in the Fizuli region remain under Armenian control, 97 out of 18 in the Jabrayil region, 62 out of 83 in Khojavend / Martuni, 85 out of 36 in Zangelan, and 18 out of Tartar. 16 to 94 in the Ghubatli region. It is specifically noted that these data do not include buffer zone settlements. First, let's look at math, which is an exact science anyway. And so, to the 31 settlements they occupied in Fizuli, we add 79 Jabrail, 21 Khojavend, 45 Zangelan, 2 Tartar, 20 Ghubatli, the sum is 198, but not 209, as in Azerbaijani mathematics. 176 settlements in the mentioned regions remain under the control of the Armenian army.
5-11-2020, 21:05
Ministry of Defense representative Artsrun Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page ․

Do not present my words incompletely. After the rest, I do not forget anything.
5-11-2020, 20:47
Military expert Karen Vrtanesyan writes on his Facebook page.

"A few remarks about phone calls from the front line and Artsakh.

Given that since the beginning of the war, many K-Telecom stations have fallen into the hands of the enemy, as well as special technical means at the disposal of the enemy, it should be understood that any conversation within the Artsakh network or from the Artsakh network to the RA networks can be eavesdropped by the enemy. or at least register the fact, time, place of the call, from which number, on which number, as well as from which specific phone the call was made (each phone has a unique IMEI, which is definitely identifiable).

What does this mean.

1. The enemy can easily record the accumulation of telephones with an accuracy of 10-30 meters. If it is registered in an unexpected place, for example, in some forest, in a gorge, it may mean that there is an accumulation of our living force, the consequences of which, I think, you understand.

Accordingly. All telephones in the detachment must always be switched off.
In order to get in touch, you need to leave 2-3 km from the place of accumulation, then call. Moreover, it is desirable to make 1-2 phone calls, no more. And that should be done every 2-3 days.

In general, it would be very good to call one person in Yerevan and pass that one person on to the relatives of the other members of the detachment. Not all the members of the detachment should call their relatives one by one (in that case, imagine, 30-40 calls a day can be made from the same place, that is, the enemy will be suspiciously active again).

2. Only personal issues can be discussed in an open connection, it is highly desirable without mentioning names.

3. You CANNOT talk about where you are, you can not talk about who you saw, where you moved or are about to move. You can't talk about the losses and wounded of your detachment.

4. ALWAYS REMEMBER that in fact any open call is not secure. If there is an internet connection by some fantastic coincidence, use Signal or Telegram for the connection. But again, your conversation should not last more than 2-3 minutes, because it is the same. As soon as you turn on the phone, the fact of entering the network, the place can be registered by the opponent.

5. There is a myth that old "non-smartphone" phones are safer. It is not so. The GSM protocol for mobile communication has security problems. So the only solution is to keep the phone off.
5-11-2020, 20:45
The representative of the Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan stated during the "Interview" program of the Public TV that in the last two years more innovative, technological, modern weapons have entered the army than in the last ten years.

"Everyone knows about it," Artsrun Hovhannisyan stressed.

"The most popular topic - TORs, SU-30s, and many other things that we do not even say now, the Igla-S, the Verbs, which have not been fixed and evaluated for air defense weapons, all of them were done after April, more specifically: In 2018-19. After 2016, questions have been raised that we need to arm ourselves strongly, we have started arming, 2018-2019 9 "We are more armed than ever," Artsrun Hovhannisyan said.
5-11-2020, 20:27
Russia considers the emotional reaction of Azerbaijani President Ilham Ali to the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about the presence of foreign mercenaries in Nagorno Karabakh strange. A source in the Russian Foreign Ministry told the Russian "TASS" agency about this.
5-11-2020, 20:23
Armenian soldier hits enemy drone with rifle (video)
5-11-2020, 19:52
Karo Poghosyan, the son of a famous photo of a tree watering in positions, is from the village of Mets Sepasar in the Shirak region.

The photo of a soldier watering a small tree in the positions, which was spread on the Internet, has received many positive reactions these days, thousands of users posted it on their pages and considered it one of the symbolic photos of today's war. Karo Poghosyan, 26, a soldier of the NSS border troops, is from the village of Mets Sepasar, Shirak region. He is now injured and is in the resuscitation department of the National Burn Center, said Karo's mother Shoghik Soghoyan.

"My son has been in the intensive care unit for 17 days. He had many fractures. He was first transferred from Artsakh to Astghik Medical Center, where he was operated on, and then transferred to the intensive care unit of the Burn Center. Mrs. Shoghik.
Karo has been on the front line since September 27. On October 19, while returning from the positions, their car was bombed, Karo was miraculously saved.

"My son was miraculously saved, to be honest, I still could not talk to him and understand how the incident happened. He was in the same car with him - his cousin Ashotsk, who died, but he does not know anything, he does not even know the other comrade-in-arms "It was a terrible incident. I was worried that day. We found out about the incident on the evening of October 20 and rushed to Yerevan," said Karo Poghosyan's mother.

Karo is the only son of the family, he has three older sisters. He wanted to serve in the border troops, he loves the military, he has been serving in the border troops for five years.
5-11-2020, 19:37
Today they tried to bring supplies to the Red Market by cars and make a breakthrough. Several cars were damaged, including a car loaded with personnel. They were thrown back in that direction.

Summing up the day of the war, the representative of the RA Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan said this during a briefing.

According to Hovhannisyan, the fights are not intense, but they have some complications with small groups. There is no wide opportunity to destroy the enemy forces face to face.
5-11-2020, 19:16
The artificial state called Azerbaijan has found itself in a situation from which it fears that for years it will be left behind for a large-scale attack. He found himself in this situation exclusively at the hands of Turkey. The oil-exporting state, which has involved mercenary terrorists, high-paid Turkish military commanders, as well as high-paid Turkish special forces in this war, is once again unable to resolve strategic issues with Azerbaijan itself.

This disgrace is already being talked about in Azerbaijan, there is no great enthusiasm in the society during the first days of the war. We should not confuse the hatred of Armenians with the decline of enthusiasm for war. They hate Armenians in the same spirit, but they also have a problem with the psychology of war ...