30-01-2020, 19:33
Precipitation is not expected in the republic on the night of January 30, 31 and 31, February 2-3.

Rain is expected in most parts of the region on the evening of January 31, with significant winds expected at 15-20 m / sec. The air temperature will go up by 4-5 degrees on the night of January 31, and will drop by February 1.
30-01-2020, 19:24
The issue of the Constitutional Court has put the government in a tailspin. Some have become so overwhelmed by the thought of dismissing Hrayr Tovmasyan and reforming the dreamless CC they dream that they are literally delirious. Of course, everyone's preference is to delve into the face of the truth with open eyes, but the fact that the NA deputy is deluding and trying to present it with a serious facial expression becomes a waste of words and comments.

It is even more evident after the shameful story of the pen that the authorities are rocking a wall, and Nikol Pashinyan has issued a decree to the teammates to starve Hrayr Tovmasyan's meat. People who have been outraged by the shameful story have lost their sense of right and wrong, if they have ever had, and generally understood, the role and significance of any constitution or authority.
30-01-2020, 18:45
The first picture is Marina Tagakchyan's words to Shushan Petrosyan in 2018, the second is Marina Tagakchyan's thoughts in our day.
30-01-2020, 18:27
Nikol Pashinyan's daughter Shushan sings Komitas

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's daughter Shushan Pashinyan has posted a video on her YouTube blog as she sings Komitas songs.
30-01-2020, 18:17
A video has been posted on the Internet, featuring footage from the most exotic market in the city of Coronavirus, Uganda.
30-01-2020, 18:13
Today in Gyumri a terrible incident happened. According to Sputnik Armenia, the body of a 29-year-old woman was found in the bathroom of one of the apartments of Aram Khachatryan Street in Gyumri.

According to some reports, she was alone with her children and her husband at work. One of the relatives came to visit them, but was not able to open the door. The guest heard the sounds of children from home. The children thought their mother was asleep. They were unable to open the door from inside, so the disturbed guest called 911.
30-01-2020, 17:57
Aries. It is a favorable day for any creative work, sport, leisure in nature. You are alert and happy, and those around you will not be bored. Even if there is no essential occasion, you can create a true holiday for your loved ones, boosting everyone's mood.

You are so busy in the affairs of others that there is neither time nor time left for one's own. But it doesn't bother you because you perceive someone else's happiness as yours.

Taurus. Try not to waste time - today you need to act and act immediately. Remove any doubts you have and trust the precaution. it will not disappoint you. Emphasize on improvisation, finding non-standard solutions to get out of the situation. You should not rely on pre-designed programs or strictly follow all traditions.

The day is especially good for communicating with a loved one. Be assured that whatever you talk about, you will definitely find common ground, come to the most important points of agreement, only to be honest.

Twins: Your many actions and decisions today will not only surprise, but also shock people around you. But they understand you and will forgive your extraordinary behavior. You can make big purchases or make serious deals - today the feeling is quite unmistakable. Arguments are possible, but you will be able to convince everyone of your truthfulness.

Lucky meetings and acquaintances, especially in the second half of the day, are not excluded. The day in general is extremely conducive to crowd-sourcing, intimate contacts and public speaking.

Cancer. It's a quiet, productive day. You are good at overcoming professional issues, no one is questioning your business qualities. The start of negotiations is likely to result in joint work on a long-term project. You are proud of your achievements.

There will be unexpected meetings with old acquaintances, close relatives and distant relatives. All this raises the mood hour by hour. Spend the evening with the person you love most. Some nice discoveries about your relationship are possible.
30-01-2020, 17:49
On January 30, at 8:51 pm, a 911 call center received a call that a citizen was thrown from Davtashen Bridge in Yerevan.

The official website of the Ministry of Emergency Situations informs about this.

A firefighting rescue squad, an operative group and a psychiatric unit instructor from the Department of Psychiatry arrived at the scene.
30-01-2020, 17:13
Famous lawyer Norayr Norikyan writes on his Facebook page:

Shortly before the RA Investigation Committee confirmed that today Vahram Mkrtichi Avagyan, a compulsory conscript in N military unit, fired a shotgun from his chest, wounded in the chest, and was taken to a military hospital where he died.

A criminal case has been instituted in connection with the suicide. Literally a few days ago, on January 24, another emergency was registered again in another military unit, as a result of which a criminal case was initiated for attempting to kill two and committing suicide.

Fortunately, there were no casualties.

This is a disaster; this is a serious challenge and threat for every soldier. I really raise the alarm that this is a result of irresponsible, heartless attitude and anarchy. This speaks to the criminal morals in the armed forces.

It is good that several generals shoulder straps are added to our army every year, it is very good that our soldiers are gradually transitioning to a more civilized food system, it is very good that we are getting modern ammunition and are closing it The shameful page of the Eighties guns, but all this is not worth the blow if the life of a soldier in a peacekeeping environment is endangered, and the soldiers commit suicide or are killed in peace.

I argue that the criminal should be eradicated in the armed forces. In every case, thorough studies and research, strict preventive and decisive steps must be taken to avoid any tragedy, and sometimes even general straps are torn.

I argue that one of the reasons for this is the crime that has not been uncovered for many years. If all the crimes that led to the deaths in the armed forces were found out and those guilty were brought to justice, we would not have witnessed such cases today.

Wake up and draw conclusions. The process of self-destruction must be stopped at all costs.
30-01-2020, 16:50
The Supreme Court of Khakasia has sentenced a 47-year-old grandfather and a 42-year-old grandmother tossing their 11-month-old grandchildren in the oven, RIA Novosti reports.

It was found out that a drunken grandfather threw his grandson into a burning stove a year ago. Before that, the grandmother, who was also drunk, tried to drown the child. It has become known that they committed the crime out of personal hatred towards the grandchild, which arose out of a constant crying.

The court sentenced the woman to 9 years in prison. The man was sentenced to 15 years in prison in a strictly regulated colony.