Вчера, 17:32
The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia is called to protect the rights of children who are foreign citizens of RA and to monitor their normal course of life until the child is 5 years old. Within the Hague Convention on Cooperation in the field of Child Protection and Foreign Adoption in 1993, the Ministry is the acting Central Authority.

On November 14, the RA National Security Service released a statement saying that the Italian citizens in Armenia have adopted more than 30 children in gross violation of our country's legislation. "Haykakan Zhamanak" Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia in particular inquired how the supervision of the exercise of the right to care and safety, education and health of children is carried out. It is known that besides the mentioned NSS message, the issue of children adopted by foreigners was addressed earlier by the then Deputy Prime Minister Ararat Mirzoyan, speaking about the rumors that the organs of the adopted children are being sold. Many of these days have linked these two statements to one another, concerned about the fate of illegally adopted children.
Вчера, 17:02
An incident occurred during a meeting with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at the Armenian Forty-eighth Monastery Church in Milan. An Azerbaijani blogger entered the church, who stated that because Nikol Pashinyan is a Democrat, he was asked to stop the war.

"We do not need this war, we want democracy, we want our homeland, our land, liberate, please, our land. Free our land so that I can see my Shushi, my Khojalu, ”he said.

Then the Azerbaijani blogger asked if he would be allowed to leave later. "Yes, I guarantee," Pashinyan responded.

“It is a fact that you, being an Azeri, entered an Armenian church where there are Armenians and asked the Prime Minister of Armenia. Know that there would be no opportunity for an Armenian to attend an event where the President of Azerbaijan is present, "the Prime Minister said.
Вчера, 16:42
“The backbone of corruption in Armenia is broken. The last penny stolen from the state will be returned, "Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated at a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community in Milan.

  "By the way, some of the most famous corruptors are hiding in Italy today, and no one has any hope that they will grow up. The hand of justice will reach them. I don't know which Vatican pedals are hanging around, we'll take them out, take them out, take them, stop the courts, ”Pashinyan emphasized.
Вчера, 16:09
Tell Pashinyan not to write poems; Aghvan Vardanyan
Вчера, 15:59
A 56-year-old man visited the former bride's home, where nerves from some questions arose, and she committed suicide.

YEREVAN, November 20 - Sputnik. According to our information, today an extraordinary incident took place in Armavir region. A 56-year-old man was taken to Armavir hospital. Doctors have diagnosed him with a cut to his arm and injured in the evenings.

The information was transmitted to the regional police, where police arrived at the hospital to find out details of the man.

According to Sputnik Armenia, the man visited the home of his former bride, where he got nervous about some issues and sustained sharp injuries.
Вчера, 15:44
Mesrop Arakelyan, chairman of the NA Internal Audit and Compliance Committee, who is also an adviser to the Armenian Prime Minister, thinks that Armenian football needs serious changes. He posted this on his Facebook page. According to him, there is even a need to change the senior. He thinks captain Henrikh Mkhitaryan doesn't care about the team.

“The tragedy of Armenian football has its basis for decades. Local, short-term success has set back long-term goals.
Every time you miss the final of the World or European Championships, it is a little lacking. If we won it, if it played, if ... if ...

We have not had and still do not have goals and plans to become a football country. We need to understand that we will not make it to the finals of the World or European Championships for a long, long time. Such goals crush everyone, making the ball last.

To become a football country we need to:
• football infrastructures: full stadiums and small fields, fantastic national stadium,
• Promotion of youth football - introduction of former leather ball format;
• Introduction of a legionary limit in the Armenian Championship - there are only 2 Armenians in the top 20 scorers in the Premier League;
• Implementation of state complex football investment support programs;
• A drastic change in the atmosphere of the national team - even a change in the senior who today, to put it mildly, spit on the national team;
• Rapid reading of EAEU Legionnaires issue;

First and foremost, football remains a game where nothing is guaranteed, ”he wrote.

The Armenian national football team has finished its performances in the qualifying round of Euro 2020 the other day where it finished 5th with 10 points. In the last game he suffered a shameful defeat under the rival's roof. 9: 1 behind Italy. This was an adversary. It was the first time in history that Armenia had lost by eight balls.
Вчера, 15:25
Actor, satirist Sergey Danielyan posted a video on his Facebook page, in which he spoke about the criminal subculture in addition to referring to yesterday's incident.
Вчера, 14:23
The Special Investigation Service released a statement today saying that former Syunik governor Surik Khachatryan had been involved as a defendant and had made a decision to arrest him. Tert.am talked to Surik Khachatryan about the message.

-Mr. Khachatryan, the SIS has released a statement today saying that you have been involved as a defendant, a decision has been made to detain you. What would you say about that, were you aware?

At the moment my health does not allow me to make a detailed comment on your question and refer to the SIS statement in detail, but I was aware, of course.

- The message says that you gave the mayor of Noravan Lavrentik Arakelyan an illegal order to hand over the metal pipes belonging to the Noravan community of Syunik marz without giving any legal basis to his brother. What are the pipes for? You are also accused of organizing a fake auction.

- There can be no falsification, an investigation is underway, and I hope that a fair investigation will find out. I am at least surprised, I wonder what those people testified against me at what price they testified.

- Is there a decision to detain you?

- Armenia is my homeland I have no other place of residence, I have been abroad for a long time due to severe health problems, have been in hospital for months and still need treatment, I have provided all the official documents provided by the hospital to the preliminary investigation body on the course of treatment, which 30 There are more than one page. I was also informed by the doctors about the end of my treatment, after which I will return to Armenia. I have never avoided appearing and have been duly notified of the dates of my appearance.
Вчера, 14:05
According to ArmDaily.am, the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure recently sent a notice to community leaders. According to them, community leaders must, within their jurisdiction, comply with the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The regional administrations should report on the work done by November 15, 2019 and May 15, 2020.

At first glance, this seemingly innocent recommendation has other layers, suggesting that the state should provide support and create the necessary conditions for all persons with disabilities, including women, children, refugees, asylum seekers, lesbian, gay, bisexual and representatives of people with psychosocial and mental disabilities, hearing and visual impairments, people living with HIV / AIDS, people living in rural areas and those in need of support ktsutyune deliberative processes. In addition, it is proposed that mechanisms be put in place to enforce sanctions for gender-based discrimination and the rights of persons with disabilities.

LGBT community representatives, especially their rights, issues are in the center of public attention and criticism of the representatives of the traditional society.

The "sexuality" agenda is particularly aggravated in the context of discussions over the Istanbul Convention; Armenia had earlier signed the convention but had not ratified it, reportedly to be debated in parliament in February.

Opponents see the convention as paving the way for LGBT families in Armenia to form families of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, shattering the foundations of a traditional Armenian family, and advocates say the convention will protect women who have been subjected to domestic violence for years.
Вчера, 13:55
A man fighting with a leopard has deep wounds on his hands, feet, and lips. To save his life, doctors sewed wounds for three hours.

YEREVAN, November 20 - Sputnik. Ijevan has an extraordinary case: Caucasian leopard attacks 35-year-old Arman Gabrielyan. After a five-minute fight, Leopard left, and Gabrielian was taken to hospital. Director of “Ijevan” MC Vazgen Margaryan told Sputnik Armenia that the victim was taken to them.

“The incident took place on November 18; Arman has pigs that have been "coming home" from the forest for 5-6 years and have already become wild pigs. Arman goes to the forest several times a year to see the pigs. This time he was going to the forest, when he heard some noise, looked up and saw the leopard flying over the rock, ”Margaryan said.
According to him, when Arman saw the leopard flying over him, his hand was punched and inserted into the leopard's open mouth to prevent the animal from attacking his face. After that he fought with the animal for 5 minutes, and the leopard left. Margaryan informed that Arman is an experienced hunter, staying in the mountains and valleys, which enabled him to save his life. an ordinary citizen would not survive.

“The hand that is inserted into the animal's mouth is completely damaged, and on it are traces of leopard's fangs. Besides, his lip was torn in the middle, as if he had been stabbed with a sharp knife. On the other hand, there is a deep and serious injury to the shoulder, and there are deep wounds on the leg. She underwent surgery for three hours and she was stitched up, ”Margaryan said.

He added that the wounds of the boy fighting with the leopard would not have serious consequences. the body is hardened, the "old bone". Arman, according to Margaryan, is a man who saw a bear and a wolf, but told that when he saw the shepherd, he was seriously frightened for the first time in his life. He is a horse rider and occasionally tours the mountains for tourists.

The director of Ijevan Medical Center also said that he had talked to the hunters after the incident, and it became clear that they had last seen a leopard in 1960 and had shot him.

It is noteworthy that in the same area of ​​Ijevan where the leopard attacked Arman, two young men saw the leopard in the summer, went and told the residents of Ijevan, but the locals laughed and said that they had seen it.

The director of the medical center also reported that the hunters had applied to the environment ministry to either put him to sleep and move him to Khosrov Reserve, or fence his current habitat and turn it into a reserve. By the way, according to Margaryan, villagers often go to collect mushrooms or garlic.

The Ministry of Environment informed Sputnik Armenia that the Ministry's specialists had just visited Ijevan at the scene. They are conducting studies, after which they will reveal details.

Let us remind that the Caucasian leopard is included in the RA Red Book and their number does not reach 10 in Armenia.