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"It is a lie that there was no condolence". Stepan Safaryan
Political scientist, Chairman of the Public Council Styopa Safaryan wrote on his Facebook page: “As the issue of condolences on the tragic death of Georgy Kutoyan is speculated on, I express my opinion.

First of all, I was struck by the Google search that a large number of media outlets, including opposition or independent, issued a condolence letter to the Kutoyan family on behalf of the Prime Minister and a pledge to launch a comprehensive investigation into his death. Therefore, it is a lie that there was no condolence.
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The Ministry of Emergency Situations informs that on January 19 at 22:05 there are closed and impassable highways in the Republic of Armenia.

Sotk-Karvachar highway and Vardenisats pass are closed to trucks, difficult to pass for other cars.

There is some ice on the roads of Syunik region.

Talin town of Aragatsotn marz, Aragats village, Yeghegnadzor town of Vayots Dzor marz, Saravan-Zanger section, Vardenisats pass, Kapan of Syunik marz, Qajaran, Charentsavan, Hrazdan, Abovyan cities of Kotayk marz, Amiryan and Abovyan cities of Shirak marz

 According to information provided by the Emergency Situations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Crisis Management Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, the Stepantsminda-Lars highway is open to all types of vehicles.
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Those who participated in Georgy Kutoyan's funeral (photos)
Вчера, 18:28
The funeral service of former head of the National Security Service Georgi Kutoyan with direct connection
The funeral service for former head of the National Security Service Georgi Kutoyan is held at 2/14 Pacific Done.

The funeral will be on January 20 at 2 pm from the same address.
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Aries. Keeping calm and balance in the first half of the day will not be easy. Yes, everything is going as you would like, you have to adapt to quite undesirable circumstances. But you do not lose confidence that things can change. You are right: You just have to be patient, because by the second half of the day things will start to go smoothly.

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Disputes with loved ones are possible, and the causes of those disputes are far from over and it is not easy to resolve and eliminate them. It will help you get a sense of humor and tolerance for the weaknesses of the people around you.
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We grew up in the same yard, he was a balanced person; Sisak Gabrielyan about Georgi Kutoyan
Вчера, 17:25
Today, January 19, a major car accident occurred in Aragatsotn region. At about 8:20 pm on the 35 km section of Yerevan-Gyumri highway, at the crossroads of the popular village of Ujan, collided with GAZ 322132 number 36 MQ 338 and Gazel 1999 1999 number serving Yerevan-Artik route 360.

According to Shamshyan.com, two people were taken to Ashtarak Medical Center as a result of the accident. Gazel got out of the traffic lane and crashed into a parked gasoline-powered truck, causing the truck to overturn.

Materials are being prepared on the fact. Police identify the drivers and the injured.
Вчера, 16:59
NSC Secretary Armen Grigoryan, who was present at the funeral of former head of the National Security Service Georgi Kutoyan, responded to a reporters' question as to why Nikol Pashinyan did not send condolences, insisting that he had sent.

To the observation that it was from the government staff, he said: "It just means that the Prime Minister has sent his condolences. It is a tragic event for all of us, I think, not a matter for discussion."
Вчера, 16:50
RA Prosecutor General Arthur Davtyan, who was also present at the funeral of Georgi Kutoyan, reaffirmed the statement issued by the Investigative Committee. According to him, there is enough material to prove suicide.

Asked if he did not see a problem after numerous shots fired in December, police did not alert him, Arthur Davtyan responded that if there were no problems, no investigation would be conducted.
Вчера, 16:40
"At the moment we have enough preliminary data obtained from the preliminary investigation of the case, which testify to suicide," RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan said.

He recalled that a criminal case had been instituted on the basis of the crime of committing suicide, and stressed that all the versions characteristic of the death would be thoroughly investigated.

“A proper investigation will be carried out in all directions and versions. During the examination I will have the opportunity to discuss some essential facts and especially the results of the examination, ”Davtyan said.