31-01-2020, 06:05
Irates. Pashinyan "bombarded" his teammates with SMSs every five minutes
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Hraparak. “Samvel Farmanyan has worked for Open Society Foundations for many years. doesn't he consider himself sorry? "
Irates writes: “They say 'My step' by Nikol Pashinyan's letter from Kapan v. Hrayr Tovmasyan, 'disproportionate' pen strike. He heard in Stepanavan when the "elite" attended Suren Papikyan's uncle's funeral.

The "elite" looked back in horror, looking at each other in amazement, "what else did they invent", they thought. All night, Pashinyan bombarded his teammates with text messages every five minutes with a "buzz", who would say what to say about Tovmasyan and his "pen." Alain Simonyan: "The Darkest" Case He had to testify at the same time about Tovmasyan and, in particular, Vanetsian.
31-01-2020, 05:56
Zhoghovurd daily writes: “On January 25, during a meeting with journalists in Kapan, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that he had been identified as a victim in a SIS case. “In 2010, the masked men at Kosh Prison attacked me. To be honest, when I became prime minister, I remembered that case.

I was thinking whether I should be interested in this case or not. Then I thought it was a shame and now they have to say that he started doing his own business, ”Pashinyan said, adding that recently a citizen said he was aware of who organized the attack and gave evidence. Who they are, we haven't found out yet. The SIS does not hurry to divulge.

Let us remind that it was officially announced that Pashinyan had a dream. And who were responsible for the sector in 2010? The RA Minister of Justice was Hrayr Tovmasyan, the head of the penitentiary department Hayk Harutyunyan, who committed suicide in his apartment in 2019, and the prisoner of "Koshi" was Lyova Baghdasaryan, who was arrested by the NSS on bribery in 2019 and was released 5 million drams the other day. :
31-01-2020, 05:42
Gagik Surenyan about the expected weather
Gagik Surenyan, head of the Hydromet Meteorology Center at the Ministry of Emergency Situations, wrote on his Facebook page: “We expect relatively active cyclone penetration from the Mediterranean. Precipitation is expected in the northern and central regions of the republic on the evening of January 31, with significant snowfall expected in the mountainous and foothill zones in the northern and central regions of the republic in the evening and in the daytime. Winds are expected to be 15-20 mps in certain areas, and snowstorms in mountainous areas.
     Rain will start in Yerevan tonight, which will turn into snow this night and will continue until noon tomorrow.
     Tomorrow evening the precipitation will stop all over the country. "
30-01-2020, 22:21
So H1 Natashka (Petros Ghazaryan according to Nikol Pashinyan) is in a state of bankruptcy. Don't expect more from Iran, he knows full well that after the change of power, neither he nor his thought-provoking leadership have a chance to rehabilitate. If, for Nicole, he became Peter from Natashka, then for the next authorities, "Nicole from the colon" would not become Peter.

He also knows full well that the deeper Nicol's colon is, the more stench he emits, but as you can see, Natasha is also a masochist. Reach out to Natasha with understanding and keep her in the top ten of your lists.
No one will be forgotten, nothing will be forgotten.
30-01-2020, 22:02
The issue of the Constitutional Court has put the government in a tailspin. Some have become so overwhelmed by the thought of dismissing Hrayr Tovmasyan and reforming the dreamless CC they dream that they are literally delirious. Of course, everyone's preference is to delve into the face of the truth, but the fact that the NA deputy is deluded and tries to present it with a serious facial expression becomes a waste of words and comments. It is even more evident after the shameful story of the pen that the authorities are rocking a wall, and Nikol Pashinyan has issued a decree to the teammates to starve Hrayr Tovmasyan's meat. People who have been outraged by the shameful story have lost their sense of right and wrong, if they have ever had, and generally understood, the role and significance of any constitution or authority.

Here's my step MP Christine Poghosyan
Hrayr Tovmasyan has made an illiterate statement, he does not understand that the CC president is not a representative of the judiciary. Here they say, we have arrived, come down. This is said by a person who represents the legislative body of our country and who like it are shaping the fate of this state. This is said by an MP who is investigating the events of the April war, who, in fact, receives a salary from our taxes paid to talk about such nonsense.

By the logic of this girl, Nikol Pashinyan is not the head or representative of the executive power, or more precisely, he is not the prime minister or Ararat Mirzoyan and he is not a member of the legislative body either.

It remains to be seen what this MP means when he also announces that there is a way of resolving the CC crisis and the head of the faction will announce it soon. If these people today do not know the basic truths, then one can imagine what their solution will be.

Whatever the outcome of the CC clash, Nikol Pashinyan's team proves on a daily basis that they are plotting a coup or a hybrid coup against the authorities themselves with such secular ideas.
30-01-2020, 21:34
Zhoghovurd daily writes: "On January 28, at about 2:55 pm, a 20-year-old soldier Nver Avetisyan was wounded in a security guard in one of the military units located southeast of the Defense Army.

The latter was immediately taken to a military hospital, the situation is assessed as grave.

An investigation is underway to find out the details of the incident. Zhoghovurd daily reports that the soldier had six months left to finish his service and return home.
30-01-2020, 21:22
Today Politik.am's editorial office received a letter from citizen Garegin Gabrielyan, which we present without editing:

About 10 million drams disappeared in the Ministry of Education and Science in the daytime and no one is trying to give a clear answer to what happened to this significant sum. The 10 million was intended for bonuses and allowances for the third and fourth quarters of staff of the Language Committee. The financial department of the ministry has written off the money, but the money disappeared halfway through and did not reach the recipients.
30-01-2020, 20:49
Nikol Pashinyan opened brackets in Kapan on why he had visited SIS. He said that he had gone to the Kosh penitentiary under a criminal case against him. At the same time, as if he was being sincere, he said that he had initially thought about proceeding with it, then thought that "Not nice, Taron", but then another citizen appeared and went away, reported to law enforcement. . The SIS does not say anything about who this citizen is, why investigative actions have been carried out in this regard both days ago and now. "For the sake of the preliminary investigation, we do not disclose further details of the criminal case."

Pashinyan's lawyer Vahe Hovsepyan presented the details of the 2010 violence at Kosh Prison, saying that on November 11 at 2.30 pm Nikol Pashinyan woke up feeling a strange movement that lasted for about 20 minutes.
30-01-2020, 20:05
He has made and drafted the constitution, but makes an illiterate statement, does not understand that the CC president is not a representative of the judiciary, the judiciary represents the judiciary, he does not even understand it, but nothing. He is just the president of the Constitutional Court. He is not the leader of any branch. ”

This statement is addressed to Hrayr Tovmasyan, President of the Constitutional Court. The author of these words is MP Kristine Poghosyan. This is not really a thing of persistence, since the insatiables of Christendom have come to replace the schisms of ancient Armenia. You know, the man says that the President of the Constitutional Court is not a representative of the judiciary, and he is not the head of any branch of the judiciary at all. This is really diagnosed and very serious.
30-01-2020, 20:01
The Czech Republic is a sought-after destination not only for tourists but also for business and real estate investors. Hetq has previously published a number of articles about former Czech officials and their affiliates in the Czech Republic.

Based on the investigations of our Czech counterparts, as well as the experience of the immigration authorities of that country, we wrote that establishing a "paper" company in the Czech Republic (companies that are not liquidated but also do not actually operate) is typically used. for business ownership by the owners, which will help, for example, to obtain a long-term residence permit in the Czech Republic. Many foreigners are taking this step, but our counterparts from the Czech Interior Ministry have been told that they are well aware of attempts to abuse the migration system through "covert" companies.