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The head of government Nikol Pashinyan met with the Armenian community of Milan to answer the questions about the republic's domestic and foreign policy.

YEREVAN, November 20 - Sputnik. Some well-known corrupt people are now hiding out of justice in Italy. But let no one hope that they will not be caught. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this at a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community in Milan today.

"I don't know which Vatican basements are hiding, but rest assured that we will catch their necks and hold them accountable," Pashinyan promised.
Most likely, the prime minister hinted to Mikayel Minasyan, Armenia's former ambassador to the Vatican, Serzh Sargsyan's son-in-law.

Minasyan has been abroad for a long time, a criminal case may be brought against him in Armenia for illegal appropriation of the strategic object.

During the event, a woman doctor by profession declared in a rather harsh tone the propaganda of hatred in Armenia, accusing the incumbent authorities of conducting a destructive foreign and domestic policy, as well as demanding the resignation of Pashinyan and the entire government.
There was a bit of a stir, with attendees saying they disagreed with him. The woman left after expressing her anger. His behavior did not confuse the Prime Minister at all. He only advised to listen to his answer before leaving.

The Prime Minister noted that hate speech propaganda is constantly spoken in Armenia, but the reasons for that hatred need to be clarified.

According to Pashinyan, if there has been a government in Armenia for a long time that people have only hated, then it is unclear what he and his government have to do with it.

“We have never called for hatred. In the days of the revolution, our motto was love and solidarity, ”he recalled.

As for foreign policy, particularly the Karabakh issue, the Prime Minister asked what was the strategy of Robert Kocharyan and Serge Sargsyan, didn't their policy of handing over to Meghri?
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On November 20, a tragic car accident occurred in Syunik region. At about 10:40 pm The driver of the car VAZ 2109 34 NC 519 still in unknown circumstances left the traffic lane on the Yerevan-Meghri highway leading to Sisian crossing to Sisian. com.

According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, two people died in the crash, the bodies of which were found out of the car, and four were taken to hospital with bodily injuries.

The citizens, Sisian fire and rescue team, Sisian police officers and traffic police were the first to reach the injured. Officers of the 1st platoon of the 6th Battalion of the 2nd Battalion of Traffic Police arrived at the scene, led by the platoon commander Gegham Margaryan and platoon commander Karen Ohanyan. The Sisian Police Operative Group headed by Deputy Chief Gagik Muradyan has also arrived.

Police Chief Investigator Sarmen Galstyan has also arrived, but since doctors at the scene recorded the deaths of two civilians, Karen Gyulumyan, head of the Traffic Management Center at Road 1-77, transferred the information to the Sisian Investigation Department of the Syunik Regional Investigation Department of the Armenian Investigation Committee. The investigation team arrives at the scene.
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He was a very ordinary politician who did what he had done all his life, using the opportunity to try and catch something. Halfway through the events, it was the users (not the citizens) who changed his status, turning a walking deputy from a walking messenger into a new messenger. It should be noted, however, that the whole process of coronation was organized by only one part of society, the most active and the most noisy.

A large part of the society, which did not go to the elections later, did not take part in the political events, and is still an observer at the time. During this time the new status became acceptable and understandable, first and foremost for him. He immediately took on the role, quickly forgot his responsibilities and responsibilities as a politician, accepted the crown, and decided to save us from evil.

He found it easier and more convenient. The politician and the politician must follow the rules of the game, the laws, have a plan of action, a clear strategy, a deep conscious collective and individual responsibility. And the people of the Messiah expect something else. He expects salvation from his predecessors. That desire was so great, simple, and even suspicious that it was first tested in the Yerevan City Council elections. There was only one point in the "social networking contract" with the public during those elections: I am coming to rescue you from your predecessors. And a miracle happened. Even with that one point, without the program and the half-way candidate for mayor, the formula worked. The people agreed. And the same thing repeated in the parliamentary elections, promising the people only one thing: salvation. That the former are not. And the formula worked again.
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Serzh Sargsyan addressed Baku
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Yerevan will not become Beirut and Aleppo, and we will fight against it to the end. This is not the capital of the war-torn country of the 90's, whoever you want to pop into the corner.

We will resist any encroachment with dignity. We will protect our holy land against false nationalist eunuchs at all costs, in all cases permissible and if necessary, in unacceptable means. Whether you like it or not, with or without you, we will make Armenia a country of strong, secure, truly national, spiritual, but also free and fair citizens. Put down your weapons, gentlemen ...
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Those who came to power in the last one and a half years have not made any revolutionary changes or revolutionary breakthroughs in the country's foreign and domestic agendas, Third President of the Republic of Armenia, RPA Chairman Serzh Sargsyan stated at the EPP congress in Zagreb.

“The change of power in my country took place exclusively through peaceful means. My goal was one of preventing human casualties and keeping the state free from dangerous shocks. Those who came to power under the name of revolution have not undergone any revolutionary change or revolutionary breakthrough in the external and internal agendas of the country in the past year and a half. Moreover, there are dangerous developments threatening democracy in the country, the foundations of the constitution have been damaged, the principle of separation and balance of powers not functioning. The independence of the judiciary is clearly violated by many facts, ”Serzh Sargsyan said.

He stressed that aggressive actions against opposition media and activists have become frequent, and intolerance and hate speech have reached alarming levels.
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The tragedy in New Hachn, which claimed the lives of five people, has once again raised the question of the safety of gas distribution facilities in Armenian homes and homes.

On November 16, a 77-year-old woman and four of her four grandchildren were poisoned and killed by a huge gas poisoning in Nor Hachn.
The investigation is yet to find out the real cause of the tragedy, but it can now be said that people have been strangled as a result of gross violation of the rules of operation of the gas appliance.

It turned out that there was no gas stove in the house, and the residents turned on the gas stove and placed an empty pan on it to warm it up and spread the heat throughout the apartment. Another mistake is related to the gas cooker.

“It seemed that the smoker was in the wrong place, it was covered with fireproof material and a wooden cover. It is clear that in such conditions, the exhaust gas cannot go out of the area, ”AEG LLC CEO Arman Nalbandyan told Sputnik Armenia. The company is engaged in maintenance of gas distribution systems and gas appliances in Armenia.

Nalbandyan said that in the apartment where the elderly woman and her grandchildren died, the alarm was turned off. As it is known, a special conductor stops the gas supply when there is a leak of methane, carbon gas or fire. If the device were switched on, it would be possible to avoid death.

In order to prevent such incidents, the company's employees are constantly checking out the home's smokers, urging residents not to turn off the alarm.
"The device must be permanently switched on, it is inadmissible to save electricity or for any other reason. The device consumes only a small amount of electricity - 300 drams a year, ”said our interlocutor.
Nalbandyan notes that with the onset of the heating season, special attention should be paid to the safe and proper operation of heating appliances. The use of self-propelled gas appliances is strictly prohibited.

"Our specialists twice a year, at the beginning and at the end of the heating season, inform residents, thoroughly inspect the operation of the home system, identifying and removing defects. Any repair or replacement of the device in the area should only take place with the help of our staff, ”Nalbandyan said.
Unfortunately, despite the many warnings, there are always "criminals" or citizens calling for them to save money for their own safety. When the family lives in dire social conditions, no one will pay attention to the normal operation of the gas supply system and the smoker. The case of New Hachn is a striking example of this.
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The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia is called to protect the rights of children who are foreign citizens of RA and to monitor their normal course of life until the child is 5 years old. Within the Hague Convention on Cooperation in the field of Child Protection and Foreign Adoption in 1993, the Ministry is the acting Central Authority.

On November 14, the RA National Security Service released a statement saying that the Italian citizens in Armenia have adopted more than 30 children in gross violation of our country's legislation. "Haykakan Zhamanak" Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia in particular inquired how the supervision of the exercise of the right to care and safety, education and health of children is carried out. It is known that besides the mentioned NSS message, the issue of children adopted by foreigners was addressed earlier by the then Deputy Prime Minister Ararat Mirzoyan, speaking about the rumors that the organs of the adopted children are being sold. Many of these days have linked these two statements to one another, concerned about the fate of illegally adopted children.
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An incident occurred during a meeting with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at the Armenian Forty-eighth Monastery Church in Milan. An Azerbaijani blogger entered the church, who stated that because Nikol Pashinyan is a Democrat, he was asked to stop the war.

"We do not need this war, we want democracy, we want our homeland, our land, liberate, please, our land. Free our land so that I can see my Shushi, my Khojalu, ”he said.

Then the Azerbaijani blogger asked if he would be allowed to leave later. "Yes, I guarantee," Pashinyan responded.

“It is a fact that you, being an Azeri, entered an Armenian church where there are Armenians and asked the Prime Minister of Armenia. Know that there would be no opportunity for an Armenian to attend an event where the President of Azerbaijan is present, "the Prime Minister said.
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“The backbone of corruption in Armenia is broken. The last penny stolen from the state will be returned, "Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated at a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community in Milan.

  "By the way, some of the most famous corruptors are hiding in Italy today, and no one has any hope that they will grow up. The hand of justice will reach them. I don't know which Vatican pedals are hanging around, we'll take them out, take them out, take them, stop the courts, ”Pashinyan emphasized.