Вчера, 21:58
At the Criminal Court of Appeal Barseghyan, Fr. Sahakyan, S. The investigation into the appeals filed in Davit Harutyunyan's case continued under the Marabian staff.

The case was heard in the Syunik District Court of First Instance presided over by Napoleon Ohanyan.

There were two defendants in the first instance court, besides Davit Harutyunyan, Hrach Hovhannisyan was also on the defendant's chair.

According to the indictment, 19-year-old David Harutyunyan, a conscript with the rank of Junior Sergeant, was on duty from October 13 to 27, 2017.

According to the indictment, on October 20, at 12 noon, while serving as an observer in the on-duty shift position, he retaliated with his colleague, compulsory conscript, Aram Kh. lowered the rifle clutch to kill him, stockpiled full of combat bullets, recharged the weapon, directed the money to Aram Kh.'s chest at the moment, pressed it practice. "

As a result, Davit Harutyunyan was allegedly shot. Aram Kh. Received and died of gunshot wound penetrating the right half of the chest. According to the indictment, the junior sergeant intentionally killed the soldier by shotgun ...

According to the court ruling, Davit Harutyunyan immediately told the crew that Aram had shot the enemy, and after that he had allegedly shot Aram himself to commit suicide ...
Вчера, 21:27
The statement issued by the Investigative Committee raises new questions.

If it turns out that Gevorg Kutoyan's death is not a suicide, then we are dealing with a greater threat - lawyer Norayr Norikyan made such a statement, noting that the CC statement on the case raises new questions.

"G. The content of the statement issued by the RA Investigation Committee on the tragic death of Kutoyan makes it clear that by the end of December 2019, G. Kutoyan went alone to the apartment where, after drinking alcohol, he fired 35 irregular shots from his Glock 34 pistol on the dividing wall of the living room and kitchen.

Later, G. At Kutoyan's request, the latter's wife collected the shotguns and discovered bullets and placed them on the living room table in front of the sofa.

It turns out that G. Kutoyan's wife was at least aware that before the New Year, G. Kutoyan fired shots.

So the question arises: Except for the woman, who was aware of the shooting, what was the state of mind at that time? Kutoyan, what was the purpose of shooting them, why didn't they report it, or if they told who they were, could those shots be heard by the neighbors or not?

Still, if Kutoyan shot himself, why didn't he collect the shotguns he had asked his wife to do?

Or when did she ask for a wife? Where was the woman at that moment, what was the response to that request, and to whom did the woman report that request or fact?
Вчера, 21:08
Residents of the Faroe Islands have filmed a marvelous phenomenon of nature - the "opposite waterfall".

The video shows how the water rises upstream from the cliff.

Experts have explained that it is not a waterfall, but a whirlpool.

Despite the scientific explanation, the phenomenon on the Internet has already been called "reverse waterfall".
Вчера, 20:32
Tragic shooting in the US According to 1lurer.am, four people were killed and another wounded in a shooting that took place in the US state of Utah. The armed suspect has been arrested and is currently in custody.

Law enforcement agencies assure that the perpetrator was one and that the public is no longer in danger. CNN reports.

An investigation has been launched to find out the details of the crime. The identity of the arrested criminal has not been released yet.
Вчера, 20:16
On January 19, a major car accident occurred in Aragatsotn region. Shamshyan.com reports. At about 8:20 pm, on the 35 km section of Yerevan-Gyumri highway, at the intersection of Ujan village collided with cars Volkswagen 36 MQ 338 and Gazel number 1999 L serving Yerevan-Artik Route 360.

Two people were taken to Ashtarak Medical Center as a result of the accident. Gazelle got out of the lane of the road and crashed into a parked car, causing the truck to overturn.

Officers of the 1st platoon of the 2nd Battalion of the 2nd Traffic Police arrived at the scene. Materials are being prepared on the fact. Police identify the drivers and the injured. An operative group from the Ashtarak Police Department also arrived at the scene.
Вчера, 20:06
RA Prime Minister expresses condolences over Georgy Kutoyan's death and condolences to the mourning family of Koutoyans. It also guarantees that the Government will do everything within its power to fully disclose the circumstances of Georgi Kutoyan's death; Yesterday the office of the head of state spread such a message. The task of honoring the incumbent government is, of course, to clarify the circumstances of this mysterious death. Before that let us note that yesterday the RA Investigation Committee released another official statement, which, however, raised more questions instead of answering them.

“Տվյալների According to the data obtained by the investigation, on December 9, 2019, G. After returning to Armenia, Kutoyan temporarily lived in his father's home, but occasionally visited an apartment on Paruyr Sevak Street.

At the same time, information was received that at the end of December 2019, G. Kutoyan visited the apartment alone, where, after drinking alcohol, he fired 35 illegal shots from his Glock 34 pistol on the dividing wall of the living room and kitchen. Later, G. At Kutoyan's request, the latter's wife collected the shotguns and discovered bullets and placed them on the living room table in front of the sofa. The investigation also found that G. On January 16, 2020, at about 8:20 pm, Kutoyan was traveling to a flat owned by Paruyr Sevak from his father's house near Arshakunyats Avenue in Yerevan, informing family members of his intention to rest in the aforementioned apartment for two or three days.
Вчера, 19:56
Former NA Vice Speaker Arpine Hovhannisyan wrote on her Facebook page:

“The moral 'uncleanness' of a person is a testimony to that person's self-hatred.

Apollo "Metamorphoses"

PS In other words, the more you hate yourself, the lower your morale becomes. As they say, you yourself will not be deceived. "
Вчера, 19:54
The memorial service for former head of the RA National Security Service Georgi Kutoyan took place on January 19.

Speaking to reporters after the funeral, Secretary of the RA National Security Council Armen Grigoryan said that everyone is interested in the fact that the investigation into the criminal case on the death of former head of the National Security Service of Georgia Georgy Kutoyan is open and the public fully aware of the process.

"The investigative body fully informs what is necessary at this moment," Armen Grigoryan said, stressing that the Armenian authorities are interested in the investigation being fully opened. “All versions are on the table. We have not come to a conclusion at this time, but an investigation will find out, "he added.

Armen Grigoryan called, in particular, for the posters on social networks to be restrained and allow all investigative and security authorities to openly investigate and report to the public.

Former RA President Serzh Sargsyan, former RA NA Speaker Galust Sahakyan, former Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan, CC President Hrayr Tovmasyan and many other representatives of the current and former authorities took part in the memorial service.
Вчера, 19:52
"It is a lie that there was no condolence". Stepan Safaryan
Political scientist, Chairman of the Public Council Styopa Safaryan wrote on his Facebook page: “As the issue of condolences on the tragic death of Georgy Kutoyan is speculated on, I express my opinion.

First of all, I was struck by the Google search that a large number of media outlets, including opposition or independent, issued a condolence letter to the Kutoyan family on behalf of the Prime Minister and a pledge to launch a comprehensive investigation into his death. Therefore, it is a lie that there was no condolence.
Вчера, 18:32
The Ministry of Emergency Situations informs that on January 19 at 22:05 there are closed and impassable highways in the Republic of Armenia.

Sotk-Karvachar highway and Vardenisats pass are closed to trucks, difficult to pass for other cars.

There is some ice on the roads of Syunik region.

Talin town of Aragatsotn marz, Aragats village, Yeghegnadzor town of Vayots Dzor marz, Saravan-Zanger section, Vardenisats pass, Kapan of Syunik marz, Qajaran, Charentsavan, Hrazdan, Abovyan cities of Kotayk marz, Amiryan and Abovyan cities of Shirak marz

 According to information provided by the Emergency Situations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Crisis Management Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, the Stepantsminda-Lars highway is open to all types of vehicles.