30-03-2020, 17:55
A 14-year-old boy was wounded in the chest on Wednesday, March 30.

Naira Taryan, a doctor on duty at the Noyemberyan hospital, told Armenian News-NEWS.am that the baby has not been operated on yet, the baby is in stable condition.

We had earlier reported that a schoolchildren were wounded in the Voskevan village as a result of the Azeri shooting.
30-03-2020, 17:44
Due to the actions of the Armenian forces, the enemy was thrown back, information about the enemy's losses is being clarified.

At 7:00 pm today, the Azerbaijani side launched a diversion penetration attempt on the Armenian positions in the Noyemberyan region of Tavush region. This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia shortly before.

Due to the actions of the Armenian forces, the enemy was thrown back, the information about the losses is being clarified.
30-03-2020, 17:25
“Safety is paramount, we will not endanger anyone, not us or our guests. So this year we will celebrate the day without guests and only in a family environment. My daughter is very understanding, calm, mature, approaching the question. We had explained to him a few days earlier that the day would passive. Although in our case this may not be the case because, regardless of isolation, we are many, ”he said.

Gohar noted that most of the day the girl would be engaged in online lessons, after which they would prepare for an outdoor family gathering.

“Meline's friends have formed a group to congratulate her. She was very happy with this surprise from her friends. Of course, there will still be interesting moments. We've already figured out what would be the best surprise for my daughter, ”Gohar said, noting that the girl has recently become interested in Michael Jackson's creative life. "He believes Jackson is alive." He tells us, please invite him to my birthday. The theme of the anniversary is the life and image of Michael Jackson. We ordered an illustrated cake in line with the theme, and my sister made a picture on the cover. Meline is looking forward to some more songs. There is simply no gift she has ever wanted to receive. The topic chosen will be the best surprise for my daughter. ”
30-03-2020, 17:25
Three servicemen were injured in an Azerbaijani shooting in Tavush province on March 30. Noyemberyan Medical Center informed Armenian News-NEWS.am.

Naira Taryan, a regular doctor, said one of the soldiers was in critical condition, one of whom suffered an eye injury, and the other two suffered gunshot wounds to the arm and leg.
30-03-2020, 17:14
A school boy was wounded by an Azerbaijani bullet in the Voskevan village of Noyemberyan region on March 30. The injured boy was taken to Noyemberyan Medical Center at 19:30.

In a conversation with kayqer.ru, Noyemberyan Medical Center informed that the boy is in the resuscitation department, the situation is serious.

"The boy has been diagnosed with partial pneumothorax of right lung trauma. They are currently undergoing surgery. The cartridge is removed, visualized at the first side level, ”the medical center said.

The boy is 16 years old. He was reportedly in the village when the ball hit him.
30-03-2020, 17:04
There are reports that two servicemen of the Armenian Armed Forces were injured as a result of ceasefire violation.

YEREVAN, March 30 - Sputnik. A school boy was wounded by an Azeri bullet in Voskevan community of Tavush region of Armenia this evening. Speaking to Sputnik Armenia, the news was confirmed by RA MoD spokesman Shushan Stepanyan.

According to him, the wounded child is now at Noyemberyan Medical Center, where he is being operated on.
30-03-2020, 17:00
Gevorg Gorgisyan wrote on his Facebook page:

Complaints from citizens continue.
This time I have to address the rise in food prices.

I got this picture a while ago, but I get similar letters about many products: bread, dairy, vegetables, fruits and other essentials.

I call the attention of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of the Republic of Armenia and the Ministry of Economy to examine the objective and subjective aspects of inflation and to prevent dishonest entrepreneurs from exploiting the crisis.
30-03-2020, 16:38
Corresponding symptoms, close contact with the infected, and recent travel history need to be tested for a new subtype of coronavirus, while private clinics may also serve without the symptom if they so wish. They are suggested to perform a rapid (Rapid) test but their efficiency does not seem to be 100%.

On the basis of comments posted on Facebook social network, we called Vardanants Innovative Medicine Center, where they answered that they could get a test on a paid basis. We are talking about quick tests from China.
30-03-2020, 16:26
Governor of Ararat Garik Sargsyan announced today the name of a carefully tailored sewing workshop where some coronaviruses were found.

It turns out to be part of the "Sartex" sewing industry. "Most of the residents of different villages of Ararat marz worked in the" Sartex "sewing workshop, which is the reason for the large number of infected people in the region," the governor said.
30-03-2020, 16:17
On March 28, police officers found a van in the Abovyan Street house in Vanadzor and detained three Vanadzor residents wanted for serious crimes.

Armenian News-NEWS.am informs about this from the police press service. Special officers of the General Department of the Criminal Police were also involved in the special event. As a result of the professional actions of the police officers, the event was successfully completed.