3-11-2019, 14:45
Alain Simonyan's wife posted photos from Halloween. The Prime Minister's daughter was also present
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NA Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan's wife Mariam Margaryan posted photos on her Facebook page of the Halloween celebration yesterday, with Shushan Pashinyan also participating.

Attached to the photos, Mariam Margaryan wrote: “It was a wonderful atmosphere in downtown. We must do our best to create occasions for people to celebrate. Look for no religious context. It was just a masquerade, and the kids were happy. ”
3-11-2019, 14:38
According to our information, the Armenian oligarchy has again gathered in Dubai today. The occasion is the birthday of Vardan Harutyunyan, the wife of Vardan Harutyunyan, the former president of the State Revenue Committee, former president of Gazprom Armenia.
Owners of Tashir Group Samvel Karapetyan, former RA Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, businessman Samvel Alexanyan from Armenia and other guests have arrived in Dubai on this occasion.

3-11-2019, 14:16
Scientists have discovered the "darkest" valley on Earth
French scientists have been conducting research in the Dalol Valley of Ethiopia and found that no bacteria can survive there. Nature Ecology & Evolution reports.

"Our study proves that there is absolutely lifeless space on the surface of the Earth despite the presence of water," they said.

Scientists have noted that the water temperature in the area is 109 degrees, besides that it is also very salty and acidic. According to experts, no living organism can survive under such conditions.
3-11-2019, 14:12
"I am not offended by Georgians". Armine Harutyunyan
We have already informed that the newly renowned Armenian model Armine Harutyunyan took part in the Delmod fashion boutique at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2019.

The participation of the Armenian model in the Gucci show in September has been the subject of much debate on social networks.

Armine, 23, said in an interview with Sova News that she was very worried from the start about what discussions would be on the web this time around. “It was difficult for me to overcome all this. I didn't expect such attention. I've been crying for two days, ”confessed Armine.

Asked if he was offended by the Georgians, Armineh said: “No, I have said many times that I love Georgia. I have many friends here. Everyone has an opinion that can be voiced. "

He noted that at some point he decided to think otherwise. “I stopped reading my comments on the Internet and continued to live my normal life. In addition, it helped me a lot with the support of my friends and relatives, ”the model emphasized.
3-11-2019, 13:48
Actress Marjan Avetisyan posted a lovely photo with her husband on her Instagram page.
3-11-2019, 13:38
Armenia is a sovereign state and we will make our decision. ” How was the meeting with the Europeans in the National Assembly?
You are for it, but is it the “illiterate Paul” who brought you to power?
Tsarukyan opposes Istanbul Convention. I don't think any of us will deviate from it. C. Petrosyan: Video
Protest against Council of Europe representatives holding discussions on ratification of Istanbul Convention in Armenia: Right:
Istanbul Convention on Agenda: The Europeans will hold a sitting in the National Assembly today
What did the girls on the land fountains say? Liberation of the body? From what? The body is nothing more than a temporary container. Like a glass full of water. What do these girls want to get rid of? In the spirit? Spiritual ... But they have long been freed. It was obvious.

And so, dear friends ... There is a problem, a serious problem. I'm not ready to throw away all the empty cups. But that emptiness is too much. It is necessary to fill the void, not to throw it away. You ask, how? I don't know. I was saying, isn't there a serious problem?

At night I was looking at the profiles of these girls, studying their so-called lab work. So let's just say, what we saw today at the Square was just the tip of the iceberg. There are children 3-4 years old. Mothers, fathers ... Do you understand? What can we do for them?

It needs to be filled. At least to the little ones. We need to think about how to fill it. If we just started throwing things around, we will see that there are only a few thousand left.

3-11-2019, 13:30
Nairi Hunanyan's ties in Crimea need to be checked. One must understand who could have recruited him - Russians or Turks; Ara Papyan (video)

There are many more prerequisites for the October 27 case to be revealed, but it requires political will. Historian Ara Papyan said this in an interview with AD TV "Interview", stressing that he is almost convinced that the group of criminals did not act alone and had supporters outside Armenia. "Now the question is whether the current authorities of Armenia would like to go to the bottom and reveal problems that would not be so desirable in the interstate and political terms. This will be a test case for understanding whether we will again limit ourselves to punishing the performers. What happened 20 years ago was essentially a change in the political direction of Armenia. For the next 20 years or so, we have an almost one-sided policy. Gradually, whose economy was in our hands, what we found ourselves in, and we have difficulties today, "Papyan said.

He noted that 20 years after the crime was committed, Nairi Hunanyan found that he had carried out a national rescue operation. "In general, all criminals find that they have committed no crime but have done something good or are at least a victim of the situation. If they had not been convinced, they would not have applied for early release, more than 20 years. However, many people are trying to manipulate this experience for the internal political struggle, ”Papyan said.

The historian noted that before the incident, Nairi Hunanyan was on a business trip to Turkey, after returning to visit him and telling him some things. “There are some things that he did not find convenient at the time, but now he may consider it a good opportunity. However, one has to be very careful as some forces may try to direct their revelations, the other is that they can decide to play their own game. That is, every word that he tries to say must be checked, then only to make a noise, one must make sure that they are not naked. His contacts in Crimea, with whom he had close relations, who could recruit him - the Russians or the Turks - should, in any case, be an Armenian in that environment, as it is difficult to reach a person without a close circle, ”he said. Papyan.

3-11-2019, 13:24
American-Armenian Edman Shahbazyan wins at UFC 244 Madison Square Garden in New York's Madison Square Garden. The 21-year-old Glendale fighter fought with US representative Brad Tavares and won by knockout. Shahbazyan rose to the ring under the sounds of Ara Gevorgyan's "Artsakh".

The fight was also followed by US President Donald Trump.
3-11-2019, 12:07
Let us agree not to be named "Minister" from the position of Minister ...
What do you think ...
For example, on the right hand side of this picture, besides the certificate, what is the minister (and so the super) ...
That ruins and eliminates everything starting with the word "Armenian" ...
What right does a satanic person have as a minister in a Christian nation ...
Isn't that right ...

Written by Gevorg Petrosyan
3-11-2019, 12:01
The gap between different groups of society is deepening.

If they stay there for a while, they will spoil each other.

Live Nicole, who came with the slogan of love and tolerance of power and transformed society into hateful typhoons ...

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