4-11-2019, 22:16
You know, too, this prosecution. 12 minutes after the publication of Hrayr Tovmasyan's acceptance and initiation of proceedings and preparation of papers, and 3 days after the post about Ararat Mirzoyan they say that we have seen this post and we will report further.)
Very surprisingly "busy toast", but imagine for a moment that Ararat was Hrayr's maniac, now that they had a press conference before the prosecutor.)
Tell the Government and National Assembly Lawyers A Little Lovely "Think Mutiny": they pull.
PS Former First Deputy Prime Minister Ararat Mirzoyan in the photo, please do not interfere with the current NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan. they have nothing to do with each other !!!
4-11-2019, 22:13
People, I just saw the Minister mention my name as a specialist who approved of this performance, but I would like to point out that it is misleading information as I have not approved such a performance. I was invited as a young musician to express my opinion on one or more cultural programs, but not as a specialist because the specialist is the person who is deeply informed by the programs. Personally, I was very aware of the programs, and if I am not mistaken, this performance was marked as "Reading Day for Armenian Authors in the 1920s". In any case, I am a faithful Christian, and if I saw something that was against the Christian system of values, I would not approve of it.
4-11-2019, 22:00
Kurdologist and Turkologist Karen Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page: "Today, in a Kurdish village in Syria, Turks have made a universal prayer that the village has been" cleansed of the Kurds "...

Today, a wiretapped phone conversation was published showing a Turkish commander ordering a Turkmen to "kill the Kurds like a sheep because they are unbelievers." Just such things happen to us right away ... "
4-11-2019, 21:38
What a serious situation this is for a priest to call home; he tells his wife to have a religious-patriotic-national-love portrait post in the background of Saryan, and he is still blowing air on the subject of Artsakh.

Are you jealous, didn't marry children, didn't get married in church, sponsor Gay-Trans-BSSM, but manage to do it ...

The only thing left is to come in, shout, no, people, I'm not 7.

# bits_how_
4-11-2019, 21:32
I do not have an open letter mood, but it is senseless to say that a year ago, when the "Armenian Knight" television game with 1100 students and 300 soldiers was suspended a year ago, the minister pretended to be a contestant, the Minister several times, even in the National Assembly. promised that soon there would be a competition…. Last time, a month ago, when we dared to ask what the competition was about, we received an official response whether the government had yet to find out whether it was appropriate to fund children's intellectual games or not. yeah, yeah, yeah ..... the rumble won't even cure your cynicism - would you like that movie, or the financing of yesterday's joke-show at which government meeting was considered appropriate, gentlemen, and what is their purpose or competition? Did you spend for their financing?
4-11-2019, 21:19
“There is a lot of talk about Nikol Pashinyan's system of government going back to the 90s of the last century or as some say, during Vano Siradeghyan's time.

The rule of the 90s was, as is well known, "no game against us", "bespredel", intimidation in the 6th Division of the Police, the organization of political assassinations, the dilettantism of the government and the typhoon.

Now we are moving backward. To 90s Armenia.

The government has granted tax privileges to the SIL-MAZA company owned by Khachatur Sukiasyan, who became Armenia's first oligarch under the patronage of Vano Siradeghyan. The privilege relates to the postponement of payment of value added tax calculated by imported goods, customs and tax authorities for the period from October 15, 2019 to December 31, 2021, including December 31, 2021, for a period of 3 years from the date of declaration of import.

As a result of this investment it is planned to add a whole… 17 new jobs with an average salary of 165 thousand AMD.

This is the prominent side of granting privileges. But there is also the invisible, which is far greater than the invisible.

Sukiasyan's granting of privileges is again associated with the 1990s, as he was the number one privilege at the time. And if we add to this the fact that Nikol Pashinyan's financial and political sponsor was Sukiasyan's Vano Siradeghyan, then the picture of returning to the morals of the 90's will be complete.

KHACHATUR SUKIASYAN is one of the main symbols of the 90's. The economic and political system formed in the post-independence period was also embodied in Sukiasyan. He was the pioneer of the criminal oligarchic system in Armenia.

How the criminal oligarchic system of Armenia was formed and who was the first criminal oligarch

In post-independence Armenia numerous transformations have taken place, from legal to economic. Economic and ownership relations of new content were being formed. The transition from plan to market economy, which assumed a mixed type of private property dominance.

The painful process of initial accumulation of capital and the redistribution of state property began, which could not have happened objectively without problems. Along with the objective factors, subjective factors were also recorded in us.

Land privatization took place quickly, but the process of privatization of large manufacturing enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises was delayed. The reasons were different, but the main one was political.

The ruling coalition of the Armenian National Movement (ANM) from the "Karabakh" committee and its leaders thought that if privatization took place too soon, the business field would be largely in the hands of communist-era directors, Soviet "muddlers" and other moneylenders, which would mean that in the future He had to get a political look and apply for power.

The Armenian National Movement (ANM) was concerned that they could be quickly deprived of power by privatization. That is, what could have happened in the Baltic States, in the former member states of the Warsaw Pact, in Eastern Europe. In those countries the revolutionaries of the first wave gave up their place to the experienced and won their countries.

The Armenian National Movement (ANM) decided that the main issue was their power, not the change in the economy. The Armenian National Movement (ANM) delayed the formation of market institutions, which led to extreme poverty and polarization. Emigration was in the hundreds of thousands.

"If privatization does not bring ownership to our hands, then it is better to delay it and do so so that we will become the property owners in the future." This was the basic principle under which large-scale privatization was postponed until 1994-1995.

When the Armenian National Movement (ANM) authorities removed potential competitors from the political and economic fields through leverage and criminal avenues and accumulated initial money through simple charging, a voucher privatization was launched that was an unprecedented looting by various experts, including international. Economist Stiglitz believes that the robbery of the post-Soviet era had no historical precedent.

THE RESULT OF PERSONALIZATION The merging of power and business has taken on a substantial appearance. Those who had or were in power in the vicinity of the government were the owners.

There were several clans that had a serious impact on the economy after the privatization process. The most powerful and dynamically growing was the clan of the most powerful superstar Vano Siradeghyan of those days. The first criminal oligarch of the Republic of Armenia Khachatur Sukiasyan was born in the subsoil of that clan.

In the mid-1990s, a nomenclatural capitalism was formed in Armenia, and Sukiasyan became a prominent figure. He has imported the first batch of skinheads, he has received the first bundles of economic benefits, the first models of competing business are digging through him
4-11-2019, 20:58
The long-awaited Minister of the Ministry has a far more hateful hatred of all Armenians and Armenians than even the most devout young Turks. In the Young Turks, I notice such a zeal in Dr. Nazim's words: In an interview with Yerkir.am, YSU Associate Professor, philologist Serj Srapionyan said, commenting on "Hustle and bustle" for the performance of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport for 2019. The fact of allocating AMD 2.7 million from the budget.

"To a minister, it seems that the budget of the ministry has been brought from his father's house, which is his own money, so that any prodigal son can spend his father's money. However, this is the property of our country, and I give that budget to some extent, ”he said.

He reminded the classic mind: "This state pays the doctor less, the shepherd pays less to save the state device", then added: “They have come, not the doctor, they pay a lot for the shepherd, they pay a lot for the idiot, they pay a lot of money for this state not to become a state. this is their mind. "

The plot of the state-sponsored presentation is as follows: "The Declaration of the Charents-Abov-Vshtuni District of the" Left Delusion "as a basis and presented a deformity that has nothing to do with either Charents, Abov, or even Free Vshtuni."

He explained that Charents had once been left astray. Inspired by the Russian revolution and the victory of that revolution, he decided that the material, the real, the physical, and not the spiritual, came first. Charents himself has been in the delusions for only a year and his latest poem-diary "Throwing a Lefty Drum" - his left-lane declaration - has thrown the stove.

“They have heard of Charents 'delusions, heard that the carnal was considered a priority, and have decided to use it by using Charents' name. The greatest danger of it is that it also offends, corrupts, discredits one of the titans of our thinking and thinking, Yeghishe Charents. they give this name for that, ”Serapionyan stressed.

According to the philologist, "Emotion and Call" is Azat Vshtuni's most rejected collection because there were, in Srapionyan's opinion, nonsense: "Ask, leave, call, touch and call ...". Marxist Harutyun Surkhatyan, a literary critic, once expressed an opinion. "We don't want your excitement, brother!" It is these very ideas that were rejected 100 years ago by the revolutionaries of today.

RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Arayik Harutyunyan demands resignation of ARF Dashnaktsutyun "A man of such corrupt thinking, a man who violates all moral standards, who spends enormous amounts of money to instill deformity into the psychology of our children and youth, has no right to work as a minister. In Soviet times, people of that type were not even appointed as a colossal farmer, a lower-ranking official who only counted herbivores to feed cows. ”

The minister's statement that he would not even ban Satanist creations because he opposed censorship, Serapion Srapionyan called it a "Pharisee". “By saying censorship, it wants to awaken people's memory to the limitations of literature. And the press, culture, education, and science have always been under some control. So why is he a minister, what kind of minister not to understand the process of its development, the benefits and the damage it will bring, the degree of its potential danger? That's why the minister or not, what do we need for science, education, sports ... I don't know what ministry anymore. "

According to him, today Armenia is really on the verge of collapse. "This is not an exaggeration, this is a strategy we use called ours, at the behest of others, with the tendency to try out rabbits in labs."

According to Srapionyan, this devaluation of heroes, intellectuals and writers has a long-term goal. “Without a hero, the people are doomed to destruction, finally. Do not doubt for a second the truth of what I have said. Vardan Mamikonyan's only name kept people from this people, because the girl's enchanted portrait of the girls was put in their dowry, and when they went to the bride, the first thing that should be in the dowry was Vardan Mamikonyan's portrait. ”

The mystery of our people's eternity is our inclination to our values, our portrait, our roots, our cultural essence, the intellectual emphasized, and he feared that, realizing it, they would cut off that very Armenian. "And with a clearly emphasized plan they are destroying our elders first, so that we all, the younger ones, will be destroyed. This is already incomprehensible logic. ”

According to Serge Sarapionyan, Charents are a dangerous weapon for them because our people have recognized the greatness of Charents by their inherent cultural description, and Charents is not only the author of "Declaration" but also of "In the Crossroads of History" and "Komitas" , Nork St.
4-11-2019, 20:54
Serzh Sargsyan's speech was a speech of a frightened man, which I consider to be natural. Speaking to reporters, NA Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan stated: "Taking into account the work of the April War Commission itself, the criminal cases that many members of his family are going through can be assumed that one day the issue will be reached."

Asked why Serzh Sargsyan is not involved in any criminal case, given that he is accused of doing something, Simonyan replied that there are people who are still not involved in criminal cases because there is no information about them. “But there is no one who will escape. I apologize - do you suspect that there will be at least one proof of money with these suitcases? If there is any evidence, be sure of it… In my personal opinion, that evidence will appear. ”

It should be reminded that RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced about Baghramyan's 26-year-old luggage over a year ago.

To date, no developments have been made public in this area, and now Simonyan also reports that no one can escape punishment if evidence is found. It turns out that Alen Simonyan accuses Nikol Pashinyan of making a statement without evidence.

4-11-2019, 20:38
Ashot Mnatsakanyan, the director of Armavia CJSC, wrote on his Facebook page:

"Good night everyone, especially Arayik Harutyunyan."

The post itself was also heartbreaking for Aramik Harutyunyan himself.

One of the users wrote in the post comments: "How can a man be so idle as to look, and even at heart?"
4-11-2019, 20:19
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan raises the question of whether English language teaching at Harvard and Cambridge universities is mandatory. He spoke about this on Facebook live, referring to the initiative of the USSR, which wants to remove the subjects of mother tongue and literature from the list of compulsory university subjects.

“Should Armenian Language, History and Literature be compulsory in the university system? It amazes me that there are people who have this answer. They even wonder how it can be discussed. Isn't it a matter of nationalism itself? Let's discuss with each other. What problem do we set for our university system, do we set a goal for our university system to be competitive, that is, to be competitive with the world's leading universities? At the 100th anniversary celebration of Yerevan State University, I set a goal for YSU to be ranked among the top 500 universities in the world in the next 10 years. Are English language and US history at Harvard University a mandatory subject, are Cambridge University English and UK history a mandatory subject?

According to him, if our university system is not able to prepare its student as it is prepared by Harvard University, then there is no need to fund the university system. "Let's give that money to our applicants as a grant, say, go to Oxford to study, because we don't h