5-11-2019, 09:58
Armenia's second president Robert Kocharyan had a tumor that was operated on. His son Levon Kocharyan told reporters in court today.

It is noteworthy that today the trial of Robert Kocharyan and three other officials is scheduled at the Shengavit residence of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan. “There was a small tumor that was removed.

Fortunately, no malignant cells were found in it. Now my father is feeling well and will go to court, he has no problem moving, "he said.
5-11-2019, 08:42
A true sports minister. If you see any connection or commonality between him and the sport, remove yourself.

Of course, doing the Armenian Genocide is no longer a question, but anything that could work except for the sportsman is a universal truth.
5-11-2019, 08:28
Vitaly Balasanyan's reaction to his arrest ...
According to media reports, the decision to bring the retired Secretary of the Artsakh National Security Council Vitaly Balasanyan to the Special Investigation Service has been made and sent to the Artsakh Prosecutor's Office for execution.

Vitaly Balasanyan responded to the publication:

“The SIS cannot arrest a citizen of Artsakh, if such a decision is made, it is illegal. They can only seek and apply to the Artsakh Prosecutor's Office asking to extradite a person who has committed a crime on the territory of their country. "
5-11-2019, 08:03
The RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs informs that persons born before December 31, 1934, including those born on December 31, 1934, are entitled to compensation for deposits deposited in the former USSR Savings Bank, including if the deposit was made by the deceased spouse during joint marriage and defense of the RA. persons involved in hostilities, including if the deposit was made by a deceased spouse during a joint marriage.
5-11-2019, 08:01
Nikol Pashinyan's meeting with heads of parliaments of the CSTO member states - straight
The inspection body is in a high state; The workers appeal to the Prime Minister
The closed-door meeting was preceded by another closed-door meeting, which was never publicized
After the accident the road should be cleared, otherwise the driver will be fined.
New flashmob ․ Draw in this position
“Forbes” about the wonderful quality of Armenian wine and the bright future of the wine revolution in Armenia.

The author says that in parallel to the Velvet Revolution, there has also been a Wine Revolution in Armenia, as wine cafes have grown tenfold, and in 2018 alone 25 new wineries emerged. "

5-11-2019, 07:55
"Fact". Rebellion is raging in the Ministry of Health. "That woman is irritating"
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Zhamanak. Armen Grigoryan's wedding in Artsakh. Who will be attending the wedding?
Zhoghovurd. What Pashinyan and KP Members Have Spoken for 2.5 Hours: details from a closed meeting
Irates. What did Sarhat Petrosyan do to “fight” corruption?
Zhamanak. At the meeting with Pashinyan, there was no talk of "spoiling" relations with the United States
"Fact" daily writes: According to the daily "Fact" daily, the dawn at the Ministry of Health is not peaceful.

According to our source, there are many in the ministry who are guided by personal "motives".

In particular, the head of one of the departments is appointed and operates under the roof of Artyom Smbatyan, the chief of staff of the ministry.

We were told by the ministry that the head of the department, using his relationship with the chief of staff, had become the "problem solver" of the ministry.

And, in fact, it depends on Smbatyan's attitude to employees and various job issues.

This fact is not particularly liked by the deputy ministers, who have actually lost influence over the departments of the ministry.

"That woman in the ministry just makes many people nervous," our interlocutor said.

According to our source, there is a riot in the ministry. Heads of other departments and staff will soon raise the issue of Artyom Smbatyan's release. ”

5-11-2019, 07:51
Ashotyan threatens to publish screenshots of his and Alen Simonyan's correspondence?
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Tell Ashotyan that he is not the guy to whom I should call for help. Alain Simonyan
A man whose political biography is a balloon today called Serzh Sargsyan a "coward": whose speech did the Republicans offend?
Public Council is a useless structure, it has not produced any fruit. Alain Simonyan
People, there are more important topics than the one that everyone wants to put into circulation: Alain Simonyan
Yesterday, after the "My Step" faction session, Alen Simonyan also touched upon the third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. “Serzh Sargsyan's speech was a cowardly speech. For me and I'm sure it was a lot of fun for many to say that he is not a decision maker, you are aware of those many decisions, ”he said.

About the interview Armen Ashotyan wrote on his page that a man like Alen Simonyan, whose political biography is balloon, today called Serzh Sargsyan "scary".

In response to Ashotyan's post, Alen Simonyan posted a post on his Facebook page today that was full of abusive expressions and wording.

The status quo, however, is not over.

Armen Ashotyan continued the topic by writing on his Facebook page shortly. “Dear friends,

I need your advice on one issue.
I have never taken the step of publishing excerpts from personal writing. I have always kept the unwritten rules of the game.
But sometimes in life I find people so morally and deceitful that I find no other way of revealing their true image.

Now my question: Do I have any snippets of correspondence with a creature you know who is sending gifts to me at the door of my birth, inviting me to his birth and annoyed by my absence, other episodes of good relationships in the past?

5-11-2019, 07:42
"168 hours". A precious gift for Ryan Air. "He will not fly at those prices"
168 Zham writes: "When the small-budget Irish airline Ryan Air's entry into the Armenian market was loud and loud, it was announced at a joint press conference with 168.am that some destinations might even get $ 20 tickets, but there are some in Armenia According to Tatevik Revazyan, Chairman of the Civil Aviation Committee present at the meeting, it is expedient to respond to the air tax, which costs about $ 20, how would you sell tickets in Armenia for $ 20? “I have said shortly that we have proposed removing the air fee for new destinations. It's in the process. "

And here is a draft of the Law on Making Amendments to the RA Law on State Duty, which is, if we put it briefly, the exemption of "10,000 Duty" from the duty on exemption of 10.000 AMD airlines that trade commercial airliners to new airports with their non-serviced IATA code for the past 12 months will be exempt from the date of the first flight launch, and, to put it more simply, exemption from the "toll" the benefits will be no new airlines performing flights from the cities, but in fact actually implement new flights from airports.
5-11-2019, 07:11
Singer Gor Sujyan made a note stating that the Minister of Education and Science had allegedly "misrepresented" the performance of "Hope and Call" to his approval.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition to the protocol signed by Gor Sujyan, which we are publishing, we would like to emphasize that the Minister did not approve in his speech because the discussion was closed, but in response to a question from journalists, he published the list of committee members.

It is also noteworthy that the singer in his text actually stated exactly what was written in the Ministry's explanation: The program presented to the ministry was the staging of contemporary reading of Armenian poets.

5-11-2019, 07:04
Alain Simonyan writes on his Facebook page:

"I said before, now again, tell Ashotyan that he is not the guy whom I should call for help against their mob. I have seen the attitude of his teammates in the National Assembly when he was "criticized", to put it mildly, I know his "adventures" on a foreign deserted road. They have not been in contact with this guy so much that when they call in asking if he can know who is planning the attack, he thinks he is the one who solves the problem, and I am "overwhelmed".

Yes, Mihran Hakobyan has been reacting for some time already. Mihran Jan, first of all, whatssApp is not a sup, and, friend Jan, this is written by you, it says, when people are out of idea, there is no need for it. But you won't understand it. Your "general" should say no to whatssApp, since he is not in the country and is unlikely to come soon.

Yes, Artak had written Zakaryan, and in the end, to make his word flourish, the word "marijuana", Artak jan, used the word cocaine correctly when defending the boss. Great political texts are not yours. Let it be to Ashotyan, they have nothing to lose anymore.

And I want to fix once again that the time has come for you and your cowardly boss. Don't waste your money, you work, you work. I saw a lot in the days following the revolution, for example, how the prominent figures in the Republican Party behaved and told me personally things about Sergei that even bore a conscience.

Perhaps Serzh Sargsyan knows this too, and for this reason, with his actions on the other side of the revolution, he deliberately or subconsciously deletes himself in his own hands, along with the Republican Party.

And now you can respond in turn, starting with the strong response from the Republican Party's cigarette makers to Alain Simonyan, ending with your debilitating and primitive fakes. Let the Kocharyan fakes also like, spread. The important thing is to gather all in one place. ”