5-11-2019, 12:51
The Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan (Shengavit Residence), presided over by Judge Anna Danibekyan, ended the hearing of the petition submitted by the defendants of the second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan. The verdict will be announced on November 7 at 12:00.
5-11-2019, 12:45
“Robert Kocharyan has supporters, but there is an atmosphere of fear. There is a problem in the regions to inform about what is happening. There are supporters from whom I myself receive numerous letters from different regions. They want to create the impression that there are no supporters, there is an atmosphere of fear that diminishes, that atmosphere of fear must be broken, there are many people, but there is fear, they think they are alone, afraid of attacks on social networks, there are people who They have lost their jobs, ”said Levon Kocharyan, son of RA second President Robert Kocharyan.

Asked why he is attending Robert Kocharyan's trials alone, he said: "My decision is to come, to participate, we do not find it expedient to come, to participate," he said.

Levon Kocharyan did not want to comment on political scientist Styopa Safaryan's assertions that Narek Mutafyan was attacked and supported by Levon Kocharyan; "I do not want to comment on the words of that person," he said

5-11-2019, 12:37
Politics> Vano's letter to Pashinyan: under the pretext of bringing sick and everyone to the facts, appointing new elections
Vano's Letter to Pashinyan: Take the Sick Patient and Everybody to the Past, Marking New Elections

The letter of RA public, literary figure, political analyst Vano Siradeghyan written to RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is actively circulating on the Internet.

The full letter is as follows:

"Nicole, a catastrophic failure breathes in your back day after day. It won't be your failure. It will not be a failure of power, because the issue is more than power. You already understand what, how and why it happened. The enemy is at the gates. Your mind has been weakened by false arguments, to put you at the most unexpected moment for you. You have no ally. Neither inside nor outside. On the strengths, you know, you can't even trust. In Artsakh you have nothing but a soldier boy. The role of the Diaspora in this case is fiction. Your Copts are nothing, and in such situations they will be the first to hit you, to clear the traitor-landlord's label and the right to live in Armenia. Witness the betrayers of Levon, Robert and Serge and dancers under your duduk today.
5-11-2019, 12:29
Robert Kocharyan, a key defendant in the March 1 case, joined his defendants' motion to release him on bail.

Kocharyan said he was not going to speak for long, as it makes no sense to repeat what he said last time, and hopes that he will remember what he said.

"I am convinced that those sitting in the hall are well aware that there are no grounds or conditions to detain me. This is just a consequence of a process that has targeted me as a designated culprit in this whole process. I understand all this, and especially in relation to the recent events, and also about the Constitutional Court, I understand the judges' situation when they place their vulnerability on one side of that Jemida scales in front of the authorities, law enforcement and on the other side they place their dignity on the other side. , professionalism and conscience, ”Kocharyan said, adding that people today need to remember when they last repaired their roof, or maybe once they bought a refrigerator many years ago, which they didn't keep and would ask tomorrow and the next day. , to which they will not be able to give an answer. By saying this, Kocharyan meant calling Hrayr Tovmasyan and his family members to the National Security Service and getting an explanation.
5-11-2019, 12:23
The ministry does not spend modest money to complete the renovation of the Agulis children's theater created by Yervand Manaryan, 30 years old, and is funding to finance street-screaming. I have applied again and again, justified by untrustworthy votes; "No money, Mr. Manaryan ..." Where would you be if you spend on such ridicule? And suddenly, I personally chose Nikol Pashinyan and not you.
5-11-2019, 11:30
One year ago, on October 18, we spread information that "The end of the Sargsyan-Pashinyan neighborhood is near" in which we wrote:

"The end of the Sargsyan-Pashinyan neighborhood is near; It has been announced that Serzh Sargsyan will soon move out of the government's summer house, though the state has not yet allocated a place. But during this time, there have been notable "contacts" between former and current leaders. We were told that the neighboring houses also have a common courtyard, with shared space for outdoor seating, something like a kitchen, a refrigerator and more. Mrs. Rita, according to the tradition from Karabakh, squeezes a large amount of pomegranate juice, fills it in bottles and stores it in the refrigerator. One day the future mayor Hayk Marutyan and Nikol Pashinyan are sitting in the open air talking for a long time, and probably their hearts want juice.
5-11-2019, 11:25
Levon Kocharyan is very happy and grateful to Vitaly Balasanyan for supporting Robert Kocharyan's action. The latter stated this in a conversation with journalists today, November 5.

As for the actions of the supporters of the second president, which are taking place in the provinces, Levon observes in the press: "At the moment I have no decision to participate in these actions."

Junior Kocharyan doesn't know whether such actions will work or not. “There is a problem in the regions in general to inform people about what is happening here. It has been a lie to our family for 10 years. We have not responded.

It is our fault that we are silent. It is said that our family's wealth reaches $ 4 billion, and a list of what we own is published, but it is not true. Who should answer now that lies and lies have been spread about our family? "
5-11-2019, 11:05
RA Minister of High Tech Industry Hakob Arshakyan wrote on his Facebook page: “I want to tell you a little bit about my dad.
My father was the first student in their village. In 1969, he entered the Mechanics Department of the Polytechnic Institute. For the second decade of his life he was already the chief designer of the Yerevan Reinforcing Plant, young, creative, innovative, energetic. The author of many inventions and innovations, he traveled endlessly, teaching and learning. Thanks to people like him, Armenia became an industrial, manufacturing, and powerful country during the Soviet era.
From the very first days of 1988, he joined the movement and never again separated from his struggle for the principles of freedom, independence, and justice. During the days of the movement, I used to sit on my shoulders and take people to the depths of the sea, as I remember today the day when the liberated political prisoners of the Karabakh Committee were brought to the square on their shoulders.
"I will be the last expatriate from Armenia," one could often hear her response to job offers from numerous foreign companies in the 90s, and urges friends and relatives to use her professional abilities to leave Armenia.

One day he came home very sadly, saying "They didn't accept". Responding to Vazgen's call, he went to join the Suicide Squad.
"How many children do you have?" Asked Vazgen.
_ Three sons.
A: I'm sorry, but we can't accept you, you still have three soldiers to raise.
My father and a group of friends were involved in the production of weapons. We found out about it years later.

5-11-2019, 11:03
An injured man was killed in a car bomb blast in Antarut village.

We contacted Farzand Gabrielyan, Head of Media Relations, Analysis and Information Division of the Police Department of Media and Public Relations of the Police, to confirm the information. “On November 5, at 11:10 am, a report was received from the Republican Party of Armenia that a resident of Yerevan who had been taken to medical attention as a result of the above explosion died at 11:00 am without consciousness. The preliminary investigation is continuing. ”

On October 27, at 09:15 am, Ashtarak Police Department received a report that a car bomb had exploded in Antarut village and there were casualties. A 74-year-old couple from Yerevan and Antarut 61-year-old couple tried to refill a gas cylinder from a Kia car in Yerevan, where a balloon exploded. The couple died on the spot, and the Yerevan resident was taken to a medical center with bodily injuries.
5-11-2019, 11:00
The legendary Jamiroquai band, frontman led by vocalist Jay Kay, has arrived in Armenia. On November 4, the group's plane landed at Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan.

The band's Yerevan concert will take place within the framework of the Silk Note Festival, and Jamiroquai will be welcomed by festival organizer, My Step charity foundation and Cultural Tourism Development Association NGO, as well as partner Berin Iglesias Art.

According to the organizing team, Jay Kay has arrived in Armenia in high spirits. The band is actively preparing for November 6 at 7pm. The concert will be held at the Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex. The band's Yerevan concert will feature popular and popular songs, many hit songs.

Jamiroquai band, created in 1992 by vocalist Jay Kay and performing in the future funk style, has rocked the music world by becoming one of the most successful performers on the planet. Jamiroquai is one of the most prestigious music innovators on the planet of our time. The band's more than 7 albums have appeared in the UK's top 10 music releases (three of which are in the top spot). The Grammy Laureate and the Brits Award nominated band have sold over 26 million albums worldwide, and have been included in the Guinness Book of Records for the best selling album of all time.