5-11-2019, 14:31
The relatives of 19-year-old soldier Eric Harutyunyan, who died in a gunshot wound in a military unit in Artsakh on November 4, do not believe in his version of suicide.

Eric's family, who lives in Yerevan, had talked to him for the last time on the phone the day before the incident, but they didn't notice anything extraordinary.

“He has been talking to Tattoo for more than 10 minutes. He said it was OK, everything was okay, he didn't complain about the army at all. My grandmother used to say that it was not possible for our son to do such a thing, what would have changed in a day, ”Zina Avetisyan, their neighbor, told News.am, noting that Eric had come on vacation 20 days ago, well was in the mood.

Eric was a one-parent orphan, the only child of his mother.
5-11-2019, 14:14
I personally receive a huge pension - 27,000 drams. Ruben Hakhverdyan
5-11-2019, 13:51
A short time ago there was an emergency in the capital. According to Sputnik Armenia, a 30-year-old man threw himself into the Hrazdan Gorge from the Victory Bridge. Before jumping into the other part of the bridge, a police officer saw him and rushed to help.

He was taken unconscious to one of the nearby hospitals by ambulance.

Law enforcement officials reveal his identity.

Other details will be added in the event we know.
5-11-2019, 13:32
Announcer, journalist Petros Ghazaryan wrote on his Facebook page: “We demand that all metro stations be closed immediately. How can an Armenian Christian volunteer to go underground? These satanic holes must be shut down for a second.
     It is no coincidence that the metro stations were built during the struggle of the godless communists. It is no coincidence that the last station they want is to open these transnational authorities.
     Our national government was taking the subway money home. Because the family is a sanctuary. Kory's Devil's Devil's Eternal Constantine Conite. "
5-11-2019, 13:20
Talks about the Emotion and Call performance sponsored by the IOM are still ongoing. Singer Gor Sujyan was one of the professionals who approved and signed this performance.

However, after the scandal surrounding the performance, Sujyan posted on his Facebook page that he did not approve of the performance.
Speaking to ArmDaily.am, the singer noted that he was invited by KGB Deputy Minister Ara Khzmalyan: “I was invited as a specialist, but the specialist is a person who is deeply informed by all programs. I was offered the opportunity to be a specialist, but I didn't have that much time. Ara Khzmalyan called me and said, 'We will present you our plans, so you will make your decision.' The performance of "Hank and Bell" was presented to me as a recitation event where they will recite. I didn't know what the format was going to be, how much money was allocated. What was not strange, I voted for, they asked me for my opinion, I didn't know that my opinion would be accepted as professional. ”
5-11-2019, 13:02
Armenian Prime Minister Anna Hakobyan posted photos of the charity event on her Facebook page, announcing:

“I was present at the annual charity dinner of the Armenian Mothers NGO. The focus of the organization is on children with cerebral palsy. Every minute spent with the children was very precious, the conversations warm and pleasant. ”
5-11-2019, 12:51
The Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan (Shengavit Residence), presided over by Judge Anna Danibekyan, ended the hearing of the petition submitted by the defendants of the second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan. The verdict will be announced on November 7 at 12:00.
5-11-2019, 12:45
“Robert Kocharyan has supporters, but there is an atmosphere of fear. There is a problem in the regions to inform about what is happening. There are supporters from whom I myself receive numerous letters from different regions. They want to create the impression that there are no supporters, there is an atmosphere of fear that diminishes, that atmosphere of fear must be broken, there are many people, but there is fear, they think they are alone, afraid of attacks on social networks, there are people who They have lost their jobs, ”said Levon Kocharyan, son of RA second President Robert Kocharyan.

Asked why he is attending Robert Kocharyan's trials alone, he said: "My decision is to come, to participate, we do not find it expedient to come, to participate," he said.

Levon Kocharyan did not want to comment on political scientist Styopa Safaryan's assertions that Narek Mutafyan was attacked and supported by Levon Kocharyan; "I do not want to comment on the words of that person," he said

5-11-2019, 12:37
Politics> Vano's letter to Pashinyan: under the pretext of bringing sick and everyone to the facts, appointing new elections
Vano's Letter to Pashinyan: Take the Sick Patient and Everybody to the Past, Marking New Elections

The letter of RA public, literary figure, political analyst Vano Siradeghyan written to RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is actively circulating on the Internet.

The full letter is as follows:

"Nicole, a catastrophic failure breathes in your back day after day. It won't be your failure. It will not be a failure of power, because the issue is more than power. You already understand what, how and why it happened. The enemy is at the gates. Your mind has been weakened by false arguments, to put you at the most unexpected moment for you. You have no ally. Neither inside nor outside. On the strengths, you know, you can't even trust. In Artsakh you have nothing but a soldier boy. The role of the Diaspora in this case is fiction. Your Copts are nothing, and in such situations they will be the first to hit you, to clear the traitor-landlord's label and the right to live in Armenia. Witness the betrayers of Levon, Robert and Serge and dancers under your duduk today.
5-11-2019, 12:29
Robert Kocharyan, a key defendant in the March 1 case, joined his defendants' motion to release him on bail.

Kocharyan said he was not going to speak for long, as it makes no sense to repeat what he said last time, and hopes that he will remember what he said.

"I am convinced that those sitting in the hall are well aware that there are no grounds or conditions to detain me. This is just a consequence of a process that has targeted me as a designated culprit in this whole process. I understand all this, and especially in relation to the recent events, and also about the Constitutional Court, I understand the judges' situation when they place their vulnerability on one side of that Jemida scales in front of the authorities, law enforcement and on the other side they place their dignity on the other side. , professionalism and conscience, ”Kocharyan said, adding that people today need to remember when they last repaired their roof, or maybe once they bought a refrigerator many years ago, which they didn't keep and would ask tomorrow and the next day. , to which they will not be able to give an answer. By saying this, Kocharyan meant calling Hrayr Tovmasyan and his family members to the National Security Service and getting an explanation.