14-11-2019, 19:50
Relations between the authorities and Prosperous Armenia have become tense. The tension came two days ago when PAP member Gevorg Petrosyan's famous project on homosexuals was put on the agenda. It was not enough for the Thai people to adopt the agenda of those sessions, but rather the time of the NA statements and devoted the whole day to the PAP's fluff. Sex and sex talk, accusations of being gay Here is what was born in their vivid imagination to Gevorg Petrosyan. And with the glory they slapped the PAP.

This was not enough, Prime Minister Nnikol Pashinyan's assault continued during the government-NA interrogation. The occasion was Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) member Vardan Ghukasyan's statements on a legislative initiative on those who carry the criminal subculture. Ghukasyan said that they are the most intelligent group in our society. Nikol Pashinyan's statement was so outraged that he repeatedly reminded and threatened with his favorite punitive method, promised to asphalt all those who would protect and compromise with those layers. But that was not all, he blamed Ghukasyan, saying that half of Gyumri had been robbed during his tenure.

But a day later, it became clear that the PAP has no intention of retreating, and Vardan Ghukasyan is not afraid of plowing. "Don't you feel that I'm not such a person to be afraid of paving the asphalt, slapping the walls, I'm only afraid of God's terrible judgment," Vardan Ghukasyan told reporters in the National Assembly, "I didn't say anything wrong, every deputy has the right to express his / her opinion, I feel they are being pressured to express their opinions, especially by the first issue of the republic. ”

Moreover, Ghukasyan went on the offensive and declared that Gyumri was not the robbery itself but Nikol Pashinyan's political brother and support of the Armenian National Movement.

"Do you know what the proof is? not Mr. Prime Minister now elected without bribery and fraud, but I was elected then without fraud and without bribery. With its political pillar, the big brother of the Armenian National Movement (ANM) in 1996, when we won, they took those boxes with the entire state apparatus and put them on the right and went to another candidate. And the robbery was committed during the Armenian National Movement (ANM), all senior ANM leaders. So much money had come to Armenia that not only would Gyumri be built, but three times Armenia would have been built, 37 factories looted. From where he was born, we rob him. "

The confrontation was also continued by NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan, again making accusations against Ghukasyan during the briefings with the journalists. To the observation that if Ghukasyan is a criminal, what he is doing in the National Assembly, Mirzoyan urged the law enforcement to ask the question.

It is obvious that the PAP-power relations have taken a different course than they used to, and the recent confrontations suggest that war is still ahead.

Ani Sahakyan
14-11-2019, 19:30
My hero is Nazik Avdalyan
14-11-2019, 19:11
Over 21 million drams have been stolen from the state as a result of road repair linking Kuchak and Yeghipatrush villages of Aragatsotn region. The Prosecutor General's Office informs about this.

Hermine Naghdalyan LLC's $ 1.5 Million Road Renovated 1 Year After
Hetq wrote in August this year that the road connecting the aforementioned villages had been renovated by Hermine Naghdalyan's Sisian Boat LLC, but a year later, the road had begun to be demolished.

“In the online media of Hetq.am 16.08.2019 The article “The Road Renovated by Hermine Naghdalyan LLC for $ 1.5 Million One Year After Demolition” was sent to the Aragatsotn Regional Prosecutor's Office of the RA Prosecutor's Office to prepare materials on that basis. Prepared materials provided data that 2016 Contractor Company for the State Procurement of Contract Works for the Needs of the State Contracted between the Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Armenia and "S ..." in July 2016 During 2006 it carried out major repairs of the Kuchak-Eghipatrush highway located in the administrative area of ​​Aragatsotn region.

2017 The road section was handed over to the customer in December 2010, but data was obtained that violations of the contractual standards were allowed as a result of which the state had stolen a large amount of over 21 million AMD. Aragatsotn Regional Criminal Department has initiated a criminal case on the fact in accordance with Article 178, Part 3, Point 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia.

By the way, after our announcement Bagrat Badalyan, Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, stated that the repaired road is under warranty and soon the problems will be eliminated. Three months have passed, but the destroyed road has not been repaired.
14-11-2019, 19:04
Gagik Surenyan, the chief of meteorology at the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, reports bad news in the "midnight" language. Surenyan notes in his note that it will be frozen in ten days. The post below: People, we will enjoy these sunny days for another 10 days.
14-11-2019, 18:59
Square talk to Mel Daluzyan and the film about him being shot by Pashik Alaverdyan, Secretary General of the Weightlifting Federation.

Alaverdyan was first upset to hear Daluzyan's name and then said: "Your Prime Minister said, 'I am his master, I will knock on the wall if anyone says the opposite.'

In response to a journalist's question whether Meline Daluzyan is being deprived of qualification because she received doping, Alaverdyan replied, of course: "Of course, doping; "Stanazanol," a male hormone. I can say that I received a document from the International Olympic Committee that this girl used unauthorized material. He's dead after that, isn't he for me either? I have no connection with him, I don't know him, I don't know him; He changed his name and surname, he changed his homeland, motherland, godmother, godmother. "

Then Alaverdyan noted: “For the past 6-7 years (as we have learned from the Internet, by 2018 the Armenian weightlifting team had qualified and only 12 athletes were not covered), he was not there. And we lost him because of him too; not only because of himself. By itself: 19 ․ of course, they used doping. But he is not here. Where is she training, nowhere? She's been out for 6-7 years, she's not picking up the boy and girl yet; but I am a November boy, I live in Yerevan, I am the secretary general of the federation and I would never want to compare him to Simon Martirosyan, Andranik Karapetyan, Gor Minasyan, Ruben Alexanyan, Hakob Mkrtchyan; The boys that shamefully fall to the ground; what do you want... level them, no problem; but I am a child of the Armenian nation, the son of my nation must be the cleanest girl and boy. "

Asked by a reporter whether the aforementioned are famous sportsmen, are there films about them, Alaverdyan said. "No, who puts them in something? because they are boys, they are girls; We had two champions from Europe twice, neither received nor greeted them. You're talking about a person today; you open your mouth; Meline Daluzyan is dying. He is not Simon, he is not Gor, he is not Andranik; he is not Hripsime; Well, you follow in the footsteps, go do it. What do you want from us? "

Referring to the observation made by the Prime Minister Meline Daluzyan, Alaverdyan noted, “Your Prime Minister, he is not mine, he says I stand behind him. I'm not backing her; I'm not going to live in Armenia with her kittens. I'm shy ... I'm an Armenian man, I'm ashamed to live in Armenia; because he she's been on the streets since she was 12; we've said, girl, don't do it, she's the girl. "

"What does he say today, I'll slap him on the wall; try it, let it try to get me on the wall. He still does not know who the Alaverdyan Pasha is. It is not khabr. What is his risk, who has given him so much wisdom? I'll trample on a liar, I'll crush him. I have won 110 medals for Armenia, 70 of which are gold. I have risen 70 times to "my Turks", my beloved enemies; And you, Meline? ”, Concluded Pashik Alaverdyan.
14-11-2019, 18:17
The Prime Minister's wife, Anna Hakobyan, posted a picture with her daughter on her Facebook page and wrote: “Today is the 21st anniversary of our great daughter Mariam's birthday. Congratulations on my wonderful birthday, I'm proud to have been born a girl like her. "

Mariam also posted on her page a congratulatory postcard from her younger sisters and wrote that Arpi had written it and Shushan had written it. "Mariam, we love you very much, we understand you, and we give you a gift of 'charity,'" the sisters wrote.
14-11-2019, 17:56
We talked to Pashik Alaverdyan, Secretary General of the Weightlifting Federation, about the hottest topic in recent days - Mel Daluzyan and the movie about him. Throughout our conversation, the former athlete was mostly monologue, during which he excerpted from Seviv, Hamo Sahyan and his own poems, angered me, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, and used some non-newspaper expressions that we partially edited. During the conversation, he became so angry that he seemed to get a stroke.

To note, Armenian weightlifter Meline Daluzyan (Mel Daluzyan) is Armenia's multiple champion. He has started to represent Armenia in the international arena since 2006. He is the 2007 and 2008 European Champion, the 2010 European silver medalist. He is a bronze medalist at the 2006 and 2010 World Championships. She competed in the 2012 London Olympics, but did not score - she finished 14th.
14-11-2019, 17:51
A baby was born in Azerbaijan with a pig's nose and no mouth. And the baby's ears were in the neck area. Her heart and lungs were functioning normally, but the day after the baby was born she died.

According to the chief obstetrician-gynecologist of Azerbaijan Sevinj Mamedova, the child's defects were visible during sonographic examination when the mother was still in her third month of pregnancy. But the specialists at the private clinic did not notice these defects during the study, and thus committed a crime.
14-11-2019, 17:40
The SIS has arrested former MP Alexan Petrosyan, MAP's Alik, and his son. According to Factinfo, they are suspected of money laundering. The same website also recently reported that former MP, businessman Alik Petrosyan was arrested two days ago in connection with a criminal case involving former RA Minister of Nature Protection Aram Harutyunyan. The lawyer has appealed against the arrest warrant and the businessman has already been released.
14-11-2019, 17:14
"My grandfather was a man I saw, he would always call me, saying, 'You have a life to cry for, don't let anyone live there.' Mel Daluzyan