14-11-2019, 22:29
Political figures Azat Arshakyan and Gurgen Yeghiazaryan during Anzhela Tovmasyan's "Mirror Before the Mirror" aired on Reflection on the tense atmosphere in the National Assembly in recent days, in particular on the "My step" and the response of the PAP faction MPs. criticism.

According to Azat Arshakyan's observation, Gevorg Petrosyan hides something that he talks about homosexuals every day. “There is no problem of homosexuals in Armenia. We have no tradition of homosexuals. Our people are an example of tolerance for other nations. We just tolerate homosexuals, we do not make them heroes or anti-heroes. ”

In response to the above, Gurgen Yeghiazaryan noted: “The person holding the post of Prime Minister is an advocate of the Istanbul Convention. He wants to ratify this convention for the owners because he has promised them. " According to him, the prime minister is an extraordinary liar, which was most pronounced in his speech in Paris.

Referring to yesterday's harsh speech by Nikol Pashinyan aimed at some corrupt and looted people, Arshakyan said that Nikol Pashinyan's speech is a reproachful vocabulary and the people he spoke do not understand another language.

Responding to Arshakyan's comment, Yeghiazaryan said that if so, let the Prime Minister add the word "asphalt to the asphalt" in the Criminal Code.

To the observation that when Nikol Pashinyan talks about criminals, why does he target only the criminals of the last twenty years and does not go back and talk about the people who were involved in some cases but are now part of his government? Arshakyan replied: "People who are suspected of some crime should be brought to justice."

Speaking about Armenian-Russian relations, Azat Arshakyan noted that the statements of oppositionist Nikol Pashinyan on the EAEU were much more acceptable to him than Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.
14-11-2019, 22:15

AZH ashkhatakits’ Garik Ghazaryany feysbuk’yan ir ejum grel e. «Aveli lav e handznvek’, zhoghovrdi ishkhanut’yuny manrits’ tnerin e motenum...

Yet’e indz harts’nek’, t’e i՞nch’ kartsik’ unem tvyal subyekti masin, apa arrants’ yerkar-barak mtatselu kasem. na kataryal kheghkatak e, ir dzerragiry shat parz e yev «jinj»: Nra vardzkannery steghtsum yen keghts intrigner, informats’ion apateghekatvut’yun, hibridayin paterazm, tarber kisamerrel kam voch’nch’ats’ats k’aghak’akan zangvatsneri nerdrum` k’aghak’ats’inerin kataghats’nelu yev dzhgohut’yun arrajats’nelu hamar, inch’pes nayev՝ ogtagortselov Ishkhanut’yan bats’ery, vory ch’er el karogh ch’linel, yev ayd ameny havak’agrelov mi ibr srtachmlik, huzumnarrat yev mtahog hodvats hraparakum, vorum nayev hrahangner talis chgnavornerin:

Yes hamozvats yem` mer hpart k’aghak’ats’inern inch’k’an el jghaynats’ats linen, t’ekuzev karik’i mej, t’ekuzev p’vok’rëinch’ hiast’ap’vats, ays takank’neri sadrank’nerin yerbek’ ch’en trvi yev ayl7s ch’en vacharri irents’ dzayny:

Isk verjum. kheghkatakner jan, duk’ aveli lav e handznvek’, vorovhetev Zhoghovrdi ishkhanut’yuny manrits’ dzer tnerin e motikanum»:
National Assembly employee Garik Ghazaryan wrote on his Facebook page: "It's better to surrender, the people's power is coming to the petty homes ...

If you ask me what I think about this subject, then I will say without thinking too long. He is a perfect villain, his handwriting is very simple and "genius". His mercenaries create false intrigues, information misinformation, hybrid warfare, the introduction of various half-dead or annihilated political masses to enrage and dissatisfy citizens, and to use the gaps of power that could not have been, and collecting all this as a sincerity. and a disturbing article in the publication, which also gives instructions to the hermit.

I am convinced that our proud citizens, no matter how angry, at least in need, even a little disappointed, will never be provoked by these scumbags and will not sell their votes for another seven years.

And in the end. You better give up, because the power of the People approaches your homes from the petty. "
14-11-2019, 22:06
One day, Pashinyan broke all his own inadequate records - first from faraway France and then from the National Assembly.

Since the last one and a half years of "migration trends" in 2016 have decreased by 90% (when according to official data the population of Armenia as of October 1, 2016 was 2 million 939 900, in the same period of 2017 - 2 million 979 600, in 2018 - 2 million 969 200, in 2019 - 2 million 957 500), concluding that in all "possible" and "impossible" areas, especially in the "field" of providing sports attributes, we have recorded such a tiger jumping that we could not even dream of a "visible past".

Why was he annoyed, irritated, if not at all, about the “unworthy achievements” of the “new Armenia” government, in one sordid tone, not one biting the “satanic” white beard, one head, one nose scratching, restless movements, rolling his eyes, unsure of who and to whom, what was the reason why not even his best half could hide his surprise and bewilderment at her husband's "success stories". That is, they say, a matter of conversation.

The fact is that, frustrated by the level of admission shown to him in France, Pashinyan shamelessly fired from the country's main political podium a supernatural enemy, the pioneer of education and other things, the pioneer of the "cultural revolution", the protester of hope and refuge, Arayik Harutyunyan's resignation. voting for those who "threaten" to rob "the second city of the republic (if they rob, why they are not punished, the devil knows, he himself), a yellow card showed a stone of Satanism to the swordsmen on the sword, presented it as an eternal struggle between "scarcity and ingenuity," and so on.

The theme of Satanism in general has literally overturned Pashinyan's already volatile mental world. Shocked that he did not crush the creators of the "futuristic monkey" staged at the Republic Square subway station, no more, no less, to compare with Parajanov, Bulgakov, Charents, Galilei, who was a lunatic "Erik". to say…

The latest news was that at a government meeting it was instructed by the NSS to find out "ways and means of cooperation with some circles and the devil." “Without a joke, I have given such an instruction. You are laughing, but really, if you insist, it's a security issue, ”Pashinyan said.

The acting head of the National Security Service nodded his head. Just as Vanetsyan and Osipyan once nodded their heads in response to the task of "locating black bands, resolving the issue of black clothes, tying a flower bed, and leading a civilized, legitimate life with bright flowers."

But the most exciting of the Prime Minister's minds was the promise of threatening to take the "heroes" of our time under his personal patronage. Pashinyan spoke about it long and inspiringly, telling the heartbreaking story of Meline Mel becoming "Europe's triple champion and record holder."

Nothing that has given up Armenian citizenship and left the country is still a matter of dishonest competition for doping records, depriving medals and depriving our team of the opportunity to participate in the Olympics. Pashinyan is not worried about this. He is further concerned that "a man whose flag has been raised three times has reached the brink of suicide because of the problem" because the retrograde elements "looked at him in a piss, followed by a whisper," they called ...

After all, a man has a "job" to achieve by "suffering" the right to become a "movie boy" (or "girl") through co-financing the budget; "When he has a problem with suffering, should we crucify him? When he is a champion, let's take a picture with him, but when he has a problem, won't we deal with him? " He is proud that the ministry funded the film promoting sexism, is confident that non-funding would "stink for Armenia" and will in no way allow "corrupt spoilers, looters, looters and election frauds" to raise the Armenian flag throw under the feet. “He is under my personal protection. He fled Armenia, but still sees what is happening. Every day he is slaughtered with a knife. ”

Naturally, brother-in-law applauded the boss's glittering long-lasting applause.

And no one asked him: well, but our real heroes (I apologize in advance for "comparison") - the war-winning commanders, the generals standing at the roots of statehood, the state, the army, don't they have any merit in the people that you "slaughter these people with a knife every day" , cursing, slandering, insulting the last words.

The same Manvel Grigoryan whom you are literally killing has been condemned to a slow death, in turn rejecting all petitions to change a way of life incompatible with life, depriving him of quality.
14-11-2019, 22:02
Hovhannes Azoyan plays the lead role in the film Mel, starring Meline Daluzyan.

Mel's film shoots dedicated to the first transgender champion in the history of Armenia Meline Daluzyan have started at the National Cinema Center of Armenia.

“The film's music was written by Elton John. The main role is played by Hovhannes Azoyan, who looked very good in the role of transgender and we decided to take him in that role, "the film director commented and continued: "Azoyan is a unique actor who can embody both transgender, homosexual, drug addicts, even animals."

The film is intended for a "12+" audience.

The sponsor of the project is the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia.
14-11-2019, 21:30
Singer Aram MP3 has posted a video on his Facebook page where Tigran Mansuryan is dancing to his song.

The singer attached to the video wrote: “They say that age is the ratio of the human soul to the body. It is also said that being young in spirit prolongs one's life.
What do I mean ... Be always young, never give up on your physiological age, as our beloved Maestro, Tigran Mansuryan, does.

Bravo Maestro !!!
Long life to you. "
14-11-2019, 21:24
MP Sipan Pashinyan, a cousin of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's NA faction, is offering Valerianka to the public, announcing that new surprises are expected in Ijhan. The story seems to be repeating itself. It should be reminded that during the 5th convocation of the National Assembly, oppositionist Nikol Pashinyan called for a "Valerianka" drink to head of the Rule of Law faction MP Heghine Bisharyan from the National Assembly. Dear politicians, you do not have to offer everyone "valerianka", now there are more effective medicines. Below is Sipan Pashinyan's message:

“In Ijevan, some people have been disturbed by the work being done at the expense of the Ijevan people and the municipality, and they are trying to get to the bottom through some of the media you know. Together with Hayk Ghalumyan, we show how the work of the municipality should be and the city we serve our people, not individuals. Those times are irreversible in the past. The interesting thing is that I have already solved different problems with charities in many villages and communities, but the only concern is Ijevan. see what it is Gentlemen parasites, I advise you to buy Valerianka, because in the near future a new series of good news for Ijevan residents will come. "

PS And how else is the use of administrative levers and pressure on a large part of the public who do not accept the activities of Pashinians and their close friends, friends, godfathers and godchildren in Ijevan? The NA deputy gives a hatatha, and why doesn't he ridicule the public by forgetting about his own direct duties and role. Drink another valerian, and as your uncle says calmly get up and finally understand where you are and what your status is. You've lost your heads in rope and swing, and not only, forgetting that you were paving the asphalt to get to the chair at all costs.

14-11-2019, 21:17
Levon Barseghyan, Chairman of the Asparez Journalists' Club, wrote on his Facebook page: "Former Gyumri Mayor Vardan Ghukasyan has stated that Gyumri was looted during the ANM (Freedom RP).

The question is two kilometers. She has been mayor from 1999 to 2012 - 13 beautiful and prosperous years. During that time, neither the ANM nor ANM was in power. Kocharyan, whose party was the people, Ghukasyan as a part of the people, and Sargsyan, who was a party member and a staunch fighter himself, a brother-in-law, a jigger, a midwife after the assassination attempt, went to the theater and received Sergei's head; He used to vote, he called the election watchdogs a "political" to justify all electoral fraud, including the gruesome 24 percent of Serzh Sargsyan, and so on. During all that time, his big brother-in-law has been Hovik Abrahamyan, nicknamed Muk. Interestingly, what prevented him from making moves to bring Gyumri looted and accountable (divisional) with his bosses. For example, if it was a disgraceful thing for him to write a letter to the prosecutor's office, stating what now claims that the Armenian National Movement or some other official robbed Gyumri, they might have a case, to discover, to steal, to at least let the law enforcement know that the damage done to the city was restored and he didn't suffer much right now ... I'll explain.

Imagine I am a member of Gyumri City Council and I am aware that Gyumri has been robbed. Do you think I will have to wait until there is a change of government when I dislike the government's behavior and speech, just to start talking about the robbery? at least 20 years later? Here's our former mayor. I have spoken to him about his abuses, ineffectual expenses, during the reign of the sergeants, in open and closed meetings, in print in our newspaper, published on the site, in televised conversations, the newspaper has been the prosecution's subscription, every time I read my writings. And they thought de Vardan Ghukasyan was Kocharyan's and Sargsyan's crap, what a criminal case, what ...

Of course, he can't at least keep quiet, the character doesn't allow it, his Serzhik personally took the chair from under him and put it under someone else's, didn't calm down, then had to go through the path of political shame, quit his native party and join another party. Can not be silent, especially now that when he realizes or feels that when it comes to community property and his tenure of community funds, to put it mildly, the answer is to approach, and now he has probably decided to become a "persecutor", he may suddenly succeed. also become a “political prisoner”. Well, such self-defense is in vogue now.

He and the others have not yet figured out what it means to destroy, liberate, and reward conquerors. It will be the Armenian National Movement, it will be Paul, it will be Peter, it will be me, it will be the damage done to the community, they will not be harmed, they will not be robbed, they will not vanish or embezzle, they will naturally not be compensated. And now, you really need to go to the prosecutor's office and answer the remaining questions in detail about the ANM who / with whom, when and what they robbed of the city.
14-11-2019, 21:08
Two-time world champion from amateur K1 sport Eduard Poreyan has left the country. He believes that not all athletes in Armenia receive state attention. The latter expressed dissatisfaction in one of the posts of RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. "I have raised the Armenian flag in 53 states for the last time in Trabzon, Turkey, and now I am driving a taxi in Russia, Mr. Pashinyan," he wrote.

ArmDay.am inquired of Eduard Poreyan why it was expressed in such a way. Is he outraged by Nikol Pashinyan?

“I am not really upset with Mr. Pashinyan, he is really doing a great job for our country. I just wrote it because there are so many athletes in our nation who also need to get attention. The example I gave was that the double world champion from K1 Amateur today left her home country to raise money for her family to become a taxi driver, but I am not the only one. It's better outside. That's what is sad, "he said.

Referring to the film "Mel" about the heavyweight Mel Daluzyan, which the government has allocated 20 million drams, our interlocutor said:
14-11-2019, 20:46
"Today our society is in a very difficult moral and psychological state, even more complicated than during the so-called velvet change of power," Margarit Yesayan, a former MP, told 168 TV's Revue.

“During the tumult of the change of power, we used to say that not only people dissatisfied with the government but also representatives of the sexual minority, who were the majority, were gathered at the square and the NGOs that funded them were very active in those days. Representatives of different sects gathered there. And now, when some people say that this change of government came about at the request of the Armenian people, today our society needs to get serious and look closely at who was there, "he said, stressing that he was broad-minded but his voice of protest. It raises the question of what happened with the support of those minorities.

Referring to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's statement that Mel Daluzyan is under the Prime Minister's personal protection, Margarit Yesayan said: “Nikol Pashinyan's Prime Minister today is trying to deliver on the promises he has made to that community and the non-governmental organizations that they have funded. Pashinyan has openly stated who he is, what he came for and will fight to the end. Now it's another question whether we as a society will resist it or not. ”

Asked if they knew about Pashinyan's "goals", why didn't they fight and hand over power so easily, he replied: “Our government would never go to bloodshed for the sake of power. And fighting with all the possibilities provided by the law meant that there would be bloodshed one way or another, because the other side definitely wanted it to be. I am convinced that this smooth transition of power surprised them too, and they did not expect that the former government would not go to bloodshed. Today we just want our society to see what happened. "

We inquired whether he admits that there were public dissatisfaction with their government. "Definitely: Not only were there, but there were also many complaints. I am a realist, and this shift of power was 50 percent just because of the former authorities because problems arose that were either not resolved or were slow to resolve. That is why I say that there were also dignified people in the square who were dissatisfied with the former authorities. But unfortunately, these dignified citizens stood by specific groups with specific funding and goals, which also used the discontent of dignified citizens very beautifully, ”he said.

The former MP stressed: “There are revanchist forces in Armenia, and in 2018 they came to power. These are the forces that have made the 1998 were removed from power. Today, if you look at the picture of the parliamentary majority, you will find that the overwhelming majority are children, uncles, nephews, uncle's sons of the ANM authorities. I think revanchism as such has already taken place in Armenia in 2018. May 8. When I say we must fight for these authorities to leave, I do not think that the RPA should come to power as it used to. That can no longer be the case because the part of the Republican Party that has discredited the party, which is why we only hear bad things about the Republican Party today, is today's Nikol Pashinyan's pillar. The criminal-oligarchic mass that used to stand by the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) today stands by Pashinyan. That mass always stands by the day's rule. ”

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan declared in parliament that the propaganda and heroism of the criminal subculture in Armenia should be eradicated because it is the biggest companion of corruption. And he added: "If anyone makes a giggle on this issue, we will 'dump them on the asphalt' and slam the walls in the literal sense of the word."

We inquired from Pearl Yesayan what she thought of this statement.

“If we look at what the Prime Minister says, it is a criminal-oligarchic expression, a criminal behavior. When he constantly talks about it, it means that in his psyche there is a certain sympathy for this criminal oligarch. I do not take Pashinyan's statements seriously and I am very sorry that Armenia has such a prime minister today, ”the former MP said.

Details in the video for "168 TV"
14-11-2019, 20:45
Garo Paylan, a member of the Turkish parliament, responded to Erdogan's scandalous statement on Twitter that Armenians were nomads in Turkey.

She wrote: “The Armenian people have lived in this land with other peoples for thousands of years. He has created civilization in all the cities he has lived in. Erdogan, however, says that the Armenians were living as refugees and that they had migrated to other places during that time. Shame on you: Erdogan, who denies the genocide, praises the genocide. "