5-11-2019, 20:59
During my years working for Azg daily in 2000-2005, I traveled many times on a plane serving then President Robert Kocharyan. This has always been the case when reporters boarded a plane serving the country's leaders and covered his visits.

During the 10 years of the second president's rule, he was served by the Soviet-made TU-134, a dozen-seat. We, the journalists, called the pilots goldsmiths, because that old aircraft was raised and lowered with precision jewelry.

In the 2000s, our Tu-134 was the smallest and oldest in the aircraft of the CIS leaders. When, for example, at the CIS Summit in Minsk or Moscow, the planes of the Heads of State were almost simultaneously landing and approaching, allowing us to compare the planes. Well, Vladimir Putin's plane was the largest. The youngest was Kocharyan. But we, the journalists, were never complicated, though we were not pleased that Heydar Aliyev's aircraft was obviously fresh, new and big.

Last time Kocharyan and the Armenian delegation departed for Belarus in December 2007 with our Tu-134 jewelery pilot. Months later, one of the ministers on the plane told me about this flight.

There is a non-flying weather in Minsk. The pilots informed Kocharyan that they could not land the plane and had to continue flying to Riga, from there by land to Minsk. Kocharyan tells our pilots that he is late for the session, so we have to go down to Minsk.

Who could say no to Kocharyan? In the fog of fog, the Armenian No. 1 plane goes down, and only at the last moment do pilots notice that they are off the runway. The aircraft is immediately taken out and saved from collapse. The language of Kocharyan and the members of the delegation is in touch. A few minutes later, when the plane is at a certain height, people come to their senses. Kocharyan decides that we should go down to Minsk anyway. This time our jewelers safely lower the Tu-134.

Returning to Yerevan, the government decided to buy a new aircraft that was not new but modern and safe. I remember that Haykakan Zhamanak and other opposition media outlets criticized the government for spending $ 30 million to buy Airbus-319, if I am not mistaken.

Kocharyan has hardly benefited from the new aircraft, as his ten-year tenure ended in April 2008. Third President Serzh Sargsyan and the Government of Armenia took advantage of the 10 years. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his government are now using the aircraft.

A few months ago, I was returning from Singapore with the same plane. I remembered a December 2007 flight to one of my escorts, who personally serves Nikol Pashinyan, and I said, do you remember?

"How can we forget," he said with a smile.

At the time of this question and answer, our Airbus-319 was in turbulence in the Indian sky, but we were relaxed because the 10,000-foot-high aircraft did not crash. Or so I think, because I travel a lot, and I have a moderate, very moderate, human fear of turbulence.
5-11-2019, 20:46
Today, November 5, at the Article 3 Club, "Screaming Performance. Larisa Minasyan, Director of the Soros Open Society Foundations in Armenia, also spoke at the discussion on "Should Art Have Limits?"

The latter compared the performance of "Thrill and Rust" with Aram Khachaturian's and Parajanov's works; "We haven't got the best ones, we haven't got the best ones, I don't know what they've got, but a lot of Parajanov's movies didn't reach us because they couldn't because they couldn't happen. This is because after Zdanov's famous speech, he has restricted himself to self-censorship and regretted it at the end of his life. "
5-11-2019, 20:37
A number of political, public, and cultural figures from Armenia and Artsakh, as well as Armenians living in the Diaspora, have already supported the initiative.

YEREVAN, November 5 –Sputnik. Supporters of Armenia's second president Robert Kocharyan have launched an electronic vote demanding his release. They said this in a statement issued by the alliance.

A number of political, social, cultural and sports figures from Armenia and Artsakh, as well as Armenians living in the Diaspora, have already supported the initiative.

"Electronic voting to end political persecution of Robert Kocharyan and release him immediately," the statement said.

The signatories of the petition have begun calling on the Armenian authorities to stop "the anti-constitutional process of political persecution and pressure on the courts."

The authors of the initiative also called on judges to comply with the Constitutional Court's ruling and change Kocharyan's restraint.

It should be reminded that on July 26, 2018, the second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan was indicted in the Special Investigation Service on the March 1, 2018, case under Article 300.1 (1) of the RA Criminal Code for having agreed in advance with other persons. has failed the constitutional order of the Republic of Armenia.
5-11-2019, 20:15
Students of YSU Faculty of Armenian Philology (Abovyan 52a, YSU 8th Building) will hold a lecture on "Higher Education" circulated by the Ministry of Education and Science tomorrow The draft law on making the teaching of "Armenian language", "Armenian history" and "Armenian literature" subjects non-compulsory in non-professional higher education programs.

The members of the initiative group, who are also YSU students, informed Yerkir.am about this.
5-11-2019, 20:10
We had a publication a year ago on October 18; "The end of the Sargsyan-Pashinyan neighborhood is near", where we wrote:

"The end of the Sargsyan-Pashinyan neighborhood is near; It has been announced that Serzh Sargsyan will soon move out of the government's summer house, though the state has not yet allocated a place. But during this time, there have been notable "contacts" between former and current leaders. We were told that the neighboring houses also have a common courtyard, with shared space for outdoor seating, something like a kitchen, a refrigerator and more. Mrs. Rita, according to the tradition from Karabakh, squeezes a large amount of pomegranate juice, fills it in bottles and stores it in the refrigerator. One day the future mayor Hayk Marutyan and Nikol Pashinyan are sitting in the open air talking for a long time, and probably their hearts want juice.

After the news came out, a real campaign was launched against Hraparak, the latest insults and blasphemies about where you came from, what juice, what. Low level of press and journalists, fake news, gossip, and more.

But, like many other publications we have written, this one has unexpectedly been confirmed today - today by Serge Sargsyan's wife, Factinfo, Rita Sargsyan commented on the government vacancy.
5-11-2019, 20:02
During a Feb. 23 meeting, Robert Kocharyan aggressively tells former Defense Minister Michael Harutyunyan that if Manvel Grigoryan does not come, "he will mourn". Seda Safaryan, a representative of the victim's legal successor, said this today at the court hearing on the case of Robert Kocharyan and others, joining the prosecution's objection to changing Kocharyan's restraint.

In presenting his position, Safaryan also touched upon some evidences of this criminal case, which, according to him, are very important in terms of characterizing Kocharyan's personality and correctly choosing the precautionary measure against him.

Seda Safaryan stated that when Manvel Grigoryan is not present at the consultation on February 23, Kocharyan is very angry with former Defense Minister Mikayel Harutyunyan and says that he is not aware of the situation and is not able to bring his subordinates, allowing him expression like "I will cry for my mother";

"This speaks about the toughness, influence and danger of the first person character of the republic because the defense later said that the troops were brought in for the simple reason that Manvel Grigoryan and the Yerkrapah were to join the people and it was a danger and the troops could not be neutral. keep. Today, this is a big part of the accusation. ”

Safaryan also said that Kocharyan, even in violation of the law, was able to get even the Defense Minister involved in all of this by his personal characteristics, and now he says prove that I have something to do with it, says he is unaware of the 0038 order and the rest. of the circumstances.

The representative of the victim's successor drew the court's attention to the other circumstance:

"When one of the commanders withdrew and said that no one was trying to shoot, and one of the soldiers came forward and said, 'I'll shoot, that soldier was isolated,' and it was later revealed that the president was already aware of the story and the commander's job. they have been released, ”Safaryan said, stressing that this episode is taken from the case materials.

In his speech, Safaryan also mentioned the name of Kocharyan's wife Bella Kocharyan, saying that Bella Kocharyan did not dismiss this man, but his speech was not heard at this time, as Hayk Alumyan, one of Kocharyan's supporters, immediately responded and was not allowed to continue.

Although Seda Safaryan said that the circumstances she mentioned were taken from the testimony, Alumyan replied that my colleague allowed her to go under the cover of objections to their petition, to present facts that had nothing to do with the petition.

Judge Anna Danibekyan asked Alumyan what particular expression he considered offensive, in response to which Alumyan responded:

"If I say the same words again, I would ask you to be more careful, especially during Seda Safaryan's speech, because she often gives offensive expression," Alumyan said, but it was not clear exactly which word was offensive. because after the name of Bella Kocharyan some of the words Seda Safaryan uttered sounded like: "Criminal case".

The presiding judge, however, urged Safaryan to present his position in the context of the mediation arguments.

Safaryan went on to state that when the pre-trial investigation into all political prisoners had already been indicted before March 20, Kocharyan was still the guarantor of justice and, according to him, was able to allow the preliminary investigation body to declare a state of emergency in order to allow a probe.

"These speak about Kocharyan's personality traits and behaviors that have undermined justice itself," the victim's legal representative said, adding that he thinks Kocharyan's chances are great and that he can even create situations at this stage that may interfere with or interfere with the justice of the present case.

In addition, Safaryan also said during the preliminary investigation there were reports that a number of senior officials had testified about how the bullets had changed, how they had joined the presidency, and how the government was interested in preventing the withdrawal of troops from international structures. .

"These are all the facts that were done at the state level, at the level of the first person, and the systems of the whole republic were said to have been mired in lawlessness and Robert Kocharyan was in the first place," he said, followed by the response of the defense. and Safaryan's word was still halfway.

Safaryan expressed the opinion that the defense side deliberately displays such behavior in order not to end their speech.
5-11-2019, 19:48
Presiding Judge Anna Danibekyan presided over the trial of second President Robert Kocharyan and others at the Shengavit residence of the Yerevan Court of First Instance today.

At the hearing, when prosecutor Seda Safaryan made a statement, she also mentioned in her speech the name of Robert Kocharyan's wife, Bella Kocharyan, to which defense lawyer Hayk Alumyan immediately responded.

More in the video:
5-11-2019, 14:51
The famous priest responds to Pashinyan's "brilliant" thoughts
5-11-2019, 14:31
The relatives of 19-year-old soldier Eric Harutyunyan, who died in a gunshot wound in a military unit in Artsakh on November 4, do not believe in his version of suicide.

Eric's family, who lives in Yerevan, had talked to him for the last time on the phone the day before the incident, but they didn't notice anything extraordinary.

“He has been talking to Tattoo for more than 10 minutes. He said it was OK, everything was okay, he didn't complain about the army at all. My grandmother used to say that it was not possible for our son to do such a thing, what would have changed in a day, ”Zina Avetisyan, their neighbor, told News.am, noting that Eric had come on vacation 20 days ago, well was in the mood.

Eric was a one-parent orphan, the only child of his mother.
5-11-2019, 14:14
I personally receive a huge pension - 27,000 drams. Ruben Hakhverdyan