15-11-2019, 06:57
Mel's film shoots dedicated to the first transgender champion in the history of Armenia Meline Daluzyan have started at the National Cinema Center of Armenia.

“The film's music was written by Elton John. The main role is played by Hovhannes Azoyan, who looked very good in the role of transgender and we decided to take him in that role, "the film director commented and continued: "Azoyan is a unique actor who can embody both transgender, homosexual, drug addicts, even animals."
15-11-2019, 06:40
Hraparak daily writes: “Obviously, the government's actions are not good. On top of him, like a Damocles sword, there are questions that he does not want and cannot solve but whose urgency does not diminish. It is clear that one day Nikol Pashinyan will have to answer these questions clearly. For example, is Amulsar working now or not, and why is it not working? Expertise Examination, New EIA, New Criminal Case; All of them are tired, but there is no clarity. After all, the CEO is waiting for a clear answer, yes or no.

They expect a clear answer to the fate of the Istanbul Convention whether you ratify it or not.

This is the imperative of keeping the political team together, and here it is secondary whether Arayik Harutyunyan is right or wrong - Arayik must be kept with teeth. He is one of the oldest and most faithful companions. And it doesn't matter how many academics, professors, or students are against bringing up national subjects. Even if we turn away from Mel's sex drive and focus on her sporting past, the question then arises: is she at the center of a doping scandal, she has been stripped of all her medals, because of which the Armenian women's team may be deprived of participation in the 2020 Olympics.

That is, a movie about an athlete who has been dishonest in his career and damaged the career of the national team and other athletes. These are issues that have nothing to do with the decisions taken by the authorities. Because this is not the main thing here, but that the government should do what it wants. And when it comes to resistance, it must break that resistance. And if he sees bad PR for himself, he should think of a more effective PR move.

The most experienced and traditional of these steps is the arrest of a new person. The list of candidates for noisy arrest is not large. In my opinion, three people whose arrest may stifle public discontent - Serzh Sargsyan, Gagik Tsarukyan and Michael Minasyan. They were scheduled to be arrested in time, but were delayed for one reason or another. Now it seems as though the moment has come. Let's see who to choose from. "
15-11-2019, 06:36
On November 13, Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan, in response to a question from one of the deputies in the National Assembly, commented on a 168.am report that four expensive TOYOTA Land Cruiser Prado jeeps had been supported by a special program from the EAEU. Avinyan was secretly "blindfolded" to provide himself and one of his sponsored officials with high comfort. At the same time, the deputy prime minister only attempted to "deny" all the information published that the jeep was parked, did not service it, "rendered" it as a rational expense, and manipulated the subject to manipulate costs.

This is an intergovernmental agreement between the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation, which provides financial and technical assistance to Armenia in connection with EAEU membership. First, a phytosanitary laboratory was built at the Ayrum-Jiliza border crossing point, and then new laboratory equipment and vehicles were provided to Armenia for the development of the newly established laboratory and the development of the food safety sector in Armenia in general. And here is the velvet revolution of 2018! December 2018, Armenia entered 2018 None of the 4 luxury jeeps and 3 truck chains were operated by the owner, and there is evidence that they were formulated 9 months later on the Food Safety Inspection (BAT) balance sheet, which is strange.

And two of the TOYOTA Land Cruisers, as mentioned earlier, under the instruction of Tigran Avinyan returned to the government to serve him and SCPEC President Gegham Gevorgyan.

By the way, in the publication we have highlighted this "suspicious intimate" connection between the two high-ranking officials within the revolutionary government - Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan and SCPEC Chairman Gegham Gevorgyan. This connection is noteworthy in the fact that in the chronology of New Armenia, as an advantage, it has served Gegham Gevorgyan in several episodes. The latter became the Minister of Agriculture of the New Republic of Armenia and later the Chairman of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of the Republic of Armenia, along with former Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan and Minister of Agriculture Ignati Arakelyan. Particular emphasis should be given to the privileges granted to the SCPEC following its appointment - a high salary fund, a premium premium and a luxury service car.

 The intergovernmental agreement has been breached

The SCPEC is an independent economic structure, and therefore its and its decisions must be fair and transparent, transparent. Against this backdrop, however, all of these conditions seem, to put it mildly, questionable. Returning to the topic, let's mention, Tigran Avinyan, at 168am, has compensated for the "operation" of getting the SUVs so that there is no noise. Specifically, SATM chief Georgy Avetisyan was offered to transfer two of the jeeps to the government property, as completely new jeeps removed from the car show are extra luxury for the SATM, instead of receiving old and operated low-class 5cs compensating cars. And the chief of the SATM had nothing else to do than agree with the order of the deputy prime minister who was to curate his field.

By the way, in a conversation with 168.am, we received a confirmatory comment from SATM chief Georgi Avetisyan on this matter, although the official story is attributed exclusively to him and claims that Deputy Prime Minister Avinyan has nothing to do with the whole story, he himself has decided that The property is unnecessary and has been arranged solely with Narek Babayan, Chairman of the State Property Management Committee. It turns out that the implementation of the intergovernmental agreement received from Russia at two levels of government has been "partially canceled" without the knowledge of the deputy prime minister who is curating the spheres in the local domain.

To what extent these claims can be considered credible, this is a serious question, so we leave it to the reader to judge.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the State Property Management Committee Narek Babayan does not remember much about this deal. he could not substantiate why the President of the State Commission for Protection of Economic Competition, even with his service car, was given a more luxurious and new look. Moreover, N. Babayan does not deny and does not confirm that one of the discussed TOYOTA Land Cruiser Prado's is operated by Tigran Avinyan as a service car.

"I cannot deny or confirm this information. The car is parked in the office of the Prime Minister's office, that is, whether it is being operated or not, I have no information, I cannot say anything. As to why it was parked there, let me say the car is luxurious, new, and it was expedient to keep it in the territory of the Government, ”said Narek Babayan, who is the rightful owner of the car and its No. 1 caretaker.

As for the SCPEC President's clarifications, let's just say that our persistent calls and visits to this institution have never been fruitless. Gegham Gevorgyan avoids commenting on various groundless reasons.

And what didn't Vice Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan really say?
15-11-2019, 06:28
Mel Daluzyan has deleted his Facebook page. She is no longer bringing her page to the social search field, and in the Messenger app, emailing a weightlifter is not possible.

It should be noted that Mel Daluzyan has been hotly criticized recently for the film Mel.

Director Inna Sahakyan is making a documentary on weightlifting. Mel is among the full-fledged projects of the second round of 65 applications submitted to the Armenian National Film Center in 2019. The state has allocated 20 million drams for financing the film.

This fact has been the subject of much debate. Various public, cultural, and political figures addressed the topic, both offending and encouraging.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan also touched upon the film during the NA-Government Q&A, noting that Mel Daluzyan is under his personal patronage.
15-11-2019, 06:09
Hraparak daily writes: "At a time when serious issues are being discussed in the National Assembly, the faction leader is in serious" voyages "to the United States and has not even left a note to vote on important bills. Isn't it hard for you to bear the responsibility of voting for the 88 deputies and overthrowing the bill? We asked Hakob Simidyan, the secretary of the "My Step" faction. "No, it's not difficult."

What's going on in the faction? The previous day was a scuffle; the next day, Mirzoyan's bill failed. "There was no scuffle in the faction or anything else ... As for voting on the draft law on becoming a member of the Security Council by law, it was not adopted simply because some of the non-voters were on business trips, the rest were a little late."

Aren't you worried that you can have such a crush on the budget as well, especially since the PAP has already said it will vote against it? "No, it doesn't bother me. We have not failed, I understand, of course, that journalists want to make a lot of noise from a small episode, but that is not the case. ”

It was not a small episode, it turns out that there is no majority in parliament. "It is a matter of interpretation, there is no fiasco." There has never been such an overthrow in the "former", the "former" were very organized in such matters. "Armenia used to be different in logic, now it is in legal logic." But there is a belief that you cannot organize teamwork. "We do everything we can, we have no problem."
15-11-2019, 05:59
Chairwoman of the NA Standing Committee on Human Rights and Public Affairs, Prosperous Armenia Party MP Naira Zohrabyan posted a post on her Facebook page on November 11, referring to the film about Meline (Mel) Daluzyan.

Zohrabyan says he does not believe the film claims to be "just about a triple champion of Europe". “... After the shameful doping scandal, the International Weightlifting Federation indefinitely disqualified Mel-Meline Daluzyan and obliged her to return all medals and commemorative medals, including the European Championship medals. But this is not the saddest page in this story. Also, due to Daluzyan's doping scandal, Armenia's participation in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo is in serious question, and the participation of the Armenian national team is yet to be discussed on May 31.

Zohrabyan notes in the post that "as long as public manipulation is in the trend, whatever they say, they can pack, and what they say, they can present."
However, the MP also manipulates with his note.

It should be noted that Meline Daluzyan has also been blamed on analytical.am and 168.am websites for possible sanctions against Armenia in Tokyo.

Who is Meline Daluzyan?

Armenian weightlifter Meline Daluzyan (Mel Daluzyan) is Armenia's multiple champion. In the international arena, Armenia has started to represent Armenia since 2006. He is the 2007 and 2008 European Champion, the 2010 European silver medalist. He is a bronze medalist at the 2006 and 2010 World Championships. She competed in the 2012 London Olympics but did not make it to the 14th place. Last participated in 2014 in the World Weightlifting Championships, taking 10th place. The transgender athlete has received political asylum and has been living in the Netherlands since 2016. 2019 In May 2009, Daluzyan was stabbed to death by robbers in Amsterdam.

What doping scandal is it about?

2019 On May 10, 2010, the International Olympic Committee announced that Meline Daluzyan had been disqualified for using impediments to the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

According to the new rules of the International Weightlifting Federation, the countries whose athletes are in 2008 Since the Beijing Olympics, there have been 20 or more positive tests. Only one athlete will be allowed to compete in the men's and women's weightlifting Olympics.

According to the list presented by the International Weightlifting Federation website: The following Armenian athletes have been disqualified since the Beijing Olympics: In 2008 - Heghine Yepremyan, Hripsime Khurshudyan, Liana Manukyan, Tigran Martirosyan, Artak Mkrtchyan. In 2011, the use of banned stimulants was approved by Elen Grigoryan and Gevorg Poghosyan, in 2012 by Naira Harutyunyan, Zorik Poghosyan, Norik Vardanyan and Mika Vardanyan. The 2013 list also included Ashot Beghazyan, David Gasparyan, Margarita Ghazaryan, Andranik Karapetyan, Vladik Karapetyan and Gor Minasyan, and in 2018 - Sona Poghosyan.

In fact, Meline Daluzyan is the 19th athlete to have been banned since 2008.

By the way, the Armenian Weightlifting Federation was disqualified in October 2017 for a year due to the positive tests of the three weightlifters representing Armenia at the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics, and those were Hripsimyan and Hripsime Khurshimyan. Norayr Vardanyan.

Speaking to Fip.am, Pashik Alaverdyan, secretary-general of the Weightlifting Federation, said that at present, Armenia is allowed to have 2 representatives in the men's and women's doping tests.

 "But it is still a question whether 2 athletes will participate or 1, and the final decision will be made in 2020. The International Olympic Committee and the International Weightlifting Federation will also attend the May 31 meeting, ”Alaverdyan said.

The claim that due to Meline Daluzyan's doping in 2020, Sanctions may be imposed on Armenia in Tokyo, which is not true, as each of the 18 athletes who use the banned stimulants has their own "guilt".

By the way, in 2018, the Hetq website published an investigation in which Armenian weightlifters claim that the Armenian Weightlifting Federation headed by then-head of the Samvel Khachatryan occupied their place in the doping adventure.

Nelly Lazaryan
15-11-2019, 05:43
Zhoghovurd daily writes: "The recent activism of Gevorg Petrosyan, a member of the PAP, has attracted particular interest, and stories about him have begun to be remembered, in particular how he likes to listen to, sing Turkish songs during his time drinking.

Speaking to the daily Zhoghovurd, the MP did not deny that he really sings Turkish during the feasts and is a fan of Turkish singer Ibrahim. "They bring tomatoes from Turkey, they feed people, you don't say that, but Petrosyan Gevorg heard or sang Turkish at the event, did they say that?

Let me also say that they are Turkish in spirit, I listen to both classical and folk music and sing. I can even put my songs in the trance, ”said the MP, who, by the way, constantly promotes national values ​​and traditions from the National Assembly. And, in his view, that is why he is often targeted by some circles.
15-11-2019, 05:34
Casino owners appeal to Masivtsi Andik to resolve problems with Bolyan. Bolyan didn't like this.

YEREVAN, November 15 - Sputnik. Famous athlete Ashot Bolyan has organized the murder of Andranik Harutyunyan, a "thief in law" in Andivik Masivtsi due to money issues. Zhoghovurd daily writes about this.

“Bolian has owed $ 300-350,000 at a famous casino. The owners could not get Bolian's money and they turned to Andranik Harutyunyan to get the money. This was the motive behind Bolian's killing of Andik, ”the newspaper writes.

Recall that the world champion of Taoxing, Ashot Bolyan, born in Armenia, was killed on November 13 near his home in Infiniti near Moscow's Nakhimovsky avenue. The body was discovered by a local resident.

Earlier, on July 3, in the yard of one of the buildings of the 5th block of Nor Nork in Yerevan, Masivtsi Andik was killed. Investigative Committee reports gunman injured in Russia's Grozny region

"Zhoghovurd" daily reports that the criminal case initiated after the scandalous murder has justified that A. The organizer of the assassination is Harutyunyan's triple world boxing champion Ashot Bolyan.
15-11-2019, 05:22
Zhamanak daily writes: "Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan's statement about the Dashnaks inside and outside the country has further aggravated the controversy within the party.

The Diaspora Dashnaktsutyun structures are clearly trying to differentiate themselves from the representatives of the Armenian community that has been rejected by the Armenian public for 20 years, working with the former government, forming businesses and millions of dollars as a result of that partnership.

Moreover, representatives of Diaspora Dashnaktsutyun organizations are happy to meet with new authorities, discuss projects, and issues related to repatriation.

Former ARF Bureau representative Hrant Margaryan is also coordinating the fight against Minister Harutyunyan, but such a style will further increase the contradictions and internal divisions that we will see in the future. "
15-11-2019, 05:10
"It is said that not only the local" community "members of the LGBT international" forum "at the Kecharis Hotel in Tsakhkadzor are said to be quite" representative "on Saturday and Sunday, with NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan and IMS Supervisor Arayik Harutyunyan (the latter preferred by Karayak Harutyunyan). they love to be photographed and post their images on social networks) and for transgender speakers at the National Assembly Overton opened the room with a transvestite in hand, suing Irates (demanding $ 1 million from the newspaper to tarnish his honor), as well as transgender international "transgenders".

According to hotel staff, the forum was also attended by some government officials whose names are kept secret.

They say that the timing of the "forum" was not just chosen. it was to become the "forerunner" of the ratification of the Istanbul Convention as a continuation of the dreadful scream. By the way, cars with state license plates "returned" to Yerevan on Saturday night with a few elite transits, "the newspaper writes.