6-11-2019, 08:41
According to reliable sources, Berezovsky, who now works for the Russian Premier League club Sochi, will occupy a key position at Alexander Grigoryan's coaching staff.

YEREVAN, November 6 - Sputnik. Former goalkeeper of the Armenian national football team Roman Berezovsky will remain in the coaching staff of the team. According to reliable sources Sputnik Armenia.

As we have already informed, after the resignation of Armen Gyulbudaghyants, the Armenian national football team will be headed by Russian specialist Alexander Grigoryan. According to our information, Berezovsky, who currently works for the Sochi club, will be the chief assistant in Alexander Grigoryan's team.

Armenia-Bosnia and Herzegovina meeting
You can't catch two watermelons in one hand, or what shouldn't be in Armenian football?
Under Gyulbudaghyants, Berezovsky was involved in training the goalkeepers of the national team.

Read more: https://armeniasputnik.am/sport/20191106/21001183/----------.html:
6-11-2019, 08:29
Dominican Republic's Boeing 777, carrying about 500 passengers, landed in Moscow due to technical problems with one of its engines. It is reported by ria.ru.

According to preliminary information, the oil indicator worked after the aircraft landed in the cockpit of the aircraft landing at Sheremetyevo airport, after which it was decided to lower the aircraft.

6-11-2019, 08:18
A court hearing on the case of Robert Kocharyan and others was held at the Yerevan Court of First Instance yesterday.

During the session, the defenders of the second president of Armenia filed a bail petition demanding to change Kocharyan's detention.

The court has left to make a ruling, which will be announced on November 7 at 12 noon.

6-11-2019, 08:12
American Keeping Up With the Kardashians show star, Kardashian-Fener family mom Chris Fenner celebrated his 64th birthday yesterday. The birthday star of the show in Iradath has "filled" her children with wishes, surprises and gifts, the Daily Mail reports.

"Chris has a unique role in the Kardashian-Jenner family. He is not only the manager of his children, but also the producer of the American show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, ”the source writes.

On the online platform, Chris Fenner's eldest daughter, Courtney, and then Chloe, Kim, and others, congratulated her on her birthday.
6-11-2019, 07:54
Araik Harutyunyan not relieved of his post. clarification
"Information Verification Center" released a statement: “A number of sites of unknown origin in the media circulate information that Arayik Harutyunyan has been relieved of his post. The authors of the article, citing an online Facebook user post, insist that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has already signed a decision to dismiss Harutyunyan. However, the information disseminated is not true.

It should be reminded that earlier an information campaign was launched against the Minister of the Ministry of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan in connection with the performance in the Republic Square Square of the Yerevan Metro.
6-11-2019, 07:50
We have students who do not have the skills to write a simple application. Chairman of YSU Student Council on Changes in University Programs
The demonstration was spontaneous by students from different faculties. Speaking to reporters today, Chairman of YSU Student Council David Apoyan said.

“And since students have their own opinion on this issue, the Student Council should raise its concerns, and that's why I'm here. If we look at the problem from the point of view of the authors of the project that we spend 6 years in history at school, then we come to university and still pass, but we can learn another, professional subject, from that point of view. But in reality it is not so. As I mentioned, the basis of the Minister's decision was that the problem was not analyzed in depth. If they had done an in-depth analysis, they would not have taken this step. In-depth analysis of the problem would require increased oversight to teach the issues. We have students who do not have the skills to write a simple application, all this should be taught for at least a semester, ”said Apoyan.

6-11-2019, 07:32
These dogs could not do it; professional opinion on the possible causes of kangaroo decline
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Exceptional photo of mouflons in the Zoo today
Zoo staff to strike? They are looking forward to meeting with Ruben Khachatryan
One Health Coalition has released a preliminary opinion on the possible causes of kangaroo decline in the Yerevan Zoo.

The statement reads: "The results of preliminary data analysis and analysis show that the decline of the three kangaroos in the zoo could not have been due to the attack by the dogs or the bodily injuries caused by the dogs.

It is obvious that the apparent injuries to the bodies of kangaroos could have been due to the attack of a dog pack of large individuals or a pack of other animals or of a single individual or human intervention.

In view of the above, the One Health Coalition calls on the relevant authorities to carry out a comprehensive and impartial investigation of the situation and build on the results of the ONLY expert conclusions.

The "One Health" coalition continues to monitor the development of the situation in and around Yerevan Zoo and will look into it in the near future. "
6-11-2019, 07:25
Zhoghovurd. The Co-Chairs About Our Peace What has changed since the adoption of the popular resolution in the US?
Hraparak ․ YSU students to strike against ministry's bill teachers are afraid of being unemployed
Zhoghovurd. ARF Dashnaktsutyun elaborates actions to demand Arayik Harutyunyan's resignation they have a specific reason
"Fact". "Shilaplava" in "Supernatural": the deputy minister says one thing, the minister the opposite
Zhamanak daily writes: "The long-time feudal lord, former mayor of Vanadzor, and the objects of Samvel Darbinyan who are already undergoing several criminal cases, are still under the magnifying glass, but the latter continues to act with the same confidence.

His self-esteem is probably grounded. His son is no more or less the head of the Administrative Court and has recently filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Justice over his father's illegalities.

In the near future we will look at a terrifying story of how Darbinyan went bankrupt and then sent a young man to a psychiatric hospital. "

More in today's issue of the newspaper

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6-11-2019, 07:14
Armenian national football team will be headed by Russian coach Alexander Grigoryan. According to our information, the decision to appoint him was made by Artur Vanetsyan, President of the Football Federation of Armenia, against the opinions of some members of the Federation.

According to our information, Grigoryan is the owner of Banants (now Urartu) football club Jevan Jeloyants and the owner of Lori Football Club, member of the AF Executive Committee Tovmas Grigoryan. According to our sources, Vanetsyan made the appointment at their urging, both AS Secretary General Armen Melikbekyan and AS Technical Director, renowned Spanish specialist Khines Melendez were against the decision, and there was no discussion with Vice President Armen Nikoghosyan.

There is also information that Grigoryan is already involved in national team affairs. He was in the federation today and was involved in determining the squad.
6-11-2019, 07:08
I was in love with Manuk in our class, but he loved their kindergarten, Vehanush. Margarit Yesayan's "The First Time"
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I don't like to leave right and left footprints without me getting married. Gagik Mamulyan
The first serious fall in love ended with the marriage, and the first salary was 15,000 drams. Lusine Badalyan's "First Time"
When did he first kiss, what was stolen, how was he bribed, and what was his own business? "First Time" by Tehmina Vardanyan
I first fell in love at the age of 5, kissed in the camp, never took a bribe. Arsen Julfalakyan's "First Time"
ArmDaily.am interviewed former MP Margarit Yesayan this time for the first time.

- First interview.
My first "interview" was with actor Levon Tukhikyan, he was the one who asked questions, I went to the theater group he headed, after long questions, he said, "You're accepted," and I took an interview with a group of 4th grade students for the first time. They found an important pitcher in the Erebuni fortress, and I wrote an article about them.

- First salary.
90 rubles, it was a huge sum, I felt proud.

- First position.
Beloved, neither first nor ever, have I ever had a position in the modern sense of the word, and I am sure I will not have it, the position is contradictory to my kind, I believe in people and love, I do not know cheating, I am not a populist, a career: never.

- Falling in love for the first time.
In the first grade, our classmate Manuk, but she loved their kindergarten, and I still get very upset that I didn't go to kindergarten when I was little, I just thought I fell in love with the girls who went to kindergarten.

"Hugging the first one."
In other words, it won't work.

"Kissing for the first time."
I had a better friendship with boys than there were girls, one of my friends (years later I knew she wasn't the only one, there were some) who loved me, said it, and I liked her deeply, but it was not love, for sure, because I later learned true love. During one of our friendly meetings, the boy said, "You know, we all seem to be friends, but we haven't even kissed."
I laughed and passed, we didn't kiss for a while, and then I realized that the boys were pulling away from me, not daring to keep themselves more relaxed, I guess so today, one of them said years ago, you're pulling and pulling at the same time.