3-11-2019, 11:58
Let us agree not to be named "Minister" from the position of Minister ...
What do you think ...
For example, on the right hand side of this picture, besides the certificate, what is the minister (and so the super) ...
That ruins and eliminates everything starting with the word "Armenian" ...
What right does a satanic person have as a minister in a Christian nation ...
Isn't that right ...
3-11-2019, 11:51
Lots of jobs, less work

Yes, it must be admitted that finding a job today is not so easy, especially when you have the appropriate education, profession, preference. Here, with a request to find a job, my girlfriend turned to me, and I went searching for "unknown" sites that offered me different job searches.

At first I was amazed at the various job offers. Lord God, they offer so many jobs, why do our people complain that there is no work? For example, I went to ASHKHSTANK website and was delighted. Normal job offers, with fairly decent salaries, generally 100,000 and above. But my girlfriend, listening to me, knowing that I was looking for work on agency websites, and especially in WORK, smiled and advised me to take one of these agencies before I could get excited, but only to get excited.
3-11-2019, 11:48
On March 1, 2008, the revolutionaries who ate Lafik's "Calabas" changed their minds.

Until April 23, 2018, that is, until Serge Sargsyan had yet to resign, Samvel Alexanyan, a “lazy Samo”, was an anti-revolutionary oligarch and had been forcing the revolutionaries to close the streets.

By the way, at the time of the fight against the revolutionaries, there was a brand umbrella of his "Bentley" car over Samvel's head. Then the same umbrella was supposed to shield the revolutionaries' heads from the rain under Lfik's caring, deceptive, and deceptive gaze.

There was a time when Nikol Pashinyan was fighting against Lfik Samo in the majoritarian constituency and meeting with his supporters. Now, that mess has probably become a proud citizen.

Lfik was right in saying that Nikol Pashinyan is their brother, he just wants to show that he is an oppositionist.

There was also a time when Nicole was talking about liberating people living in Malatia and working at Alexanyan's establishments from the linguistic Auschwitz. Now the people's prime minister has a different opinion because he is using the benefits of the Auschwitz. By the way, their constituencies are the same. That electorate drinks Lukhik's Dukhov vodka and gets free lavash from Lufik's Auschwitz. Nicole gets it for free, but not something lavash, but something else on a blue tray served on a tray.

Now that anti-revolutionary oligarch Lfik Samo has been declared the owner of a revolution by Samvel Alexanyan, Nikol Pashinyan has appeared next to him in the newly opened workshop of a businessman. A place formerly called by opposition player Nicole Auschwitz but now housed in a cheap post by Prime Minister Pashinyan, "Armenia is my home, people are my family."

Nikol Pashinyan's "clinging" to one of the symbols of the revolution, played by Samvel Alexanyan's staunchly anti-cliental speeches throughout his conscientious and client life, shows in a very shaky way the lies and hypocrisy, hypocrisy and populism of the "velvet" revolution.

Samvel Alexanyan is not Lfik now. He became the owner of the heart of the revolutionaries. Especially when generous with Pashinyan's famous funds. Anna Hakobyan, by the way, gladly advertises Samvel Alexanyan's product and calls on everyone to pay.

The revolution cleanses all traces of the past. Especially when the tracks are cleaned with round money.
3-11-2019, 11:42
A photo of this correspondence was recently posted by a Facebook user, noting that family members had been rescued from a dog attack.

Harutyun Arakelyan, deputy director of the Stray Animal Neutralization Center, told Aravot.am's "ANIMAL" project that the user could not respond immediately to the incident, and that the occupation, especially at the Zoo, would be avoided. Monday. The staff will be in the Kentron district and will conduct an investigation.

“The user has been alerted, for some reason imagining that the problem should be resolved minutes later. In any such alarm, we make contact with the alert, visit the area, try to catch the animal, and then perform our function of sterilization, vaccination and release. It should also be borne in mind that we do not have a rapid response, we are not such a service, but the municipality's animal headquarter and hazardous animal disease prevention service.

Another issue is that we have included the public safety component itself. if, for example, an animal has a life-threatening illness, it will not return to the area. " Turning to the incident, Harutyun Arakelyan first stressed that the notion of dog aggressive behavior is relative. “The primary issue is that most residents do not want to see stray animals in their areas and yards. And it doesn't matter if they are sterilized or not. If dogs are sterilized, they usually do not form a pack.

To illustrate: There are four animals in a yard that we sterilize and return to. They continue to eat and live in the same place, and of course they can turn around and disperse with each other… but we can't say they made a pack and had a reason to attack people. If the animals are fed from the same place, it is not excluded that they go to the group feeding and return. If some of them are sterilized in the dog group, others are not, the sterilized is no longer "interested" in the non-sterilized, and the non-sterilized is interested in obtaining food. "
3-11-2019, 11:33
American-Armenian Edman Shahbazyan wins at UFC 244 Madison Square Garden in New York's Madison Square Garden. The 21-year-old Glendale fighter fought with US representative Brad Tavares and won by knockout. Shahbazyan rose to the ring under the sounds of Ara Gevorgyan's "Artsakh".
3-11-2019, 10:48
The government has allocated more than 4 hectares of land to Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex rather than Ashot Bleyan for the establishment of a vineyard, Director of Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex Ashot Bleyan told Tert.am when asked whether he had bought it. land belonging to the educational complex.

He emphasized that the Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex is a state-owned organization, and the property belonging to the educational complex, including land, buildings, buildings belongs to the RA Government and its Property Committee.

"Since the Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex has a college, the college also has a vocational training in winemaking, viticulture, more than 4 hectares of land has been allocated to the college for targeted use, but the land is owned by the Government of Armenia, the owner has not changed, and it was not an assignment to Bleyan Ashot. Bleyan Ashot will turn 65 next year and may not even be the director of the educational complex in months, ”he explained.
3-11-2019, 10:24
RA Defense Ministry Spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“The catering companies are serving 3 times a day for 3,000 drams per person.

If the cafeteria of this military unit is completely renovated on the basis of its property and conditions, then another 600 AMD is added.

The rest of the numbers that are circulated are not true. Some people either do it unintentionally or deliberately, which is unacceptable. ”
3-11-2019, 10:19
Armine Harutyunyan at the Tbilisi Fashion Show
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2019 is underway in Tbilisi. Armine Harutyunyan, a new Armenian model, also participated in the exhibition.

It should be reminded that Armine participated in the Gucci brand show in Milan in September.

In Tbilisi, she introduced herself to the world of fashion at the Delmod Fashion Boutique.
3-11-2019, 09:54
Another resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide will be discussed in the Senate
A video has been posted on the Armenian government's Facebook page in which Hrachya Tashchyan, an aide to the Prime Minister, has announced that another resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide will be discussed in the US Senate in the near future.

"Simultaneously a process has begun in the Senate, there is a resolution of 150, there will be a formula of approximately the same content, and in the near future there will be a vote. The House decision is a positive and strong impetus for the Senate's decision, ”he said.
3-11-2019, 09:50
Signature Collection in Gavar in Support of Robert Kocharyan (Live)
Representatives of the Victory Movement initiated by supporters of the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan today hold a petition in Gavar town of Gegharkunik province on November 3 in support of Robert Kocharyan.

“We want to share with you the issues facing Armenia. Most of you are unaware of what is happening in Yerevan today. Armenia today faces many serious challenges, for this reason we have come to talk to you, to think and share, to decide what we will do to make our country the homeland of our dreams. The motto of our movement is "Unification", we call on us to join, "said one of the movement's representatives in his speech.

The movement started the signature collection process on October 26 from Victory Park. The Victory Movement visits regions to inform citizens about the processes taking place in Armenia today. Members of the initiative have already been to the cities of Charentsavan and Abovyan.