17-11-2019, 08:34

This day may plunge Khoy into the past. You may remember something not so pleasant or special. You may notice a decrease in your operability, mobility, and constant focus on one or another memory. It is also possible today to increase your sensitivity, your innate attractiveness, your charisma. The sensory aspect can play a positive role in resolving current issues.


Fuller it is important to be at peace not only with them but also with their surroundings. Current affairs will work better if you are on a relevant emotional channel, inspiring the people you care about or the sympathetic sympathy you need. Success may depend on how well you feel about others. The day is good for personal business meetings.


Twins are advised to remember that any communication today is colored by emotion. The style of communication can be affected by mood, work or home atmosphere, self-esteem. If you are pessimistic, you can see bad things, prejudice towards some people or things. Against the backdrop of worries, the smell can intensify.

Crabs today are successful, able to use their intuition and rich imagination to their advantage. The ability to learn the material increases. Trips and meetings will be effective. A convenient time for requests, arrangements, searches. Today's acquaintances have no bad potential, which may soon be revealed.
17-11-2019, 08:30
According to writer-publicist Lia Avetisyan, a healthy opposition must be formed the day before, because the nation must be saved. “Can you imagine the guy holding the bottle at the Matenadaran? What did that guy do in his life to remind himself of other things and today he decides who to do what at Matenadaran? "
17-11-2019, 07:37
A bomb from World War II has been discovered near London's Olympic Stadium.

The Sun are reported to be postponing the West Ham-Arsenal match in the 16th round of the Champions League.

The bomb was discovered during the excavations and was reported to the police. The area was closed by a fence.

At this time it is considered that the bomb is free of damage, but a final decision will be made after the sappers check.
17-11-2019, 07:32
One of the most attractive and stylish blondes of the Armenian show business, Arminka, who has been living in the United States with her family for a long time, often presents new photos to her microblog followers about her busy day-to-day activities with her son Alex. his view of the kinds of people.
Arminka posted a new photo on her Instagram, taken in Dubai. The beloved singer wears a light, summer dress. The image has completed the sunglasses. The singer at the publication wrote in English: "The Tourist's Life".
Recall that in earlier releases the singer wore sunglasses. She had let go of her hair, choosing a gentle make-up. The image was complete with accessories - necklaces. "How are you today," the singer asked followers.
17-11-2019, 07:24
There is fog on some roads of the republic
The Ministry of Emergency Situations informs that on November 17, by 08:30 am, the roads in Armenia are passable.

Goris- There is fog on "Zanger" highway.

According to information from the Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, the Stepantsminda-Lars highway is open to all types of cars.

Drivers are advised to drive solely on winter tires.
17-11-2019, 00:25
"Shadow Proponent. Businessman Gevorg Afandyan, "Are My Roofs the Banks", "Corruption Agreement or Intentional Scheme", "Former Arzni Water Owner vs. Anelik Bank"? These are the headlines of a handful of articles published about the once successful businessman Gevorg Afandyan and his businesses.

A man who has always avoided being public, even interviews with him are published without his picture. Now you will say, "What's the matter? He's a businessman, he doesn't like public life, he does business, he's bad."

 Of course, it wouldn't be bad if no one had suffered from his so-called "business". Of the numerous examples published in various media outlets, only a few are sufficient to understand what damage Gevorg Afandyan has caused to the Armenian economy, businesses, including banks and individuals. Only local producers, suppliers, people lost their jobs and were on the verge of bankruptcy because of the scandalous bankruptcy of Star Supermarket chain, and only Afandyan himself came out of the water.

Even Mihran Poghosyan, the almighty ex-chief of the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service, whose Afandyan was reportedly owed $ 5 million, for some reason, announced that he had forgiven most of the debt and demanded only $ 499,000.

Mihran Poghosyan's lawyer then declared that it was a manifestation of good will. The Armenian banks, by the way, continued to provide astronomical loans to this already failed businessman, and the state hoped that he would recover his businesses.

The hope of the state was probably due to the close relationship between Afandyan and Serzh Sargsyan's brother, Alexander Sargsyan. Once upon a time on the first floor of the Ani Hotel there were probably discussions on the revitalization of the country, economy and finally Afandyan's businesses for hours.

In general, a number of questions arise for the researcher on Afandyan's work: How did it happen that almighty Mihran Poghosyan showed good will to Mr. Afandyan?

Or how would the banks continue to finance this man's business if he took out a loan to close the old one and so on?

But let's leave the answers to the questions of the reader and only note that, according to various media reports, Gevorg Afandyan has moved his business practice to a legal field, where, by the way, he has influential friends.

And what does today's lucrative “business” mean? The media reports that the businessman has initiated litigation against a number of Armenian banks and is trying to obtain astronomical figures from his former "roofs". Thus, Afandyan is in litigation with HSBC Bank, Inecobank, Ardshinbank, VTB Bank Armenia, Byblos Bank.

As we study these cases, we find that in all cases there is one common scheme: take out a loan for one of his companies, pledge his or her family's property, default, and then file a lawsuit against that bank.

Gevorg Afandyan today demands from the former "Anelik" bank a $ 22 million unheard of and unheard of in the history of the banking system of the Republic of Armenia.

Here, according to numerous media reports, Afandyan has employed a more remarkable mechanism, the trap of which has fallen into the bank.

Afandyan took a $ 7 million loan from Byurakan LLC, pledged the Arzni mineral water plant property, failed to fulfill obligations, the property went to the bank, but Afandyan reached an agreement with the bank at the time of confiscation - two about the preference of the year, that is, the property had to be sold within two years. Otherwise, the Bank would have to pay a fine of five times the value of the property to Afandyan or the person designated by him.

After two years, the CB increases the charter capital of banks, and the shareholders decide to attract a new partner, Vardan Dilanyan. Analyzing the bank's financial performance, the latter said it would agree to invest unless there were loan commitments in Afandyan's bank, as well as, in his view, the problematic property.

The bank's only shareholder, at the moment, in order not to break the agreement with Afandyan, sets up a new company, 33% of which give Afandyan's son, Vahe Afandyan, gratuitous and sell the property to that company. A year later, Afandyan (of course not directly himself) begins to insist that the property was actually sold to his son without his consent, and is suing the court for $ 22 million.

Agree it is a profitable business. get 22 million, of which pay off debts or part of them, and the rest ... Afandyan is also tired of the rest.

Because G. The debts of a successful Afandian businessman according to open source data amount to over $ 20 million, and the outstanding liabilities to the state amount to about $ 850 million, even if
16-11-2019, 23:45
Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Zaruhi Batoyan wrote on her Facebook page that she has already started speculating on the tragic incident in Kotayk province hours ago, accusing her of killing children.

“The tragic incident that took place hours ago in Kotayk Marz has already begun to be blamed on the deaths of children, as two of them, a 15 and 14 year old sister and brother, were boarding students. They (like all weekends until now) lived with Grandma.
According to preliminary information, they have died from a large amount of gas in the kitchen.

Parents divorced and left the country, grandparents and four grandchildren were included in social programs, vocational training programs for their brother, children returned home in September and lived with their legal guardian grandmother who loved and cared for them.

I'm sorry for what happened. If anyone, including the ministry and myself, is to blame for this accident, law enforcement should act at ease.

And I leave you with a moral description of those who exploit such a case with children.
Be careful and follow safety rules, ”he wrote.
16-11-2019, 23:15
Does Levon Ter-Petrosyan's son rule Vahe Grigoryan?
16-11-2019, 22:42
Let Anna Hakobyan refute:

The press writes about Anna Hakobyan's luxurious voyages, this time the prime minister's wife flew to Switzerland for two days.

Well, now catch what our reliable sources have revealed. Anna Hakobyan also visited Turkmenistan with the Armenian delegation at the meeting of the CIS Council of Heads of State.

It is said that the Armenian delegation was frozen, there was no shortage of left and right commands, staying in one of the most expensive hotels, and the next day Anna Hakobyan flew to Switzerland on a government plane.

These zombies will not understand; This is not their mind, corruption, state robbery.

Yes, I do not understand, you used to say that we are coming to eliminate corruption, now it turns out that you have nationalized corruption, and you have allocated the state budget to Anna Hakobyan.

PS Now let Anna Hakobyan publicly explain why she left for Switzerland on a government plane, and how much Anna Hakobyan's lavish voyages land on RA taxpayers.

From Armen Sahakyan's Facebook page
16-11-2019, 22:24
Do I have a long petition with the close relatives of RA NA (independent) MP Arman Babajanyan? When you feel he is trying to save the nation from a dangerous one, hold on for a few seconds, remind him to remember all the times when he closed the doors and gates of his site, and left the US for one night, and the reporters flew to the US one night. they learned about it in the morning when they went to work, by chance.

PS For some, it is impossible to hear with a serious face. The impression is that no one in this small country has ever known and remembers what they did. It's funny, gentlemen. PS My name is now featured on some websites. People are there for millimeters and they watch all of my airtime a few times to find a place to publish a scientific article. The impression is that the world is covered with guns.

PS We live in exciting times. At the highest level, at the Prime Minister's level, it is normal to hate speech and threaten violence from the NA rostrum, quoting part of his speech as a crime. Get healed.