2-01-2020, 13:14
Aram Pashinyan posted a photo on his Instagram microblog: “I am very grateful for 2019. By 2019, I was pretty broke, and I doubted myself.

It is normal that there are times in all of us when we do not believe in the modernity of our strengths and goals. Thank you for all the challenges that 2019 has thrown at me, because with that, we just don't grow.

2020 begins with a very simple realization that no dream or purpose is big enough to be yours. Don't stop setting big goals in front of you, I'm sure they are achievable.
2-01-2020, 13:06
Former Yerevan Council of Elders member Sona Aghekyan wrote on her Facebook page:

"Nicole, you were screaming loudly for them,
Haven't you sung our hymn for them?
Nicole, you know that you are not a journalist now, but the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia.
PS There is no presumption of innocence in this case, we will meet face to face ... "
2-01-2020, 12:54
RPA spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov's performance at the Republican New Year's Eve gathering is circulating on the Internet.

"At last, the beloved singer Sharmazanov's solo concert took place," the users write.
2-01-2020, 12:46
The explosions hit 52 people on New Year's Eve, 8 of which were children of 7-14 years, 7 of them were adolescents of 15-17 years and the rest of them were adults.

YEREVAN, January 2 - Sputnik. In the past two days, 52 people have been affected by explosives and fireworks at various medical centers in the Republic of Armenia. Armenian Health Minister Arsen Torosyan posted this on his official Facebook page.

"I do not want to spoil the holiday of all of us, but I have to disseminate this information and urge again to completely abandon household explosives," he wrote, presenting the age of the citizens affected by the explosions.
2-01-2020, 12:32
The road traffic system in Armenia already operates. Out of the 9 points for the year, the driver's speed drops by almost half.

YEREVAN, January 2 - Sputnik. 2020 On the first day of January 1, more than 5 dozen drivers were found in different regions of the country. This was reported by the Police Information and Public Relations Department. During the intensive police service, 56 drivers were found to have used alcohol, 23 of them in Yerevan.

According to the Operational Reports of the RA Police, 2019 December 31, 2020 On January 2, 34 traffic accidents were registered in the republic. As a result, 47 people received injuries of varying degrees.
2-01-2020, 12:11
841 "Ambulance" calls were registered in one day in Yerevan. Ambulance CJSC Director Taguhi Stepanyan said this in a conversation with News.am on January 1. According to him, no cases of poisoning were registered.

“On December 31, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on January 1, 841 calls were registered in Yerevan, 160 of which were hospitalized. There have been cardiovascular, acute respiratory illnesses and injuries. ”
2-01-2020, 12:00
One of the most discussed couples of our day, Arpi Gabrielyan and Mihran Tsarukyan celebrated their New Year in a hot working atmosphere in one of Dilijan's restaurants.
2-01-2020, 11:31
Relatives of military servicemen report on fight in Mehrab military unit
“If we do this in the footsteps of falsehoods, one day morality will probably prevail.
     I leave you the conclusions ..., "RA Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page, announcing the comments of the relatives of the servicemen.

Earlier, there were rumors on the internet that two servicemen were beaten in Mehrab military unit.
2-01-2020, 10:39
The song "Christmas tree, Christmas tree" has been around for over a century, but few know who the song's author is. Nara Shlepchyan tells details of the origin of the most memorable New Year and the song "Christmas tree, Christmas tree".

“My biggest impression of the Christmas tree was in my childhood in the Hermitage. Our family lived in the Hermitage, my father was a historian and one of Joseph Orbeli's PhD students. That year I was so impressed that this Christmas tree is still with me.

We returned to Armenia and lived on Alaverdyan Street. There were many famous people in our building, including Eduard Mirzoyan and his parents. On New Year's Eve, they invited the children and celebrated the New Year. Suddenly Eduard Mirzoyan started singing "Christmas tree, Christmas tree", and of course we joined in, all the kids and adults started singing "Christmas tree, Christmas tree". I was surprised that Edik's father also began to sing that song. He was a great person, I was surprised to know that I thought it was just a children's song. I said, "Wow, Michael Snowman, do you even know this song?" He hugged and said that he wrote it himself. Later I found out that the words are his own too.
2-01-2020, 10:36
In the Vatican, a pilgrim woman wanted to appeal to the Catholic Church leader Francis and hold her hand. The latter responded sharply and struck the woman's hand to get rid of her.

The grandfather explained his act by losing patience and condemning violence against women.