6-11-2019, 14:07
The students of YSU Faculty of Armenian Philology have been on a strike since early in the morning, and lecturers who have been on strike have joined them. The reason for the strike is the new draft law on Higher Education and Science, which removes the subjects "Armenian Language", "Armenian Literature" and "Armenian History" from the list of compulsory subjects taught at universities. Students and lecturers also collected signatures to oppose that provision of the law. We asked the former rector of YSU, now head of the Institute of Armenian Studies, historian Aram Simonyan what he thinks about the events taking place and especially those controversial provisions of the law;

"I am not an official for you to know my opinion, and as a specialist I have expressed my opinion, I have put my signature, I have nothing else to say. There is a rector, there are vice-rectors, there are deans, there are leaders, I am no longer the head of the university, I have expressed my signature by putting it under the document that historians and philologists have signed, ”replied the former rector.

It should be noted that a statement was also made today by the MOCS;

“Although no comments or suggestions have been received from higher education institutions on the draft law submitted for the purpose of discussion, the draft law gives wider autonomy to universities to determine the content of academic and scientific programs. Consequently, after the adoption of the draft, each university scientific council can decide that these subjects must be taught in all faculties, ”the statement reads.
6-11-2019, 13:57
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan posted on his Facebook page:

"The Acting Chief of the Police of the Republic of Armenia Arman Sargsyan reported to me the following:

A senior Armenian official called him and thanked the traffic police for stopping his car and violating the traffic rules and fined him.

Hearing this story, I instructed the Acting Chief of Police to encourage the traffic police officer fined a high official for violating traffic rules. "
6-11-2019, 13:44
Presiding Judge Anna Danibekyan presided over the trial of second President Robert Kocharyan and others at the Shengavit residence of the Yerevan Court of First Instance today. Prior to the trial, Robert Kocharyan's son, Levon Kocharyan, answered journalists' questions.
Details in the video:
6-11-2019, 13:28
According to Tert.am, Abraham Khashmanyan will be appointed head coach of the Armenian national football team.

On June 10, 2017, Abraham Khashmanyan was appointed head coach of Alashkert. Under his leadership, Alashkert became the champion of Armenia.
6-11-2019, 13:17
As we know, after the resignation of the Head of the Cadastre Committee Sarhat Petrosyan, Levon Melikyan was appointed as the Deputy Head of the Committee, who previously served as the Deputy Head of the Cadastre Committee. However, the latter was dismissed on November 5 by the decision of RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

According to ArmDaily.am, Aram Karakhanyan has been appointed head of the Cadastre Committee, currently serving as the Deputy Head of the Committee.

Earlier we had written that a parade of applications was pending in the building, Gohar Grigoryan, secretary general of the cadastre committee, also applied to write.

In an interview with us, Ruzanna Khachatryan said that there are no applications for release at this time. "There is no request for the dismissal of the Chief of Staff, we have the Secretary General at this time, there are no other applications."

Asked whether he would also file a resignation, Khachatryan said: “I came to the cadastre at the invitation of Sarhat Petrosyan, recognizing him as a man of honest, professional, bright ideas. What I was convinced again and again in about a year and a half. I became a member of his team and I have nothing to do in Cadastre without that team. "
6-11-2019, 12:57
The brother of the ex-mayor of Yerevan, former minister of transport Gagik Beglaryan leased the state property to his wife. Damage of 85.5 million drams was caused to the state.

YEREVAN, November 6 - Sputnik. On the basis of documents received from the RA State Property Management Committee, the Office of the Prosecutor General of Armenia examined the lease of a building and land owned by the Collective Teams Sports Center CJSC, which owns 100 percent state-owned shares, and found that the state had been paid 85.5 million drams. This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor's Office.

Collective Teams Sports Center CJSC was leased to an LLC in 2007 for a monthly contract of 480,000 AMD, the founder of which is the wife of the director of the center.

That is, a man and a woman contracted to transfer the building of a state-owned company with a total area of ​​6580.8 square meters and a plot of 1.1807 hectares.

And then the company owned by the woman leased the premises to other organizations. For example, the rent for the gym of 1276 square meters is 300,000 - 700,000 AMD per month. The couple received at least 1 million drams each month in exchange for the common area, of which 480,000 were transferred to the Collective Team Sports Center.

Since 2016, no money has been transferred at all, leaving the state debt of 13.5 million AMD.

Adding to that the fact that the state property was leased at a low price, the prosecutor's office estimated the total damage to the state at 85.5 million drams.

According to the revealed facts, a criminal case was initiated under Article 214, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code for abuse of power by employees of commercial or other organizations.

The Investigation Committee has been assigned to conduct the preliminary investigation.

The official statement by the prosecutor's office does not disclose who is behind these dark deals.

It is known, however, that the director of the Collective Teams Sports Center CJSC is former MP Yuri Beglaryan Beglaryan, the brother of former Yerevan mayor Gagik Beglaryan.

The Collective Teams Sports Center CJSC was reorganized by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia dated April 10, 2003. The statutory capital of the CJSC is set at 100 million AMD, 100% of which belongs to the state.

Badalyan: "If the incumbent wants to arrest Serzh Sargsyan, he will do so"

During the same period Yuri Beglaryan was appointed director of the center and continues to work in that position to this day.
6-11-2019, 12:52
Early in the morning, prominent Republican grandmother Susanna Sargsyan came to the Hraparak newspaper, saying she wanted to give a speech and had something very important to say. The Republican grandmother began her speech with thanks to the US Senate, then threatened Turkish President Erdogan that if Kim Kardashian's hair was missing her head, she would poke fun at Erdogan's eyes;

“I came up with this issue because I'm a patriot. I could not sleep all night to tell about the atrocities committed by Aliyev and Erdogan, because I am well aware of everything I cannot rest. First, I urge you, Diaspora Armenians, to urge you to stand up and thank those who have recognized the Genocide. Hitler said I killed the Jews, they did nothing to me, the Turks also killed the Armenians, and they did not punish me. Then, how long will the killing of Christians go? I call on all developed countries not to look at these atrocities. Erdogan, Ani, Van, Erzurum, Kars, they are all Armenian lands. Erdoանan, aren't you ashamed, am I sneering at you saying, 'I'm going to kill Kim Kardashian?' No, you can't kill Kim. In my curse I will take your life, in my own curse I will take away your eyes and put the place in glass. "
6-11-2019, 12:27
“On the day of the assassination of policeman Yuri Tepanosyan we were not shot. That day, when Vanetsyan telephoned Arayik Khandoyan (if anyone does not know, let me say that the major was Artur Vanetsyan), and he knew a lot about this case, specifically the assassination of Yuri Tepanosyan, he was clearly told that no shots were fired by us. ", - Varuzhan Avetisyan testified during the trial on the case of Sasna Tsrer, claiming that the police officers were wounded not outside the PPP area but outside.
6-11-2019, 12:25
According to the press reports, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's rating has risen in both Armenia and Artsakh.

Speaking to LURER.com Arman Navasardyan, Director of Gallup International Association of Armenia, said that their company did not conduct a survey on Nikol Pashinyan's rating; "We last conducted a survey regarding the rating of the Prime Minister months ago in May, and in a week we will start a new survey," he said.

According to the company director, they conduct surveys only in Armenia. In response to the question, they are not being held in Artsakh either. Navasardyan responded in the negative.

As for the press release, he said he was unaware of what Gallup was talking about; "There is also an American organization that regularly comes to Armenia, conducts inquiries and departs," he said, referring to Gallup, Inc.

It should be noted that 1108 citizens took part in the poll conducted by the Armenian representation of Gallup International in May. Comparing it to 2018 According to the results of a September survey, the rating was down by 8-10%.

According to the press release, according to Gallup International's polls, Nikol Pashinyan's rating is 67%, which is slightly higher than the results of the previous poll. According to the publication, Pashinyan's rating has also increased significantly in Artsakh, which is linked to Pashinyan's recent statement that the positions of the Armenian and Artsakh authorities on the settlement of the Artsakh issue are identical.

GEF LURER.com will also try to find out from Gallup, Inc., whether they have been queried about the Prime Minister's rating. Upon receipt of the response we will publish the results of a sociological survey conducted by the company without any intervention.
6-11-2019, 12:14
After Serzh Sargsyan's announcement that the time for "sincere talk" with the citizens is approaching, Nikol Pashinyan began a series of sincere conversations with the citizens, at the very beginning of the series referring to the accusations against him regarding Artsakh.

In practice, Serzh Sargsyan created for Nikol Pashinyan the “information opportunity” of a frank conversation that Pashinyan used. He has been regularly accused of the Artsakh issue since the velvet revolution, as he himself stated. Why did he suddenly decide to respond to these accusations now, as they seem to be not in the strong phase?

Pashinyan's reference or "information opportunity" apparently had another addressee, and that addressee was not the Armenian public. The Prime Minister used the occasion to reaffirm his position and reaffirm the fact of the pan-Armenian mandate for Armenia's policy. That mandate was reaffirmed for the non-Armenian audience. The addressee was probably out of Armenia, but maybe someone is planning to visit Armenia.