2-01-2020, 15:34
Today, January 2, a car accident took place in Yerevan. At about 5:05 pm, the driver of a 90 GV 707 dogdeed at the intersection of Saryan-Pushkin Street, still in unknown circumstances, got out of the road lane and crashed into a gas pipe and found himself on the sidewalk for pedestrians.

 According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, two people were taken to hospital as a result of the accident and a gas leak occurred.

The fire brigade of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations arrived immediately.
2-01-2020, 15:29
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, a Yerevan City resident, 42-year-old Karen Hovhannisyan, was arrested by the decision of the chief investigator on particularly important cases of the Traffic Crimes Investigation Department of the Yerevan City Investigation Committee of Armenia.

According to the source, on December 31, at about 7:50 pm, an ambulance crew of 1-03 Yerevan ambulance transported 80-year-old Martun Sosyan, 80, a resident of Atoyan Pass, to a hospital on Jan. 1 to resuscitate the hospital on January 1. He had died without consciousness in the department.

On January 1, a team of the Yerevan Police Investigation Department, who arrived at the scene, arrested Erebuni police from Rostom Street in Yerevan. To Hovhannisyan.
2-01-2020, 15:13
Impulsive Aries in 2020 should beware of unintended costs. Financial stability at the beginning of the year should not be misled. Especially dangerous in this sense is the spring of 2020, when representatives of this zodiac sign may be tempted to buy precious things. Remember, the pleasure of shopping will not offset the investment, and you will soon regret that you spent money wisely.


Fuller New Year should not bring significant changes. They will try to raise money and invest in the bank. It is not excluded that in the middle of the year, representatives of this zodiac sign will provide financial support to their close relatives. Give that money without regret, but don't wait for it to come back. In everything else, try not to take the risk by investing no more than 10 percent of your funds.
2-01-2020, 15:02
What was 2019 like for the citizens and the political elite of Armenia? Whose paws were cut off and to whom they were "paid". Sputnik Armenia has summed up the past year in the context of the Prime Minister's scandalous statements.

YEREVAN, January 2 - Sputnik, Nelly Danielyan. The year 2019 was hot, full of political statements, heated discussions, based on sharp and surrealistic thoughts expressed by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

"If nothing changes in a person's life, it means someone, somewhere, something is stolen," Pashinyan announced at the beginning of the year and ordered the year to be dedicated to the fight against corruption.
2-01-2020, 14:54
January 29 is the 5th anniversary of my son's murder, but the trial is still continuing, artificially delayed, though all the evidence at the preliminary investigation was presented. Haykaz Barseghyan's father, Arkadi Barseghyan, was killed in a shootout at Vazgen Sargsyan Military Institute, Tert.am.

“During the four years of the trial the hearings are regularly postponed, the defendants' motions are submitted to the court with the same motions, and the subjects that have already been examined are again brought to the examination. The court is also examining the lack of grounds for appeal in the appeal. There were almost no court hearings in December, ”he said.

According to Arkadi Barseghyan, there has been an attempt to put pressure on the witnesses over the years.
2-01-2020, 14:46
Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) MP Gevorg Petrosyan posted a video on his Facebook page of how he sings with his daughter on New Year's Eve.
2-01-2020, 14:27
Armenian Prime Minister's spouse Anna Hakobyan posted a photo of her daughter on her Facebook page against the backdrop of a Christmas tree.
2-01-2020, 14:15
Sofia Hovsepyan, a member of the NA "My Step" faction, wrote on her Facebook page: "On this New Year's Day I would like not to touch upon such records, but ...
      Do you Armenians decide ...

      My grandfather would say: "The far-off zucchini is sweet".
      Many of my friends noticed Zelinsky's congratulations and the slogan "we should take an example from them".
      How are you: Who are we: Who am I: Yes, they have to ask that question because they have a half hour history.
      Who are we: Who am I:
      Who are you...
2-01-2020, 14:06
Today, January 2, a major car accident occurred in Kotayk region. At about 16:15 on the Yerevan-Sevan highway to the city of Charentsavan collided with cars of Opel 36 36 M 544 and Mitsubishi Pajero IO 34 C S 684.

According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, five people, including a 2-year-old boy, were taken to Charentsavan Medical Center as a result of the crash.
2-01-2020, 13:32
Harutyun Mkrtchyan was recognized the winner of Shant TV's National Singing Project. The singer performed with Sona Rubenyan during the finals, the duo were excited by the audience and applauded.