3-01-2020, 02:31
Newly appointed Chairman of the Public Council Styopa Safaryan posted a video on her Facebook page, which read:

“Dear people, you are in vain for this girl to curse you. Apparently, he wanted a shot at the Prime Minister with a V sign symbolizing victory. The shot looks weird in front of you, but when you try to look at the situation with the camera pointing upwards, there's nothing wrong with that. "
3-01-2020, 02:18
What gift did Santa Claus give to the Prime Minister, Second and Third Presidents of Armenia? His version is presented by Sergey Danielyan, who was hosted at the Liberty Pavilion.

In a conversation with Karlen Aslanyan, the well-known actor makes unique comments on urgent and public topics.
3-01-2020, 02:12
Police in Punjab, India, have arrested 13 travel agents involved in fraud. Travel agents have pledged to help clients obtain visas or work permits in various countries, including Armenia, The Times of India reports.

According to one of the victims, the scammer received about $ 6,000 from himself and his two friends and had to send them to work in Armenia. However, after arriving in Armenia, the travel agent demanded another $ 4,500, but was unable to find a job, forcing all three people to return to their homeland.
2-01-2020, 21:30
Minister of the Interior Arayik Harutyunyan posted a photo on his Facebook page where he is with the villain of the Harry Potter short story series Lord Volan-de-Mort.

The minister attached to the photo wrote: “I don't know the author, but it is very good.
PS The original is from the last concert. "
2-01-2020, 21:19
When Deputy Mayor Tigran Virabyan was asked why you're inviting Bregovich, rather than the stars of the local show business, the Deputy Mayor replied, "Wouldn't it be better to invite Bregovich than have Armenian singers come to their house and open their banners?"

Bregovich's concert footage:
2-01-2020, 20:24
A three-storey apartment building burnt down in Astrakhan, Kirov region of the Russian Federation on the night of January 2. The area of the fire was 800 square meters. The body of a man born in 1959 was found under the rubble after the fire was put out. Shortly before it became known that the body of another woman was born in 1939.
2-01-2020, 20:14
The Ministry of Emergency Situations informs that on January 2 at 7:30 pm there are closed and impassable highways in the Republic of Armenia.

Vardenyan Pass (by Gegharkunik region) is closed for trucks, and for cars it is difficult to pass.

There is some ice in the Vardenyan Pass (by Vayots Dzor region).

Snow is raining on Saravan-Zangar highway in Aparan and Aragats regions of Aragatsotn region, Jermuk town of Vayots Dzor region.

According to information provided by the Emergency Situations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the RF Ministry of Emergency Situations of North Ossetia, the Stepantsminda-Lars highway is open to all types of vehicles.

Drivers are advised to drive solely on winter tires.
2-01-2020, 20:02
Today, January 2, a car accident took place in Yerevan. At about 5:05 pm, the driver of a 90 GV 707 dogdeed at the intersection of Saryan-Pushkin Street, still in unknown circumstances, got out of the traffic lane and crashed into a gas pipe and found himself on the sidewalk for pedestrians. According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, two people were taken to hospital as a result of the accident and a gas leak occurred.

The fire brigade of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations arrived immediately. People at the scene said the wounded were the first to receive help from the citizens and the 1-03 ambulance team in Yerevan was operating quickly.

The employees of Gazprom Armenia company GGM in Yerevan headed by the general director Garnik Movsisyan also arrived at the scene. At the moment, Gazprom employees have stopped the gas leak and are taking the necessary measures to eliminate the accident. Police have identified the driver and the injured.
2-01-2020, 19:58
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, yesterday, January 1, an emergency occurred in Lori region. At about 22:00 on the 1st street of Arevashogh village, a personal dispute took place near the church in the central part of Vanadzor residents Vahram Muradyan, 30, Vahe Muradyan, 28, and Arevashogh, 24 years old. Between Alex Chubatyan and 22-year-old Narek Tadevosyan.

According to the source, at about 11:30 pm the same day Vahram Muradyan informed the Spitak police of what had happened and reported that besides the mentioned persons, a resident of Jermuk town, a certain Gevorg had also struck him and his feet with those persons. on different parts of his brother Vahe Muradyan's body. Materials are being prepared in the Spitak Police Investigative Department on the fact. The police are taking the necessary investigative measures to identify the identified persons and to clarify the circumstances of the case.
2-01-2020, 15:44
Former RA Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan's wife Ruzanna Khachatryan posted photos of her New Year photo shoot on her Facebook page.