6-11-2019, 19:09
I am convinced that our country is in danger. It is more endangered than in 1991-1994. Former Secretary of the Artsakh Republic National Security Council, Major General Vitaly Balasanyan stated this in an interview posted on his Facebook page.

According to him, more than 10,000 LGBT community representatives will be started if they continue to tolerate them in Armenia. “There is a greater risk of the project of Indian passports to Armenia. To my knowledge, they are Muslim, Muslim, converts to 30,000, ”he said.

“Today they say that they work here for 3000-4000 drams daily, but they have money and their families are financially secure. The time will come, all of you will be convinced that it is, "Vitaly Balasanyan said.

The former secretary of the Artsakh National Security Council also said that there are two channels, one through which LGBT community members come to Armenia, and the other through Muslims, Muslims and Islamists. "I can't say whether official data is hiding it or not, but it's definitely well over 15,000. The policy pursued by the authorities is very dangerous, ”Balasanyan added.

He is also confident that in the future the same project could block the streets, terrorize or what happened to the Avetisyan family in Gyumri, as part of a larger project.
6-11-2019, 18:53
Coco Chanel, one of the most influential women in the world, is one of the founders of fashion. During her time she has made a great revolution in women's fashion. She said that women are also human and have the right to wear anything.

Madame Chanel has always been indifferent to criticism and has always sought to move forward without taking into account the opinions of others.

She said that no matter what they think about her, she doesn't worry about anyone.

At that time Armenia still had no idea of ​​fashion, so it had a weakness for any French innovation. Especially popular was the French perfume, which was quite expensive and not everyone could afford it.

In addition, Chanel herself disliked Caucasian women, even saying that they had ugly faces.

They were not slender enough. The fact remains that even nowadays, not only young women, but also young women in their 50s, are elegant, which is why French women are following their menu from a young age, without harming their health.

And our women, unfortunately, do not follow their structure. We have long been seeing girls under 25 who are already obese.
It comes from the fact that we have not developed the culture of proper nutrition or sports.

Coco Chanel, for her part, believed that a woman could be beautiful only if she was delicate.

No elegance
Chanel believed that Armenian women were not elegant, lacking the charm that exists in any French woman.

This applies not only to clothing and appearance but also to everyday life.
They don't wear hats
Coco Chanel thought every woman should wear a hat.
6-11-2019, 18:41
Nikol Pashinyan: The main event of the day.

A traffic police officer has written an act to a senior official for violating traffic rules.

And then everyone thanked everyone, and the traffic policeman was encouraged, attentively, by the instruction of the Prime Minister, attentively, to perform his official duty.

Everything is clear, I just did not understand who put the lunatic. . .

PS I apologize to my friends for insulting their intellect and consciousness.

I couldn't resist ...

Arthur Ghazinyan
6-11-2019, 18:18
A press conference of Talin detachment commander Sargis Karapetyan was due to take place today at the Mirror Press Club. The commander would make a statement: Sargis Karapetyan's previous press conference was held three weeks ago, during which the latter voiced sharp criticism of the current government (references at the end of the article).

After that press conference, Sargis Karapetyan is summoned to the police station and says that explanatory work will be done with the latter, while the department is intimidating him and warning him not to make such statements against the new authorities of Armenia.

After that incident, yesterday, when a press conference was posted on hayeli.am, Sargis Karapetyan called again, warning that he would not dare to make such statements. It was not possible to reach Sargis Karapetyan today. It is clear that the terror has left its mark.
6-11-2019, 17:52
Woman gives birth to tricolor after 7 years of infertility (video)
6-11-2019, 17:47
Journalist Karine Harutyunyan wrote on her Facebook page: “YSU lecturer Serge Srapionyan has taught me for a semester. In 1993 it looks like. I got in touch with him again in 2015 when I was working on the Freedom Fight website. Srapionyan was interviewed and criticized by Arayik Harutyunyan for foaming, further insulting him by comparing him to Nazim Bey, who played a major role in the deportation and pogroms of Armenians.

     The lecturer also said: "To a minister, it seems that the budget money of the ministry has been taken from his father's house, which is his own money, he can vanish just as any prodigal son can vanish his father's money. However, this is the property of our country, and I give that budget to some extent. ”

     We came in 2015, when Srapionyan was the Deputy Minister of Diaspora and called the editorial office to convince me that the ministry was still working, and it would be good for me to go and see the documents and make sure. And the reason for the call was my two critical articles about the indifference of the Ministry of Diaspora to the Syrian-Armenians. At that time Srapionyan was washing Hranush Hakobyan's face, as if he could. And when I said I couldn't imagine you in that position, he said I didn't. But, in fact, he was well-imagined and worked, and with Hranush Hakobyan, he bears the responsibility for all the failures, unsuccessful programs, incapacity that Hakobyan allowed during his tenure. At that time, for some reason, Serge Srapionyan was not interested in where the ministry's money was going, where the budget of the country was, or what the anti-Armenian policy Sargsyan was conducting on his behalf.

By the way, Serge Srapionyan did not speak like a foam in 2016 either, he did not smile when his colleague Artsrun Avagyan announced that he was not against Russian becoming a second state language.
6-11-2019, 17:29
The Jamiroquai band's concert began in Yerevan Sport and Concert Complex. It turns out that there will be a disco here by two o'clock tonight. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“We have checked in particular. there are no devils and devils in the area, ”he wrote.
6-11-2019, 17:19
Arsen Kharatyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“On Teaching the Armenian Language in Universities and Manipulations around it

1998-2005 I studied at YSU Faculty of Oriental Studies. Our faculty has a profound linguistic orientation where, depending on the chair, Arabic, Persian and Turkish are taught as core professional subjects, Russian, English and French as a foreign language, the Armenian language subject is also taught for 3 years. One and a half years of compulsory grammar training.

In my years of study, the three-tiered system of higher education had just been introduced, that is, the previous 5 years were replaced by 4 + 2, bachelor and master degrees. The form was embedded, but the content, in this case there was no overload of objects. And what happened to the fact that in the first semester of the master's program we started learning English, Russian and Armenian again?

In my time, the diplomas of our faculty graduates were as follows: Orientalist, Arabic (Iranian, Turkologist), Armenian language teacher. I'm not sure this fits in with what we've been teaching all four or six years, moreover, I don't know any of our graduates and anyone who currently works as an Armenian language teacher.

By the way, many friends of our faculty, including the Minister of Education of the Republic of Armenia Arayik Harutyunyan, were loudly criticizing this senseless phenomenon. In particular, because of lack of sufficient other subjects, they brought the languages ​​they had learned for 14 years and taught in a master's degree.

I don't know about other universities, but in the case of YSU, the Faculty of Armenian Philology, in particular the Chair of Armenian Language, has also had serious corruption problems as a result of being obliged to teach the language in other faculties. Especially in cases where students were from Russian education or from different Diaspora centers, they faced serious problems with taking the Armenian exam, so they were looking for ways to solve them informally. At present I cannot claim that this is going on, but the fact that the influence of YSU Faculty of Armenian Philology in other faculties will decrease as a result of the non-mandatory Armenian language is obvious, so let us draw our conclusions about who and what is concerned.

There is also political conjuncture. These days there has been no shortage of demonization with primitive manipulations. Even after turning Araik into a devil, they still miss the opportunity to present a "ban on Armenian jewelry". Yes, the Minister can be criticized and disagreed with, for example, the policies of that big ministry that are still incomprehensible to me, but especially with regard to the mother tongue, Harutyunyan has a very specific way of struggle.

Many remember the discussions about making Russian a second official language, its staunch struggle against it. Well, I can say with tranquility that for more than 10 years my eyes have consistently fought with beloved transatlantic users on the network that considers itself "car u naxandz."
6-11-2019, 17:04
Thousands of people who think that the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan's family will have to finance me to support a friend of mine. Former Secretary of the Artsakh National Security Council, Major General Vitaly Balasanyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am, referring to media reports that Vitaly Balasanyan's activities are financed by Sedrak Kocharyan's eldest son, Robert Kocharyan.

“It is very bad that such rumors are being spread. People who spread such false news, if they have at least some honesty, should take a little tour of my biography. It is a pity that such ducks have their place in our country. They spare no effort and effort to humiliate the country's national value system in carrying out their black business, ”Balasanyan said.

He said he could not help his comrades-in-arms, who are currently under political persecution. "I am not a casual person in this country. I have come a long way with Robert Kocharyan, former presidents, military commanders and generals, and it is my sacred duty to be with them right now. I fight against phenomena. During this one and a half year period, especially the steps taken by Robert Kocharyan, which are just ridiculous, and that Nikol Pashinyan's government has begun to prosecute Robert Kocharyan, I have no choice but to support him. Robert Kocharyan is not a political prisoner, he is a hostage. "

Balasanyan underlined that during his tenure as Secretary of the Artsakh Security Council in 2016, the media also spread rumors that had nothing to do with reality.

"These same rumors have been exploited in 2016 when I appeared in the PPC and made my small contribution. Since then, I have assumed the office of Secretary of the Artsakh Security Council with numerous suggestions by the President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan and false media reports have begun. And on June 11, by the decree of the Artsakh President, I was dismissed. "
6-11-2019, 16:48
Former Davtashen district mayor withdrew 9 million AMD from Davtashen charitable foundation.

YEREVAN, November 6 - Sputnik. The former Davtashen district governor, who took office in 2012-2018, stole 9 million drams. This is stated in a statement released by the RA Police.

According to the prepared materials, factual information was obtained that the head of the district, being chairman of the board of trustees of the Davtashen charitable foundation and in fact managing the funds, came to an agreement with the former chief of staff and director of the district, various community staff and community residents. compiled and signed false documents on providing assistance. Thus, in 2012-2014, 9 million drams were stolen from the fund.

Ex-customs chief's hotel to be auctioned. the starting price is already set

A criminal case has been filed with the police, which has been sent to the Investigation Committee for an investigation.

Police do not disclose the identity of the former district head, but it is known that Ruslan Baghdasaryan, who is the son of ex-MP Ruben Gevorgyan's "Tsaghik Rubo", was Davtashen's head in those years. Mb.html