18-11-2019, 14:07
Do you know what DNA does to a cell? Nothing much. The function of DNA is simply to store and transmit information to future generations. The only proteins that make up the DNA infobox do the job.

I created a new fairy tale; It happens, it doesn't happen, it's a cell. This decides to go for optimization and the DNA is cut and dried because it doesn't do anything. Do you know what happens to that cell? That's right, he's dying.

And do you know how many percent of DNA reads and uses proteins that work, today's estimate of no more than 5 percent?

I made another fairy tale; It happens, it doesn't happen, it's a cell. This decides to evaluate the effectiveness of DNA and decides to cut and cut unnecessary segments. What's wrong with that cell? That's right, the colds are falling, they're dying.

Distinguished politicians, don't do these things.
18-11-2019, 13:53
As we have already informed, yesterday during singer Mihran Tsarukyan's proposal to marry actress and singer Arpi Gabrielyan, thus congratulating her.

Today Arpi is celebrating her 31st birthday. Many embraced it, many congratulated the couple, wishing them enduring love and happiness, and some hurried to criticize them as inappropriate. Arpi shared a "starry" greeting.

They have been congratulated by their fans and well-known. The first came up with the post by designer Jaina Harutyunyan, "Ones dear!" They were congratulated by singer Hripsime Hakobyan, Grigor Kokchyan, Astghik Safaryan, dancer Vika Martirosyan, hostess Mane Grigoryan and others.

Special congratulations were sent by makeup artist Aga Kanakanyan. “Congratulations on your birthday, my beautiful daughter. It was so exciting to see the beautiful moment of your yesterday's happiness, Mihran Tsarukyan's offer and confession, let your happiness last. For over 10 years now, you have entrusted me and my team with your unparalleled beauty, and yesterday our joint story added another wonderful day. ”

Note that after the solo concert, the couple celebrated Arpi's birthday at Barocco Hall, where their friends and relatives were.
18-11-2019, 13:39
DIRECT. Meeting of the lecturers with the Minister Arayik Harutyunyan
18-11-2019, 13:35
Many children in families are subjected to pressure and violence, and orphanages are more preferable to them. Activist Narek Sargsyan said this in a conversation with journalists.

Referring to the closure of Byureghavan's child care and protection boarding school, he noted that there had been illegal activities.

He assures that violence is ruled by many families. Conversations with neighbors in one of these families have found that they take a lot of time away from a parent. It is said that the child was strangled and it is better for the child to grow up in the orphanage than that parent.

“Nowadays children are returned to such families. What is this? Doesn't anyone see it? ”Says Sargsyan.
18-11-2019, 13:34
Moves Hakobyan's and his deputies' dismissal from the post of Chief Military Inspectorate are linked to structural changes, RA Prime Minister's Spokesman Vladimir Karapetyan said.

"As a result of legislative changes, structural changes have taken place, according to which the Chief Military Inspectorate has been reorganized into the Ministry of Defense's Oversight Service," Vladimir Karapetyan said.

By the decision of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Movses Hakobyan has been dismissed from the post of Chief Military Inspector. Deputy Prime Minister Kamo Kochunts and Vachagan Nersesyan were also relieved of their posts.
18-11-2019, 13:21
Gagik Surenyan wrote on Facebook:

“People, on November 21-22 we have snow in Lori, Tavush, Syunik and Artsakh and the temperature will drop by 8-10 degrees. In the other 10 regions we have neither precipitation nor significant decrease in temperature. ”
18-11-2019, 13:20
Today, November 16, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's wife Anna Hakobyan hosted Director of the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA Armenia AAA Armenia) Harut Nersesyan in his office. Hakobyan's spokeswoman Arpine Zargaryan reports.

During the meeting, Nersesyan presented the history, mission, activities, as well as the projects being implemented by the AAA.

 "Both our programs in Armenia and Artsakh were originally purely humanitarian, but today the organization mainly carries out educational projects," Harut Nersesyan said, pointing to the example of the Avetisyan Educational Complex, which aims to "deliver high quality education." preschool and full secondary education programs. "
18-11-2019, 12:54
The trailer for the movie "Mel" has appeared on the Internet. The film is directed by Inna Sahakyan, the film consists of 28 minutes.

Recall, recently it became known that a film about Meline (Mel) Daluzyan will be shot. At the heart of the film is the story of a loving couple: their struggle to protect the rights of sexual minorities, the way they have come together. It should be noted that 20 million AMD has been allocated for the shooting of the film.
18-11-2019, 12:51
The 6th department of the RA Police conducts inspections at the “Eloyan Architects” company of Zareh Eloyan, brother of Avetik Eloyan, Advisor to the RA Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan. The police told LURER.com the information.

"Publications are being monitored on the basis of publications," said Zarzand Gabrielyan, head of the Police's PR and Media Department.

Former head of the cadastre committee Sarhat Petrosyan, who recently resigned, announced that the deputy prime minister's adviser Avetik Eloyan said in 2012 that the Together with his brother Zareh Eloyan, Eloyan Architects has launched a design organization in the US, the official website of which has only one apartment interior design in Armenia. Petrosyan noted that Eloyan Architects is involved in a number of other projects.

Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan said in an interview that he is well aware that Eloyan is going to sue Petrosyan over his statements.
18-11-2019, 12:38
Nikol Pashinyan attacking the parliament and speeding up the snap elections only solved one problem - to establish full power.

He understood that if time passed, euphoria would pass, and he would not be able to satisfy his own appetite. After all, under the revolutionary noise it would have been easy to apply electoral fraud.

Last December's elections were declared the most democratic and legitimate, but that was not the case. Apart from that, all the methods that were used in the arsenal of the previous authorities were probably applied to the election bribe. We are talking about administrative resources, criminal elements and electoral manipulations. And if we add to this the psychological manipulation in the face of revolutionary euphoria, then the 2018 parliamentary elections were not legitimate. However, it was not acceptable to speak about it in conditions of noise.

No one wanted to hear what the talk and suspicions were about moving groups, duplicates. They either had to be rejected or affirmed.

The truth is, most likely, that the nickolene simply took advantage of the legacy left behind. And if that was not the case and there was no list falsification, then those present should apologize to the former for slander.

Regarding the frauds committed by “velvet” boys and girls, David Sanasaryan, a prominent representative of the “gimp-gmo-ho” generation, publicly mentioned the former controller himself in the corruption scandal.

Sanasaryan spoke about the use of administrative and criminal resources. This resource, according to him, worked for Alen Simonyan (it is noteworthy that Sanasaryan did not speak of fraud in those days, but as soon as he was out of the list of officials and left out of the pulpit, he began to speak out about frauds, saying that he was now simply "abusive". , and if he stayed in office and continued to make money through surveillance, proud citizens would never know how the election was rigged.

Nikol did not respond to Sanasaryan's words. Meanwhile, very serious accusations have been made and the Nikol Pashinyan and Nikol Pashinyan, the director of that parliament, have been declared illegitimate within the revolutionaries.

Koryun Manukyan