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"There is undeniable evidence that Satanist groups are operating in the ruling elite." Nikol Pashinyan
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan posted a photo on his Facebook page, writing: “There is undeniable evidence that there are satanic groups in the ruling elite. Details later. ”

Shortly thereafter he also published a video and wrote: "Spread until they are erased. see and be sure. "
7-11-2019, 06:09
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A huge amount of work has been done to build a new circus building in Yerevan. The only thing left to do is finish the interior work.

YEREVAN, November 7 - Sputnik. The new Yerevan circus building will be put into operation by the end of 2020. Chief Engineer of "Yerevan Circus" CJSC Avag Hovhannisyan told this to a Sputnik Armenia correspondent.

“We have never had a break during construction. We are financially and technically secure. There have been some positive changes to the design. As technologies are rapidly developing now, we try to stay away from them by acquiring up-to-date and state-of-the-art equipment, ”he said.

At this moment the building is completely finished. In the near future some technical issues will be solved and only the interior finishing works will be completed.

Overhaul of new buildings Yerevan Circus:
The new circus building in Yerevan
Several samples of bench seats for the auditorium are ready. Now they are discussing, testing which of them will be most comfortable for the audience.

The problem of water pipes, sewerage, electricity and ventilation has also been resolved. Work is currently being done to install fire-fighting systems.

On the 6th floor of the building were built hotel rooms designed specifically for circus tour artists.

Overhaul of new buildings Yerevan Circus:
The roof of the new circus building in Yerevan
In addition to the lower floor parking, there is a free space for a fast-food outlet, a movie theater and an entertainment center.

The area adjacent to the circus building has also been renovated and landscaped.

"About 2,000 square meters in front of the new circus building" We have turned the yard into a beautiful garden. We have planted about 150 ornamental trees. We have placed benches, we have solved the problem of lighting the park, ”Hovhannisyan said.

United Arab Emirates
The garden in front of the circus
He stressed that completing the construction work is a rather complicated process. Sometimes, even with a slight change in design, they have to do a great deal of work.

Chief Engineer of Yerevan Circus Avag Ovanissian:
Avag Hovhannisyan
“More than 60 employees are involved. We have employment contracts with key employees. We also cooperate with other companies whose employees occasionally do some work, ”said the engineer.

According to Hovhannisyan, the public will not only be pleased with the new circus building, but also will not have to wait long.

Huge amounts of money have been spent on the project, but the chief engineer does not have the right to give clear numbers.

Armenia will be able to host international circus festivals

Recall that the construction of the Yerevan circus began in March 2011, when the Yerevan Municipality and Tashir Group of Companies signed an agreement. Initially it was planned to simply renovate the old building, but then a group of Tashir companies decided to build a new building, and in 2012 the old circus building was demolished.

Yerevan's new circus with all the luxury

The new building has 8 floors, 6 underground, 2 underground. The height of the building is 28.5 meters, with about 2300 seats in the hall. The height of the first floor is 4 meters 50 cm, the height of each of the 2 to 5 floors is 3 meters 30 cm, the last floor is 4 meters 10 cm.

Read more: https://armeniasputnik.am/society/20191107/21002596/yerb-kshahagorcvi-Yerevani-krkesi-nor-shenqy-shinararnery-vstah-en-spaselu-hamar-chenq-apsosa.html

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19-year-old Eric who died in Artsakh was the only child of his mother
6-11-2019, 22:26
Later it became known that the author of the "suspicious situation" was one of the pilots who mistakenly turned on the signal. Air Europe's press service rush to apologize.

"Before the Amsterdam-Madrid flight, the alarm signal was mistakenly connected to the abduction. Nothing happened, all passengers were waiting safely for the flight. We apologize for what happened, ”the statement read.

It is noted, however, that access to some parts of the airport is restricted, with police on duty. The aircraft is still standing on the runway.
6-11-2019, 22:25
“I treat strikes like any other civil disobedience. It is the right of the citizens, in this case the students, and I respect it. It would be great to know the requirements as well, I don't know about the requirements at the moment, I just know that there is a strike in those conversations, which is not even a decision, ”he told ArmDaily.am, referring to Armenian language, Armenian literature and Armenian history. Taguhi Ghazaryan, an MP from "My Step", said that making things non-obligatory.

According to the MP, it simply increases the autonomy of universities. “If there is such an initiative, HEIs will choose which subjects to go through. And it is not excluded that those subjects will be chosen, ”he said.

To the observation that many consider it a threat to preservation of the Armenian identity, Ghazaryan replied: “I don't think that after completing Armenian literature, language and history for 12 years at school, repeating the Armenian language for another semester at Bachelor's degree solves the problem of preserving the Armenian identity. Problems need to be addressed in general education. And Armenia's reputation and developments can provide good professionals. ”

On the question that there is no fear that many professors will become unemployed, the MP said: “There is this fear, frankly, as I myself am a graduate of that faculty, and I know that most of the lecturers were filling half the time by teaching in non-professional faculties. This is simply an opportunity to restructure the programs taught in the faculties. Rather than going to school and rebuilding the knowledge they received at school, but rather offer the kind of collaboration that lecturers would find acceptable for that university. In my opinion, when I position myself as a graduate of that faculty, when this proposal is formulated as a course in translating professional textbooks into Armenian at the Faculty of Physics, all natural, non-professional subjects will openly accept those courses. This will contribute to the modernization of the Armenian language of science, and the lecturers will have the opportunity not to lose their hours. ”

Dusya Ghazaryan
6-11-2019, 22:02
Hasmik Khachunts, secretary of the "My Step" faction of the Yerevan Council of Elders, is not going to resign the council mandate, that is, to resign. In response to the question of www.aravot.am the secretary of the faction said.

Today, a protest rally was held outside the office of the Civic Contract Party, during which a group of citizens demanded the resignation of Hasmik Khachunts, who participated in the November 2 performance at the Republic Square.

"I will not resign, I have done nothing shameful. It is a new kind of art that people are unfamiliar with and need to spread. As the Prime Minister said, we must perceive everything that is happening around us.
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The fate of the 5th Interstate Russian-Armenian Youth Forum was finally predetermined. It will take place on November 24-27 in Moscow. It should be reminded that Iravunk had mentioned that the Russian side's letters had remained unanswered for a long time and it was questionable whether the forum would take place this year or not.

"Our national interest should exclude capitulation of any other force." Gagik Harutyunyan
We also asked the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia Gevorg Lorejyan for the aforementioned issue, who informed that the 5th Armenian-Russian Youth Forum is planned to be held in Armenia in November. Moreover, in response to our inquiry, the deputy minister said: “Taking into consideration the fact that the 4th forum was held in Russia in November 2018 and the next forum is to be held in Armenia, we have planned to hold the 5th Armenian-Russian Youth Forum in 2019. In Armenia. Currently, the Armenian body responsible for organizing the forum is the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia, which has informed both the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation about its readiness to continue the tradition of the forums and has offered Armenian- 5th Russian Youth Forum to be held in 2019 in Armenia in November. ”

Referring to the above mentioned, Russian political scientist Mariam Hovsepyan told us: “In 2014, raising the idea of ​​holding a bilateral forum with various officials in Moscow and achieving results, the first Armenian-Russian intergovernmental youth forum in Armenia took place in 2015, and later I also fought for its establishment and longevity. I am glad that the forum will be held this year too. Of course, according to tradition, this year it should have been in Yerevan, but since the ministry still lacks stability to break the chain of Russian-Armenian forums, this year too the Russian side assumed responsibility for holding it and it will take place in Moscow. "

Anyway, didn't the Armenian side's proposal accept Russia or the ministry lied, saying that they offered to hold the forum in Armenia, this is not the only problem. It is not lost on our eyes that the forum announcement states that one of the conditions for participation is the commitment to pay for the Yerevan-Moscow-Yerevan travel. In fact, it turns out that anyone between the ages of 16 and 30 can attend this forum only if they pay their own way. Of course, one could get upset that the ministry could not afford the 25-person delegation's trip if it were not known just days ago that the ministry had allocated 2.7 million drams for a disgraceful event at the Republic Square metro station. Speaking of such a widespread statement, M. Hovsepyan added: “The ticket price will remain on the shoulders of the participants, which, in my opinion, is not appropriate for an intergovernmental forum. I am sorry that there will be people who are worthy of participating in the forum and can be effective with their participation but may not come because of the airline fee. In any case, I hope that young people from Armenia who are truly advocates of Armenian-Russian relations will come from Armenia who have something to say both during this forum and afterwards, working in Armenia to further deepen relations between the two states, not will come just to see Moscow. "

6-11-2019, 21:42
It is noted that thieves in the Caucasus also prefer to move to Europe, but this does not apply to Chechens who continue to live in the homeland. Law enforcers have learned that Chechen thieves are preparing to assemble a powerful team and to hold a top position in Russia's criminal world in the near future.

There are a number of authorities in Chechnya at present, and the most authoritative is Kazbek Dukuzov, who is suspected of the murder of Paul Khlebnikov, editor-in-chief of the Russian publishing house Forbes. It is said that he has no criminal stripes, but the authorities are listening to him, and he also solves questions between different clans of Chechnya.
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"After the April events, we were alert again and the armament increased, the tactics changed. It was not the armament of that time that our army was replenished after April, "former Deputy Minister of Defense Gagik Melkonyan told Public TV.

Observing how many say he is now being discredited by generals, Melkonyan said: "I do not understand the discrediting of the generals that is always talked about. That the general is discredited, then discredited, are not the full generals discredited? If he is a hero, he has committed a crime, he must be punished for whoever he wants to be. "

Referring to Vitaly Balasyan's assessments and behavior towards the current government, Melkonyan said: "He is the man who cannot find his place under this open sky. it became opposition from power, from opposition it became government. When he says that Armenians who consider Artsakh a region of Armenia do not have the right to enter Karabakh. Aliyev also says that those who enter Karabakh do not have the right to enter Azerbaijan. I always compare these two things to each other. What does it mean, whoever goes in there, we will be killed, we will be killed. Either that person is sick or he is one of the traitors in our country. When the people in Artsakh elect their leader, then the "vitals" will not appear. "

More details in the video.
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Former officials have decided to open the khash season with old and good friends. Former RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Artem Asatryan, Artem Asatryan's wife, who is now the director of the Aresh Polyclinic, Artak Grigoryan, former head of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Eduard Sharmazanov, a Republican with his sister Vahe Eloyan, former chief of staff of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, was gathered and decided to remember the good old days around the khash table.