4-01-2020, 08:06
At 23:25 an Arabkir police station received a call from Astghik Medical Center that a citizen had been taken to the hospital with the diagnosis of "cut-throat penetrating wound in the left half of the chest".

Police and investigators have determined that the injured was 16-year-old Rafael H., a resident of Yerevan. According to doctors at two medical centers, the wounded are unable to explain what happened.

C. According to Shamshyan, the officers of the Yerevan City Police Department's Criminal Investigation and Juvenile Affairs Officers, in cooperation with the Arabkir Police Criminal Investigations and Community Police Departments, have cooperated with the Arabkir Investigative Unit. Within the boundaries of 2012, the persons mentioned in the yard of building 17 on Georgian Street inflicted bodily injuries on the same street with the sharp-edged object Control, Mr. A., 33-year-old. The police and the investigative department are taking joint operative investigative and investigative actions to identify suspect Hayk A. as well as a crime tool.
4-01-2020, 07:48
Artsrun Hovhannisyan made a note
Spokesman for the Armenian Defense Minister Artsrun Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page: “The Ministry of Defense held a consultation at the Ministry of Defense to maintain vigilance in the Armed Forces and to discuss the organization of combat duty during the holidays. During the meeting the situation in the Middle East region was also discussed during the meeting, and special instructions were given in this direction. In general, the operative situation at the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border and the line of contact between Artsakh-Azerbaijan forces is assessed as stable. ”
4-01-2020, 07:27
Aries. Today you have to go against your principles. Remove all negative charges from you. The day makes you happy in all its shades and it is good for new collaborations, deals and new acquaintances. Don't waste time on inappropriate, empty talk.

In the workplace you will have minor discomforts, the smooth end of which is dependent on your level of awareness. You will discover new qualities that will help you take smart steps. A romantic encounter can change a lot in your life.

Taurus. Today is your day, do not miss the opportunity. Get started on a hectic activity and success will follow you. Be cautious in working relationships, without ignoring the opinions of those around you. The start of a new business is quite likely. Accept the principle of consensus in personal relationships and give the other a chance to express his or her mind.

The stars suggest that you will be the coveted guest in the second half of the day and there you will be with whom you can share your thoughts. Remember, your friends have prepared a surprise for you.

Gemini. Why do you slow down, what has put you in a dilemma, today you have the opportunity to find out your relationship with your longtime friend. The day is very convenient for your ideas and creative ideas. Your inner anxiety is giving you in. Don't be lazy and finish your unfinished job.
4-01-2020, 07:22
About the expected weather
In the territory of the Republic:

Precipitation is expected in some regions on January 4. No precipitation expected on 5-8.

Wind southwest - 3-8 m / s.
4-01-2020, 00:10
Human rights activist Artur Sakunts wrote on his Facebook page: "Well, what are those heart-warming forecasters and those who are excited about the rise in gas prices since April?

But honestly, it is not even interesting to look at the psychological shifts of those who are depressed until they are depressed.

There is one particularly important question whose answer is more important.

What price did Armenia and the Armenian citizen pay for the gas price agreement? "
3-01-2020, 22:47
Another accident has occurred due to the explosions. Gyumri resident's right hand was damaged during a stunt in Gyumri.

Gyumri Medical Center's press service told ArmDay.am that on January 3, at 7:00 pm, a 17-year-old citizen was hospitalized and was diagnosed with a palmar fracture of his right wrist.

The victim was taken to Gyumri Children's Hospital after receiving first aid.

In response to a question from the press service of the Gyumri Medical Center, ArmDay.am reported that two more juveniles had applied to the MC during these four days. One of them was injured in the eye, who went home after receiving first aid, while the other injured, whose fingers were injured, moved to Yerevan.
3-01-2020, 22:42
I look at these two records: one is the Prime Minister and the other is his daughter, Mariamin. Both say the same thing, but in the hour Mariam was about six hours ahead of the news of the economic revolution. One wonders if such a thing is heard when the Prime Minister's daughter informs her about the country's problems earlier than her father.

It remains to respond to the Prime Minister's cheerful post: Mr. Prime Minister, your daughter has already said you are six hours late. Hopefully this will not reach the foreign policy messages.

2020 begins with wonderful economic news. Ryanair adds new destinations from Yerevan to Thessaloniki and Gyumri to Athens. Flights will start at 19 euros. I congratulate us all.
The economic revolution is in progress, and it is going faster than many of us could have imagined
3-01-2020, 22:34
The popular Aliexpress offers to wrap the baby in lavash. More than 2,000 people liked the idea of ​​a baby boom.

YEREVAN, January 3 - Sputnik. One of the world-wide-web online trading sites, Aliexpress, sells lavash.

But lavash is not real but cotton, just lavash patterns on the cloth. In this bun and matching hat, the newborn looks a lot more "delicious".
3-01-2020, 21:12
Call to Serge
3-01-2020, 21:00
This year the style of clothing from the 1960's and 90's will be fashionable, which we may find in our wardrobes. As for the fashionable color of 2020, it's also not a rare occurrence in our wardrobes.

YEREVAN, January 3 - Sputnik, Karine Harutyunyan. Experts at the Pantone Institute of World Color Authority say that the most fashionable color of 2020 is blue. Artist, designer Armen Yeritsyan told Sputnik Armenia about it.

"You can already see blue accessories or street decoration items in Yerevan too," Yeritsyan said, adding that he also likes to wear that color, especially in combination with black.