23-06-2020, 06:07
Aries are not advised to perceive the events of the day as final and irreversible. rather, they will be the prelude to the main event. It is possible that you will have to consider a number of interrelated factors that do not depend on your will. Due to the circumstances or the internal mood, it will be difficult to choose the right path, to maintain a clear strategy.

Taurus is recommended to use this day in current affairs and to establish order in the surrounding area. It will be useful to coordinate the details, putting aside the superfluous and the unreal. Costs are undesirable. It is worth postponing active travels and contacts, especially if it is supposed to master new directions, active reorganization of life.
23-06-2020, 06:02
A group of citizens is protesting in front of the Central Bank building. They complain that in case of emergency they should continue to make payments to the banks. "I have started my disobedience against the banking system, I am raising my voice of protest," activist Manuel Manukyan wrote earlier on his Facebook page.
23-06-2020, 05:53
"Irates" newspaper writes. Last week, quite remarkable court decisions were made, the second president Robert Kocharyan was released on bail, and Gagik Tsarukyan, the leader of the second opposition faction in the parliament, was "given the oven", but the court did not make a decision to detain him. One way or another, in the case of both figures, the government can renew the arsenal at any time, find all the possible and unbelievable reasons and deprive them of their freedom.
23-06-2020, 05:45
"Irates" newspaper writes. "Recently, rumors have been circulating that Defense Minister David Tonoyan will soon be fired. According to the rumors hanging in the air, Nikol Pashinyan wants to get rid of the staff of the former ones in terms of specific law enforcement agencies.

Evidence of this was the recent dismissal of three heads of state, the head of the National Security Service, the police and the General Staff of the Armed Forces. Talks about David Tonoyan's resignation from the post of Minister have been going on since the first day of his appointment. But if in previous cases the number one official in the military sector personally denied all kinds of rumors in a conversation with journalists, now there is a complete silence.
23-06-2020, 05:29
At the sitting of the "My Step" faction, among other issues, they also referred to the court's decision to release Robert Kocharyan on bail. Nikol Pashinyan said that this is another proof that the judicial system in Armenia is independent. In connection with Tsarukyan, the imperialists inquired whether he would be arrested, Pashinyan did not answer this question either, only the court knows that. It should be reminded that the session was on Saturday, and the decision to detain should have been published on Sunday. What about R? Kocharyan's case, then the Constitutional Court, which has already received the answers of Venice and the ECHR, will examine it on July 7.
23-06-2020, 05:26
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "The joint sitting of the" My Step "faction and the board, which was attended by Nikol Pashinyan on Saturday, was again heated. The main topic was the special sitting of the National Assembly starting on Monday. Nikol Pashinyan once again threw a "dog's lap" at Vahagn Hovakimyan's head, and several "buckets" reached Vladimir Mirzoyan's godfather, chairman of the State and Legal Affairs Committee Vladimir Vardanyan. "He said I am not interested in what you have done or will do, solve the problem as you want, and solve it in such a way that problems do not arise with Venice and other international organizations. He stressed that you do not work well with those structures, "said our source of" My Step ". The deputies who were subjected to "Lynch" blamed Rustam Badasyan. Nicole said ․ "I don't care, you have to do the job without creating a problem, otherwise it will be bad for you."
23-06-2020, 04:55
"The promised consolidation in the opposition field does not take place. The Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), the ARF Dashnaktsutyun, the One Armenia, the Homeland and the National Agenda parties will not fight against the revolutionary government together. It should be reminded that on June 19 it was announced that a memorandum will be signed soon to form an opposition pole and fight together.

However, according to the "Zhoghovurd" daily, the representatives of these forces last met at the end of last week and could not come to a common denominator. According to our information, the PAP insisted that it is necessary for as many forces as possible to join their front, so that there is an influential union, and that is around Gagik Tsarukyan. The other parties, most of which are people-parties, did not agree, saying that "small" parties should not be involved in the process. And so the process of signing a memorandum has been suspended or canceled altogether.

Zhoghovurd daily reports that the above-mentioned forces have reached an agreement on one issue, that is, the old faces, no representative of the Republican Party should appear in the actions of the opposition and should not interfere in the affairs of the new opposition. only in this matter.

However, what exactly hinders the union? Iveta Tonoyan, a member of the Prosperous Armenia parliamentary group, told Zhoghovurd daily that discussions with political forces continue. "Our discussions with the political forces are still going on, and nothing should be done for the sake of the moment. Nothing can be outlined in an hour, ”Tonoyan said.
23-06-2020, 02:27
Hraparak.am writes ․ Garik Sargsyan began to speak English with joy. Allegedly, he spoke Armenian with his mother-in-law and switched to English. Well, it's up to them, they know two words, they already speak English. He posted this natural English cry on his Facebook page with the picture of the vote on the Constitutional amendments. Green peace:
23-06-2020, 02:22
Thus, Nikol Pashinyan finally made the months of months of "dispersing" the current staff of the Constitutional Court and appointing his accomplices a reality. In order to have the CC of his heart, he urged the entire political team to commit a serious crime, such as the overthrow of the constitutional order, the usurpation of powers of the judiciary. What the ruling faction did in the National Assembly was nothing more than a group rape of the Constitution.

Under the threat of a political decision, or rather a team leader, the faction unanimously adopted a bill to terminate the powers of the three judges of the Constitutional Court, which also terminates the powers of the current chairman of the Constitutional Court, he becomes an ordinary member. Not only the Armenian legal community but also the Venice Commission spoke out against the unconstitutional and illegal nature of the process.
23-06-2020, 02:12
The former were criminals, not open idiots. They cannot be judged by the laws they have created. In the same way, it was impossible to judge the Nazis or the Young Turks by the laws they created, diplomat Ara Papyan told Armdaily.

He also referred to Pashinyan's cancellation of his visit to Moscow. "My Moscow sources have clearly stated that a coup is being planned in Armenia. In the period from May 9 to June 6, in connection with the parade, when Pashinyan's visit to Moscow was expected, there was to be a coup in Armenia. And these releases were not accidental. "At the moment when the Russians adopted the slogan" Hoti kak v Armenii "as a slogan, Putin's attitude towards Pashinyan has been fixed since then and remains unchanged to this day," Papyan said.