30-03-2020, 20:18
Under this coronavirus rhythm, smooth, unobtrusive, like a dark wing, the inflation of Covid-19 extends from the greyhound to the exotic avocado and the highly national tomato-pepper.

The head of the Economic Competition Commission announced yesterday that there is no inflation and that it is under control.

How many days have social networks been overwhelmed by the surprise purchases made by our citizens living in Coronavirus?

Ginger, the same ginger itself, has increased by a few hundred percent from 2900 drams, lemon by 100 percent, buckwheat by a serious increase, the tomato-pepper duo I mentioned earlier.

And since there is no desire to list all the essential crops of the vegetable-vegetable, cereal and consumer basket, I just want to know where the Economic Competition Committee is.

I ask those who know, to let me know. I have checks to transfer.
30-03-2020, 20:07
The Central Bank issued a statement on March 24 stating that by the decision of the Central Bank Board No 13 of March 24, 2020, the credit of the credit organization "Loans AM" UCO CJSC has been revoked.

It was noted that during the supervision carried out by the Central Bank, it was found out that "Loans AM" UCO CJSC for the year 2019, December 2020 In January 2010, the financial statements submitted to the Central Bank of Armenia showed unreliable data on the total capital index.
30-03-2020, 19:44
About 250 people have left the isolation. This is reported by United Armenian Platform, which deals with coronavirus.
30-03-2020, 19:40
"Two patients with severe coronary artery disease have positive dynamics.
Patients between the ages of 49 and 60 have been transferred from the intensive care unit to the intensive care unit, where they will continue to receive further medical care.

I thank our resuscitators and infections specialists for stabilizing and relieving their condition. "
30-03-2020, 19:21
RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport presents March 31 timetable: 'Dear' teachers, students, parents, we are significantly increasing the number of video lessons. All students who have problems with computer devices and Internet access can use this opportunity.
30-03-2020, 18:52
- Mr. Badalyan, a number of foreign epidemiologists have recently expressed the opinion that coronavirus aggressiveness is decreasing. What does it mean? Decrease in the aggressiveness of the virus, and in this particular case do you notice such a tendency?

- First, we need to understand what we mean by reducing aggression. Did it spread, or was it mortality, or both? I have not come across any serious articles or analysis directly on such a topic. Let's look at the prevalence of this virus. From this point of view, the virus is still quite aggressive, and the ability to spread and kill is still largely the same as it used to be - the 80-15-5 relationship is maintained.
30-03-2020, 18:24
Doctors say child wounded in Voskevan community of Tavush province doctors say sustained severe, life-threatening. Alina Nikoghosyan, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, reports.

The child received a gunshot wound to the chest and needed first aid. He is currently moving to Yerevan at the Holy Mother of God Medical Center.
30-03-2020, 18:22
As we have already reported, 58 new cases of coronavirus disease have been registered as of March 29. 25 of them were in quarantine, 31 were contact cases, and the other 2 cases were contacted.

About 250 people have left the isolation. This was reported by the United Armenian Information Center.
30-03-2020, 18:19
At 16:10 on the 1st km of the Barit district-Akhtala highway, resident of Akhtala, 33-year-old Lorik M., lost control of his car with a Mercedes license plate 35 A 477, reportedly outside. It came from a traffic lane and fell into a gorge about 5 meters high.

Lorik M. died as a result of the accident. Officers of the 2nd Battalion of the 5th Battalion of the 2nd Battalion of Traffic Police arrived at the scene, led by the Battalion Commander Smbat Norekyan, Shamshyan.com reports.

The operative group of the Tumanyan police department headed by the acting interim head of the division Armen Harutyunyan and the deputy head of the department Vardanyan arrived also operatively.

The on-site investigation was led by traffic police investigator Garik Meliksetyan, but the materials will be sent to the Tumanyan Investigation Department of the Lori Regional Investigation Department of the Armenian Investigation Committee.

Yura Hovhannisyan, responsible for the crash at the 1-7 Operative Management Center, reported the incident to the Lori Regional Investigation Department of the Armenian Investigation Committee, from where the investigation team arrived. Tumanyan's investigative department is preparing materials on the fact.
30-03-2020, 17:58
Aries. Today it is worth focusing on the job, as the day promises significant professional success, and possibly self-expression in the field of service. The day is convenient for dealing with legal issues, you can sign important documents and make new transactions.

Unfortunately, relationships with close ones are not so favorable. Your mood is variable, which makes it difficult for you to understand your surroundings.

Taurus. Although the day has its benefits, it nevertheless does not stand out. So it's convenient to meet people you haven't seen in a long time - even after a long break you'll easily find a common language. The financial picture of the day is quite favorable, quite unexpected cash inflows are possible.

They will be happy to hear about your loved one or your relationship with him. Today you can start making new plans or change something substantially in your life.

Gemini. The day will not go wrong if you avoid inconsistent steps, even though the temptation to do so is great. Prudence and prudence help to avoid problems, but you will not always be able to display those qualities.

The trips will not go bad, but they will not deliver as many positive emotions as you expected. Try not to give in to provocations, one of your adversaries will try to use your immediacy.

Cancer. The day will be dedicated to achieving goals quickly and solving existing problems quickly. You finally manage to throw away the burden you've been carrying on for a long time, and life begins to appear in new colors. Creative potential is high, you get creative guidance and you will accomplish a lot of useful things during the day not only for yourself but also for your surroundings.

You will receive important news during the day, as well as unexpected revelations. The information you receive from many of you will make you reconsider your own values ​​and principles, think about starting a new life. It is not excluded that there will be an aspiration for self-discovery in the new professional field.

Leo. Today you have to follow the people around you, there are people whose display of benevolence is jealous of you. Do not be led astray, it will deceive you, instead sober mind and logic will help you focus and make the right decision in a difficult situation. Spend money wisely, no big purchases.

This is one of those days when your overly concerned with your other concerns can be perceived negatively, so don't lose your sense of size.