23-01-2020, 13:56
As we have already informed, a brutal murder took place yesterday in Tavush region. A woman's body was found hanged in a house in Chinar.

According to preliminary information, 30-year-old Nairuhi A, a resident of Chinari, committed suicide by hanging a rope from a baby crib in their bedroom. The coroner, who arrived at the scene, inspecting the body, said that scratches were found on his face during an external examination. According to the source, police and investigators at the scene suspected that the incident was not a suicide but an imitation, and undertook the necessary joint investigative and investigative actions on January 22 at around 3pm Chinari. Gevorg Petrosyan, a 31-year-old resident, strangled Nairuhi I in the bedroom of his house.
23-01-2020, 13:49
The identity of the person who opened fire on Erebuni Plaza on January 23 is known.

The shooter has already been cleared, the acting Chief of Police Arman Sargsyan has personally negotiated with him.

Aurora video on the Internet talks that the name of the shooter is Arthur Hovik Torosyan.
23-01-2020, 13:42
Police Chief's Car Allowed Without Bracelets (video)
23-01-2020, 13:39
Exclusive video ․ the moment an armed man enters the Erebuni Plaza
23-01-2020, 13:21
An unidentified man broke into the Erebuni Plaza business center and demanded a gun.

Police have cleared the offender.

It is up to us to capture the moment an armed man invades Erebuni Plaza.
23-01-2020, 13:13
Radio Aurora has released a footage from inside the Erebuni Plaza building that shows police chief Arman Sargsyan talking to a citizen who entered the building with an earlier weapon.

It should be noted that the citizen has already surrendered his weapon and taken to Arman Sargsyan's service car.
23-01-2020, 13:06
How Acting Chief of Police Talks with Erebuni Plaza Fireman
23-01-2020, 13:05
Activist David Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page: "According to reports, after the Plaza shootings there will be rallies allegedly pursued by the pursuers, and they will have a new motto - no bullets will stop us, and we do not feel safe being blamed by the current government. Unplanned show on Plaza ... Continued. "
23-01-2020, 13:02
Edgar Janoyan, Deputy Head of the RA Police's Public Relations and Information Department, reported on his Facebook page that an armed man, who had entered the Erebuni Plaza Hotel, had been taken to the police station by his acting car.

“The armed person has been cleared.

At 2:40 pm police received a call that there was a gunman shooting at the Erebuni Plaza Hotel. The police and operative groups left for the scene immediately.

Police chief Arman Sargsyan, led by Acting Chief of Police, held talks with the gunman after which the man handed the gun.

The man, accompanied by the acting chief of police, was taken to the police station with his service car.
There are no injured citizens.
All the circumstances of the case are being clarified, "Janoyan wrote.

It should be reminded that an armed man broke into the Erebuni Plaza Hotel today and fired shots.
23-01-2020, 12:49
How the suspect gets into a police car and leaves