Вчера, 14:13
According to him, the shooting of the TV series will end by June 15. "I am writing the scripts for the latest series, taking into account the opinions of TV viewers. As soon as they follow us for so long, they will eventually see what they wanted to see. We will try to take into account the opinion of the viewers and color the chain with sharp solutions. "

According to the screenwriter, the reason for the end of the series is technical. "As Armenia TV broadcasts in 4K format, we have a task to update the equipment. We decided to finish this project early so that we could start shooting a new project with new equipment in September. ”
Вчера, 13:36
The Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan, presided over by Judge Zaruhi Nakhshkaryan, rejected the lawsuit filed by Lilit Martirosyan against "Tesaket" LLC. According to "Datalex" information system, transgender Lilit Martirosyan asked to oblige the company to publicly apologize for the insulting remarks made to her through irates.am website and to confiscate 1,000,000 AMD in favor of the defendant as compensation.

Martirosyan stated in the lawsuit that in 2019 He addressed the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia on April 5, 2006 on the occasion of the hearing on human rights, speaking about the need to protect the rights of LGBT people. After the speech, "Irates" newspaper, as well as the irates.am website, published an article insulting the plaintiff's honor and dignity. In particular, the respondent allowed the following insulting expressions in the article titled "From the tribune of the National Assembly, the one who is in Sodom's guilt is already openly appealing to the public" published on April 9, 2019. "The one who is in Sodom's guilt", "The pervert who spoke from the tribune of the National Assembly is a transgender, someone named Lilit Martirosyan" noted that "even a year ago it was impossible for anyone to speak in the National Assembly and in his speech publicly. He would declare that he was, say, a transgender, a homosexual or another representative of perverts, "" After the speech of a pervert, applause was heard. "

Martirosyan said that the defendant's words such as "perverted", "representative of perverts", "perverted transgender", as well as "the one who is in Sodom's guilt" in the title of the article offend the plaintiff's honor and dignity. These expressions provoke negative feelings in the society, moreover, such expressions provoke hatred and threats of violence, which the plaintiff is witnessing to this day.
The court found. The above-mentioned statements are based on accurate facts, are aimed at assessing the case, are conditioned by the overriding public interest and are evaluative judgments about homosexuality, so they cannot be considered an insult, therefore the plaintiff's claim is unfounded and the claim is rejected.
Вчера, 13:17
On her Facebook page, NA Deputy Hrachya Hakobyan referred to the statement of the former director of the National Security Service Arthur Vanetsyan, which referred to the resignation of the Prime Minister and the reasons why Vanetsyan started to be involved in politics.

Hrachya Hakobyan's reference in full below.

"Artur Vanetsyan spoke today about the resignation of the Prime Minister. Vanetsyan also spoke about the reason why he started to be involved in politics, saying: "It never occurred to me that I would lead a party. It doesn't sound very loud, but our homeland and state are in an extreme state. " I think it is obvious to many that Vanetsyan is sincere when he says, "He would never have crossed my mind ..." he just had to say for the sake of justice that it never crossed his mind, it just crossed the minds of some people. that he should be involved in politics, and he started or is trying to get involved in politics.

He says he has been involved in politics since. "..... It will not sound too loud, but our homeland and state are in an extreme state." Here, too, there is a grain of truth in what he says, it's just that the state is not in an extremely difficult situation, but he, or some circles and individuals connected with him. And when our Homeland and the state were in an extremely difficult situation, when the people connected with it were robbing the state and the army, then Vanetsyan was a high-ranking official in the NSS and officially knew very well and saw how our country was being robbed. How the army's Tushonka and underwear appear in the vicinity of Serzh Sargsyan's entourage, and if he didn't know and didn't see, he was a bad and unprofessional employee of that system. And at that time, according to HIM DIMUM, he did not resign in order to get out of the system and get involved in politics.
Вчера, 13:12
Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan posted a photo of his youngest daughter on his Instagram microblog and wrote: "Arpi is trying to determine if Molly is positive."
Вчера, 13:06
Yesterday, on June 2, Prime Minister Pashinyan asked on Facebook to videotape the shocking cases of violations of anti-epidemic rules, to take photos and send them to his Facebook page, specifying the exact location and date of the violation, the individuals and legal entities involved.

Then, on his page, Pashinyan started posting photos from various mass events on violation of anti-epidemic rules, narrow family events and gatherings of citizens.

Among those publications were footage of an event held on January 8 with the participation of cartoon characters. After a while, Pashinyan removed the post, but it did not miss the eyes of Facebook users. The screenshots of the Prime Minister's post quickly spread on social networks.

Referring to the spread photos, Vahagn Aleksanyan, Public Relations Coordinator of the "Civil Contract" party, wrote ․ "Dear people, changing the post of posting on Facebook is not a difficult thing. Tell those who spread the word on January 8 that we saw your nakedness, but we were not tempted. ”

Alen Simonyan, NA Deputy Speaker, also made a note on the topic. "A user with simple magic changed the date of his video from January 26 to January 8 with the help of Facebook tools, you can check for yourself. Some people are happy and enjoy your credulity, "Simonyan wrote and published" proving "the video attached to the post.
Вчера, 12:48
An accident took place in the Artsakh Republic a while ago. A military vehicle overturned near the village of Mataghis in the Talish region, killing one conscript and injuring four others. We were informed that soldier "Ural" was returning from military training.

The deceased soldier was born in 2001.

More details shortly.
Вчера, 12:42
On May 28, four garbage cans placed at the intersection of Tumanyan and Nalbandyan streets in the capital were burnt and the windows of the supermarket operating there were damaged.

The Municipality of Yerevan informs that about 95 thousand drams are spent from the community budget to purchase each garbage can. The Yerevan Municipality also warns that in any case of damaging the community property, it applies to the police and it is consistent that those who damage the community property are held accountable.

According to a statement issued by the Police yesterday, a 26-year-old man was detained on Heratsi Street on June 1 at 6:30 pm on suspicion of committing a crime and gave a confession.

It turned out that the young man committed the act with a 23-year-old girl, who also gave a confessional statement.
Вчера, 11:23
"We notice a dangerous tendency to put all the responsibility on the citizen, this is unacceptable. Yes, the citizen must be law-abiding, follow the rules, but what have the structures responsible for the epidemic done? Did they do their best not to talk about introducing spetsnaz and imposing duplicate health today? Don't try to put the responsibility on the citizen, "PAP member Naira Zohrabyan stated in the National Assembly, adding that the citizen was lost in the contradictory statements of the officials.

"The government must decide whether it can mobilize all its potential." I know that a group of doctors is asking for an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister to present solutions to the situation. Listen to smart people, don't think that you can do everything ․․․ The state will be defeated if we cannot find a way out of the chaos by joint efforts, "Naira Zohrabyan emphasized.
Вчера, 10:39
On May 30, it became known that the agricultural market built in Ararat region will be opened. A statement issued on the occasion of the opening of the market said, "The agricultural market of Ararat region will be opened today. Villagers can sell their crops on the market from today. The official opening ceremony of the market is scheduled for early June.

In May of last year, during the "My Step for the Ararat Region" business forum, the businessman presented a plan to build a market for agricultural products in the region, which was implemented within a year.

There will be open-air and closed pavilions in the market, as well as warehouses with their refrigerators, food outlets, economic shops, and a parking lot for both passenger and truck cars. ”

It should be reminded that the market was built by the friends of the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's godson, the governor of Ararat Garik Sargsyan, who came from the Russian Federation. The authorities have done everything possible to start the business of Garik Sargsyan's friends with great profitability. The rumors about the construction and opening of the market were spread by all the government media, including the state media.

Two days after the opening of the market of Ararat region, on June 2, the parapet closes the "Meimandar" market of Armavir region for suspicious reasons. In this market, the villagers selling their crops were protesting. They claimed that they were deprived of the opportunity to earn a living. Many of the protesters suspected that the market was closing so that their buyers could go to the Ararat market.

Despite hundreds of villagers protesting, Prime Minister Pashinyan said today that a special police operation had been launched at midnight and that the Meymandar market was closed.

Authorities' efforts to shut down the Meymandar market when a similar market has opened up to them, especially when all the restaurants and other public places are open, raise reasonable doubts that all this is being done to make friends with Pashinyan's godson. The business will move forward.
Вчера, 10:27
When directing textbooks in schools, handing over certificates, it is the responsibility of direct principals. The Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan announced during his live broadcast on his Facebook page, noting that they had received such alarms from one or two places.

"If there is such a thing in schools and yards, I instruct the principals to put an end to it all right now. I know that hours have been set for the children to come in half an hour or once an hour, so that there will be no gatherings, "the minister said, noting that he will personally follow in the footsteps.