31-03-2020, 07:11
World-renowned musician, soloist of System of a Down band Serj Tankian attaches great importance to drawing conclusions from the current situation in the world. These days he is in self-isolation in New Zealand. During this time he interviewed one of the well-known New Zealand journalists. He mentioned that he wanted this to be a lesson for people.

"I am not afraid of coronavirus, I am afraid that we do not learn lessons from what is happening now and continue what we were doing. And without understanding, we are heading for our uncertain future, ”he said.
31-03-2020, 07:04
Details about the child's health condition in Tavush
Gevorg Derdzyan, spokesman for the Holy Mother of God Medical Center, wrote on his Facebook page: “A child injured by an enemy shot in the Voskevan community of Tavush province is already in Yerevan at the Holy Mother of God Medical Center.

Doctors say the condition is stable. The child was taken to the intensive care unit. The latter received a gunshot wound to the chest and needed first aid. Surgery was performed at Noyemberyan Medical Center.
30-03-2020, 23:51
Edmon Marukyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“Our good friend Ariana, a bright man… left us. I can't find words. I extend my condolences to Levon Aronian and their relatives and all those who know Aryan. "
30-03-2020, 23:26
A number of countries have declared quarantine in their home country due to the spread of the new coronavirus disease. Everybody has their own approach to making it easier to stay home and ease the boredom. Belgian Tigran Khanjarian sings from the balcony every day to occupy the quarantined residents.

Speaking to ArmDaily.am, Tigran talked about the transition from soccer to songwriting, to boredom in quarantine, and dreams.
30-03-2020, 23:01
Working with Arianna was a pleasure. Drinking coffee together on the steps outside was a pleasure. Laughing at the pronunciation of newly learned Armenian words was a pleasure. Our "Traveler" was a real family, so strong that we are still very much connected.

Every day, I used to tell my friends, Ari, did this, so he said, here he is, there he is, this is what we have to write. We were always drawn to the travels of traveling. Chocolate bag, sweets, gifts. He cooked dinner at home and brought us.
30-03-2020, 21:35
The leader of Armenia's grandmaster, FIDE World Cup Levon Aronian's wife, Ariana Kaoili, has died recently.

Aronyan wrote on his Twitter page on the death of his wife:

“I have no words to express my sorrow over the death of my wife, Ariana. He was a smart, hardworking and happy man who lived a beautiful life ... I love you, my dear, sleep in peace. "

Earlier we reported that Ariana Kaoil, who was transferred to Astghik Medical Center after the accident, was again transferred to the intensive care unit because of problems with her lungs.

Ariana Caoili crashed in Yerevan on March 14. At about 11:50 pm, in his Lexus car, he crashed into a concrete pillar on Clover Bridge on Sebastia Street.

After that, he underwent several surgeries.

Ariana Caoil was 33 years old. was an Australian FIDE women's international chess player of Australian descent, and since 2016 the Editor-in-Chief of the Traveler weekly in Yerevan. On November 21, 2017 Karen Karapetyan appointed him adviser to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia on a public basis.

Levon Aronian and Ariana Kaoil were married in 2017.
30-03-2020, 21:35
Armenia's leading grandmaster, FIDE World Cup champion Levon Aronian has confirmed the news of the death of his wife Ariana Kaoili.

“I can't find the words to express the grave grief of losing my wife, Ariana Caoili. He was a smart, hardworking and cheerful person who lived a beautiful life ...
30-03-2020, 21:09
Today, Ariana Kaoili, the wife of FIDE World Cup Levon Aronian, the leader of the Armenian Grandmaster, died.

It should be reminded that on March 14 a major car accident occurred in Yerevan. Aronyan's wife hit a concrete pillar on a Sebastia street in a Lexus RX350. Rescuers were able to get the woman out of the car by using special equipment. He was taken to hospital in critical condition. Kaolie's condition had stabilized, but this morning she was again taken to the intensive care unit because of problems with her lungs. The latter could not save his life.
30-03-2020, 20:41
The sons of Levon Kocharyan and singer Sirusho, the son of second Armenian President Robert Kocharyan ride a bicycle on the roof of the building in an emergency.

The corresponding video was posted by Levon Kocharyan on his Facebook page.
30-03-2020, 20:25
There has been a change in the decision of the Commissioner on restriction of movement of persons throughout the Republic of Armenia. It is linked to the March 31 presidential and parliamentary elections in Artsakh.