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Hraparak daily writes: “Gagik Tsarukyan has recently been invited to Moscow for meetings with political circles. He did not stay long, only 1-2 days, and has returned yesterday.

Our Moscow sources say that the purpose of the visit was to "shake" Tsarukyan and the PAP, as the "My step" - PAP relations have intensified lately, especially in parliament, and big budget battles await in the near future.

The Russians have again made it clear that a radical opposition must be formed in Armenia, and the PAP is the most appropriate force they are ready to support.

According to the official statement of the visit, at the invitation of the head of the Russian State Duma's ruling "Yedinaya Rossiya" faction Sergey Neverov, the delegation headed by Gagik Tsarukyan was in Moscow, where he participated in the Inter-Parliamentary Partnership for CIS Fractions and Alliances Framework Partnership. :
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"Fact" newspaper writes: “In the case of 699 goods imported from third countries from January 1, 2020, the EEU customs rates will be applied, which implies inflation of these products. It is obvious that there are products whose price increase will not hit the consumers' pockets.

You don't buy a musical instrument, furniture or equipment every day, but worry that the expected inflation from January will also affect essentials.

For example, in the case of imported poultry from non-EEU countries, frozen cattle, the customs duty will increase to 2.5-3, in the case of dairy products and butter - 2, margarine - 12, rice - 3, sunflower oil - 2, building material and By 3 percent.

There will also be an increase in imports of drugs from third countries. Imported pharmaceuticals, medicines and antibiotics will increase by 2-4%.
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The first meeting of the Vernatun Public-Political Club, founded by Vazgen Manukyan, the former Chairman of the Public Council, was held last week, attended by public, political and cultural figures. Although representatives of different poles came together, they were united by one thing: they were dissatisfied with the authorities and the situation in the country concerned and the possible developments.

It is noteworthy that Konstantin Zatulin, the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on CIS Affairs of the Russian State Duma, Eurasian Integration and Compatriots, also attended the session, which did not miss the attention of many. People have even started to call him Vernatan's godfather on social media, and some have wondered why a large number of pro-Western figures and liberals have come up with K.V. Zatulin:

However, the reality is quite different. According to the information of "Iravunk" K. Zatulin is not enthusiastic about Vernatn, moreover he is not impressed with the content of the rally. In fact, "Vernatun" is trying to get behind what has been a year-long "Lazarian" club, with a really big future for K.V. Zatulin: In fact, the Vernatun will try to overshadow the activities of the Lazaryan club, with only one month left until the next session. In this case, there was nothing left to do. To remind Zatulin, at least in his presence, that what they have been thinking about today is what they are. Manukyan and his supporters initiated it a year ago. K. Zatulin's participation was conditioned by one more circumstance.

It turns out that some of the contingent of the Lazaryan club were also in a hurry to get to Vernatan. Therefore, it was left to find out whether it is possible to carry out the activities of these two clubs at the same time, whether they will be from the competition or they will repeat each other with the same faces and the same content.

The Savior
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Russian analyst Stanislav Tarasov put into circulation one interesting idea related to Artsakh. Taking into account the heated events in Georgia and Iran, Tarasov puts forward the view that this can cause serious problems for both Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Therefore, according to the analyst. "There is no doubt that the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia are well positioned in the current situation and see a corridor of opportunities for joint cooperation. It is no coincidence that Baku quietly accepted Russia's decision to strengthen its military base in Gyumri.

However, the path to the dialogue between Azerbaijan and Armenia is the unsettled Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which may gain other outlines and characteristics in the event of the start of destructive scenarios in the region. It may happen that both sides are interested in the presence of Russian troops in Stepanakert for more important reasons than the conflict. But it will largely depend on what position Moscow will take. "

How realistic is this scenario? Here, let's not forget the fact that Tarasov is well known as an analyst of his own in the upper Moscow circle, so his ideas, however fantastic they may seem at first glance, must be taken seriously.
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When authorities resorted to violence against Ijevan residents to prevent felling, Nikol Pashinyan's hatred was still there, according to political analyst Aghvan Vardyan during Angela Tovmasyan's "Mirror" broadcast on ArmNews. According to Vardanyan, these authorities are detached from the reality and do not understand what social attitudes are towards them.

Speaking about the government's decision to close boarding schools, Aghvan Vardanyan noted that we will soon see the consequences of closing these boarding schools, and without taking such steps without study will have negative consequences. He stressed that when they say this government has failed, it means it has failed in all areas.

Asked by those who make a fuss about non-compulsory teaching in the non-professional sections of "Armenian Language", "Armenian Literature" Nikol Pashinyan constantly asks, "From whom do you defend our language?" “Yes, the“ Armenian language ”and“ Armenian history ”must be protected by Nikol Pashinyan. They say one word, but their steps are nationalistic. ”

Referring to the creation and operation of the "Vernatun" structure, Aghvan Vardanyan drew attention to the people who "hang" on behalf of that structure. According to him, if you ask how many of Tumanyan's "Vernatan" members will be remembered, they cannot answer. Aghvan Vardanyan does not understand
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The guest of Satik Seyranyan's "Pressing" authoring program is Arthur Vanetsyan, the former director of the National Security Service, President of the Football Federation of Armenia.

You can watch the full program tomorrow, November 21, at 22:00.
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Shirak State University lecturer, political scientist Gagik Hambaryan spoke with aravot.am, referring to the statement made by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in the National Assembly that Gyumri weightlifter Meline Daluzyan is under her personal patronage, she is not a trio of Europe. Failure to sponsor the film would have stuck to the front of the Republic of Armenia and the government, saying that the prime minister's justifications were not true and that he was an absolute novice to Gyumri.

According to Gagik Hambaryan, Mel Daluzyan studied at Shirak State University, where both his lecturers and the whole city knew about his sexual orientation, but never discussed it, and most of all he was not persecuted given his sporting success.
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Shortly before, it turned out that the Azerbaijani "video blogger" who appeared unexpectedly at a meeting with Nikol at the Armenian Church in Milan was actually an Azeri police officer (less likely, but not excluded, state security). I suppose an operative because there were pictures of protesters in civilian clothes.

During a meeting with the Armenian community, he quietly came inside and was able to approach Nicole and ask a provocative question.

In fact, while Nikol was busy shouting "I'll take him out of the paddle," in fact, Aliyev's "batman" had come and entered the "Nikol paddle" and brought a "message" from Baku.

While Nikol sees a man on the roads of Artsakh and gets tense, with his own confession he begins to think, "Who is this, what is in his mind?"

Security - level plinth ... Well, the important thing is to get rid of the "old shots".
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I've been wondering for a few days what it was like to go to Milan, the Roman Armenian community is bigger and there is a church. now I understand.

In fact, Khanum had promised La Scala.
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"We preach love, we are in the church, I myself, as our Lord Jesus Christ preached love, but when the time came, he entered the temple area and turned the tables, saying that you have made this temple of holiness a trade and a pillar. environment: Even Jesus Christ entered the temple and turned the tables where the sacred ones were profaned, ”Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated at a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community at the Armenian Apostolic Church of Forty-eighths.

Of course, it's hard to say what those present felt like comparing Pashinyan to Jesus, but Pashinyan, shortly after, in response to the lady demanding his resignation, denied himself. “The hate speech is constantly being spoken about, and who is leading the hate speech? If there were authorities in Armenia whose only feeling of hatred is the people, what is my fault? Who do we call hatred? On the contrary, our revolution was a revolution of love and solidarity, "Pashinyan said and continued.

If by state institution you mean corruption, yes, the institute is destroyed and crushed, and the backbone of that institute is broken in the Republic of Armenia. If by hatred you mean our claim that the stolen money will be returned to the last, yes, it will be returned.