23-06-2020, 13:31
The Sukiasyan family has nothing to do with the liquidation process of "Armcollection" CJSC. Anna Mkrtchyan, Khachatur Sukiasyan's spokeswoman, told AraratNews.am about this. "Recently, the Sukiasyans have been targeted by well-known political circles, and everyone knows why. At first, there are false rumors that the Sukiasyans are buying a corporation, then they are making this deal, and then they are doing it. It is no secret that the Sukiasyans are businessmen and can operate in all areas where the law does not prohibit them. In this way, they want to create a negative background in the society towards the Sukiasyan family, which, at the moment, they do not succeed in, ”said Anna Mkrtchyan, adding. "They put a picture of Khachatur Sukiasyan, a crunchy title, spread it on the Internet, and when we deny it, they say it's a lie, it's all the same, they have finished spreading their lies."
23-06-2020, 13:05
Cui prodest? It doesn't matter who benefits from it.

This question, BC It has been a key issue in ancient Rome since the first century. Although the author of the phrase is considered to be the Roman lawyer Ravilla of the ancient period, it is better known for the speech of Mark Tulios Cicero, who worked in the same period, in which he spoke in defense of Milon.

From ancient Rome, no matter how unpleasant it may be, let us return to our all-encompassing reality with a moment, filling in a little with the expression of the mentioned ancient Romans, let's ask a question. Who benefits from violating the constitution and illegally "legitimizing" the campaign against the Constitutional Court? Moreover, who is inspired by all this, who are, so to speak, "giving a shit" to the "thugs" who came to power?
23-06-2020, 12:57
LIVE. Pashinyan on the situation caused by the coronavirus
23-06-2020, 12:54
In an interview with Dmitry Gordon, former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili recalled his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Minsk in 2006, saying Putin had "taken him to a dark room and put his nails on his knees."

During the interview, the former Georgian president spoke about the mistakes and mistakes of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, his five-hour conversation with Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump's chances of re-election, the lies told by former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, the world's brightest leaders as well as why the Georgians did not appreciate him.
23-06-2020, 12:17
This has nothing to do with their political activities, this is a normal, ordinary dispute, Narek Mantashyan, co-chair of Alternative NGO, told LURER.com, referring to the information spread yesterday that Hayk Stepanyan, a member of the Revolutionary Guards, was beaten. to obey

They tried to behave in the role of the most powerful, unpunished, and received an adequate response. This incident is being politicized by the authorities, who are trying to show that they are beating our supporters, and so on.

Speaking about the group's activities, Mantashyan described it as ridiculous, noting, "From whom are they defending the revolution, from their own people?"
23-06-2020, 12:08
Dear compatriots, I have passed the COVID-19 test, I recently learned that the test result is positive. I must say that I feel good, I have no worries at the moment.

NA Deputy Speaker Vahe Enfiajyan wrote on his Facebook page.
23-06-2020, 11:52
We talked to Mihran Hakobyan, a former NA deputy, political scientist and historian, about the internal political developments.

Details in the video ․
23-06-2020, 11:43
Pashinyan or Putin? Who would Zhanna Butulyan go to dinner with?
23-06-2020, 11:36
We are in discussions with the PAP ․ we can't publish nuances ․ Marukyan
23-06-2020, 11:23
Today, actor Vahagn Simonyan, Poncho, came in front of the Constitutional Court. Addressing the journalists, he said ․ "Didn't you hang Hrair?" Seeing that the journalists did not react to what he said, he continued. "Yeah, you're not one of us." To my colleague's question, who does he mean by "ours", he answered ․ "Armenians again." You understand, don't you, where we have reached, you understand, don't you, what does this mean?