23-06-2020, 07:52
While reading the bilateral exclamations on Facebook yesterday, I didn't understand who, what he wanted and from whom ...

The conditional partisans were constantly fixing the failure of the constitutional order, as if it were the first time, or at the end of someone's time, or something was changing. Let's say they didn't fail this time either, Tovmasyan stayed, then ... what was left? What did he give or give?

What difference will it make whether the president signs or not, or what lights the Lusavor will invent this time? What calls do you make to BP Armen Sargsyan and his chicken version Edmon, seriously?
23-06-2020, 07:41
We had already informed that a group of citizens were raising their voices in protest in front of the Central Bank building against the banking system. In the video spread on the Facebook page of activist Manuel Manukyan, he shows how the police use violence to arrest one of the young men.
23-06-2020, 07:29
Gagik Tsarukyan, the leader of the Prosperous Armenia party, recently referred to the act he is accused of, noting that it is fabricated. "I was a partner, I signed a memorandum, I was an owner, they went and looked at what work had been done so that I could represent my country well. What I have done, I have done for the honor of my country, for the people, for the future. They mislead the people and keep in touch with the old ones. Who was Mukuchyan? The first election fraudster to be called for elections. How is it that Mukuchyan exists now? ”Said Tsarukyan, and NA deputy Naira Zohrabyan added,“ because they still need it. ”
23-06-2020, 07:24
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "Some deputies of my step, who in the past had some connection with PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan, tried to convince Tsarukyan that he had been forced to vote by impeachment after being deprived of his immunity. may vote differently.

It was said that Hakob Simidyan, the secretary of the faction, was responsible for the process.
23-06-2020, 07:16
Yesterday, on June 22, a stabbing incident took place in Yerevan. At around 12:30 pm, the Nor Nork Police Department received a call from the Kanaker-Zeytun Medical Center that a citizen had been taken to them with a diagnosis of a "puncture wound in the left half of the abdomen." As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports, the operative group of the Nor Nork police department headed by the head of the criminal investigation department left for the hospital.
23-06-2020, 07:11
It became known yesterday that the co-founder of the group called "Guardians of the Revolution" Hayk Stepanyan took part in a fight, as a result of which he received bodily injuries and was taken to hospital.

Hours after the incident, it turned out that there were detainees. The father of one of the detainees revealed that the incident was started by Hayk Stepanyan. "On the way, Hayk Stepanyan stopped Gor, they had an argument, there was a simple question, they didn't give him a car. Hayk Stepanyan and his "entourage" started beating my son and his friend on the spot. There was an MP from the National Assembly with them, I don't want to publish the name yet. They were returning from Ashtarak gorge and had a party. We are told that no more than 10 people can gather, but they had a party with more than 30 people and started a drunken fight, ”Gor Baghdasaryan's father told Tert.am.
23-06-2020, 06:51
As of 11:00 am on June 23, 418 new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Armenia. This was reported by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection has reached 21006.

1013 cases of recovery were registered in 1 day.
In the last 1 day, 12 deaths were registered.
23-06-2020, 06:40
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page. "To triple, quadruple, quadruple vigilance. Today we have at least reached the point where we do not have a patient waiting for hospitalization at home. But the possibilities for expanding the health care system are not limitless.

Remember, 15 out of 100 new infections will inevitably be hospitalized, 5 of which will inevitably end up in the intensive care unit, two of which will unfortunately die despite all efforts.

You can stop the development of this deadly statistic by wearing a mask, keeping your social distance and regularly disinfecting (washing) your hands. ”
23-06-2020, 06:27
RA NA Deputy George Grigoryan shared the video of Alen Simonyan's interview on his page and made a note.

"They will break my hand that I assessed this man ...

If he is a lawyer (actually), then I am Bruce Lee ...

How Hl desecrates jurisprudence ..., "he said.
23-06-2020, 06:22
Aram MP3's father has died. The musician announced this in a post on his Facebook page.

"4 and a half years of struggle, suffering, small victories, which seemed huge at that moment. Not losing hope until the last second, that everything will be fine, that these bad days will pass. But come and see ...
What happened today was what we were trying to do as much as possible, not to talk about it, not even to discuss it.

This day was forever imprinted on me as a black day.
Today I lost my HORSE.

The requiem will take place in the Loire mourning N 1 hall near the Shahumyan cemetery on June 23, 2020 at 18:00, "he wrote.