4-03-2020, 20:39
The news about the appearance of coronavirus in Armenia changed the rhythm of people's lives. If some were panicked, others had to pay out of their own pocket.

YEREVAN, March 4 - Sputnik. In the room smoke incense and eat khash with a large amount of garlic. What can Armenians say they will not do to protect themselves from the "plague of the 21st century" - COVID - 2019 (coronavirus).

The first confirmed case of coronavirus infection in Armenia was registered on March 1. It was found by a 29-year-old man from Iran. According to the Ministry of Health, there are almost no symptoms in the infected person and he is not receiving any treatment. The man and 32 people who were in contact with him were isolated at the Golden Palace Hotel in Tsakhkadzor.
4-03-2020, 20:23
Our Gyumri source today reported that yesterday, February 3, at 1:00 pm, they saw the young man strangled on Isahakyan Street. He was entering a residential building. The viewer wanted to paint, but he couldn't. The young man was accompanied by one of the directors of the best hotel-restaurant in Gyumri.

He asked not to be named. “I was shocked, I couldn't believe my eyes,” she says. I should note that the narrator knows the drowning girl very well, and the young man told many details about the unfortunate incident.

When I asked if you might be confused, he said no, just like Rafo it's just Rafo, you can't be confused. He promised that he would come to the young man's house today, that he would come out and wait. But the shift was "fruitless", and the young man was unable to paint. He provided me some pictures of the meeting place, which I posted on the slide. It is Isahakyan street in Gyumri. The apartment building where the young man entered was escorted and he did not manage to paint.
4-03-2020, 20:11
Today is March 5th the birthday of Sparapet Vazgen Sargsyan. Sparapet would have turned 61 years old.

Vazgen Sarsgsyan is one of the most devoted and collective characters in the modern history of Armenia, in the newly independent Armenia - contradictory in that collective, straightforward in that contradiction, deep and multi-layered in that rectitude ...

Vazgen Sargsyan is the living embodiment of our historical desires and dreams, the aspirations of which he achieved through the collective effort and united spirit he achieved first in the battlefield, building victories in the Artsakh war, then in state-building in the army, and then in the economy.

Vazgen Sargsyan never became a politician throughout his career, with the classic perception of that word. He remained and remained a military and state figure, for whom the homeland and statehood were above any political conjuncture. And just as a state figure in the 1999 elections, Vazgen Sargsyan came to embody the hopes and expectations of our people, which the Citizens of the Confidence gave to the Unity Alliance, co-founded with the so-called Karen Demirchyan. With that success, Vazgen Sargsyan along with Karen Demirchyan's victories in the battlefield would translate into economic and public life, and the collective will and effort of the military would bring about a level of economic empowerment that the Armenian people had been waiting for.

Alas, the traitorous and cruel fire of October 27 prevented this process - Vazgen Sargsyan's triumphant process of state building. Surely, today we would have had a state of a completely different quality, had it not been for October 27, the organizers and implementers of which have wasted that historic opportunity to build our dream homeland…

In the memory of Vazgen Sargsyan, it is our personal and collective duty to build his dream Armenia and homeland and make his prophetic words come true: the 21st century will be ours…

Happy birthday, Sparapet.
4-03-2020, 20:01
A video has emerged on the Internet where a man miraculously escapes.

According to Live Leak, the incident took place in China.

Published footage shows a speeding car approaching a pedestrian on the street.

Fortunately, the car collides with the pillars, and the Chinese do not lose it and are able to avoid a deadly blow.
4-03-2020, 19:44
Facebook user Arthur Azizyan shared a video in the "Don't do it" Facebook group in which two young men blow up the lock at Saryan Street in Yerevan.
4-03-2020, 19:25
"No new case of Coronavirus infection has been registered in Armenia, nor has the number of isolated persons increased," Nune Bakunts, deputy director general of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told Armenian News-NEWS.am.

According to him, quite serious measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the infection.

"In China, the number of illnesses has decreased, but at the same time there are cases of coronavirus infection in other countries and there is a certain spread ... The situation is serious and it is difficult to say how it will develop," he said.

During the airing, the deputy director general of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention at the Ministry of Health noted some similarities and differences between coronavirus and the common flu: "Coronavirus and influenza are similar in that they begin with approximately the same symptoms: fever, fever. In the middle and severe cases of coronavirus, pneumonia is definitely present. Coronavirus prefers to fit into the body of the lungs and causes widespread inflammation, which causes death, as the body does not receive enough oxygen in the case of inflamed lungs, and this is especially the case in the elderly. And the influenza virus is more common in the upper respiratory tract, and children and pregnant women are more likely to get the flu. Coronavirus infects very few children and pregnant women. Another important difference is that the influenza virus and a number of other respiratory viruses have been circulating freely in the human population for many years, and the new coronavirus is not a freely circulating virus, it has not yet spread freely in the human population. Eighty-five percent of those with coronavirus develop mild or moderate disease and are cured, and 20% are severe, and in this case there are deaths. Severe cases last 6-8 weeks, ”Bakunts said.
4-03-2020, 18:52
Everyone feels good. Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan said this in a conversation with journalists today, referring to the people quarantined in Tsakhkadzor.

The minister mentioned that there were 11 more tests today, all the results were negative and there is no person to be tested at this time.
4-03-2020, 18:29
Armenian Health Minister Arsen Torosyan discussed the situation with coronavirus in the world and in the region with Anna Popova, head of the Federal Office for Consumer Rights and Human Rights Protection of Russia. Both sides highlighted the cooperation of the countries in the fight against infectious diseases. An experience and information exchange agreement has been reached.

This was posted on his Facebook page by the Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan. “I spoke with Anna Popova, head of the Russian Consumer Protection and Human Welfare Service (Rospotrebnadzor), recently to discuss the situation with coronavirus worldwide and in the region.

First, I thanked him for our comprehensive support to our country, including the provision of diagnostic tests. We discussed the situation in the world and the region due to coronavirus, as well as the events taking place in both countries. We mutually emphasized the cooperation of the countries in the fight against infectious diseases and agreed to continue to exchange experience and information, ”reads the Minister's note.
4-03-2020, 18:28
The panic caused by the new coronavirus subspecies has caused many of our compatriots to discover, and those who know have recalled the lesser known and unexplored Panic Monastery.

These days, by constantly using the word "panic" on the Internet, users of social networks have begun to read and disseminate information about a monastery in our country.

The scarce material available on the Internet indicates that the facility is located in the Lori region south of the Privolnoye (Armenia) -Akkhorpi (Georgia) road. The road passes along the border. In the early years of its establishment it functioned as a monastery in Armenia, and shortly thereafter, it was converted into a Chalcedon monastery in the 13th century under the Zakaryans.
4-03-2020, 18:22
President of the Union of Political Scientists Hmayak Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page: “People continue to emigrate, because in our country today MPs are more concerned with protecting the rights of dogs than citizens. Citizens have no right to harm dogs, but dogs can attack people. Dogs' safety is guaranteed by the law drafted by Naira Zohrabyan, Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Human Rights, which was voted in by all NA members.

After this success, Naira must also take care of protecting the Dodd's donkeys from his lions. To that end, he should be moved to work at the Dodo Zoo as soon as possible, rather than presenting the donkey in parliament as a draft law of the National Assembly and make it a law of the Republic of Armenia. "