4-03-2020, 22:31
With the expansion of Coronavirus geography a force majeure situation has emerged in many areas. Budget airline Ryanair has informed passengers on March 2 that it has cut its flights due to the coronavirus. Flights are mainly reduced to those traveling to Italy and departing from Italy. The company said the initial restriction would last three weeks from March 17 to April 8.

kayqer.ru tried to find out if other airlines are also going to cancel their flights. A spokeswoman for U Tair said they had no plans at this time, but said if passengers wanted to return their tickets, they could hand over all their tickets. When asked if there were many such cases when tickets to Italy were not canceled recently, the airline reported that they were, but not often: “There are also many orders. The balance is almost equal. ”

We also contacted travel companies. We were told by Shelby Travel Agency that there is an atmosphere of fear, there are cancellations, but the flow of those who want to Italy has not diminished. To the question, if the buyer returns the already purchased tour due to the atmosphere of fear, then how is the financial side of the issue resolved, the travel company replied: “If the tourist cancels himself, not the airline, then there are penalties. There are also penalties for when they cancel the tour. As the day of flight draws nearer, the penalty increases. "
4-03-2020, 22:31
The current government sets a record for breaking the law. Today it was Suren Papikyan, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Suren Papikyan, the head of the constituency's referendum on constitutional referendum. During a question and answer session with members of the government and MPs in the National Assembly Hayk Gevorgyan, MP from My Step faction, inquired of Papikyan whether the statements by the governors calling their subordinates and ordering them to work for "Yes" were true.

"I rule out the possibility that any representative of our political force, the headquarters of" Yes ", especially a representative of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, could make such an order. There was no such instruction. I have also stated that no community mayor should not provide services.
4-03-2020, 22:07
RF President Vladimir Putin's actions to protect against infection with coronavirus take a number of steps: Kommersant.ru quotes Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying. Yerkir.am reports.

According to the official, the necessary steps are being taken to protect the president from the coronavirus.

At the same time, Peskov added that the Russian president is protected from the coronavirus by means available to all citizens by observing basic rules of hygiene.

The speaker disagreed with the view that the situation with coronavirus disease in Moscow has worsened.

Earlier, Yerkir.am reported that the number of people infected with the coronavirus of unknown type spread throughout the Chinese city of Uhan is increasing day by day. The Chinese authorities had informed the WTO about the outbreak of coronavirus back in December.

At present, 3 cases of coronavirus have been registered in Russia. 2 of those infected were recovered.
4-03-2020, 21:57
The first case of death due to a new strain of coronavirus has been registered in the Pleaser area of ​​the US state of California. This was reported by RIA Novosti, referring to the local Ministry of Health.

Earlier deaths were reported only in northwest Washington. Thus, as of March 4, 11 people died of coronavirus infection in the US, 9 of them in Washington state.

In total, 80 new cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in the United States, 24 of which are related to travel, and 16 to contact with infected people. The causes of the other 40 cases of infection are being studied.
4-03-2020, 21:37
Today was the last day the homeowner told me to leave. I went to the municipality with my three children to meet with the deputy mayor. Probably because of the accumulated troubles and tribulations I took that step. I didn't think what would happen next. I couldn't stand my breath. Now I remember with a little excitement, but the move was in accumulated condition. Sayat Hayrapetyan, who attempted self-immolation in front of the City Hall today, told Armenian News-NEWS.am on March 4.
4-03-2020, 21:34
Coronavirus reached Armenia. Epidemiologist, healthcare organizer Ashot Davyants Health System (Mednews.am) talked about the potential dangers of the virus, how to avoid it and how well the ministry is taking steps to combat the problem.

Mr. Davidyants, there was a case of coronavirus in Armenia as well. Was that predictable?

- I think that the virus would sooner or later reach Armenia, because it has a special behavior to the respiratory virus, spreads through the airway, which means that we could not isolate ourselves from the world enough to prevent the virus from penetrating all over the world. It spreads to other countries as well, so I don't think it makes sense to look for the culprit as to why Armenia came.
4-03-2020, 21:28
A court in Yerevan was unable to reach a ruling on March 3 on the motion of former RA President Robert Kocharyan's lawyers, who demanded that the criminal case be dismissed, the Kommersant daily writes.

The judge paused to "examine all the facts and evidence of the case." Lawyers and relatives of the former president accused of usurpation of power are preparing for the motion to be rejected, and the process, which began nearly two years ago, will continue for several more years. The topic of Robert Kocharyan's persecution, with which the Russian President Vladimir Putin is not hiding, becomes one of the key issues in Russian-Armenian relations.
4-03-2020, 21:12
On February 16, a car accident occurred in Yerevan. At 00:40 a driver of a Toyota license plate 01PV001 hit two pedestrians crossing the street in front of "Ararat" bank on Paronyan Street. One of them was found dead on the roof of the car and the other was taken to hospital with bodily injuries, but as we were told by Erebuni Medical Center, 67-year-old Hayk Elizbaryan also died the following day.

LURER.com has learned some details about both the accident and the driver of the accident. It turns out that the latter is an employee of the State Revenue Committee Hamlet Nairi Margaryan, who holds a high position in the control department of Zvartnots Western Customs House. His father, Nairi Margaryan, is a senior NSS official.
4-03-2020, 20:58
The son of Mher Poghosyan, who died 25 years ago from gunshots, Eduard Poghosyan, the heir to the victim, posted a video on his Facebook page today showing two men following him and his relative, then approaching and hitting him, but they succeeded. entering a relative's home.

Eduard Poghosyan is convinced that his persecution is linked to the reopening of the case 25 years later. To his conviction, this is how they try to scare him.

Note that the case of Mher Poghosyan, who died 25 years ago from gunshots, is being held in the Criminal Court of Appeal for several months based on the appeal filed by the military prosecutor.
4-03-2020, 20:44
The visit of the Armenian delegation headed by the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan to Tbilisi and Yerevan has been welcomed and they are already assessing the efficiency of the high-level bilateral meetings.
The official visit of the delegation led by RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to Georgia can be a turning point in the relations between Yerevan and Tbilisi.

Citizens of Armenia will be able to travel to Georgia with ID cards
Experts from both countries have already assessed the proposal of the Armenian Prime Minister to bring the bilateral relations to a strategic level.