5-03-2020, 05:30
Zhoghovurd daily writes: "As part of the criminal case initiated by the Investigative Committee of the Yerevan City Investigation Department's Serious Crimes Investigation Division, on March 4, Ashtarak police officers arrested Gevorg Melikyan, 50, a" thief in law "from Gevorg Oshakan village. The detainee was presented to the preliminary investigation body.

Details of the case of Gevorg Melikyan being brought to the investigative committee of the Zhoghovurd daily have become known. In particular, according to information we have received, the preliminary investigation body has detained and listened to the telephone conversations of the detainees.
5-03-2020, 04:28
A source in our government said a benchmark had been set; If the government fails to collect at least 500,000 votes, everyone will feel its "consequences" on its own skin. And if you gather 650,000 and more, what will happen? "We are going to eat people," our source joked, then explaining that they would start ruthless actions against opposition opponents, starting with their critical media, ending with politicians, especially radical ones.

 We asked them what they are doing to prevent the referendum from failing, and active propaganda does not seem to be going on. "We'll meet for a couple of days. We'll say, 'If you don't want to win' yes, be prepared for the former to come back, and people will be scared to vote 'yes'."
5-03-2020, 04:21
Sayat Hayrapetyan, 28, who attempted self-immolation in the presence of three children in front of Yerevan City Hall, made the move because she was unable to pay for her apartment and utilities. Sayat lives in a private home in Part Three, is married, has four underage children.

Haykakan Zhamanak was able to find his rented apartment and talk to family members. We were greeted by Sayat's wife, 28-year-old Armine, who was surprised and excited by her husband's move.
5-03-2020, 04:11
Temperatures throughout the Republic of Armenia will continue to rise, with no precipitation expected yet.

YEREVAN, March 5 - Sputnik. No precipitation is expected in Armenia on March 5-9. The wind will be southwest at a speed of 3-8 m / sec. The information was provided by the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The air temperature will gradually rise by 3-4 degrees on March 8-9.
5-03-2020, 03:28
Artur Ghazinyan, the leader of the One Armenia Party, wrote: "Nicole is good, the shots are bad, or the king is horoshy, booyare pale

This thesis is circulated by pro-government propagandists and fake SNCOs, knowing full well that all power is based on Nikol Pashinyan and that to save power, one must humiliate, scapegoat, and then sacrifice the rest of the government.

As the classic would say, really, right? Where or what has Pashinyan's advantage been, for example, over Davit Tonoyan or Atom Janjughazyan?
5-03-2020, 03:14
"After the formation of the electoral commissions for the constitutional referendum, some circles actively circulated information that there were a large number of so-called" former "members of the commissioners nominated by both the" Yes "and" No "headquarters, That is, RPA members, ARF members who were also members of the commission, chairman, secretary. However, the scope of this topic is remarkable.

It is about a group of pro-government satellites, which is also criticizing the authorities for nominating such candidates.
In parallel, from time to time "information" is thrown out somewhere about whether or not to "promise" money.
5-03-2020, 01:52
According to our reliable information, Nikol Pashinyan's official visit to the Russian Federation has been canceled.

The visit was scheduled for April, but was delayed indefinitely by the Kremlin.

All attempts by the Armenian side to make the planned visit in April have met with cold and harsh refusal.
5-03-2020, 01:27
Artist David Arakelyan posted videos on his social network page from Tsakhkadzor, claiming there was no panic in the city.

  He toured the streets of the city, filming in entertainment and catering to talk to tourists from all over the country.
5-03-2020, 00:49
The song and video clip of the Armenian girl captivated many. Not only Armenian, but also foreign users wrote nice comments.

French group "Ladaniva" has released a new video based on the Armenian song "Vay Amman". The only Armenian participant in the band is vocalist Jacqueline Baghdasaryan. The girl lives and studies in the French city of Lille. The other musicians featured in the video are not Armenian - Claire Rolla, Nino Thomas, Louis Thomas, Ivan El Carrou, Arnau Clerk ... they all enjoy the Armenian song.
4-03-2020, 22:58
The official website of the Armenian Football Federation has congratulated Armenian national football team captain Henrikh Mkhitaryan on his fatherhood.

“The captain of the Armenian national team has become a father. Congratulations to Henrikh and Betty on the birth of the baby, ”reads the photo description published by AF.

The baby was named Hamlet in honor of his grandfather Hamlet Mkhitaryan.

It should be reminded that Betty Vardanyan, daughter of Michael Vardanyan, one of the owners of Mkhitaryan and Grand Holding Company, was married in 2019.