16-01-2020, 17:49
My son had killed a classmate for a cross and a cross. He had just killed my son for 30 grams of gold, cut his throat, also struck his chest. They had been studying together for 9 years, but they had no contact with each other, never had any problems.

Marietta Zakharyan, mother of 17-year-old Eduard Beglaryan, who was killed in Masis on December 23, told ArmDaily.am. Zakharyan told the details of the incident. “My son died in my arms, I went to see him, called for ambulance and was taken to hospital.

She had stabbed my son in the neck with a knife 4-5 times, stole the cross and fled, leaving my child helpless. Even on the same day, he was able to sell himself, and he was caught again. On the day of the incident, my son called, my son came home from Artashat Dosafi, called him back, went to school # 1, there was a carpet workshop there, he was taken there and the incident happened.
16-01-2020, 17:32
As we have already reported, Tatevik Revazyan, Chairman of the RA Civil Aviation Committee, participates in the "We Are" Foundation program and works as a waitress at Roomz cafe in Yerevan.

There was also an ArmDaily.am film crew at Roomz.

Tatevik Revazyan also informed that all the payments made during this period will be directed to the We Are Foundation as a charity.

The money is for the health of 6-year-old Tigran Amirkhanyan, who needs $ 3,000 for his treatment.

Speaking to ArmDaily.am, Arthur Lumen, founder of Eat & Fit Cafe, one of Roomz's five cafes, said today they had organized another exciting event - a guest-waiter, a man who had always dreamed of being a waiter but never had the opportunity. : We developed the idea and made the tea donations collected go to charity.

Asked if Tatevik Revazyan is the first senior official to participate in the program, Arthur Lumen said yes. Asked what kind of waiter Revazyan is, the latter replied: "Naturally, good."

Tatevik Revazyan told reporters that she did not expect anything, it was an interesting initiative to break stereotypes in Armenia. To the journalist's observation, is it possible to change his job? "Interesting, it's like a job, but I haven't thought about it."
16-01-2020, 17:19
Snow in the United Arab Emirates on top of the mountains of Hajar. The temperature dropped to -1 ° C

Here's what it looks like;
16-01-2020, 16:38
Do you open your mouth? Citizens about changing Manvel Grigoryan's precautionary measure
16-01-2020, 16:19
In order to improve pedestrian safety and to prevent traffic accidents, traffic organization has been changed at the intersection of Arshakunyats-Kristaphor and Arshakunyats-G.Nzhdeh streets in Yerevan.

As a result of the change, the maximum permissible speed of vehicles in both directions of Arshakunyats Avenue was set at 60 km / h instead of the previous 70 km / h. The operating mode of the high-speed camera in this area will be changed and by 2020 Starting January 20, the device will report violations of drivers exceeding 60 km / h. Drivers are advised to be careful, observe traffic rules and not to exceed the maximum permitted speed.
16-01-2020, 16:09
Artur Mejlumyan, a contract serviceman who was wounded by an enemy shot in one of the military units located in the northeast direction of the Republic of Armenia, is not in danger.

Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am.

"There is no danger to life, but the wound is not light," Hovhannisyan said, adding that the wound was in the abdomen.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia reported that on January 15, at about 4:30 pm, in the combat position of one of the military units in the northeast of the Republic of Armenia, an enemy soldier received a contractual gunshot wound from a shotgun fired by an enemy sniper rifle. Hrachik Mejlumyan (Tavush FC).
16-01-2020, 15:51
As we have already informed, the Chairman of the RA Civil Aviation Committee Tatevik Revazyan will work today as a waiter in the "ROOMZ" café in downtown Yerevan. Tea Fees will be directed to Tigran Amirkhanyan's treatment as a charity, We Are Foundation.

ArmDaily.am's shooting team is also in the "ROOMZ" cafe.

It should be noted that all the places of the café are already busy, the main guests are Tatevik Revazyan's friends and some officials.
16-01-2020, 15:26
Why did you offer me a bribe? The mothers surrounded Razmik Abrahamyan
16-01-2020, 14:54
According to preliminary data, on January 15, at about 4:30 pm, in the combat position of one of the military units located in the northeast of the Republic of Armenia, an enemy soldier, Arthur Tourechyan, was wounded by a shotgun from a shotgun shot by an enemy.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

The soldier was transferred to the Yerevan MHC, his health condition is assessed as grave.
16-01-2020, 13:28
You have no wit, no sin, no cleverness on the gas, no feminine charm. User Shogh Movsisyan wrote about it on his Facebook page, referring to singer Shushan Petrosyan's statement:

“What is the point of women who put dolma on gas? Or how do you put yourself above the women who put dolma on gas? Many women know that they are overweight or non-model, but they are easily attracted to and admired by women.

You have no wit, no sin, no cleverness on the gas, and no female charm, who are you? "

To remind, the singer, former MP Shushan Petrosyan said in an interview recently: "Who do I argue with, the lady with the new dolma gas, who sits at the computer and writes" I'll bury you "under the picture of my senior friend on a brilliant path, what can I do with that woman? m.

Pregnant men with guts mocking my obesity. I have photos. One day, when this is all over, I will make a collage of cursed letters and write "a love and velvet coup."