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Georgi Kutoyan was one of the most noble and decent people I have ever known ”Arthur Vanetsyan
There are no words of consolation to ease the pain of the loss of former Director of the National Security Service Georgi Kutoyan. Former NSS Director Arthur Vanetsyan said this in a conversation with journalists today.

“Georgi Kutoyan was one of the most honest and decent people I have known in my life. It is hard to believe that he is no longer with us. I would like to extend my condolences to Georgi Kutoyan's relatives, friends and relatives, and look forward to the thorough investigation of law enforcement in this case so that there is no public question left, ”he said.
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January 20 is approaching. Azeri hackers to try to crack Armenian websites. Samvel Martirosyan
January 20 is approaching. Azerbaijani hackers will try to crack Armenian websites. Information security expert Samvel Martirosyan wrote about it on his Facebook page.

In particular, he noted:

“Dear compatriots, January 20 is coming. On this day, Azerbaijani hackers usually try to harm the Armenians in cyber domain. They will try to break websites. But lately, social networking accounts and e-mails have been in the thousands. To collect such a quantity they have to do it for a long time, to collect broken accounts. If you are an inattentive person, you may already be broke. Don't give too much advice, let me just say one thing. Enter your email, Facebook, Instagram passwords at a distance. If you are already broken, this question will come up. And, it is important; Do not take any email from your email or Facebook account seriously if you are offered something to do with the link.

As a bonus, hackers come in three types: good ones who help others. They call themselves a white hat. Well bad, black hat. There is a medium version, they say a gray hat. And now the language lesson: in Azerbaijani all this;
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The memorial service for former National Security Service Director Georgy Kutoyan began at Erebuni Funeral Home, 2/14 Pacific Ave. The funeral was scheduled for 18:00, but Kutoyan's acquaintances and politicians, politicians have already begun to arrive, here is former Justice Minister Arpine Hovhannisyan.
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"I did not say such a thing, did not write and could not say". Hayk Martirosyan
Political scientist Hayk Martirosyan wrote on his Facebook page: "Hraparak newspaper, adhering to its style, and in my view, once again displaying a special and highly personal negative attitude towards my editorial staff, posted a misleading Facebook post about my post on Kutoyan's death. It comes from the headline of "Hraparak", as if I had just blamed Kutoyan's death on Pashinyan.

I haven't said, written, and couldn't say such a thing. To think such a thing would be even nonsense. That is obvious in my text. The meaning of my words is different, in a much broader context and picture.

To my conviction, such behavior does not bring honor to any media outlet.

I urge the Hraparak daily to never cite me, not to refer to my status.

Thank you. "
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Political scientist Hayk Martirosyan writes on his Facebook page:

“Georgi Kutoyan's death is not at all like suicide. It is probably murder. The Second Violent Death of Former High-ranking Forces in Post-Revolutionary Armenia.

Koutoyan, because of his type, character and not being a political figure, was of no political interest to anyone and was not a political factor at all.

In such cases, there can be only one motive for killing such a figure. sending some of the most important information he has with him to the tomb. This is, first of all, unprofitable and damages the interests of the incumbent, discrediting him, demonstrating the inability of the ruling team to protect not only the possible witnesses in the most important cases, but also to prevent major crimes in the country as a whole, and most importantly, the information possessed by those figures before them. to receive death.

Such killings are damaging and damaging to the ruling group. Different guesses can be made as to who benefits. But, on the other hand, the responsibility for what is happening is largely not the potential customer and the implementer, but this authority.

No large-scale situation has changed in the country, former high-ranking officials are not in jail, at least one state coup has been organized and discovered in the country, according to the prime minister, and all its participants are at large, with no security inside the country. In terms of high-profile homicide-suicide, Armenia seems to be returning to wildlife.
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Gagik Surenyan, head of the Hydromet Service at the Ministry of Emergency Situations, posted photos on his Facebook page and attached:

“Newfoundland, Canada after snowstorm. 19.01.2020 »:
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The death of the former director of the National Security Service, as well as of some other former official of the force Hayk Harutyunyan some time ago, is a terrible thing, and no one can manipulate these cases for any purpose. Former MP Karine Achemyan, a former MP, RPA Women's Council Speaker, said on 168TV's Revue program, calling on the President of the Public Council and the Vice President of the National Assembly not to allow "cynical expressions" and first find out why we should look like this in our country. Things were going to happen.

"To make predictions in advance, or to say in the past, when I see the former in their own right, is unacceptable. History will still find out who the former was and what he wanted from our country, ”Karine Achemyan said, noting that the public should pursue law enforcement to find out whether Georgy Kutoyan's death was a suicide or a murder.
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Actor Gevorg Grigoryan writes on his Facebook page:

“According to statistics, there has been a road collapse in our country for the last two years. 266 fatalities in 2016, 343 fatalities in 2018. There has been a sharp increase in road fatalities in the last two years. The death toll in April is the number of victims of the April war. This bloodthirsty permissiveness of the road, which can be seen even with the naked eye, is the price that people who have been sitting on parliamentary seats and who have won prime-time seats are trying to mislead the public.

That is to say, the bloody borsch they have cooked are now trying to “fix” by introducing a scoring system, which, I repeat, does not apply to all drivers traveling in Armenia. As always there will be privileges for those who do not lose driving. I will present this consistently and with facts on my page.
And finally, thanks to the false grandfather of the hero, the false tattoo of Ashot, the false promises of the speed-takers are coming to power against the false information. One snow will come ... "
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Hakob Chagharyan wrote on his Facebook page:

"The Glock 45 pistol is the more powerful 9mm, 11mm, 43mm pistol in the same 9mm range.
The content of the bullet does not exceed 12.
And that means no fewer than three bullets were fired.
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Artur Ghazinyan, leader of the One Armenia Party, wrote on his social media page: “Hayk Harutyunyan, Georgi Kutoyan. Who's next? The tragic death of Georgy Kutoyan has shocked the whole social and political field of Armenia.

In my previous post, I focused public attention on the fact that a "powerful and invisible" hand had forced Kutoyan to drop out of his studies in the UK and return to Armenia. One can only imagine the moral and psychological pressure Kutoyan was having on him.

Koutoyan has been the assistant to the third president of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan for several years, who has coordinated the entire judicial system of Armenia, enjoyed the absolute confidence and sympathy of his immediate leader. On the basis of this trust he was later appointed Director of the NSS of Armenia.

Undoubtedly, he possessed enormous amount of information and was invaluable to both present and former authorities of Armenia.

There was no criminal case filed against Kutoyan, no prosecution was announced, but some force forced him to abandon his prospective education and return to hell in a new Armenia.

Gevorg Kostanyan, the other assistant coordinator of the third president of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan's legal field, was Gevorg Kostanyan, who also enjoyed the absolute confidence of Serzh Sargsyan. He was later appointed Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia. No doubt Kostanyan also possesses valuable information and is of no less importance to current and former authorities.