23-06-2020, 15:51
At today's court hearing in the case of Robert Kocharyan and others, prosecutor Gevorg Baghdasaryan petitioned to recognize the abuse of rights in the actions of all defendants' lawyers, to limit the preparatory sub-stage of the court session and to give an opportunity to go to trial.

Baghdasaryan first clarified that the abuse of rights by the participants in the trial is the realization of their procedural rights, which is essentially aimed at the interests that are not protected by law and directly or indirectly leads to a violation of equality and equality between the rights and legal interests of other participants. He cited the positions of both domestic and international bodies.
23-06-2020, 15:48
Suren Papikyan instructed to fine the citizen (video)
23-06-2020, 15:45
About 1.7-1.8 percent of patients registered each day will die, no matter what we do. The Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan mentioned this while distributing masks on the street.

According to Arsen Torosyan, at the moment, they have two tasks: to reduce the number of infected people and to accommodate patients.

"About 1.7-1.8% of the patients registered every day will die, no matter what we do. If we have 500 new cases, we will have 7-8 deaths, which is a tragedy. We should not only look at health care, but also follow the rules of not attending parties and mourning ceremonies. The main place of distribution is workplaces, banks and events. ”
23-06-2020, 15:14
Edmon Marukyan, the leader of the RA NA LH faction, writes on his Facebook page.

"Dear journalists,

I would like to inform you that tomorrow at 10:00 am the press conference of the "Bright Armenia" faction will take place in the 334th hall of the National Assembly on the latest legal-political processes and the steps taken by us in connection with them. "

It should be reminded that yesterday, June 22, the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) announced that it was initiating an appeal to the Constitutional Court on constitutional amendments, but the number of PAP deputies was not enough for that, the necessary support of "Bright Armenia" was needed.
23-06-2020, 15:01
Nikol Pashinyan has a button presser, Arthur Hovhannisyan, who was once brought to the police station on a case plan, and then the case was somehow closed. This "Kaif seller" character says without shame that "Hrayr Tovmasyan should be ashamed of the Constitutional Court, which has been legitimizing the rigged elections for years." What do you say to people like this now? swells, clears the mind. Hrayr Tovmasyan was elected a judge of the Constitutional Court, then chairman of the Constitutional Court in 2018. What does Tovmasyan have to do with election fraud and its legitimacy? If Tovmasyan "legitimized electoral fraud", then it was the 2018 elections, as a result of which a part of the Armenian people gave an opportunity to the government and self-government to a whole expulsion of such people. He gave it a chance and literally stood in front of the crack. If there is anything to be ashamed of, it is shameful that people like this are free and deputies.
23-06-2020, 14:58
Attributing any effectiveness to masks is a medical illiteracy in this process. ” Manasyan
23-06-2020, 14:25
The "My Step" faction, which forms the parliamentary majority, yesterday carried out an act of overthrowing the constitutional order with two actions. In the first act, they voted and adopted the draft of the constitutional amendments aimed at getting rid of three of the judges of the Constitutional Court in violation of the law in the first reading, then three hours later, they repeated the same in the second reading. 89 deputies voted in favor, 88 imkaylakan and "independent" deputy Arman Babajanyan. The opposition considers this step of the authorities, whether parliamentary or extra-parliamentary, a criminal offense under Article 300 or 300.1 of the RA Criminal Code, with the article of overthrowing the constitutional order.
23-06-2020, 14:15
On June 23, at 3:28 pm, the National Crisis Management Center received an alarm that a body had been found in a lake called "Three Lakes" in Vanadzor.

The operative group of the Lori Regional Rescue Department of the Emergency Situations Ministry and a fire brigade from the fire-rescue detachment left for the scene.

The rescuers took the body of Raya HH (born in 1976) out of the water and handed it over to the police. The RA Ministry of Emergency Situations informs about this
23-06-2020, 14:05
Yerevan Municipality has released a video showing a citizen throwing two garbage cans on Myasnikyan Avenue into the river at night.

"The staff of Kentron administrative district has already applied to the police. We are confident that the intentional damage to community property will soon be detected and brought to justice, ”the statement said.
23-06-2020, 13:50
Professor Georgy Melkonyan is convinced that the growth rate of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection in Armenia can be reduced due to the measures initiated by the country's authorities.

YEREVAN, June 22 - Sputnik, Laura Sargsyan. Russian doctors who arrived in Armenia to help their Armenian counterparts in the fight against the new type of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection are here on a voluntary basis at their own expense. Georgy Melkonyan, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Chief Physician of Clinical Hospital No. 4, who initiated the event to send medical workers to Armenia, told Sputnik Armenia.