Сегодня, 08:52
All-Armenian Party of Sassounian Party releases statement “We have information that for Serzh Sargsyan's son-in-law Michael Minasyan bought a luxurious mansion in Rome, a wealthy district in the Italian capital.

The $ 20 million home address is St. Anselmo Street, No. 10 (Via di Sant'Anselmo, 10).

We urge the Armenian authorities to check this information and, in view of the fact that the looters and oppressors are materialistic and glamorous, look for them in the famous palaces instead of unknown basements. "
Сегодня, 08:42
Levon Zurabyan's ear is ringing.

This is the biggest clue that Nikol tells Ter-Petrosyan on every occasion that he is the founding father of royalist electoral fraud, and that the Levites accept this fact mildly and peacefully, and write no critical status and inadvertently agree with Vojd.

Do you know why this is so, because they know that unless Nikol's favor and generosity are there, they will not exist in the field? Well, Nicole has been very cruel and publicly abused and then cruelly employed. For example, how does Vova feel now, in what way does she continue to hold office, but there is one thing, this is a big deal?
Сегодня, 08:19
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said yesterday during a meeting with the Armenian community of Italy:

"A leader who has no confidence in the people is evil for the country, just as all the leaders have been evil since 1996, when they took power without the confidence of the people and tried to maintain that power."

This expression caused a lot of dissatisfaction and heated criticism of ANC members and supporters.

ArmDaily.am turned to Armenian National Congress (ANC) Vice President Levon Zurabyan for comment, but declined to comment.

“Look at Harut Uloyan's Facebook post, I'm not going to tell them well. Also consider my comment. "

Below is the post.
Сегодня, 08:01
Actor Artyom Karapetyan has once again referred to the incident, the scandal on the internet and the reaction of the police on Facebook.

“I was convinced that I was not alone in my country. Just yesterday, just hours after I received a phone call from the police, thank you for your prompt response. In fact, this case is in progress. This question is truly a global one, as the Vikings era is over, because we are people who can love, respect, give in. "

Learn more in the video.
Сегодня, 07:40
The conscript, who was stabbed to death by a military commissariat officer, presented himself to the police and confessed.

YEREVAN, November 21 - Sputnik. There was an extraordinary incident at the Kotayk military commissariat yesterday. The conscript stabbed one of the officers in the face with a knife and fled.

According to Sputnik Armenia, the military commissariat employee was taken to Abovyan Medical Center. According to some reports, a quarrel broke out in the yard of the military commissariat during which a knife was stabbed.

Law enforcers have found out the young man's identity for a short time and are now detailing what happened. According to our information, the injured man works in the conscription department of the military commissariat.

A spokesperson for Sputnik Armenia confirmed the news to the police, saying that the duck voluntarily turned himself in to the police.

"After the explanatory work he came to the police and confessed to the act," police said, noting that the incident took place at about 2pm.
Materials related to the incident have been prepared, which police forwarded to the military police.
Сегодня, 07:21
"We preach love, myself, as our Lord Jesus Christ preached love, but when the time came he entered the temple area and turned the tables, saying that you have made this temple of holiness an environment of commerce and discipline."

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced at a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community at the Armenian Apostolic Church in Milan.

Pashinyan's statement has become a hot topic for heated debate on the Internet.

Zham.am presents some noteworthy posts where pro-government users can say that they confirm Nikol Pashinyan's words and point out that he is really Jesus.
Сегодня, 07:13
First Vice President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva arrived in Russia on an official visit.

A meeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is scheduled for November 21 in Moscow.

"Medvedev and Aliyeva will discuss Russian-Azerbaijani cooperation in trade-economic, scientific-technical, cultural, humanitarian and other fields," the press service said.

The first lady of Azerbaijan at the Moscow International Airport was met by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia and Russian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mikhail Bocharnikov.
Сегодня, 07:02
On November 6, Silk Note Music Festival was held at Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex in Yerevan.

This event for Armenians was organized by "My Step" charitable foundation and the International Association for the Development of Cultural Tourism.

The music festival was attended by world stars Jamiroquai, Parov Stelar and Al Di Meola. The Prime Minister of Armenia participated in the festival concert with his family members. As you may remember, the Prime Minister's wife's unforgettable dance after the concert was a hit, but it turns out there were other interesting episodes during the concert.

According to Zham.am, My Step Charity Foundation, which organized the event, was selling tickets for 10-20,000 drams. Tickets were also sold online, in particular for the Parov Stelar to hear in the Stelar zone.
Сегодня, 06:54
Liberate Railway and Other Strategic Infrastructures From Russian Colonial Capital The Russian side continues to undermine our railroad with a planned policy.
It has already become known today that Armenian civilian drivers were illegally discharged from their duties and replaced by Russian civilian drivers (according to press reports - three times higher wages), who were immediately acquainted with the probation and the specifics of our railway. they have started rolling.
There are reports that two electric locomotives are out of order. The Armenian authorities have not responded appropriately to this outrageous lawlessness and willfulness, and have not taken any action to protect the rights of Armenian drivers. The Secretariat of the Sasna Tsrer All-Armenian Party i. The November 8 statement stated that the Russian side, by abusing and violating the concession agreement, deliberately destroyed and plundered our railroad, with the aim of ultimately rendering it useless.
Сегодня, 06:42
The guest of Satik Seyranyan's "Pressing" author program is the former director of the National Security Service, President of the Football Federation of Armenia Arthur Vanetsyan.

You can watch the full program on November 21 at 22:00.