5-03-2020, 11:18
Recent research by Chinese scientists has shown that the coronavirus of COVID-19 has been mutated.

Chinese scientists identify the L and S subtypes. Fortune.com reports. Subtype S is the older version of the virus, and L is new, which is more dangerous, aggressive and infectious.

"There are 149 mutations in the strains of the virus, with the L subtype accounting for 70 percent of the diseases and S for 30 percent. Researchers point out that the coronavirus S subtype is closer to the bat coronavirus, "the report said.

To date, there are 80,422 cases in China (120 cases per day) and 2984 deaths (38 cases per day). The total number of people infected with coronavirus in the world is 93,090.
5-03-2020, 11:12
As we have already reported, police searched the houses of Aram Vardanyan, nicknamed "Vestrechi Apper" this night, carrying out a number of robberies, including perfume bottles and gold jewelry.

After the searches, Aram Vardanyan's 5-year-old granddaughter lost her ability to speak and was taken to hospital.
5-03-2020, 11:03
The purpose of the police raid was to inflict damage. Aram Vardanyan's lawyer Lusine Sahakyan told reporters. "With the intervention of Balgarka and other tools the doors were broken," he said. The lawyer noted that they would apply to the police for compensation.
5-03-2020, 10:53
The only RA citizen suffering from coronavirus, who is in Nork Infectious Disease Hospital, is feeling well - after a re-examination of his wife on March 4, the virus was not found again.

Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan informed about it before the session of the Government. Referring to the 31 citizens isolated at Golden Palace Hotel in Tsakhkadzor, the Minister noted that all of them are well-disposed and have no complaints. Torosyan said that all measures taken to prevent coronavirus continue.

He reported that 162 samples were taken as of March 5. "Everything is in control, and the republic can live its normal life," he said. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recorded 2103 new cases of coronavirus infections outside China as of March 5, with the total number of those infected outside China exceeding 12,000.
5-03-2020, 10:40
Lusine Sahakyan, a lawyer for Aram Vardanyan (Vestrechi Appe), told reporters that she could not say whether police had confiscated her client's house or not.

"I can say that after the police were no longer here, the DVR was out of the house if it was confiscated. Aram Vardanyan's gold chain with a cross was missing from the house as well, which is very strange, even the perfume used. Our police officers managed to get used perfume, ”said Lusine Sahakyan.
5-03-2020, 10:38
2020-2023 was developed to improve birth rate due to health factors. an action plan approved at today's cabinet meeting.

The framework for steps to improve adolescent health has been expanded. All 15-year-old girls are scheduled to be added to a pediatrician's examination and ultrasound examination of the abdominal and small pelvic organs as well as ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland, as well as hormone tests. As a result, a reduction of primary infertility and reproductive losses by at least 5% is expected during the reproductive phase of the reproductive function, which will ensure pregnancy and reproductive outcomes of approximately 150 per year pregnancies and successful pregnancy outcomes among reproductive age recipients.
5-03-2020, 10:34
There is a video on the Internet showing a dog attacking people sitting in a cafe. The video was released by Marine Manucharyan and posted:

“Hakob Karapetyan, this is the 6th person in the last 30 minutes to attack us. This one responded with a chair. And so is the whole city. I will die for your humanitarian effort, a few days before I had already bid farewell to my life. If it goes on like this, I wouldn't be surprised that people get shotguns. Soon you'll be gathering dogs all over the country in the city. Then? "
5-03-2020, 10:23
Today, an unpleasant incident occurred at the start of the NA sitting. Deputy Minister of Justice Srbuhi Galyan, who is appointed co-rapporteur on a number of issues, presented her first draft after leaving the podium to take her place, in an awkward situation, and broke her high-heeled shoe.

Prosperous Armenia MP Naira Zohrabyan saved her from that situation by transferring her shoes so the deputy minister could continue her work in the National Assembly. Our reporter noticed how Zohrabyan's assistant leads Zohrabyan's ballet dancers to the courtroom.
5-03-2020, 10:18
Azerbaijani social networking site reported that security personnel of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev fired at a traffic light yesterday, killing Fanad Abdullayev, a Ganja patrol officer.

Azerbaijani media reported that on March 3-4, Aliyev was in the Geranboy, Shamkir, Gazakh, Aghstafa and Tovuz regions.

The Azerbaijani Interior Ministry has not released any information on the death of a police officer.
5-03-2020, 10:10
Interview with Zhoghovurd daily is Lusine Kirakosyan, actress of theater, film, television, RA Honored Artist, Artavazd Award winner. The viewer knows him from "The Rider Waiting," "Bus," "Labyrinth," "Our Yard," "A Small Town Story," "The Fiancé from the Circus," "Love and Laughter," "Bus," "Your Last" "," The Chocolate Eating Soldier "," The Child of the District "," The Persecuted Apostle ". And the character he portrayed in the TV series "Survivors" is still fresh in people's memories.

“Hayern Aysor”: Mrs. Lusine, after the TV series “The Unholy,” we don't see you on the screens, why? It feels like you are idle.

- I have to be honest with you. I feel very neglected. I have no role in theater, no invitation anywhere. As far as mediocrity is concerned, the arena has also attracted people with language deficits, lips with similar faces… “disposable” films are now being filmed. who needs them? They make seven films a day. Today, everyone in Armenia has become a director and an actor. I've worked so hard, it's time for me to feel appreciated, but it turns out they don't appreciate it ... If I had the character of knocking on doors, I would have achieved a lot, but I don't like to ask for anything. let them ask me. Don't they remember me? Every director has his / her loved ones. People don't like me, and I'm like Pashinyan right on the front. People love their carriers.
- Hasn't your sense of humor saved you from your problems?

- Yeah, it helped a lot. Even now that I live, it's also due to humor.

“Hayern Aysor”: Aren't you playing at the Hrachya Ghaplanyan Drama Theater in Yerevan?

“A few years ago, I was playing in our theater in“ Chiyankali… with or without milk ”. I received the Artavazd Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Venanda. Years ago I promised Ghaplanyan that I would not go to another theater. And although Vardan Achemyan took me on course to take me to Sundukyan Theater, I kept my promise. I'm single, I can't leave my theater. It's just bad that I don't have a job right now. They don't do anything for me to play there.

- You mentioned that you are saying everything like Pashinyan on your face, it is interesting how you think about the current style of government. What has changed in your life since the velvet revolution?

- A lot has changed, our country is slowly getting better, it is being cleaned. Former scumbags have fallen into "madness", hooligans are more and more talked about ... I like Nikol Pashinyan, he is a walking encyclopedia. They have nothing to say, some of Pashinyan's critics say he speaks with an English accent ... Yeah, my head ... You speak two words in English, then say no, they don't know what to hang on ... That teenage boy turned white in two years ... I am proud of our Prime Minister, but I also feel bad about being in such a difficult situation. There were many gunmen in the back ... Pashinyan goes down in the crowd, nods to everyone, who could criticize the country's leadership during the previous government? There are different kinds of people in the current government. Some seem heartfelt at first, and then they turn out to be not. Pashinyan now needs faithful people like air and water. God willing, there should be many of them.