5-03-2020, 19:16
According to the Azerbaijani website haqqin.az, at about 10:10 pm today a shootout took place at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, which resulted in the death of Orkham Nazim Ogli Pashazade from the Azerbaijani side.
5-03-2020, 19:14
Yesterday, March 4, an emergency took place in Yerevan. At around 2:15 pm a call was received from the Central Hospital of Police No. 1 University Hospital that a citizen was taken to the hospital with a "jaw fracture with question mark" diagnosis.

The operative group of the Central Police Department headed by the Investigator of the Investigation Department left for the hospital. At the hospital, doctors told police that the injured man was unable to explain the incident. Beaten Citizens While Doctors Needed Assistance Center police found out that he was a resident of Yerevan's Amiryan Street, 27-year-old Vazgen K., who was beaten in the backyard of a popular building on 13 Amiryan Street, reports Shamshyan. .com.

Police found Vazgen K. beaten by a resident of Brusov Street in Yerevan, 35-year-old Hovhannes Davtyan, who left Vazgen K. helpless and fled like a "thief cat".

Several citizens gathered at the scene, who refused to speak in front of the camera, told a source. “It is as if a Turk was attacking an Armenian. A Turk of this kind would strike. He struck Vazgen with one blow and threw him to the ground, then not being satisfied, he was constantly striking his feet. It was good, two people were able to divide it, otherwise the glacier would probably kill Vazgen. "

Today, on March 5, Vazgen's mother, Mrs. Lilia Kotanjyan, told a reporter: "The operation lasted 3.5 hours and this so-called John, who is still at large, has been struck by the Vazgen incident and various parts of his body. Downtown police are preparing a case, but for some reason, the culprit is still at large.

Now we have been whispered that the so-called John, through his friends, who are in high regard in the law-enforcement system, are trying to conceal the matter, but we will not keep silent, and I and the pregnant woman of Vazgen, who have been in stress since yesterday, will fight to the end, so that such street scams are held accountable for the full severity of the law. "

SHAMSHYAN.com presents an exclusive video of how Vazgen was beaten and after watching the video you realize that the eyewitnesses did not dense colors.
5-03-2020, 18:25
Aries. Meetings with people you want to make a good impression on can be arranged today. it will most likely succeed. It would be good to take practical initiative and develop your own ideas. you will receive support even from people who do not approve of your initiatives. In the middle of the day you will be able to make some useful introductions.

It is advisable to follow the right diet rules, because the digestive system is particularly sensitive today, and chronic diseases can be exacerbated. You can practice sports, but it is best to do so with the help of an experienced coach.

Taurus. It is desirable not to make important work-related decisions. Practical instinct is gone, wrong doing is easy, except you don't hear even the best and worthy tips. Problems in business communication are possible, with many bullies expressing harsh words to colleagues and management without thinking what this might entail.

In the field of personal relationships the influence of positive trends is dominant, there is a possibility of change if you take the initiative. It's worth listening to the inner voice. As for love, friendship, and family, it won't go wrong.

Gemini. The influence of positive trends is dominant, and great success can be achieved. You miss nothing, so you make fewer mistakes than other signs of astronomy. It's a good day for new affiliate relationships, you can find like-minded people after which the collaboration will be beneficial and enjoyable.

The day is perfect for big shopping and real estate deals. You can go on a romantic trip. If you are not planning on traveling yet, suggest an exciting way to spend time with your loved one.
5-03-2020, 17:53
National Hero of Armenia and Artsakh Hero Vazgen Sargsyan would have turned 61 today. On October 27, 1999, at the age of 40, he was killed in an attack on the RA National Assembly.

In the last two years of his life, Vazgen Sargsyan had a romance with singer Lilit Karapetyan. There have always been rumors about their relationship, but the singer made it official for the first time, confirming the news. According to her, they were going to get married.

Lilit trusts Tert.am Life for her exclusive reference to Vazgen Sargsyan's love story.

First meeting

Lilit said that Vazgen Sargsyan showed interest in him at first glance, though they met in person later.

“In the area adjacent to Garni Geghard they celebrated the Day of Suicides in a unique way. At that time, my brother and I were singing in the Response Studio. Our entire team was invited to sing at the event. It turns out he just saw me singing on the stage, mingling with each other, wondering who the "sister and brother" sister was (Lilit Karapetyan was singing with her brother Karen at the time). He was mistaken and gave me a non-spiritual answer. I had a friend at that time, with whom I got married shortly afterwards, I don't remember now, but he was told that I was a friend of some age. He himself had answered, "Isn't that a pity, baby?"

The singer and Vazgen Sargsyan's meeting came later when he and his brother worked at a club in Yerevan. “Not long after the first meeting, calls were coming to our house, but we didn't even realize it might be him. When we were no longer working at Reaction, we were invited to sing at one of the clubs. Then I learned that he had been invited to speak with us, and he said, "I would very much like to call you" sister and brother. " He started coming to the club very often, saying that he was calling me. I had no fiancé at that time. We started a very good company. "
5-03-2020, 17:49
Yesterday, March 4, Armen Gyurjyan, a 53-year-old resident of Ararat province, applied to Shamshyan.com, expressing his anger that Kanaker-Zeytun police officers had been trying for psychological pressure and sometimes intimidation for some days. to force him to refuse his March 2 statement at the Kanaker-Zeytun police station. This month Shamshyan.com reports.

A. On that day, Gyurjyan applied to the Kanaker-Zeytun police station on the advice of lawyer Georgi Melikyan, when he informed lawyer G. Khachatryan about the incident with him. Melikyan, and the latter, listening to him, who, by the way, is a lawyer for another victim of a controversial case, urged A.Kh. Gyurjyan to turn to the police. According to the source: Gyurjyan told the Kanaker-Zeytun Police Department that he worked for Lia Ceramics LLC in 2006-2018 as a warehouseman and on December 22, 2017, at the Karama Maratsi store at 8 David Anhaghti Street in Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district. One of the aforesaid LLC's branch directors beat Rubo, and on January 9, 2018, Rubo and several unknown people beat him at the same address.

A. Gyurjyan said that the accused persons were baselessly accused of embezzling 16 million AMD worth of goods and not being beaten but tortured, resulting in broken teeth, and now Kanaker-Zeytun police are convinced that No, come on, note that as you have been arguing aloud, you have hit each other 1-2 times, trying to recast the torture of strife and beating, to close the case under the pretext of obsolescence; "To be honest, I'm scared now, but I have to turn to the Prime Minister and the Prosecutor General."

When asked why he does not turn to the police chief, Gyurjyan said: "Isn't it clear that the Acting Chief of Police is going to keep his employee? They say that the police have been reformed, what reforms have I had when I was tortured, and the Kanaker-Zeytun police are even trying to convince me that your application Wow, and how do you imagine I would believe Acting Chief of Police A.M. To Sargsyan, of course not. "
5-03-2020, 17:45
Zhoghovurd daily reports that inmates of Nubarashen penitentiary have beaten Vahagn Abgaryan of Alaverdi.

Let us remind that on February 25, inmate Vahagn Abgaryan was beaten at the Nubarashen penitentiary. In connection with the incident, the Penitentiary Service officially stated that the beating of Vahagn Abgaryan was organized by a foreigner living in Armenia, with a high status of criminal rank, while "Zhoghovurd" daily wrote that Vahagn Abgaryan was beaten outside the cell and taken to another cell. and Samvel Mkrtchyan, head of the penitentiary institution, were personally aware of the process.

However, we know the names of those who have personally been criminals. they are the famous Noragyugh Nverik, Vacho, and Khcho, a filmmaker from the Nubarashen penitentiary. By the way, the aforementioned persons have not been in the spotlight of law enforcement for the first time.

In particular, on September 5, 2019, there were mass riots at the Nubarashen Penitentiary, with prisoners and convicts in several cells in the 3rd and 4th buildings of the prison, on the orders of "zone watchers", beginning to break through the curbs and cells. objects were thrown into the prison's storage area, causing a fire in the grassy area.

This process was also organized by the nickname Nverik from Noragyugh. K., under the nickname Vachik. G., who are regarded by the inmates as "zone watchers". Their action was directed against the new draft law on the fight against criminal subculture.
And now it turns out that in our country, on the one hand, they are adopting a law to fight criminal subculture, on the other hand, they have beaten detainee Vahagn Abgaryan through "zone watchers".

As they say, oh people, oh morals.
5-03-2020, 17:08
The results of epidemiological surveys on a daily basis show that cases of acute respiratory infections tend to decrease today.

The decrease is recorded in all indicators, in particular, in outpatient polyclinics, in ambulance calls, and in hospital admissions. The Ministry of Health informs about this.

It should be noted that 92.1% of hospitalized cases are still children under the age of 18 in children's hospitals in Yerevan.

According to the results of laboratory studies, the circulation of influenza B, H1N1 and H3N2 subtypes continues today.

Measures to combat coronavirus (COVID-19) are also ongoing. Taking into account the suspicious symptoms characteristic of the disease and the patient's travel memoir, laboratory tests of 162 samples were performed. At the moment only the result of 1 is positive. Doctors say the patient is feeling well enough.
5-03-2020, 16:47
From February 27 to March 4, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Seismological Network of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan did not have earthquakes of 2-3 magnitude or greater.

This was reported by the Ministry of Emergency Situations "Seismic Protection Territory" SNCO.

And in the region there were 3 earthquakes of magnitude 3 and more:

• On February 28, 3 points 25 km northeast of the city of Ghazakh in Azerbaijan.

• February 29, 3-4 magnitude 16 km north of Tasuj, Iran.

• March 3, 3 points, 49 km southeast of Ardahan, Turkey.

Outside the region. No earthquake of magnitude 6.0 or greater was recorded.
5-03-2020, 16:31
A 13-year-old girl was taken to "Gyumri Austrian Mother and Child Hospital" at 5:00 pm on March 5. There were traces of violence on her, the girl was taken to hospital in critical condition. As hospital director Zorzhik Serobyan told "Today" news agency, the girl is currently undergoing surgery. According to preliminary data, she has had internal bleeding.

As we have previously reported, on March 5, at 15:40 pm, a 13-year-old girl was taken to a Proshyan street home for "traumatic shock, brain injury" from the police department of Mush.

Officers from the operative group who arrived at the scene discovered the corpse of the girl's mother, Marine K., 43, in the apartment with traces of violence.

Gyumri police officers found out some facts of the case through emergency search operations. A 28-year-old man was found and arrested on suspicion of committing a crime.

He was presented to the body conducting the preliminary investigation. The investigation is continuing.
5-03-2020, 16:23
The decision was made by Vache Margaryan, it is an illegal decision. Aram Vardanyan's lawyer Lusine Sahakyan stated this in a conversation with journalists. Sahakyan noted that the decision does not in any case understand what the police were looking for in Vardanyan's home, while the court should clearly state in what or who they will be looking for. “Investigators and numerous police officers searched four houses and auxiliary buildings.

They were not even aware of which house the address was located in and whether they had permission to search that address. They had no right to search, ”Sahakyan said. “The content of the decision contains some criminal cases, it is not explained what Aram Vardanyan has to do with them. There is some speculation that he may be related to these crimes.

The content section states that the investigator solicited a search warrant for the discovery of weapons and ammunition essential to the criminal case. It is not specified what things it is about. " Investigators have not been given any information about Aram Vardanyan's status, whether they want to question him or not. “If there was such a decision, it would have to be provided. They have taken numerous private life videos that have nothing to do with the criminal case.

We objected, but those things were taken away. " Sahakyan noted that Aram Vardanyan had nothing to do with the criminal case mentioned in the verdict, nothing was found at home. The lawyer said that they know the persons on whose assumptions the decision was made, they also know the relationship of those persons to certain persons, their interest in making such assumptions. "We'll talk about that later." The lawyer promised to publish some very interesting videos to help understand whether the authorities are actually fighting crime or are there other circumstances.

As for Vardanyan's statement that he was offered a deal, he refused, that's why this is all happening. who they sponsor.