6-03-2020, 05:09
Hraparak daily writes: "Serzh Sargsyan left for Brussels on a working visit the day before, where he met with EPP President Donald Tusk. Also with him are Armen Ashotyan, David Harutyunyan, RPA board member Lilit Beglaryan.

How has Serge Sargsyan avoided the signature-restraint measure? We asked his lawyer Amram Makinyan.
6-03-2020, 00:54
Brazil's 2002 world football champion, Ronaldinho, who was arrested on a false passport when he entered Paraguay, was released after eight hours of testimony at the prosecutor's office. It is reported by RIA Novosti, referring to Mundo Deportivo.

According to Ronaldinho's lawyer Adolf Marin, no restrictions have been imposed on his client, but the player himself decided to stay in Paraguay to fully understand the circumstances of the case.

Earlier we reported that Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto were arrested by Paraguay police on suspicion of using false documents to enter the country.

A search was made in the presidential room of the hotel where the player was found, during which police found fake passports in the name of Ronaldinho and his brother.

Recall that last summer the Brazilian authorities banned Ronaldinho from leaving the country.
5-03-2020, 23:44
In India, there have been 29 cases of new infections with the coronavirus, raising fears that the world's second-largest population may be seriously affected by the virus.

According to CNN, citing India's health minister, three of the infected were able to heal. The sick are mostly travelers who have returned from Italy.

The country's authorities have advised to exercise caution, but have not declared an alarming situation. The government has decided to inspect all passengers arriving in the country.

According to the channel, primary schools in New Delhi have been closed until March 31, due to an increase in the number of patients with coronavirus.

According to the latest data, the number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide has exceeded 95 000 and 3300 deaths.
5-03-2020, 22:58
As we have been informed, at night the police carried out raids on Aram Vardanyan's apartment in Vestrechi Aperi and the areas belonging to him.

Today Vardanyan's advocacy group presented the media with the situation in the apartment and the damaged property.
5-03-2020, 22:46
During a meeting with the Armenian community in Tbilisi, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said: “We are not ideal and it is good because every person's greatest teacher is his mistakes. When I was recently talking about traitors in the law enforcement system, it's also a confession. Then when I think about this subject, I find the Bible helpful.

He says if you are not able to pursue a staffing policy that will not betray you. And the scripture comes to the rescue that even the chosen men of Jesus Christ were traitors. So even if Jesus was not able to carry on a treacherous staffing policy, it would be arrogant to think that any prime minister could do that. "
5-03-2020, 22:07
Usually on March 5, on Vazgen Sargsyan's birthday, former leaders of Armenia and Artsakh and representatives of the ruling elite always visited the Yerablur military pantheon. Pashinyan decided to break this tradition. Moreover, last year on the 60th anniversary of Vazgen Sargsyan, Pashinyan's government actually forgot about it and it was not celebrated.

Many were surprised by this. Some thought that this behavior was due to the cold relationship between Pashinyan and Vazgen's brother Aram Zavenich.
5-03-2020, 21:32
According to our information, the government is forming groups of teams that threatened to crush the Artsakh President's head and attack Hrant Margaryan, who is walking with his grandson.

Groups from this violent mass will be formed to enforce the law on confiscation of illegal property, these groups will "attack" by special order, carry out actions in front of the houses of former officials, such as Karen Karapetyan, Vardan Harutyunyan, Hovik Abrahamyan, and so on .
5-03-2020, 21:26
Singer Lilit Karapetyan today spoke about the love affair between her and Sparapet Vazgen Sargsyan. He said that in the last two years of his life Vazgen Sargsyan had a romance. According to Lilit, they were going to get married. The singer also said that Vazgen Sargsyan's mother was against their relationship because the mother wanted to see another girl next to her son.

Vazgen Sargsyan's relatives touched upon Lilit Karapetyan's story. In particular, his brother-in-law, Nona Sargsyan, posted on his Facebook page: "So respecting everyone's rights, feelings, and love, I want to say keep your dreams within you ... dreaming is not a bad thing ... as for Vazgen, Vazgen's beloved wife could never do self-promotion at Vazgen's name. Vazgen would never love that kind of woman. Not to mention that we've heard those tales 10 times a week since Vazgen's death, and it was all in the genre of dreams. and he would only be happy. And in the end it is a shame that it was shameful for you to advertise Vazgen's name. "
5-03-2020, 21:21
The safety of Armenia ... ...

In December, a court ruling ruled that the third Armenian President's restraining order was chosen not to leave his signature. with officials ... Are we a serious country?
5-03-2020, 21:07
Today, March 5, a major car accident took place in Yerevan. At about 9:30 pm, the driver of an Opel Vectra 35T Q 355 car on the 4th km of the Nubarashen-Masis highway, traveling to Masis, in unknown circumstances, exited the road, crashed into two lanes of concrete, two concrete pipes, rolling around in the field.

According to Shamshyan.com, 5 people were first treated by Masis Medical Center as a result of the accident, and then transferred to Erebuni Medical Center, where 4 were taken to Holy Mother of God Medical Center.

On the fact G. Sargsyan is preparing materials.

According to the order of the investigator, the car, which was transformed into a scrap metal, was transported to a special area of ​​the Yerevan traffic police by means of a trailer.

Police have identified the driver and the injured.