6-03-2020, 08:52
There were always bruises on his face. Neighbors tell of a child being beaten in Gyumri
6-03-2020, 08:26
Hraparak writes: "On the night of March 4, at around 5 am, hundreds of policemen, some wearing masks, invaded Aram Vardanyan's nicknamed 'Vestrechi Apper' and raided other houses and atrocities. The doors and windows of the house were broken. Although the iron doors were not able to break open, the forces were not sufficient.

They came into the room, did everything, dragged Aram Vardanyan's mother to other family members, frightened his five-year-old granddaughter, who had lost the ability to speak out of fear, and was taken to hospital. They then detained Vardanyan's nephew, other people, as well as the neighboring apartments, somehow affiliated with Aram Vardanyan.
6-03-2020, 08:17
Hayk Petrosyan has a new candidate. video
6-03-2020, 08:07
"To plaster those walls, to cover the asphalt, I am definitely against it, I do not like those words at all, especially if the Prime Minister says. But what remains of those who commit crimes, who rob the country, let them answer, we all wait for it, the people wait. " PAP faction MP Vardan Ghukasyan expressed such an opinion during a conversation with journalists.

Speaking about the actions carried out by Aram Vardanyan's house, known as the Vestrechi Aper, by police, Ghukasyan said he was unequivocally opposed to bringing people into the house without charge, especially bypassing the law and intimidating people.
6-03-2020, 08:02
politnavigator.net Armenia, Georgia and Coronavirus. The article, titled "Serious Conflict Rises," reads that the deadly coronavirus epidemic in Iran has caused panic in the former Soviet states of Transcaucasia. The threat of the infection has hung on Armenia's head, with the first case of a coronavirus reported on a citizen returning from Iran, as well as about 30 people contacted.

Georgia is also concerned about the presence of a coronavirus in four of those returning from Iran and Italy, with 97 contacts isolated. All of this threatens the two wealthy countries with serious financial losses due to the collapse of transit cargo, trade and tourism.
6-03-2020, 07:43
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev was outraged at the map of Urartu and Sisian on the map during the opening of the March 4 historical-geographical museum in Tovuz, Azerbaijan, minval.az reports.

According to the source, Aliyev attended the opening ceremony of the museum, got acquainted with the museum's exhibits and reprimanded the head of the district's executive branch, Mamed Mamedov.
6-03-2020, 07:38
Armenian Armed Forces have prevented a diversion penetration attempt. The Ministry of Defense has released photos.

YEREVAN, March 6 - Sputnik. On March 6, at about 05:30 am, Azerbaijani servicemen launched a subversive attempt at one of the combat positions located in the northeast of Armenia. The information is provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.
6-03-2020, 07:28
During the sitting of the National Assembly, after the speech of Artak Manukyan, the deputy of the "My step" faction, the NA Vice President Vahe Enfiajyan reprimanded the "My step" MPs; Dear Members of My Step Faction, Stand Up, Talk, Move All Your Conversations and Discussions Outside This Room, Offices Are Near. Your friend is talking, you are disturbing, ”Enfiajyan said.
6-03-2020, 07:13
As we have already informed, on March 5, at about 15:00, a 12-year-old girl was taken to "Gyumri Austrian Mother and Child Hospital". There were traces of violence on her, the girl was taken to hospital in critical condition.

The child was operated on. Due to the situation, the resuscitation of "Holy Mother of God" medical center left for Gyumri and took the child to Yerevan.
6-03-2020, 07:07
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, yesterday, March 5, the officers of Armavir Police Department, Vagharshapat Police Department cooperated with the investigators of Lori Marz Police Department and Armavir Regional Investigation Department of the Armenian Investigation Committee, undertaking necessary operative investigative, investigative and investigative measures. On the same day in the village of Aghavnatun, Armavir region, 36-year-old H. The identity of the suspect who fired a shotgun at Harutyunyan's Jeep, causing gunshot wounds.