31-03-2020, 11:45
We have another healed patient. The number of people recovered was 31. Minister Arsen Torosyan informs about this on his social network page.

150 Also 150 people were released from the isolation, 65 of which are our citizens who arrived on a special flight from Italy.

I wish everyone good health.
31-03-2020, 11:28
We have to extend the strict limits for at least 10 days. This is what Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on his social network page.

Details in the video
31-03-2020, 11:14
According to the decision, the special regiment established by the paratrooper will not operate only when entering and exiting the area of ​​Chantavan village near Charentsavan.

YEREVAN, March 31 - Sputnik. Today, March 31, RA Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan made a new decision according to which restrictions will be applied in Charentsavan community of Kotayk marz till April 5.

Thus, a special regime will be introduced for entering and exiting the administrative border of Charentsavan community, which will prohibit the entry and exit of persons and vehicles except for the supply of essentials, supplies, food, medicine and fuel.
31-03-2020, 11:05
The funeral of the leading Armenian grandmaster, FIDE World Cup Levon Aronian's wife Arianne Caoili will take place on April 1 at 6 pm at Erebuni Funeral Home, 2/14 Pacific Done. Funeral on April 2 at 2:00 pm from the same place.

Recall, Kaolie's death came to light this night. On March 14, he had an accident in Yerevan. At about 11:50 pm, a concrete pillar of the bridge collided with his Lexus in Sebastia Street. After that, he underwent several surgeries, and doctors assessed the condition as stable.
31-03-2020, 10:58
As we have been informed, the Paretatun recently canceled its decision to close and impose restrictions on the Charentsavan community. Speaker Vahan Hunanyan told Hraparak.am that it was due to a technical error.

"Because we are discussing different scenarios, it was one of those scenarios that was published because of a technical error," Vahan Hunanyan said.

Asked whether the technical mistake was to make the decision or to publish the decision, Hunanyan said that it was a decision. He also said that there is no decision on Charentsavan at this time.
31-03-2020, 10:44
At the moment the border is calm, the enemy has not fired shots in the direction of the village. Border Koti community head Felix Melikyan told ArmLur.am.

“There is no panic among the villagers, everyone is busy with their daily work. There are no shots, it's quiet, ”he said.

It should be reminded that yesterday at about 19: 00-19: 30, the Azerbaijani armed forces fired at various military bases in the Noyemberyan region of Tavush region and in the villages of Baganis and Voskevan.
31-03-2020, 10:25
C) Establish special checkpoints and checkpoints in places designated by the RA NSS and Police for the purpose of enforcing the special regime to inspect persons and vehicles permitted in the administrative area of Charentsavan (with the exception of Chantan administrative district).

2) Director of the RA National Security Service Eduard Martirosyan, Chief of Police Arman Sargsyan, Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan to ensure implementation of this decision.
31-03-2020, 10:12
The decision to close Charentsavan and impose restrictions was canceled. This month Hraparak.am was informed from the hotline of Kotayk regional administration.

It should be noted that the decision was not revoked just minutes after Paret's decision. Why didn't the person answering our hotline ask us to ask the rest of the questions?
31-03-2020, 10:08
Two cases of coronavirus have been registered in Tavush Marz, Tavush Governor Hayk Chobanyan has posted on his Facebook page.

“The first is a driver from abroad, isolated after crossing the border. The second case is in Dilijan. All situation management steps have been taken, all potential contact persons are isolated or self-contained, and are under special surveillance.
31-03-2020, 09:58
I don't care about Arsen Torosyan. Sasun Mikaelyan's speech at the National Assembly caused laughter (video)