31-01-2020, 13:41
“This seriousness is already serious. Key issues are already being overshadowed. The fact that the Constitutional Court should be changed in its entirety, we have always talked about, right after the revolution, when there was that opportunity. When the National Assembly came under full control of the new forces, we were saying then. We preferred and suggested the path of constitutional reform, "says Hovsep Khurshudyan, president of Free Citizens NGO, in the framework of the program" On Importance ".

About two years after the revolution, the ruling power begins the process of constitutional reform.
31-01-2020, 13:30
Today, January 31, a major car accident occurred in Aragatsotn region. At about 4:30 pm, the driver of the Mitsubishi 35 ZO 560 car on the 83rd km of the Yerevan-Vanadzor highway, still in unknown circumstances, left the roadway, turning a few turns and appeared on the rocks.

According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, the driver and two passengers were taken to Aparan Medical Center as a result of the accident.
31-01-2020, 13:20
Vahram Mkrtich Avagyan, who died yesterday at the Army Training Center, was from Haytagh village of Armavir province. Village head Meruzhan Muradyan told kayqer.ru that he was the youngest child in the family and had three older brothers.

“He was from a poor, poor family in the village, having three older brothers who had served and had come back. They were born in a small house, raised, lived a tough life with cattle, farming, lived a bitter persistence, ”said the village head.

He announced that Vahram Avagyan had just six months of conscription; "It was a few days before Otpusk arrived, and it ended on January 10."

The head of the village declined to elaborate on the incident, but said it was initially said that "he shot himself during the shooting, but there are reports that bruises were also on his body."

According to the mayor, the deceased soldier did not tell his parents about any problems in the army.

Earlier, the Investigative Committee reported that in 2020 On January 30, 2011, at about 1:15 pm, a compulsory military serviceman of the N military unit, Vahram Mkrtich Avagyan, a compulsory military serviceman of the N military unit, shot himself in the chest around his chest and received a shotgun with 14 gunshot wounds. At 00:00 his biological death was recorded.

A criminal case has been initiated in accordance with Part 1 of Article 110 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia in the First Garrison Investigation Department, an investigation is underway.
31-01-2020, 13:09
Vahram Mkrtich Avagyan, who died yesterday at the Army Training Center, was from Haytagh village of Armavir province.

Vahram was the youngest of four sons of the family who had been drafted into the army six months earlier. His brothers also served in Artsakh.

Villagers of Vahram told kayqer.ru that the boy had a girlfriend from the same village. “They had been friends for many years, everyone in the school knew, but after joining the army we don't know if the contact was maintained. About 10 days ago he had arrived at Otopusk. As far as we are aware, had no problems, respected, is from a smart family, and many years ago Vahram's uncle's son committed suicide in the army. "

Vahram's teacher Susanna Aghabekyan also described her as very positive. “We are all very surprised by his move. He has never tried to take such a step before. She didn't study well at school, but everyone loved her. He was from a poor family, with livestock, farming, and we didn't see anything worse. ” The villagers do not believe in the version of suicide.
31-01-2020, 13:06
Pashinyan was fired because his father supported Konstantin Orbelian
31-01-2020, 12:59
The video shows how the prime ministers of Armenia and Russia laugh and laugh.

YEREVAN, January 31 - Sputnik. Prior to meeting with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in Kazakhstan today, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan suggested taking photos against the backdrop of the flags of the two states, and then offered Mishustin a selfie.

"Let's shake hands first," said the Armenian Prime Minister.

The photographers began to paint that moment.

"We might as well stand side by side," Mishustin suggested

"Shall we also do the selfie?" Pashinyan asked, holding his hand in his pocket.
31-01-2020, 12:56
- Either I will be the Prime Minister of Armenia or Armenia will not have a Prime Minister.
- Either the National Assembly will be mine or Armenia will not have a National Assembly. I will lick my people, make them a besieged fortress, and will not let them work.

Either the judicial system will be in my pocket, Robert Kocharyan is in jail, or Armenia will not have a judicial system. I will block all court doors and windows, so that the serpent with his port, his faith with his arm, cannot enter.
- Either I will privatize the Constitutional Court like a Buddy, or Armenia will not have a Constitutional Court, and it's over.
31-01-2020, 12:20
The process of payment of pensions for February 2020 will start on February 3, the Social Security Service informs.
31-01-2020, 12:13
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The head of the Armenian Helsinki Committee is convinced that the decision to release the convicts prematurely should be made without listening to the legal successors of the injured party.

YEREVAN, January 31 - Sputnik. Avetik Ishkhanyan, Chairman of the Helsinki Committee of Armenia, welcomes the release of Ashot Manukyan, a lifelong prisoner. He expressed his point of view during a meeting with journalists today, reminding that this is the second case in the history of independent Armenia.
31-01-2020, 12:03
A test has been developed in China that detects coronavirus in 15 minutes
Scientists in China have announced the creation of a new type of coronavirus express test, reports Xinhua.

The test for rapid detection of the virus was developed by the joint efforts of the National Institute of Viral Disease Control and Prevention and the High-tech Company of the City of Usi.
     It is noted that the test allows the result to be obtained within 8-15 minutes. It is known that express-test has high sensitivity, it is easy to use and convenient for transportation.
     The French company Novacyt has already announced the creation of this coronavirus test.