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"I will be playing in that video in August 2016" ․ The hero of the scandalous video spread by Pashinyan denies (Video)
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Thanks to this Armenian, President Reagan recognized the Armenian Genocide. Kenneth Khachikyan is a unique person. He has worked with three presidents of the United States: President Nixon, Reagan, and Bush Sr.

Most importantly, he was the author of President Ronald Reagan's famous 1981 declaration, in which the current president of the United States officially and for the last time officially recognized the Armenian Genocide.

Khachikyan is proud of his work, he says, it was the call of the soul, adding that the Caesarean father and mother from Kharberd who survived the Genocide would also be proud. Kenneth Khachikyan started his career in Richard Nixon's team. "When I was in law school in New York, I wrote a letter to candidate Nixon asking him to help his campaign team. It was 1968, I was 23 years old. I was accepted to help write speeches and do research. ”

After Nixon's victory, Khachikyan returned to university, graduated, and in 1970 went to work at the White House. However, when Richard Nixon decides to resign, he asks Kenneth Khachikyan to help him prepare for the publication of his memoirs. Then, learning that presidential candidate Ronald Reagan needed a speech specialist, Khachikyan went to work for Reagan. "He and I had such a close personal relationship, we worked so well together that right after the victory, Reagan called me to the White House to work as the head of his speech preparation department."
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Nikol Pashinyan posted a photo of his little daughter Arpi on Instagram, where the child uses a stethoscope to check the dog's condition. "Arpi is trying to decide whether Molly is positive," Pashinyan wrote.

It seems that nothing extraordinary happened, but only at first sight. Arpi checks to see if Molly is a coronavirus. This is also normal. He is a child and plays like other children his age. Pashinyan does well, but Pashinyan does not do well to use the child for his reputation. Pashinyan is not doing well, whether Molly's dog willingly or unwillingly puts us on the same level with the citizens of Armenia. Especially for citizens who are ill, who suspect that they are ill, and are doing their best to get light, to have a lung examination, to have a normal check-up.
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"Every day, Clown Hayk, as the mayor of Yerevan, is an insult to the people of Yerevan and the citizens of Armenia. Prime Minister Pashinyan, that's enough. You have already exhausted all the resources to have fun and enjoy the power. Either get serious or the story won't forgive you. ”

The criminal failures of the government and the prime minister inevitably lead to a new crisis. Armen Ashotyan
The fact that the former prime minister has been hitting Nikol one after another in recent days, of course, cannot be just a coincidence ․ Maybe he feels something. But with such a tough anti-Catholicism, how do we understand a number of Darbinyan's previous statements? For example, in 2018 ․ Leaving aside the memory of the Genocide on April 24, he insisted on the following: "A real people's revolution has taken place in Armenia. Its locomotive was the beautiful, ideological, honest, wonderful Armenian youth, the main achievement of the independent Armenian statehood. ”
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Tell one of these animals whose train has taken you and your share of the train will be carried on your back to bring the country to this day.
Otherwise, we have not failed the fight against the contagion, we have done more than we can.
Animal, how can it fail? A new case of 500+ infections per day and 15-20 deaths are registered.
In Georgia, which has a population of two, only 800 cases have been reported in Georgia, and 10,000 to 300 deaths in Armenia.

With the same 14% of GDP, people have overcome H1N1 without shaking the country. Nicole also said that H1N1 is a serious disease from Coronavirus. How did you take the country out of that crisis unnoticed? If you don't know, at that time the professors were in charge of the system, not the donkey boys who didn't have a bicycle like you.
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Narek Mkrtchyan, a member of the "My Step" faction of the National Assembly, wrote on his Facebook page that there are currently 50 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Parakar and Tairov, and that one young man died today.

“A few weeks ago, I wrote about the sad picture of the anti-coronavirus in Parakar community. The Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that there have been 50 confirmed deaths in Parakar and Tairov at the moment, and unfortunately one young man has died today (this is the second death in Parakar).

Dear fellow villagers, Armenians, we need to come to our senses.
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In his latest video about Stear, Serzh Sargsyan's son-in-law Mikael Minasyan, as it is known, talks about the ways and quality of Armenia's acquisition of weapons. Since yesterday, the Internet has been flooded with retaliation and retaliation against him, and the NSS is studying it. The video shows how Minasyan's weapon, which is considered old, hit the Azeri drone 10 days ago.

In a conversation with HA, military expert Arkady Grigoryan referred to Minasyan's statements and said that until now Azerbaijan was trying to find ways to arm Armenia and create obstacles. "So it turns out that we have another enemy besides Azerbaijan?" The expert asks. Our conversation with him is below.
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Margarit Yesayan wrote on her Facebook page.

"It simply came to our notice then
virus prosperity
The word responsibility has been heard a lot in recent days, and it is appropriate.
It is obvious to many that the government in our country, headed by the Prime Minister, the legislature, the judiciary and others, does not have a sense of responsibility. All the threads of irresponsibility lead to Nikol Pashinyan, because if there is anyone in our country who does not know the word responsibility at all, it is Nikol.
The irresponsible prime minister is taking irresponsible steps.
It is obvious that the security and safety of our society is endangered.
Being responsible means being responsible for every step you take, every decision you make, every action you take.
To be responsible means to realize the seriousness of the moment.
To be responsible means to have a state mentality.
To be responsible means to have respect.
Nicole declares everyone responsible, everyone except herself ․․
The virus came and settled very accurately in our republic, spread very quickly, because sitting in the Prime Minister's chair is completely devoid of responsibility, moreover, it is not only irresponsible, but also cynical. At a time when the whole world was serious and alert, the Merins were spreading their overflowing dose of cynicism, distributing brochures, sending homeless people from abroad, in short, perhaps putting their hopes on God, rewarding and self-rewarding. And so, the virus, the world passed, happened in all countries, saw their readiness, felt the seriousness of the responsibility of others, then came smoothly and remained silent in our country. Here the virus began to feel at home.
And the quarantine announced in mid-March, which can be said to be relatively serious, and people all woke up, isolated themselves and sobered up / we, the relatives, for example, did not see each other for about a month and a half, did not go or did not come.
Who broke the quarantine, again the government, with its infamous Prime Minister? And today, I read somewhere that don't criticize, let it work. Should we hold hands or feet, let it work, the hammer is in his hand and the nail. He must be responsible and must be able to work, this Man cannot be hindered by incompetence and irresponsibility, not by our criticism. On the contrary, criticism is intended to help. Alas!
In the second phase of quarantine, some jobs were allegedly created when the transport was not working, absurd, cafes were opened, when the number of infected people and deaths increased, funny ․․․
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"During this time, there have been proposals that I have rejected for various reasons. Sometimes, I didn't have time to forgive because I was busy taking care of my production. I liked this offer, that's why I accepted it immediately, "he said.

He doesn't want to make revelations about Anati's image yet. "My image is enigmatic, I can't open the brackets, especially since I don't know much about the expected developments. I'm just sure that interesting and tense series are expected. "

According to the actress, she had no problem adapting to the staff. "I have worked with almost the entire cast of this project before, I also knew screenwriter Anushik Petrosyan. I am especially glad that my close friend Tate Adumyan and I are working on a project. I really like the staff I have to work with, even though I'm not a person with character problems, ”he said.

We asked Anati if it was easy to work with her main player, Hakob Hakobyan. "It's very easy with him, he's a good friend and a good person. The process of filming with Hakob is spiced with humor. ”
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RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan wrote on his Facebook page.

"A party digging their own political grave, which seems to be called 'Bright' today, like an orchestra, accuses me of thwarting the 'fight against the virus', forgetting who was against the prolongation of the state of emergency, the introduction of the IT system to find contacts, the wearing of masks, who The public transport company, which is already the source of the spread of the infection, was once again reopening its doors today.