4-11-2019, 19:47
The municipality has not received the draft of the Christian park-park presented by Arthur Asatryan in the form of a document. Speaking to Sputnik Armenia, Mayor of Echmiadzin Diana Gasparyan said.

"We have spoken about it verbally, but I have informed the foundation representatives that the area where it is planned to be built is for long-term lease and is not the property of the community, so talking about the project is not realistic," Gasparyan said.

According to the mayor of Echmiadzin, several steps must be taken first to carry out the process:

"First the project-estimate is presented, it is discussed, then the architectural task is received, the area should be community-oriented, after which the municipality will give permission for construction," Gasparyan said.

According to him, agreeing with the Mother See is important when placing a monument in Echmiadzin. Although theoretical rather than subjective talk is currently taking place, the municipality is open to any discussion.

"Let's not forget that we still have the problem of returning those areas to the community balance," Gasparyan said.

In addition, the municipality must be sure that there are funds for at least 70-80 percent of those commencing and completing large-scale construction in the city center.

"The project requires quite a lot of funding, and I still have no information on how many percent of the planned funds have been collected," he said.

However, the authors of the structure are convinced that it will be a unique gathering place, linking Armenia to the Diaspora, where new ideas and projects will emerge to present Armenia and make the world more recognizable.

It should be reminded that a video has been circulated on the Internet in which Arthur Asatryan (Don Pippo) presents his concept of transforming Echmiadzin.
4-11-2019, 18:36
“The campaign against me started because I was in trouble. I suppose I disturbed both Arthur Vanetsyan and Arsen Torosyan, possibly and many, because the EAR is a body that can exercise control over all state bodies, ”RFE / RL reports. Armenpress was quoted by David Sanasaryan, the head of the EBRD, as saying.

According to him, the EIA planned to carry out large-scale inspections in medical facilities, in the structure headed by Arsen Torosyan and in the subordinate bodies, and, as Sanasaryan said on air, some of the inspections "did not please Arsen Torosyan."

“I have done everything for the benefit of the state day and night. And in what they are accusing me of, I have again done the work to establish order in the dialysis market so that there are privileges that can bypass the law on "procurement" at the expense of the state, "Sanasaryan said. :
4-11-2019, 18:15
Aries. You are so vulnerable today that you can be manipulated by anyone. Your sense of urgency, which has long been telling you who is worth dealing with and who is not, is silent today, which is why there is a danger that you may become a victim of fraud by trusting a suspicious person and, as a result, you have financial losses.

If meetings are planned, be prepared for them in the most serious way, with a great deal of space to follow the outside. The less initiative you have today, the better.

Taurus. The emotional backdrop of the day is marked by instability, you lose your cheerfulness and optimism, you are annoyed by every little detail. One of the most important issues that concerns us most today is money. Financial prospects are vague, you realize it and try to avoid unnecessary expenses - such an approach is quite reasonable.

New things can be done today if you have at least a general idea of ​​how they should be done. It is not advisable to take trips unless they are well planned and well organized.

Gemini. It is not a bad day to solve current problems and bring order. Hard work distracts from unpleasant thoughts, helps to focus, and provides constructive feedback. Practical negotiations are going well, you quickly get the right tone. You defend your interests in the direct simplicity that disarms your opponents.

Today, it is possible to solve personal problems, and it is also possible to spend a wonderful time with close friends. The day is not suitable for visiting embassies and conferences.
4-11-2019, 18:07
For a long time, the internet has been discussing the fact that the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports has provided 20 million drams for a film about sexually transmitted Mel Daluzyan.

According to the publications, the film's main theme is the story of a loving couple, advocating for the rights of sexual minorities, their struggle, their way together, and so on.

Today, on this occasion, RFE / RL Minister Arayik Harutyunyan said on Radio Liberty: "This is a big joint project funded, if I'm not mistaken, mostly by the Japanese government. The commission has again endorsed a small section for the film and one should look at the result. "
4-11-2019, 17:58
Driver news
4-11-2019, 17:50
The "My Step" faction was holding a session today, which was also attended by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. After the sitting, NA Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan, answering the journalists' questions, noted that during the sitting the issues discussed by the deputies were discussed.
Referring to the demands on the dismissal of the Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan, he noted:

“Do people have to decide what is good and what is bad, and why should they demand it? We will achieve nothing in this way. Someone likes a roll, goes with that rollercoaster singer, does not consider it Turkish or Arabic, and writes, "My brother, is that okay?"
4-11-2019, 17:32
Minister of the Ministry of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan believes that linking different events, works of art with "Satanism" and / or the LGBT community is guided by a number of frameworks: "It is clear from where these winds blow, from the media centers controlled by Kocharyan's supporters, various political forces, the" rejected ", of course, there are public-political groups that have normal concerns," RFE / RL's Armenian service reported. Armenpress was informed by the Minister.

Referring to the performance of "Dance and Call" staged near the Republic Square subway on November 2, the Minister noted: "We often see such a phenomenon, and under the name of LGBT, they label events under the name of Satanism, which are sometimes not comprehensible or understandable, perhaps worse in performance, and very clearly some media centers and political centers target it, making it an agenda, while I think if there is a problem with quality, it is a matter for the experts to discuss. It is difficult to speak of changes in values, because we provide huge amounts of grants on many different issues - Artsakh, different national issues, education, our national system. "
4-11-2019, 17:12
We will not achieve anything if some people have to decide which is the good, the bad and why they should start demanding something, Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan told reporters after the "My Step" faction session. Reflecting on the November 2 performance of "Emotion and Call", which was followed by scuffles, people were brought to the police.
"Someone likes to chuckle, he doesn't consider it Turkish, Arabic, and he puts those songs on his wall. He paints with that singer, writes my brother. Is that normal? That is, we have to decide for each other which one is normal, ”he asked, noting that they were ascribed to them. Instead, he called for an end to it, as they would not succeed.

“The citizen of Armenia knows that today people give money to discredit us in this way. The Republic of Armenia is a secular, free country, always maintaining its traditional values, but no one has the right to violate people's wishes and tastes, ”he said.

Regarding the fact of filling in the “Zionka” on the participants of “Dance and Rust”, Alen Simonyan responded: "Now what is the next step of 'zelonka', burning on fire, or who decides what to do or what to look at? This life and commerce shows what kind of culture is good, ”he said.
4-11-2019, 17:03
According to Pashinyan, the existence of the subject of "History of the Armenian Church" is not logical. According to him, in the case of "Armenian History" the separate "History of the Armenian Church" speaks of a non-existent separation and a gap between the Armenian people and the Armenian Apostolic Church. He also gave a brief historical excursion explaining why the subject went to school in general.

“In the Soviet times, our history textbooks did little to address the church at all. Since independence, we have not had time to deal with it and inertia schools have continued to teach Armenian history without telling about the church. That's why there is a need for a separate subject, "the Prime Minister said.
Pashinyan also added that the students would benefit only from integrating the subject of "History of the Armenian Church" into the subject of "Armenian History". The student's workload will decrease, allowing him to focus on physics, chemistry, geometry.
4-11-2019, 16:49
Referring to the recent performance of "Hustle and bustle" performance in Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan emphasized: “There is a situation in Armenia now that some people on the sidelines consider those who come out of the square to be Satanists. And one will explain what Satanism is. Are you aware that there are Gentiles in Armenia as well, even having weddings with Gentile rituals? What can we do now? By censoring the revelations, we will slowly inquire, burning the fires of those who do not fit into our perceptions. Today you are quoting Charents, you know that Charents only wrote "I Am My Sweet Armenia", his many works were out of the Soviet standards, banned, now his works? Or are we to draw the boundaries of our Charents and say that whoever thought of Charents out there is a devil. I think in Armenia the mind should work and there should be no templates for that. Giordano Bruno was once burned for thinking differently. Now, if at this stage in human history we have not had statehood, we have not put out campfires, shall we raise campfires again? And this is not just about culture, there must be pluralism in all areas. "