13-11-2019, 15:02
A heavy government artillery was launched to make Nikol Pashinyan's godfather mayor of his native Ijevan. A few months ago, the godfather, Hayk Ghalumyan, was appointed acting mayor, as the government had forced incumbent Mayor Vardan Ghalumyan to resign. First, a criminal case was launched against the PAP mayor, and then he was told that he was going to the polls, as rumors spread, he was told Vardan Ghalumyan should either go to prison or resign. He also preferred the latter. However, it was not only the former mayor who seemed to be the obstacle. Another Ghalumyan, who took over as Ijevan's provisional head of state for several months, realized that he would not run, could not win the elections, and decided to postpone the December elections.

They will be in March, but Nikol Pashinyan and other elite Ijevan residents predict that time will not save and that the choice of the godfather is under serious threat. Ijevan does not accept the new authorities, which have deprived them of daily bread and forest. Pashinyan's ingenious mind has come up with a new idea. An enlargement project has been put into circulation, with 18 more communities joining Ijevan.

Speaking to the media, community leaders united in fear that they were opposed to enlargement, but that they had no listeners. The regime will not back down until it has achieved its goal, and in order to achieve that goal, it is necessary to force the leaders of the united communities to work for Nikol Pashinyan's godfather.
This is when, after the revolution, they criticized the previous authorities for the enlargement program, declaring that it was being done for political purposes, the voice and rights of the population of the provinces were ignored, and they would not go that route.

The press also wrote that Pashinyan's nephew, MP Sipan Pashinyan is also involved in the difficult task of making mayor, he is personally involved in the issues of lighting in Ijevan. He wrote in a primitive note: “In Ijevan, some people, who have laid stones at the expense of the people and municipality of Ijevan, have fallen prey to the work being done, and are trying to get to Sevan through some of the media you know.
Together with Hayk Ghalumyan, we show how the work of the municipality should be and the city we serve our people, not individuals.

Those times are irreversible in the past. The interesting thing is that I have already solved various problems with charities in many villages and communities, but the only concern is Ijevan. see what it is
Gentlemen parasites, I advise you to buy valerianka, because in the near future a new series of good news will come for Ijevan residents (and not only), ”he said.
In fact, according to Pashinyan and his team's criteria, Taron Margaryan was not the mayor at all, just the fact that he had flooded the Avan district, which is almost the size of an Ijevan, in the light and in the fortress.
It was enough to make him the best mayor. But we saw the mentality of the young man and his political fathers one and a half years ago when they forced Taron Margaryan to leave.

Ani Sahakyan
13-11-2019, 15:01
The criminal subculture must be uprooted from Armenia, and if there are people, including MPs, who think that there will be compromises in this issue and who think that there may be a threat to a lawmaker reporting on the matter, I am straightforward to say We will lay down the asphalt and give it walls, in the true sense of the word. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made such a statement today in the National Assembly, answering the question of "My step" faction MP Sergey Movsisyan, concerning the draft law on criminalization of adherence to criminal subculture.

The MP mentioned by Pashinyan is PAP member Vardan Ghukasyan. Speaking to reporters today, the latter said in a conversation with reporters that "law-abiding people are like thieves in law, thieves are intelligent boys by law" and that there is no criminal in Armenia at all.
13-11-2019, 14:56
Nikol Pashinyan noted that the criminal sub-culture of Armenia with corruption should be eradicated from Armenia.

YEREVAN, November 13 - Sputnik. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan promises to lay the asphalt on those who threaten lawmakers reporting on a draft law criminalizing "thieves in law". Pashinyan said this during a question and answer session with the government in the National Assembly.

We have been informed that today Vardan Ghukasyan, a member of the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) faction, thinks there are no intelligent people like "thieves in law" in the world. According to him, the draft law in the National Assembly proposes to take everyone and fill the prisons.

“If there are people who think that there will be compromises in this issue, they are mistaken. Or, if they think that a lawmaker might threaten an MP, such as the other speakers, I would say straight down we will lay down the asphalt and give it walls, in the true sense of the word, "he said, not clarifying who he meant.

According to Pashinyan, the man, who robbed half of the second city of Armenia, should not let him or not give it a shot. The Prime Minister said that all this should be done to the ears, if they do not, the scenes presented by him will come true.

Nikol Pashinyan also mentioned that the criminal sub-culture from Armenia should be rooted out with corruption.

“If the law does not work, we will take stricter measures. I tell you this as a person who is directly and directly related to penitentiary institutions and that subculture, ”Pashinyan said.

"With this draft law the fight against criminal elements will be ineffective". Tigran Khachikyan

It should be reminded that on August 29 the government approved the relevant draft law on making additions to the RA Criminal Code. It is envisaged to prosecute for giving, receiving or maintaining a higher status at the criminal level, as well as for the creation, management, participation, involvement and maintenance of a criminal subculture.
7-11-2019, 15:30
A futuristic performance of "Liberate Political Prisoner Arsen Babayan" took place in the Republic Square metro station. The event was organized by public figure, initiator of the "VETO" movement Narek Malyan.

Reminder: On November 2, near the Republic Square metro station, a performance called "Hugank and Bell" was heard, which caused a stir among the public.

It should also be noted that the Ministry of Culture and Sports provided AMD 2.7 million for the performance.
7-11-2019, 15:14
Yesterday at 18:51 the official website of the Football Federation of Armenia published information that the Armenian football team has a new head coach. Under the current rules, the Armenian National Football Team cannot have a new head coach without the approval of the Executive Committee and the Executive Committee meeting was just that. Proper voting took place and the current members of the Executive Committee voted in favor of Abraham Khashmanyan's vote. Aren Mkrtchyan, a member of the "My Step" faction, told reporters today after the session of the AF Executive Committee.

Asked about Arthur Vanetsyan's appointment as quotes, Mkrtchyan said in a Facebook post yesterday. "I did not put Artur Vanetsyan's appointment in the quotes, I quoted the new head coach of the national team and I already mentioned why."

Asked if the issue of Vanetsyan's resignation has been discussed or are there any such intentions, Mkrtchyan said: "The executive committee has no authority over the resignation and it should be decided by the general assembly."

Mkrtchyan noted that he had no information about convening a general meeting at this time.
7-11-2019, 15:07
In Moscow, the passenger bus crashed into the building of the Fryazevskaya shopping center. The cause of the accident was an epileptic seizure by a public transport driver.

The pedestrians were reportedly not injured as they managed to cross. According to preliminary data, there were no passengers in the bus lane as the transport was only departing from its first stop. However, medical assistance was required for the driver.
7-11-2019, 15:06
I urge the Armenian nation to rise again and fight for Nicol's resignation. complaint / video /
7-11-2019, 14:49
As we have already informed, there was a dispute in the administrative building of Talin WUA located in Karakert village of Armavir region. Members of the Armenian National Congress (ANC), the Sapeian Brothers, along with their sons, reportedly stormed into the office and threatened to appoint their youngest son as deputy chief. A dispute ensued, followed by a shooting, and then they fled.

Speaking to LURER.com Mkrtich Sapeyan confirmed the controversy, saying he was there too, but the news of the shooting was false.

According to him, the problem arose from the appointment of his son as deputy chief of Talin WUA. “Today my son was appointed deputy. He went to work, gathered, and said, "You shouldn't work." He called me and I went and said, who are you not to let me work? There were some from other villages, I don't know who they were. There was a dispute, there was a fight, that was it. Let the investigative bodies find out what it is, ”said Sapeyan.

Asked where the boy was at the moment, Sapeyan said: "It was the first day he left today, and that was the incident, he left and came back," he said.
7-11-2019, 14:45
A meeting of the AF Executive Committee took place today. After the meeting, NA Chairman Artur Vanetsyan, responding to allegations that he had violated the law to appoint a national team coach, said that there was one issue on today's session agenda - the appointment of the coach. “The nomination of Mr. Abraham Khashmanyan has been nominated. Going forward, I would like to inform that all the participants in the session have voted in favor, Khashmanyan is now officially the head coach of the team. I congratulate him and wish him every success in this difficult and responsible work.

As for the rest of the questions, let me say that there was really no problem, there was no earthquake, it just turned out to be a lot of noise and the public's attention was drawn to that issue.
In fact, a simple legal case has taken place, for which a federation has been assigned an official investigation and the relevant officials will answer all the questions, and appropriate treatment will be provided. "
7-11-2019, 14:36
Investigation Division of Crimes Investigation Department of Zvartnots International Airport, Yerevan City, in connection with the Abuse Found in Zvartnots Aviation Meteorological Center CJSC Articles 1 and 31 Paragraphs 1 and 3 of Article 179, Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia Artsvik Minasyan is interrogated as a witness within the framework of the criminal case under investigation.

It should be noted that according to the materials of the criminal case, at Zvartnots Aviation Meteorological Center CJSC on 19.06.2017 As a result of the work it was found that 6 iron distribution boxes, according to the invoice, were obtained by the former manager from the CA who were to be installed at the Shirak airport runway but not installed and put into operation but according to the compilation According to the act of installation and operation of distribution boxes, the mentioned distribution boxes were installed and put into operation at Gyumri's Shirak Airport.

The aforementioned act was ratified by a round seal of the company, with the signatures of the official who was the official, the head of the equipment maintenance department of the company during that period and the technician of the same department.

Subsequently an internal audit of the company revealed that 14 invoices and 15 thermometers were purchased by the company manager from the invoice, but these products were not reflected in the company 2015-2016. property list, 2016 in the inventory list and in the inventory-acceptance list established by the commission established by the Minister's order. Thus, the company caused a total damage of 1.060.000 AMD.