17-03-2020, 19:03
Tert.am presents infographics of places of suspicion of isolation of citizens infected with coronavirus in Armenia.

We have 78 cases of coronavirus infection in Armenia, one of which is treated.
17-03-2020, 18:39
Former Director of Public Radio Lika Tumanyan wrote on her Facebook page:

“The media have serious questions about the information restrictions of the FS.

Frightening wording - what they put under it.

Any coverage of the real situation, including in the economic, social and other fields, is prohibited.

It turns out that any report where the situation is predicted is panic.

Economists cannot talk about government failures that will lead to high risks; It's a panic

Pharmacists can't talk about the vaccine - it's panic

Finance Can't Talk About Mitigating Banking System and Foreign Exchange Risks - Panic

Doctors can't talk about the epidemic - it's panic

You cannot analyze the effectiveness of government - you will cause panic.

You can't point out any errors, it's panic

The impression is that the real danger for the government is not the pandemic, but the people's awareness of it and their work.

I'm not even talking about social network uncontrollability; it's just not possible. Either turn off the internet (you can't panic) or you have nothing to control, sir. "
17-03-2020, 18:32
YSMU Chief of Staff Shushan Danielyan writes on her Facebook page:

“Tasty and a nice surprise

Mr. Gyros fast food staff had a surprise visit to University Hospital No. 1, full. The company decided today to host hospitality for medical staff at the university hospital

It was fun, exciting, delicious and unexpected. ”
17-03-2020, 18:10
Anna Hakobyan's Soup with Beef Mariam Pashinyan has published a photo

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's daughter Mariam Pashinyan posted a photo on her Facebook page, posting:

"Souvenir Soup by Anna Hakobyan".
17-03-2020, 17:58
The coronavirus test is $ 30-60 depending on the country. Now the World Health Organization is looking for cheaper options, said Dorit Nitzan, Coordinator of the European Bureau of the organization, reports RIA Novosti.

“The value of a coronavirus test depends on the country and its size. About $ 30-60, depending on the size, is why some countries have to save money on their use, "he said during a news conference on the organization's Facebook page.

In his words, the organization is now looking at other, cheaper options, but they all need to be tested.

On March 11, the World Health Organization announced the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Worldwide, more than 173,000 people are infected in 152 countries, with more than 7,000 dead.

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17-03-2020, 17:48
RA Health Minister Arsen Torosyan reports that there are 6 new cases at present. 78 cases of the common infection.
17-03-2020, 17:32
The Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan informs that 13 citizens of Artsakh have received a sample of suspected new coronavirus to be sent to the laboratory for research so far. At the moment, the results of the 12 samples are negative, the answer to the 1 case will be clear tomorrow.

The Ministry of Health of the Artsakh Republic informs the population of the republic that no case of coronavirus infection has been registered so far in the republic and urges the population not to publish inaccurate data and not to disseminate misinformation.
We urge you to follow the official newsletter to avoid the fake news, following the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of the infection.
17-03-2020, 17:16
Chinese scientists have confirmed that the blood group has a major impact on coronavirus vulnerability. The experts compared the data of people hospitalized at COVID-19 in the hospitals of Wuhan and Shenzhen with those of healthy people living in the same areas.

Thus, people with group II blood are the most vulnerable, and the most resistant group is group I. Age and gender do not matter. According to the results of the scientific work, this study was published in medRxiv periodical, reports lenta.ru.
17-03-2020, 17:12
According to kayqer.ru, a 14-year-old boy was hanged in one of the apartments on Tigran Mets Street in Gyumri. He committed suicide at his grandfather's home, where no one lived. His father was found to be hanging on to him.

According to the source, he is Chilingaryan's grandson who holds the post of head of the trade department at Gyumri municipality during Vardan Ghukasyan's tenure.

Her grandmother, Gohar Chilingaryan, was the principal of Gyumri # 16 kindergarten.

The information we received about the suicide of an underage boy was confirmed by Edgar Janoyan, Deputy Head of the RA Police Information Department. He said the boy, born in 2005, was found hanged in an apartment on Tigran Mets Street. The circumstances are being investigated and an investigation is underway.
17-03-2020, 16:48
500 people in the sewing workshop have now self-insulated. The epidemiologist of the Ministry of Health of the Ministry of Health Lusine Paronyan stated this at the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

He noted: "We have already isolated all contacts of confirmed cases. some in Tsakhkadzor, some in Dilijan. Italian contacts in their building are isolated or some are self-insulated. 500 people in the sewing workshop have now self-insulated. They are constantly in touch with us. Our employees call and check their health every day. "