18-03-2020, 04:04
Video showing dozens of Echmiadzin entrances closed
18-03-2020, 03:50
And even if the problem is the excise tax, could 400-450 drams of alcohol in that case be 3000 drams at once? Aren't these price increases too sharp and not appropriate for an entrepreneur who is going to make a huge profit by selling a product so important to the public these days?

It is clear that, at least in the case of alcohol, the relevant authorities and the Prime Minister are not completely sincere, which means that tomorrow or the next day the same businessperson may raise the price of any other essentials and refer to the amendment of the Tax Code.
18-03-2020, 03:35
It's not Coronavirus, it won't survive this virus. Gyumri right now
18-03-2020, 03:23
Shamshyan.com alerted Charentsavan resident T, Z, and announced on his Facebook page today that a holiday party was held at Charentsavan's Ginats restaurant and urged residents not to partake in the feasts after the restaurant owners they met with him, met him and beat him.

In a conversation with a Shamshyan.com reporter, the citizen said: “After the recording, two people were calling to say that there was something to talk about.
18-03-2020, 03:07
The 19th match of the Europa League play-off between Roma and Sevilla was scheduled for March 19, which was canceled a week before the game. Henrikh Mkhitaryan was preparing for a meeting with his team in Rome before canceling.

YEREVAN, March 17 –Sputnik. Armenian national team captain and Roma midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan and his family are in good health. They are "far from Coronavirus". The information was posted on his Facebook page by Toto Gayming.

As we know, Henrikh Mkhitaryan is in Rome with his wife and newborn son.
18-03-2020, 00:18
RPA spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov wrote on his Facebook page: “Dear compatriots, in the coming month, due to the coronavirus epidemic, our republic is in a state of emergency.

Under these circumstances, it is imperative that all of us strictly maintain national solidarity and discipline without panic.

This is another test for our society, which I am sure we will overcome. In recent days, our supporters have also voiced objective criticism of the government's shortcomings or slowdown.

But today we must refrain from such assessments.

It is much more important to maintain unity and bring together all the skilled and capable professionals to overcome this epidemic.

In times of danger, there is no government or opposition. Armenia is our home and sanctuary, and the citizens of the homeland are Hayk's children.

"This Will Pass"
Solomon the Wise. "
17-03-2020, 23:36
Journalist Lisa Jagharyan wrote on her Facebook page: "MR PRIME MINISTER, YOUR APPLICANT WAS A HEALTHY DOCTOR

Nikol Pashinyan loves communicating with the public. Sometimes he loves too much. For example, even in a state of emergency, he likes to communicate, which is strange because he himself calls for a day out so that people can isolate themselves for obvious reasons.

But let him think about it and let Mr. Avinyan evaluate it.

I'm interested in something else.
At the supermarket Mr. Arshak Asmaryan, the head of the medical service of the AIDS Prevention Center (unfortunately already), also addressed the Prime Minister.

The impression was terribly sad. To put it mildly.
I already had a chance to write about this center, I didn't hide my wondering why it was decided to turn the center into an infectious hospital without discussing it with the center staff, why everything was done so offensively, when I claim with all responsibility, the staff at the center deserve only respect. and they have earned that respect for their dedicated work, a testimony of which is the very center itself, full of excellent specialists and excellent medical equipment.

You do what you do, I don't know. WOULDN'T it be possible to do this without offending the medical staff? Did you deal with the gang, Mr. Prime Minister?
How did you talk to a respected doctor?

 But by calling on us to care, love, and cherish our careers. Is there a special list we need to take care of, and is there another list that we need to put under the vinegar?

What did Arshak Asmaryan say? He just asked that you hear their opinion. How did it happen that you told whom you were meeting with whom you said you were making a joke, and you couldn't find it with the AIDS center staff?

Listen to those respectable people, you don't want to accept their reasoning, stay that way, but listen to those people, what a biased attitude, and why? How have these people been treated?

Don't you think that something may have been whispered in your ear and that of the Minister of Health, which may not be as good as it seems to you?

Do you not suspect that now the center may even have its eye on building property?

Blessed are you, give us half of it. "
17-03-2020, 21:57
Ahead of the coronavirus epidemic, a new flashmob, known as "coronavirus flashmob", has become widespread on the Internet.

According to the Daily Star, in the Tik Tok app, the girls post short clips that look at a public servant. In this way they express their protest against the epidemic and state that they are not afraid of coronavirus.
17-03-2020, 21:39
For the past few days, I have been in the spotlight and attacks of the Revolutionary Guards terrorist group and their hundreds of fake Facebook users and followers.

This grouping does not miss the opportunity to make offensive and defamatory publications about me and my Partners in the Enlightenment Party. The case has reached the point where they are even sending messages and advising me to "sit quietly, keep quiet or else I'll answer."

HNS spares no effort, energy, fakes and money to spread false news.

It is interesting to know their sources of funding. I think it should be of interest to the NSS and the police.

I would like to remind you that on February 24, I applied to the NSS for publications on Armenia, according to the Prime Minister's 2019 announcement. April 4 instruction to detect and prosecute fliers under the banner of revolution.

I hope that authors of this type of publications and groups will really be held accountable by the authorities, otherwise it will raise many more questions.
17-03-2020, 21:23
Our people live because, with no experience, they have done everything right; Aram Sargsyan

Republic Party leader Aram Sargsyan wrote on his Facebook page:

"I look at what's happening in the UK, Italy, France ...

I read Macron's message that has let things pass and something tightens yesterday with the laws of new social life. constantly justifying information at any time.

I have no problem praising them at all, but thank you for saying ... "