6-11-2019, 21:07
Former officials have decided to open the khash season with old and good friends. Former RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Artem Asatryan, Artem Asatryan's wife, who is now the director of the Aresh Polyclinic, Artak Grigoryan, former head of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Eduard Sharmazanov, a Republican with his sister Vahe Eloyan, former chief of staff of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, was gathered and decided to remember the good old days around the khash table.
6-11-2019, 20:59
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's live Facebook broadcasts are notable for their active comments and likes. From the comments it becomes clear that I follow Pashinyan with a variety of mindsets and questions. Shusterers continue to sell cars at the expense of the prime minister, bored trying to tell the anecdote, and some prefer to complain about the prime minister's so-often live broadcasts.
6-11-2019, 20:51
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan posted a video on his Facebook page, which read:

"Share how many have not been deleted. see and be sure. "
6-11-2019, 20:42
My stepchildren have launched a campaign against the former director of the National Security Service, Chairman of the National Assembly Arthur Vanetsyan. Ministries and deputies have launched a "subversive" attack. Thus, Prime Minister's advisor Mesrop Arakelyan posted on his Facebook page that Arthur Vanetsyan had no right to be appointed head coach of the national team.

It should be reminded that information was spread today on the official website of the Football Federation of Armenia, according to which the Football Federation President appointed the head coach of the national football team.

"Pursuant to Article 39 (i) of the Charter, the power to appoint a head coach belongs exclusively to the Executive Committee of the Federation. The Charter adopted by the Assembly on 26.06.2019, pursuant to Article 80, has not yet become legally valid as it has not been approved by the State Register. Thus, the appointment of the head coach of the Armenian national team without the executive committee is ineffective and null and void, ”wrote Nikol Pashinyan's adviser.

Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan, who is a member of the AF Executive Committee, also considered this step of Arthur Vanetsyan unacceptable. In his turn, he wrote to the FB: "Such behavior by the President of the National Assembly is unacceptable and should be treated appropriately by the AF Executive Committee and the general football community."

Deputy Aren Mkrtryan, who is also a member of the Executive Committee, also referred to Vanetsyan's appointment. He shared Arakelyan's note and commented: "About" designation - means the word underlined in quotation marks.

This behavior of the authorities is probably due to recent developments. It should be reminded that Vanetsyan was dismissed from the National Security Service when he was dismissed.
6-11-2019, 20:32
Law enforcement and emergency brigades arrived at Amsterdam airport after receiving a report of a suspicious incident on board.

YEREVAN, November 7 - Sputnik. It may have been an attempt to hijack a plane at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. It is reported by RT, referring to De Telegraaf newspaper.

According to the source, emergency services left for the scene.

Life.ru in its turn, citing the Dutch military police, reports that an emergency has been declared at the airport.

Over 19 hours in the air; The Qantas plane made a record flight

It is said that people were evacuated from some areas of the airport.
6-11-2019, 20:17
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan posted a photo on his Facebook page and attached:

“There is undeniable evidence that there are satanic groups in the ruling elite. Details later. ”
6-11-2019, 20:04
Today on 06.11.2019 18:51 The official website of the Football Federation of Armenia reports that the Football Federation of Armenia has appointed the head coach of the national football team.

Pursuant to Article 39 (i) of the Charter, the Executive Director of the Federation shall be exclusively designated as the head coach.

The Charter adopted by the Assembly on 26.06.2019, pursuant to Article 80, has not yet become legally valid as it has not been approved by the State Register.

Thus, the appointment of the head coach of the Armenian national team without executive committee is void and null and void.

Chairman of the NA Internal Audit and Compliance Committee Arakelian
6-11-2019, 19:48
Former NA Speaker Galust Sahakyan said today on Factor TV that

occasionally follows the work of the present parliament; “I think it is not a parliament, it cannot be a parliament. By the way, I find that journalists are more parliamentarians than parliamentarians. There are a few politicians, the rest behave as if their whole lives were struggling for the nation's innovations, and now they have become politicians and are trying to speak their minds. Those thoughts are ordinary, simple, non-political, they are just in the process, weird to say this word in a few quotes, they are people with different conclusions.

The team that is supposed to be united is talking about the political majority, that team is not seen yet. There had to be some good politicians there first, so that the rest of the team could say what they needed. It doesn't matter whether we say it or not. If one parliament does not speak about Karabakh at all, sometimes it does not report anniversaries of worthy people, they do not speak about Azerbaijan, they do not speak about our foreign relations, they are people who just come and go, ”Sahakyan said.

In response to the question whether MPs in the parliament see Mihran Poghosyan, Arakel Movsisyan, Samvel Alexanyan on a large scale, Galust Sakyan answered: “If it were one of the people you mentioned in this parliament, I think it would be more unique. He must be, and he must be, as in all the parliaments of the world. There is neither here nor there. This is not a parliament, moreover, the government does not work in connection with it. Today only Nikol is in power. He is both working and talking about problems. ”

Referring to the arrest made by Serzh Sargsyan, Sahakyan said: “From time to time there comes a question that they want to arrest. He was not afraid of arrest, so he said what he was afraid of. If he is arrested for releasing Karabakh for our people to live well, he is afraid of it alone. He is not afraid of arrest and he will not be afraid. Remember, the Republicans are not afraid of arrest. The Republicans who were with us are now serving Nicole, the Republicans who were Republicans and are moving forward. "

More details in the video.
6-11-2019, 19:34
The HIV-infected baby is still at Arabkir Medical Center. The baby's mother told Aravot.am that the baby does not eat anything, they only "milk" milk and take antiretroviral medication.

The mother said the baby warmed to 40 degrees Celsius in May and was immediately taken to hospital. “We were taken to Ashtarak hospital, there was a throat, the doctor said, take us to an infectious hospital in Yerevan. They took us to an infection, then they told us to take blood, and then they told us our patient was not, take us to Arabkir. But in July, when we were lying down, they took an HIV test, and the answer was negative. From the very beginning no one has doubted HIV. I don't know which hospital my child was infected with. He lay down in hematology, lay in infection, and lay down in Chereteli (St. Mary's Medical Center, NB). I didn't go to the hospitals voluntarily. From the hospital they used to say, Take us there, they would say take us there. At the end they were sent to Arabkir hospital, where we stayed for two months, they were resolving the issue of immunity, and then the doctor told us to take the HIV test. We gave in, and a positive response came. I tell you how it has turned out to be negative in other hospitals, and positive in you. The nurse responded that the tests at that hospital were not sensitive. But how can blood tests not be sensitive? I don't know now what to put my head on the wall. "
6-11-2019, 19:26
RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Arayik Harutyunyan wrote on his Facebook page:

What's good is that the Republican "Tasovshik" class and their allied Dashnaks are reunited as a result of nostalgic memories. They ask themselves questions, they answer. Now, after my denial, they make another shameful question, asking questions about a time when their friend Levon was a minister. Dashnaks, go and ask why it happened. But even if you ask, he can't say anything because he was told what he did. Without questioning Levon, they cut the budget without asking him to open a third deputy minister in his own ministry to oversee.

People, ask yourself why they are coming together. They have unjustifiably targeted me, my colleagues, and sometimes even my family members. And the reason is that the "mafia" infrastructures are being torn down, and the control is getting zero in the systems.

By the way, you complain about the work of the Ministry, you have a great Dashnaktsutyun department, and today, when you brought the boxes, you took them with you. But unlike you, when you were entering the country, you were doing a "no-brainer", I, as a respectable person, did not destroy the institute, expelling all your party members.

In short, people, revolution is irreversible. Do not be afraid of the noise, and all major reforms are going to be difficult. Follow these interviews, explanations these days. We are ready to discuss and explain our position, not with this staff, but with the honest people, our compatriots.

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