18-03-2020, 06:16
Virologist James Rob has given some tips on how to avoid coronavirus infection. “Dear colleagues, many of you will remember when I was a professor of pathology at the University of California at San Diego.

I was one of the first to work on a coronovirus (1970). I was one of the first to show the number of genes that contain the virus. Here's what I do. And so on.
18-03-2020, 06:01
You will not run out of water today, you will be the cause of the family dispute, but you will not be able to evade responsibility.

Do not oppress other people; Try to be guided by your own brain, it will be better for you.

If you owe it to someone, try to repay it. If they come to ask you for a debt, don't give it back.
18-03-2020, 05:55
Zhoghovurd daily writes: "The NSS announced yesterday that a decision had been made to involve another official as a defendant in an apparent misuse of official powers coupled with grave consequences for the state.

In particular, the head of one of the key departments of the RA Ministry of Finance, together with relatives of the RA Minister of Finance, provided the Customs Inspectorate of 2015 with the financial dependency of the Customs Inspectorate for the material benefit to the founders of the business entity. It has instructed to ignore the mandatory condition of inspecting the cargoes of the RA-sponsored company imported by the "red line" procedure.
18-03-2020, 05:35
The United Armenian Information Center has released a video explaining how citizens can self-isolate themselves from being infected with a new type of coronavirus.

You can watch the video below.
18-03-2020, 05:15
Zhamanak daily writes: “Former Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan arrived in Armenia on a flight from Kiev to Yerevan the previous day.

Unlike his party members, Margaryan has not been politically active since the revolution, though one should note that there are no scandalous revelations about the activities of the municipality. "
18-03-2020, 05:06
The Ministry of Health of the Artsakh Republic urges them not to believe the misinformation spread through Facebook social network, which is probably done by Azerbaijani users. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan stresses once again that no cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in the Artsakh Republic so far.

"It is likely that the false Azerbaijani users are spreading disinformation on Facebook, stating that as a result of the new coronavirus, many civilians and soldiers have been transferred to the Stepanakert Republican Medical Center, and the Azeri authorities are hiding the truth.
18-03-2020, 04:51
From Yerevan to Gyumri by train. A1 + 's correspondent has tried to understand what preventive measures are being taken on the railway. Employees assured that the South Caucasus Railway company is taking priority measures to prevent possible spread of coronavirus.

According to the staff, the staff working with passengers, such as ticket salesmen, escorts, station attendants, drivers, are provided with medical masks, gloves and disinfectants.

The station areas are systematically ventilated and disinfected by special means - chlorine and alcohol.
18-03-2020, 04:43
On March 16, the words attributed to French President Emmanuel Macron were circulated on social media and in the Armenian media domain, as if taking into account the situation with Coronavirus, France would not demand public utilities and so forth.

Macron's speech was originally translated by a Facebook user named Jirayr Torgomyan, who posted a note presenting excerpts from the French President's speech.
18-03-2020, 04:30
Court decisions and judgments begin with the expression "for the sake of the Republic of Armenia". Therefore, judicial decisions are made on behalf of the state, that is, the court acts as a state. The court's ruling may be clay or bad, admissible or unacceptable, disputed or unreliable. But regardless of these all-encompassing principles, the court's ruling is a law and therefore must be enforceable.

Health Minister Arsen Torosyan has said he refuses to recognize the court's ruling because it considers it wrong. According to Torosyan, most of the people do not trust the Armenian judicial system, and in their turn do not respect the Armenian court, and therefore refuse to comply with the court's request.
18-03-2020, 04:23
“Yesterday we received an alert from Armavir Penitentiary that there was a riot among the convicts; The reason for the emergency was the ban on parcels, parcels, which the convicts received especially cigarettes.

They were saying that cigarettes are more important to them than food, and they were asking for ways to get them to do it, ”the newspaper writes.