3-03-2020, 06:53
Does SIS conceal Tigran Abgaryan's murderer?
When the recording of a secret phone conversation between former NSS chief Arthur Vanetsyan and SIS chief Sasun Khachatryan appeared on the Internet in 2018, the authorities did everything in their power to silence the scandal.

On the same day, the head of the NSS and the SIS made a press conference, during which they made a number of scandalous statements, assuring the public that their statements were substantiated and proven.

At the press conference, SIS leader Sasun Khachatryan made a new revelation about the death of Tigran Abgaryan; "Today we can say with confidence that he was killed by special forces, we have clear evidence. He was killed at a time when Kocharyan had already declared a state of emergency, but no serviceman was wounded. "
3-03-2020, 06:41
Eight more suspicious episodes after my live broadcast yesterday ...
Dear Compatriots, After my yesterday's live broadcast, 8 more suspicious cases were tested, all of which came with a negative response, that is, no coronavirus was diagnosed. This is what Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page.

“With our only confirmed diagnosis, the patient is the same. even without heat. The Golden Pelicans are good too.

If there is a change in the situation, I'll let you know. If I do not report on this topic, then everything is as you know it. Sadly, "he said.
3-03-2020, 06:37
Head of SRC Customs Department distorts biography. Time
Zhamanak daily writes: “Tigran Zakaryan, the head of the SRC Customs Department, is one of those officials whose biography is often changed on the SRC's official website. Twenty years later, in the biography of this official, it was revealed that he graduated from YSU Faculty of Law in the late 1990s.

This is not the first time that Serzh Sargsyan's assistant son has changed his biography. Years ago he was born in 1969 in the village of former Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan's hometown of Irind, then turned out to be born in Yerevan in 1970. "
3-03-2020, 06:10

Midfielder of the Armenian national football team and "Roma" Henrikh Mkhitaryan gave an honest interview to the "Krasava" program of the famous Russian blogger Yevgeny Savin. He told why 2019 Arsenal did not take part in the final game against Chelsea in the 2018-19 season of the Europa League. He said he did not want to risk his life.

“I couldn't put my life in danger. The Azerbaijanis have threatened many times. They wrote letters via Instagram, Facebook, and if you go in now, you'll see, but I didn't pay attention. I am proud to be Armenian, thank you to my people, to my nation that loves and supports me. I do everything for them, ”he said.

Mkhitaryan spoke in detail about the different stages of his career. An important part of that is the strained relationship he had with former coach Jose Mourinho during his time at Manchester United. The Armenian footballer has spoken about this, confirming that everything started from the day they were analyzing one of the meetings with the team, and Mourinho, so to speak, focused on himself and criticized him throughout the analysis.
3-03-2020, 06:05
Hraparak daily writes: "Is it possible that the referendum will not take place because of the coronavirus? Many are worried, do not you worry?" Asked Vladimir Vardanyan, chairman of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs. "To be honest, a meteorite worries me more than that coronavirus, you don't have to panic, everything is fine. I don't see any problem with participation. ” To the same question Hrach Hakobyan answered: "Coronavirus is a senseless panic right now."
3-03-2020, 04:49
I haven't come up with any calculations yet, but the coronavirus has already done enough damage to Armenia's economy. Ideally for canceled visits, canceled deals, various events and more.

But in the nearest future the Armenian economy may receive the biggest blow.

Many Armenian companies and individuals buy fruits and vegetables from Iran, customs clearance in Armenia and sell the product on the Russian market. And we do. We are a mediator between Iran and Russia, we make money and taxes remain in Armenia.
3-03-2020, 04:43
Zhoghovurd daily reports that the Prime Minister has decided to collect data from every sector, because he wants to change the government from top to bottom, adding new staff because he does not like the work of the government.

 According to our information, the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is personally studying the database provided by the Human Resources Department created last year under the leadership of Haykak Arshaman. Yesterday, in the context of all this, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia appointed Assistant to the former Deputy Minister of Justice Anna Vardapetyan and appointed Spokesman Mane Gevorgyan.

 According to our information, the Prime Minister has studied these two people for a long time, after which it only means doing so. We can't say anything about Mane Gevorgyan, but Anna Vardapetyan is really an expert in her work, trained, intelligent, reserved official.
3-03-2020, 04:32
The split between the two camps of public supporters and opponents of the current government is of great concern to many. Sputnik Armenia columnist draws parallels between current events in Armenia and the situation of the 20th century.

The filmmakers were filming about the past, but it turned out to be about the present. The fact that the division between "white" and "black" also existed 100 years ago, so it is an exaggeration to say that what is happening today has no precedent. Has. In short, watch the movie Saroyan Brothers and think.

It is hard to believe (unless, of course, in those years) that Dashnaks, who today may be your neighbors or partners, were successful businessmen in the 1960s who were among the enemies of the people that prevented Soviet Armenia from building a happy future.
3-03-2020, 04:21
Hraparak daily writes: "Authorities are not ready to fight coronavirus. The issue is not the shortage of masks, the flu vaccine, or the quarantine of those who come from Iran, even the establishment of an operative headquarters.

And this is not just a health issue - from economic to defense, first of all, it is about the army.
3-03-2020, 04:04
There was no serious motive for the horrific murder in the village of Hovtashat. Community leader Hovik Tadevosyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am.

She said that the 31-year-old bride does not know her well because she has not been in the village for a long time, has lived in Abovyan and has been returning to the village for 5-6 months to live with her mother-in-law.