14-11-2019, 14:06
According to reports, the man was involved as a suspect in the criminal case in connection with the murder of Masivtsi Andik.

YEREVAN, November 14 - Sputnik. Ashot Bolyan, 40, who was killed in the Russian Federation, was involved in a criminal case in connection with the murder of Masivtsi Andik, a well-known criminal in the world of criminal law. He was suspected of ordering the murder of the Masivtsi Andik. This is reported by shamshyan.com.

Russian criminal authorities discussed the massacre of Andiv Masik during rallies
Earlier we reported that in the south-west of Moscow killed three-time world boxing champion, boxing champion Ashot Bolyan. The information was also confirmed by Yulia Ivanova, an official representative of the Moscow General Investigation Department.

According to the investigation, on the night of November 13, near a residential house on Nakhimov Avenue, an unknown person fired several shots at a man born in 1979. He died on the spot. According to the source, the CBI investigative bodies have launched a criminal case on "Murder" and "Illegal Carrying of Weapons". Investigative actions and operative-searching activities are carried out.

Bolyan, 40, has achieved great success in taiboxing. He is a three-time WPKA champion, a world champion, has won the IPMTF World Taiboxing Cup, a WPKA Asian Kickboxing Cup, and has also won 17 other international tournaments. He also set a record for speed, with Ashot Bolyan delivering 11 hits in one second, 8 with his hands and 3 with his feet.

In 2004 the boxer moved to Russia to finish his career. Most recently he was the head of the sports department of the World Armenian Congress, the president of the World Association of Armenian Sports Federations and the head of the sports department of the Armenian Diocese of Russia and New Nakhichevan.

We had earlier reported that the police had identified the murder of 46-year-old Andranik Harutyunyan, a "thief in law" of Masivtsi Andik. It turned out that the murder was committed by a 32-year-old Russian citizen. A 50-year-old resident of Yerevan assisted him in committing the crime. He was arrested and arrested.

A criminal case has been instituted in connection with the case on the basis of Article 104 (1) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia and Article 235 (1) of illegal possession of ammunition.
14-11-2019, 13:50
Prosperous Armenia parliamentary faction MP Nikol Pashinyan's address to former Gyumri mayor Vardan Ghukasyan yesterday was not only harsh but also quite mild.

It is said that the PAP leader urged not to go too far in assessments to avoid possible problems. That is why a number of PAP members were within that framework today, moreover, they even avoided commenting on or refuting Pashinyan's statement on “robbing Gyumri”.
14-11-2019, 13:33
When people like Gagik Melkonyan and Azat Arshakyan are hopeful on the Public Television, it becomes more and more obvious to whom or at what level people rely on these authorities.

After talking to Gagik Melkonyan, it was Azat Arshakyan's turn, a man who some years ago was considered a political prisoner. If this is the level of Soviet-Armenian political prisoners, then, frankly, we have nothing to be proud of.

As for Azat Arshakyan's latest interview, what about a man or what he was saying when he only participated in Seyran Ohanyan's campaign two years ago, urging voters to vote for him, and now praising him, under whose rule Seyran Ohanyan has become a political persecutor? , which the authorities have already praised for Arshakyan.

Azat Arshakyan's adventures in the political field are a vivid reflection of our reality, our realities, evidence of the potential of the current authorities.

Let's put aside his low-profile accusations against Prosperous Armenia MP Gevorg Petrosyan, let's leave out what cheap statements he made about Vazgen Manukyan and focus on Azat Arshakyan's explicit display of cover-up.

He was so excited about praising Nikol Pashinyan that he inadvertently raised his age, saying that his student years coincided with the Cold War years, which particularly affected the incumbent Prime Minister. By the end of the Cold War, Patsinyan was 13, only 13 years old.

So the authorities should do some good preparatory work before talking to him or her on the air, otherwise this disgraceful picture is coming.

Vardan Mkhitaryan
14-11-2019, 13:11
In recent days, a web site has been circulating that says that a Sultan by the name of Sultan Kualash has applied to US President Donald Trump to establish a Yezidi state in the Republic of Armenia.

The news was actually posted online in August 2018. It is interesting that the article of the vestikavkaza.ru website, which plays the role of an obvious Azerbaijani propaganda machine, republished the authoritative website www.kavkaz-uzel.eu, which is difficult to find as part of the Azerbaijani propaganda machine.
14-11-2019, 13:03
"I told my mother very quietly that I fell in love with that girl." Mel Daluzyan
14-11-2019, 12:58
“It has been a long time since the draft law on introducing a traffic system for breaking the traffic rules has not been submitted to the National Assembly for a second reading. The Zhoghovurd daily has revealed that the government intends to make changes to the draft.

The bill now proposes to give the driver points in one year that would be reduced in the event of violations, and if the number reaches zero, the driver's license is suspended for six months. Sergey Ghahramanyan, a member of the Public Council adjunct to the police chief, told Zhoghovurd daily he was unaware of the changes.

"Only that it will come into force on January 1, I suppose it should come with some reduced version, otherwise the preliminary version would come into force six months later," he said. Fahramanyan.

And in connection with this issue, the Prime Minister's staff clarified to "Zhoghovurd" daily: "We do not say deadlines to the legislature, but agreement has been reached to organize the second reading as soon as possible, and the deadline is expected to be around the end of December," the newspaper writes.
14-11-2019, 12:57
I would agree to work as President of the Public Council only if my and the Government's views on this institution coincide. If we continue to do the same thing that has been done so far, it makes no sense. I am confident that the Prime Minister wants the Public Council to become a bridge between society and government. There are many such structures. Therefore, if we have a common agenda and approaches to this issue, I might agree, "Styopa Safaryan, head of the Armenian Institute for International and Security Affairs, told MAMUL.am, commenting on media reports that she would become Public. President of Council: St. Safaryan said there was no discussion of the issue with the Prime Minister.

Asked if interpersonal relationships with one or more members of the Public Council could cause problems in working, the Public Council member said that he had no problems with any member of the Council. “My social activity platform is not a place to love or hate one another. I have not raised such a sympathy-dislike problem even in the case of a president who has already departed, no matter how he or she has treated me, "he said. Safaryan.
14-11-2019, 12:38
Russian Mash Telegram has released a video of the murder of Armenian athlete Ashot Bolyan. The incident happened near his home on Nakhimovsky Avenue in Moscow.

The footage shows Bolyan approaching his home with white Infinity, where the killer had been waiting for him for several hours.

According to the Telegram channel, Ashot Bolyan was killed, marking his head after he parked his car. It is said that the forensic examination revealed that several shots were fired, one of which was fatal.
14-11-2019, 12:33
The RA National Security Service, focusing on the rights of children enshrined in international treaties and domestic laws of the Republic of Armenia, as well as on the protection of the legitimate interests of parents and the state in the spheres of adoption and family protection, in the wide range of operative investigative activities and investigative activities and investigative activities uncovered by law. There have been cases of many children being adopted by foreigners for gross violation of the RA legislation.

According to the obtained facts, 2 RA citizens, using their contacts in one of the republican midwifery institutions, a number of RA agencies and orphanages, have grossly violated the RA legislation by adopting the care of more than 3 dozen children of RA citizenship by Italian citizens.
14-11-2019, 12:27
Populism and dictatorship do not and cannot lead to a good life, former Armenian Ambassador to the Holy See Michael Minasyan wrote on his Facebook page.

“We have already spoken of the Armenia of our day, the“ Earth ”of“ Haykakan Zhamanak ”, when the fictional, 24-hour turnaround is crumbling every time we face real-life challenges. The country cannot live long as a newspaper, which is closed and sent to the printing house in the evening, and begins the next morning on a clean page. And yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's articles have no responsibility for either the authors or the readers. Because the newspaper is just a bunch of news, which at the next moment becomes the past and rarely the only future.

Whereas in the Republic of Armenia there are people who have real concerns, real problems, real dreams and real needs. Meanwhile, the Republic of Armenia is a country with complex regional geography, whose demographic, security, macroeconomic and other challenges are very real. They require and will require real caring solutions.

Populism and dictatorship do not and cannot lead to a good life. Violence does not guarantee the security of the country and the well-being of the citizen. Just the opposite.

If yesterday's foam proved that from now on everything is going to be very good and very good, then today's already foamy prove that everything is not worse than it was two years ago. After a while they will prove with the same zeal that things are not so bad. Mass hypnosis is slowly becoming the only course of government activity. Covering the growing setbacks with geometric progression will soon take away all the power of the government to constantly convince everyone that they have misunderstood reality and that it is completely different. This phase has already begun.