18-03-2020, 16:31
Tina Kandelak, the main producer of the Russian MATCH TV company, visited several pharmacies to buy protective masks and disinfectants, and by accident saw the Armenian speaking Armenian; The host posted the video on the story section of her Instagram social media page.

-You are an Armenian

- Yes

- Do you speak Armenian?

-Yes of course

“Be nice, be cool. Thank you. What is this going on? ”Kandelaki said in Armenian.
18-03-2020, 15:38
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan will make new appointments tomorrow. The Prime Minister said this during a special issue of Shan TV's Perspective program. “I have already made the decision. The acting Chief of Police will be appointed Chief of Police, acting NSS Director as Director, ”the Prime Minister said.

Accordingly, tomorrow Arman Sargsyan will be appointed Chief of RA Police Eduard Martirosyan as NSS Director.
18-03-2020, 15:36
What are the consequences of falling oil prices on the world economy? Responding to this question in the Prospect booth, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan answered:

“The situation in the modern world is such that it is difficult to say what is profitable and what is not. The biggest problem is uncertainty, what will happen in 5 months, 6 months, and not only in health but also in economic terms. The world's stock markets are standing because no one knows how this epidemic will affect people's economic and consumer behavior. The world we lived in in January will never be, it will be completely different. "

According to the Prime Minister, there is another uncertainty as well - what will be the behavior of the consumer? If people in January preferred, let's say, brandy, ice cream and pizza, and all that consumer logic was built around it, the question is, what will happen after coronavirus? how to spend and how to make money? it was the biggest uncertainty.

"These uncertainties will open up new opportunities for us. We will look at this not as a tragedy, thank God, we have no victims from Coronavirus and I hope we will not, we should see this as an opportunity to strengthen Armenia's economic and political position in the world. We see this as a zero point, a signal that the time of economic revolution has really come, "he said.
18-03-2020, 14:50
18 more cases of coronavirus confirmed in Armenia; the total number was 102; Nikol Pashinyan
18-03-2020, 14:46
Nikol Pashinyan gives interview to Shant TV. straight
18-03-2020, 14:41
Former Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan confronted two MOD officials who have witness status in the case of Dzorahek. Ohanyan's lawyer Karen Mejlumyan told Haykakan Zhamanak about it, noting that they have no information whether they are currently working in the Ministry of Defense or not. According to Mejlumyan, the two men in fact said the same thing as themselves, and it was justified by this confrontation that Ohanyan had nothing to do with the accusation attributed to him.

 To the question as to the main contradiction that was the basis for the confrontation, the Defender replied: "There was no contradiction, they just came face to face." Responding to the observation that confrontation is in the contradiction of testimony, Mejlumyan replied: "Well, we did, but there was no contradiction."
18-03-2020, 14:34
Lieutenant Tigran Avinyan informs: “The process of restricting access to the town of Vagharshapat (Echmiadzin) and calibrating people on the other three roads will be suspended at 8 pm today, given that the cases did not fall out of contact with a confirmed patient about a week ago.

At the same time, I urge the residents of Echmiadzin, as well as our entire population, to strictly adhere to all rules of emergency and to exercise high civic responsibility and consciousness not to attend and organize crowded events and gatherings, to self-isolate in case of flu symptoms, or to contact if necessary 060 838300 hotline. "
18-03-2020, 14:18
A woman from Echmiadzin who returned from Italy to attend her son's wedding ceremony without knowing that she was infected with a known virus is the most discussed topic in recent days. He was targeted not only by Facebook users, but also by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. The Prime Minister noted in particular that the woman living in Echmiadzin, returning from Italy, had a bad mood, warmth, and had received preheaters.

Getting out of the plane despite the call for self-isolation and warnings did not keep all that. Literally dropping out of the systems because he received systems, he went to the jeweler, then to the hairdresser, and then to his son's engagement.
18-03-2020, 14:05
Singer Razmik Amyan made a statement on Facebook live: “I would like to address all those who were to attend my solo concert in Krasnodar on March 28; unfortunately I have to inform you that the concert is being delayed indefinitely. ”
18-03-2020, 13:55
The Eurovision 2020 International Song Contest was officially canceled. This month, today, March 18, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has announced. The organization states that they have discussed numerous options during this time to make the competition possible, but the cancellation was inevitable. It emphasizes that this is the first time in 64 years that such a decision has been made.

“We are proud that for the last 64 years the Eurovision Song Contest has united its audience without interruption. Like our millions of fans, we are deeply saddened that it cannot happen in May, ”the statement said.