4-11-2020, 17:08
Some actions taken by the political and military leadership of Turkey և Azerbaijan against Artsakh և Armenia have a very specific legal formulation in the civilized world. In international humanitarian law they are called war crimes. At present, the Armenian side presents these actions with documented evidence, from targeting the civilian population to the use of cluster weapons aimed at the latter, the use of mercenary terrorists against the people fighting for their independence, and so on. It is obvious to all of us, including the invisible "international community", what a slap in the face to this civilized world of this Turkish-Arab-Azerbaijani adventure. However, this combination of monstrous crimes must be legalized point by point, which will then be put before the fact-finding commission of the International Criminal Tribunal. "

Azerbaijan continues to carry out state terrorism not only against the population of Artsakh, the border regions of Armenia, but also against its own people. Targeting the civilian population, targeting cultural and religious institutions, targeting maternity hospitals and schools - this is the face of Ilham Ali's state terrorism. In addition, phosphorus-containing incendiary weapons were used in forested areas near the settlements of Artsakh, where a part of the civilian population of the neighboring villages is temporarily sheltered from the activities of Azerbaijani subversive groups. The use of phosphorus-containing weapons violates all written and unwritten international conventions.

In addition to the above, Ali is also carrying out state terrorism against Turkish citizens living in his own country at the behest of Turkish President Erdogan. Talysh activists living in Azerbaijan have expressed concern over the coordinated efforts of the Azerbaijani government to escalate tensions in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone. They spread an announcement, which was published on the "Tashistan" media page of the "Facebook" social network. Talish activists have stated that by defending the friendship and brotherhood between the peoples of the Caucasus, they respect international norms regarding the right of peoples to control their own destiny. "There is no military solution to this conflict, as it will only lead to problems for future generations. We are extremely concerned about the steps taken by the Azerbaijani authorities to send the Talysh to the battlefield, the efforts to sow hatred among the Talysh victims and the Armenians. Most Talysh people are dissatisfied with this situation. On the one hand, the government of Azerbaijan suppresses freedom of speech outside the country. On the other hand, it is exploited by those with close ties to the government to show that there is hatred of Armenians among the Talysh. We call on the Azerbaijani government to finally end its policy of sowing hatred among the Talysh. We urge the Talysh not to engage in hate speech. We urge them to refrain from participating in clashes. "In our history, we have never been an opponent of any people. We will continue this path," they said in their statement.
4-11-2020, 16:29
In the area of Shatjrek village of Gegharkunik region, at around 20:00, the enemy's ATS was damaged by air defense units.
4-11-2020, 16:19
Actor Vardan Petrosyan has been joining the "Art of Survival" team for several days. In a video posted on the OMA page, he talks about the need for military education.

The actor says that during the war people were united by hatred towards the enemy, but now they are united by love for each other.

In the video, Vardan Petrosyan also reports that his son, Hayk Petrosyan, left for the front line with the detachment.

"When he told me he was going to leave, he had already volunteered, there was not even a conversation between us." He only said that I need the back, I have to keep the back strong, "says the actor.
4-11-2020, 16:12
Ministry of Defense representative Artsrun Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page ֆ "Whoever thinks that he has more right than me to inform the society about the military front, let him think. The enemy may need the location of new weapons and the details of the operation, so report that and that's it. "
4-11-2020, 16:08
Sarah McBride became the first openly transgender person in U.S. history to be elected a state senator. According to The New York Times, the latter will take a seat in the legislature of the state of Delaware.

The politician himself reported about it, thanked on his Instagram page.

According to the newspaper, McBride is the first transgender person to speak at the Democratic National Convention.

He is 30 years old and has built a career defending the rights of members of the LGBT community.

It should be reminded that the general elections in the United States started on November 3, as a result of which not only the head of the state will be elected, but also members of the Senate, members of the House of Representatives, governors, and representatives of local self-government bodies.
4-11-2020, 15:39
Tert.am Life told its readers that actor Babken Chobanyan has been at the forefront since the first days of the war, and actor and director Arsho Harutyunyan joined him.

In a conversation with Tert.am Life, Arsho's wife, director of the Yerevan Chamber Theater Lusine Yernjakyan, said that Babken had returned to Yerevan for a short time, he had to go to the front again, Arsho went with him.

"Two of them left yesterday. Arshon left as a volunteer. I said goodbye to him in a good mood and confident of victory. "I am in a fighting mood, there is no other way," he said.
4-11-2020, 15:36
Samvel Mkrtchyan, a resident of the Mets Sepasar community who fought and died against Azerbaijani-Turkish terrorism, was 35 years old, he was the father of two children, the girl is 10 years old, the boy is seven. Samvel Mkrtchyan joined the border troops of the RA National Security Service in 2016.

Aravot.am learned about this from his cousin Lilit Mkrtchyan. "He was too devoted to the homeland, that they say to love the homeland unconditionally, it was said for Samvel. He was very friendly, respectful towards people ․ He was great with adults, a child with children. He was very smiling, joking, patient, tolerant, very similar in character to my father (We are talking about Father Grigor Mkrtchyan, author ․).
4-11-2020, 15:24
WarGonzo's military correspondent Semyon Pegov published a photo from Stepanakert with Artsrun Hovhannisyan and wrote:

"Ku-ku… They say I want to escape from Stepanakert, but the Artsakh Defense Army has taken me prisoner and will not let me go. Well, yes, yes. They, the guys from the Defense Army, also stole Artsruni from Yerevan, brought him here and kept him with a machine gun.

Right now they are dictating what to write and what not. And we are sitting gall, trembling with fear and thinking how to escape from the clutches of these insidious people of Artsakh. ”
4-11-2020, 15:23
Talented actor Vardan Petrosyan has joined the OMA team for several days. OMA's Facebook page reports, noting that he is undergoing training to cross the border.

In the video, he says, "I was old, but I got involved in the exercises with an acquaintance."

The actor's son, Hayk Petrosyan, "recently went to the border, calling on him to force his father to stay behind and watch it as ever."
4-11-2020, 15:19
The Azerbaijani-Turkish war against Artsakh continues. Civilian infrastructure and facilities of public importance remain the target of the enemy.

A little while ago, an air alarm signal sounded in Stepanakert, during which several 120 mm grenade launchers hit the residential districts of the capital.

According to preliminary data, there is one victim among the civilian population, and many destructions in the city.