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“Serzh Sargsyan has no real estate anywhere other than Artsakh

The prosecutor's office has begun an investigation based on the slander by the Sasna Tsrer organization, which, by the way, is best known by the public as a "terrorist group". The result of this study will be the best answer to the above-mentioned lie.

Let us add that Serzh Sargsyan has no real estate anywhere other than Artsakh.

Office of the 3rd President of the Republic of Armenia. "
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As we have already informed, the AS convened today a executive committee meeting. Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Artur Vanetsyan, the chairman of the National Assembly, said that he had proposed and announced to the executive committee members to accept his resignation.
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Former member of Yerevan Council of Elders, neurosurgeon Marina Khachatryan stated at a press conference yesterday that women living in Gyumri cottages sell tears to their children to Turks. Yesterday's announcement sparked anger in Gyumri residents.

Khachatryan is now demanding Gyumri clear evidence of the cases he cited. Otherwise Khachatryan should apologize to everyone in Gyumri for naming one whole city and insulting the people living in the huts and blaming them for the crime. Marina Khachatryan's statement is being investigated by relevant agencies. The prosecutor of Shirak region Karen Gabrielyan has already given the instruction.
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Vladimir Karapetyan touches upon Azeri blogger incident in Milan
Does Pashinyan have the moral right to speak about Kocharyan's or Sargsyan's shortcomings anymore?
"In fact, 12 years ago, Pashinyan had been actively fighting for the" evil "to come to power 12 years ago." ANC's response to the Prime Minister
The Savior is that ordinary Panjuni
Levonites know that unless Nicol's favor and generosity are there, they will not exist in the field
"We preach love, myself, as our Lord Jesus Christ preached love, but when the time came, he entered the temple area and turned the tables, saying that you have made this temple of holiness an environment of commerce and discipline."

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced at a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community at the Armenian Apostolic Church in Milan.

And one of those who came before the meeting accused him of splitting the country. Pashinyan has often been accused of causing the country to split, for which he had to compare himself to Christ.

But being compared to Christ has its opposite. The thing is, back in the early 90's there were still figures who compared themselves to Christ. At the time, Pashinyan's political teacher Levon Ter-Petrosyan loyally countered them with "remember what Christ accomplished at a young age." The reaction of the public at that time was very strong, both to their followers of Christ and to these words of Ter-Petrosyan. At that time people understood that there were limits that politicians should not pass.
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Formula for ironing head or head
From the slogan of "Love and Solidarity" to hate speech; the need for a new quality Armenia
The impression is that the authorities think, "Let the Artsakh issue be resolved somehow, let us live freely." Vazgen Manukyan
Kocharyan's lawyer has appealed to Minister Rustam Badasyan on the question of Judge Armen Danielyan
One hundred percent of intelligent people are in the field
I think that no RA citizen respecting himself and especially the RA leader would not allow any Azeri journalist to have the right to ask questions.

In this case, I can once again boast about the answer of a real Armenian, Sirusho, who, knowing that an Azeri journalist wants to ask her a question, immediately refuses to answer, making it clear to the journalist that she has no right to forget about the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict and her questions.
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Residents see deliberate fire. Who needed to burn the roof of the old building?
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The Chamber of Advocates has appealed to the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan and the Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan on the basis of the petition of the defendants of March 1 Kocharyan defendants Hayk Alumyan, Ruben Sahakyan, Aram Orbelyan, Aram Vardevanyan and Hovhannes Khudoyan.

As of October 25, the aforementioned lawyers applied to the RA Chamber of Advocates, the Human Rights Defender, the Supreme Judicial Council, the RA Police, the RA Judicial Department, requesting that measures be taken to insult the citizens in their defense of Robert Kocharyan's case. the police will not respond to the actions of those citizens.

On the basis of the above application, the Chamber of Advocates, on October 30, appealed to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, requesting that the citizens take effective measures to prevent the insulting and defamatory conduct of their lawyers in the exercise of their professional activities.
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Vahe Enfiajyan's tough response to Azeri delegates
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Will the juvenile who killed the policeman serve a sentence in prison?
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Here's the exclusive horoscope of 2020: see what awaits you