6-11-2020, 15:39
"Mom, I will not come until we win." Arthur Vanetsyan's son is at the forefront

Nona Vanetsyan, the wife of Arthur Vanetsyan, the leader of the "Homeland" party and former head of the National Security Service, published a photo of her son Artyom, writing ․

"Mom, I will not come until we win…

PS Win soon and come. ”
6-11-2020, 15:21
Actor Ashot Ter-Matosyan said during a live broadcast on Facebook that 1,250,000 drams had been raised as a result of the donation of a part of the salary of each member of the "Love!" TV series, which would be doubled and transferred to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.

The actor emphasized that in these difficult times it is very possible to raise and donate money. "Let's unite and increase the $ 150 million raised in the All-Armenian Fund tenfold, twentyfold, which is possible, I believe. Please, join, urge everyone to join the fundraiser, "Ashot said.

Actress Sofya Poghosyan emphasized that one of the most important circumstances of being a public person is that their words are available to more people, and called on all actors and singers not to slow down.

RA Honored Artist Davit Hakobyan noted that we should be united. "We will definitely win, we just have to tighten our belts one last time and win. "I believe we will win," he said.

Actor Samvel Topalyan also delivered his speech, noting that now is the time when words should become deeds. "When our word becomes a joint cause, victory will be assured," he said.
6-11-2020, 15:11
The head of the "Union of Informed Citizens" NGO Daniel Ioannisyan wrote on his Facebook page.

"Two days ago in Stepanakert he approached an asphalt fida who demanded that I not speak against the Russians. When he was taken aside, with trembling hands he drew another plan and offered it to the interlocutors.

Now I arrived in Artsakh, somewhere on the Internet and read from the pro-Russian propaganda that the volunteers had asked me to leave Artsakh.))))) »
6-11-2020, 15:04
Karintaktsik once again proved that they are the heroes, the new people of Zeytun of Armenian history. We will #Win thanks to people like you.
6-11-2020, 15:03
Another military commentator (Azerbaijani Jeyhun Ashirov) admitted that the Azerbaijani army had suffered casualties in the Berdzor (Lachin) region in recent hours (see screenshot).
6-11-2020, 14:52
Shocking story. Vagharshak was on the move for 21 days… they had to get in their car…
6-11-2020, 14:33
The authoritative website hollywoodreporter.com published an article about Hollywood stars who raise their voices on issues such as the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, as well as the wave of police violence in Nigeria.

The source notes that as a result of the hostilities in Artsakh, half of the country's population has been displaced, there are a large number of victims. After a light hint about the conflict, the publication notes that American-Armenian stars Kim Kardashian և Cher supports the Armenians, calling on the United States to intervene and establish peace in the region.

There is also talk of Kardashian donating $ 1 million to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.

He is said to be supporting the Armenians, the producer of the film "The Promise" released in 2016, as well as the director of the "Promise" Institute for Human Rights, Erik Esraelyan, who notes that "unfortunately the situation in the region has turned into a humanitarian catastrophe for Armenians." Announces that the governments of the countries will use their influence to prevent a tragedy.

The actor of the film "The Promise" Oscar Isaac, in his turn, mentions that it is terrible to think that the Armenian people are in danger again.

The newspaper also tells about the recent police crimes in Nigeria, as a result of which 12 people were killed. Singer Rihanna, Cardi Bean, Beyonce and John Boyega raised their voices about this on the social network domain.
6-11-2020, 14:30
After ten days of training, our detachment is ready to carry out a combat task. We named the squad after Erato, the daughter of Tigran the Great, Queen of Great Armenia. The Prime Minister's wife Anna Hakobyan wrote on her Facebook page.
6-11-2020, 14:17
Facebook user Gayane Harutyunyan posted a video on her page, where opera singer Lilit Soghomonyan sings at the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, where camouflage networks are currently operating to send them to the front.

"When would you think that the Divine Temple of Opera և Ballet will be transformed into a warm family hearth of support activities?" An artist is an artist in all conditions, and for a singer standing on stage, the stage is the stage, the hall is a hall, even without an audience. Beloved singer Lilit Soghomonyan is on stage. Applause and applause from the stage as well, "Gayane wrote next to the video.
6-11-2020, 14:06
PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan posted an announcement on his Facebook page. "Today I wrote a letter to the members of the Council of the European Conservative-Reformist Alliance, where I presented the hostilities in Artsakh, on the borders of Armenia, and expressed hope that the European Union partners would give a clear assessment of the situation. The letter particularly states: "Dear colleagues, members of the Council of the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists, dear friends. First of all, I would like to thank you for your support and concern during my imprisonment. I have been informed about all your initiatives and support. I highly appreciate our partnership. As you already know, today Turkish-Azerbaijani forces are waging war in Artsakh, near the Armenian border. They destroyed homes, businesses, schools and churches. Innocent civilians were the victims of a relentless attack by enemy troops.