31-03-2020, 14:31
The chess world mourns the death of Levon Aronian's wife, chess player Ariane Kaoli, and sends condolences to Levon.

Aronian's 13th world champion Garry Kasparov, current world champion Magnus Carlsen, Russian grandmaster Ian Nepomnyashchi, former world champion Viswanathan Anand and international chess champion Aronyan expressed their condolences.

"My deepest condolences, to Levon, and to all the many people whose lives have been illuminated by Ariane," said 13th world champion Gary Kasparov.

“None of us knows how long this earth will live. This news is extremely tragic and sad, ”said American grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura.

“I have no words. It is a pity to hear about it, ”Magnus Carlsen said.

“My God… Be strong. I extend my condolences, "- Jan Nepomnyasch.

“Dear Levon. Accept our deepest condolences. We knew Ariane when she was a teenager, and then she became your wife. He was always so friendly and polite. There were so many interests that you shared together. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, ”- Vishwanathan Anand.

“Our deepest condolences to Levon Aronian on the loss of his wife, Ariane… Words cannot describe our pain and shock. We wholeheartedly wish strength and patience to Levon, their family and friends, ”the FIDE statement reads.
31-03-2020, 14:20
How Two Citizens Argue for Nikol Pashinyan (video)
31-03-2020, 13:44
The chief doctor of the Moscow hospital will be treated at a medical facility he heads. The Russian President's spokesman has already commented on the information.

Dennis Prozenko, chief physician at Moscow's Communark hospital, has been infected with coronavirus. The information is provided by Russia 24 TV channel.

According to the source, the doctor is in satisfactory condition. He will be treated in his own hospital.

Prozenko wrote about her diagnosis on Facebook.

“Dear friends, I am touched by your attitude. Yes, my test has been positive, but I feel good. I was confined to his office, where all the conditions for long-distance work, management and consulting are available, ”he wrote.

It should be noted that patients with suspected coronavirus are sent to the Communarka Hospital.

It is known that Russian President Vladimir Putin visited this hospital last week, communicating with Prozenko and medical staff.

According to RIA Novosti, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured that after all the information about the doctor, everything is normal, the Russian president regularly conducts a coronavirus test.

By the way, famous singer Lev Leshchenko, who was diagnosed with COVID-19, is being treated at the hospital.
31-03-2020, 13:41
Alina Nikoghosyan, the spokeswoman for the Minister of Health, posted on her Facebook page the number of cases of coronavirus confirmed in Armenia by regions.

He noted that 30 of the patients' whereabouts were found out because there was a discrepancy in their actual and passport data.

The post below:

“We present confirmed cases of coronavirus disease in Armenia according to Yerevan and regions. It should be noted that out of 532 cases, 502 citizens' residence is accurate at this time.

The whereabouts of the remaining 30 patients are being found out because there is a discrepancy between their actual and their passport data.

It should be noted that these statistics are not related to epidemiological activities and each case has been reviewed by specialists. The map will also be publicized after the data is fully clarified.

Yerevan: 219:

Aragatsotn 10

Ararat: 113

Armavir: 51

Lori: 4

Kotayk: 88

Shirak: 6

Syunik: 8

Vayots Dzor: 1

Tavush - 2 ".
31-03-2020, 13:22
Armenia will be able to return to its normal life in April-May. The paramour said what to do about it.

Two days later, the parsonage will tighten control over the movement of persons. RA Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan stated this at a press conference today.

"We are introducing new control mechanisms that should tighten controls on mobility," he said.
Avinyan said that in two days a new procedure would start, according to which even those who go to work should be able to prove that they have left home, especially for work.

"They should have a document with them from the business that the person is going to work at a particular place," said Moreyan.

The new austerity, according to Avinyan, will allow to further limit the movement of persons in the RA and to provide a more effective fight against the prevention of coronavirus.
31-03-2020, 13:15
Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro tweeted that the widely used hydroxychloroquine in the United States is treating patients. He noted that Brazil also treats its patients with hydroxychloroquine, so there is no need to worry. However, Twitter has deleted Balsonaro's posts, calling them incompatible with Twitter rules.
Two days ago, Bolsonarón was walking down the streets of Rio de Janeiro calling on citizens not to go home and go to work. "I am in favor of all working, let only the elderly stay at home," Bolsonaro said.

Earlier, Norutyunner.am reported that Bolsonaro is one of the few leaders in the world to deny the dangers of coronavirus and to call it a mass hysteria. He also said: "One day we will all die, it is an ordinary virus and it must be accepted by a man."
31-03-2020, 12:27
“All the actions we envisage have a scientific basis. If the government had not taken any steps, imposed no restrictions and considered an average prevalence of infection with a 2.4 coefficient and considered the average incubation period as 5-6 days, about 89% of the Armenian population would have been infected by 75-80 days after March 1, ”the press conference today. Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan stated that in that case there would be about 8200 hospitalized grave cases in Yerevan alone.
31-03-2020, 12:17
Coronavirus infection spreads quite rapidly, especially in the Ararat region. The original source of the infection was a sewing workshop, the majority of which came from the Ararat region, then spread through different communities to different communities in the province.

  Reports say the situation is particularly aggravated in the Burastan community of Ararat province, which has been isolated since yesterday. Traffic police cars stand on the road leading to the village and guard the exit.
31-03-2020, 12:01
Today, 424 of the people diagnosed with religion-positive virus do not even have a fever, but on the other hand, about 90 people have pneumonia and 30 of them are currently in serious condition. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced this on his Facebook page.

"In fact the situation is very risky. I want to urge us all to take these issues seriously, especially since the statistics of the world are much worse than ours. At present, the number of patients in the world is 801 thousand, it is predictable that we will cross the one million mark.
31-03-2020, 11:53
Press conference of RA Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan