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Today, January 20, the 4th session of the 7th convocation began in the National Assembly. The issue of amending the Law on Civil Status Acts is currently under discussion.

It is also suggested to add a baby's gender to the birth certificate.

Lusine Badalyan, a member of the "My Step" faction, said in a speech that she has two children, the last time she was in a maternity hospital in 2007 and she doesn't think anything has changed. "The mother never puts her child in the bushes, the father does," said Lusine Badalyan.
Сегодня, 11:40
Relatives of Armen Tavadyan, owner of 5th Channel, are holding a protest in front of the Criminal Court of Appeal. There is also Robert Kocharyan's son, Levon Kocharyan.

Asked if Armen Tavadyan could be indicted for being a friend of RA second President Robert Kocharyan or is it pressing for freedom of the press, Kocharyan answered: “Probably two with each other. Armen Tavadyan's case specifically exerts pressure on the dislike of the government, but I think it is related to the press because we understand from various responses of the government that certain TV channels and media are targeted. This is also an attempt to suppress the press. "
Сегодня, 11:34
There have been a number of public-speaking killings and (self-inflicted) murders under Nikol Pashinyan's presidency. And it is not accidental.

Although the revolution was proclaimed velvet and slogans of love and solidarity were chosen, the reality was quite the opposite. That is to say, falsehood and falsehood were served "from the head."

"Tavshyan" was not unique in this respect. All the revolutions of the world are packed with slogans of love and solidarity, but inside there is hatred, malice, envy, and blood thirst.

Revolution is a consequence of the disease of the public body. When reforms are delayed or the system enters a stagnation phase, a populist-demagogue emerges who offers an easy solution - rejection. They reject the king, the tsar, the president, Serzh ...

When the elite are cut off from reality, fat and nose pierced, there is one who becomes the embodiment of all evil, hatred, poison, and cruelty.

In our case, Nikol Pashinyan became one of them. He came out of the crevasse of the Gullies and the Bermuda. He is the king of the Armenian plebeians, who will be swallowed up by the same plebeians because they are primitive, criminals, traitors, headmen.
Сегодня, 11:32
In the fall of 2001, in the Aragast café, the Prosecutor's Office filed a complaint to the RA Court of Appeals demanding a new trial in the case of Poghos Poghosyan's murder.

The prosecutor's office released a statement in this regard:

"As has been reported, the Yerevan City Prosecutor's Office examined the 2001 case before the Court of First Instance. The criminal case on the murder of Poghos Poghosyan in "Aragast" cafe on the night of September 24, 25, 2009, the petition of Steven John Newton, the documents attached thereto.
Сегодня, 11:29
At the funeral of Georgi Kutoyan, attended by former officials, a citizen approached Serzh Sargsyan and handed him some paper. "This is addressed to you personally, it's a secret, a secret," he said.
Сегодня, 11:06
Daniel Ioannisyan, Founder of the Union of Informed Citizens, Coordinator of Programs, Member of the Public Council wrote on his Facebook page: “I didn't stand up, I must say. Garnik Isagulyan has stated that Georgi Kutoyan committed a suicide in order to send a message to the authorities not to destroy the state at the cost of their lives. As for the relatives of the victims of March 1, they said that they sold the bodies to Nikol Pashinyan.

The minimum moral standard was passed by that man while he was on his way to Iran on the assignment of the Soviet KGB in YSU 3rd year.

I will file a slander suit against Isagulyan for what he has to say, and he will publicly refute what he said. ”
Сегодня, 11:04
The 9-point system of road fines in the territory of Armenia will not apply to Artsakh citizens. Deputy Head of the NKR Traffic Police Armen Harutyunyan stated this, reports the Artsakh Public Television.

“It does not mean that transgressors will not be fined. At present, these points will not be applied to the citizens of Artsakh.

There are certain problems with the computer program and legislation around which they work and it is very likely that it will be applied to the citizens of Artsakh in the coming days, "he said.

The deputy head of the traffic police reminded that in case of exceeding the speed of 10 km / h the unit does not go out, but a fine of one thousand drams is set for each km. “In case of exceeding the speed of 10-30 km / h a fine of 20 thousand AMD is envisaged and 2 points are deducted. In case of exceeding the speed of 30-50 km / h a fine of 25 thousand AMD is envisaged and 3 points are deducted, and in case of exceeding the speed of 50-80 km / h a fine of 29 thousand AMD is deducted and 3 points are deducted. At 80 km / h, the driver is deprived of his driving license. "

Armen Harutyunyan did not rule out the possibility of introducing the grading system in Artsakh from September.
Сегодня, 10:59
Tsarukyan about Vanetsyan's joining PAP
Сегодня, 10:36
Speaking to reporters in parliament today, Prosperous Armenia faction leader Gagik Tsarukyan told reporters that former National Security Service (NSS) leader Arthur Vanetsyan is going to form an opposition pole, and is he not worried that they will win the PAP's votes? "How is it going to take votes today? Can Tsarukyan come to take something out of his hands? It must work fully, the people will make a choice, and everything will be clear. "

He emphasized that there was no word on Vanetsyan's cooperation and that he had no concerns.
Сегодня, 10:30
"I beg you to leave me alone, huh? The time will come, whatever question you want, I'll answer. " Answering a question by journalists during the funeral of former NSS director Georgi Kutoyan today, the third president of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan said.