1-09-2020, 09:21
11 people have already died from alcohol poisoning in Armavir, the condition of these two is extremely serious.

YEREVAN, September 1 - Sputnik. Such life-threatening poisoning is caused by the use of methyl alcohol of technical origin. In a conversation with Sputnik Armenia, Harutyun Zurnachyan, the acting director of "Armavir Medical Center" CJSC, expressed such an opinion, referring to the incident in Armavir, as a result of which 11 people died.

"Methyl alcohol has a high risk of exposure. Yesterday, after the second case transferred to "Armavir" MC, we quickly decided that it was "alcohol intoxication" due to the use of alcohol of unknown origin. "We transferred the patients to Yerevan medical centers," said Zurnachyan.
31-08-2020, 22:05
The new procedure of customs clearance of clothes will come into force in Armenia on September 1, according to which imported clothes will be cleared through customs clearance procedures for other goods. At present, customs clearance of clothes is carried out in kilograms. That is, regardless of the value of the imported rest, the importer pays a fixed price, by weight. Under the new procedure, the importer must submit an invoice, which must indicate the exact quantities, prices, names and models of the goods. Incomplete declaration of information will lead to the application of the administration. When clearing goods with explicitly reduced prices, incomplete information and defective documents, other tools of customs value determination will be used, such as price adjustment according to the national market prices or the option of comparing with the prices of similar goods imported in recent months.
31-08-2020, 22:01
"In fact, it is enough for PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan to make one public statement to start a lively life in the internal political life of Armenia. Of course, we would be very happy if we were talking about substantive discussions and questions, but unfortunately, after any public statement of the PAP President, there is no lack of meaningless comments and various imaginary analyzes. This time the next "discovery of the century" was made by the NA Deputy Speaker Alen Simonyan, having a world-wide idea that at this stage they are witnessing the restoration of the Kocharyan-Tsarukyan "company". Of course, it is pointless to hope that once again our observations on the PAP being a separate self-sufficient political unit will come true and the politicians attached to the PAP will understand day and night that we do not need to be measured by their yardstick, but I will not miss it. to that question.
31-08-2020, 21:55
On August 26 and 31, respectively, the police and the Investigative Committee announced the arrest of "thief in law" Andranik Soghoyan, known in the criminal world as "Zap". Combining the messages of the two law enforcement agencies, let us first understand why this person was arrested.

After the National Assembly made amendments to the Criminal Code in January of this year, and the relations related to the criminal subculture were criminalized, the people of that world became the target of law enforcement. One of them was the 52-year-old "Zap" (also known as "Zap Leninakansky"), the highest "thief" in the criminal world.

According to official reports, "Zap" has been leading a criminal subculture group since February of this year, instructing members of criminal subculture groups to carry out actions aimed at achieving its goals, in particular, using its illegal influence to solve a problem related to a private issue.
31-08-2020, 21:51
Nicole also went on vacation.

State of emergency - state of emergency, but the sultan is tired and needs rest.
But it is for at least 5 days, not 19, like Koronarsen Torosyan ...

From Karen Vrtanesyan's Facebook page
31-08-2020, 21:34
Two citizens were brought to the scene of the quarrel that took place hours ago at the intersection of Alex Manukyan-Sayat-Nova Avenue. The correspondent of HA reports from the scene.

It should be reminded that a man born in 1986 was taken to the hospital with bodily injuries due to a recent dispute.

According to preliminary reports, shots were fired during the quarrel.
31-08-2020, 21:29
Two years ago, when Nikol Pashinyan and his team arrived in Yerevan on foot from Gyumri to announce the start of the Velvet Revolution, any revolutionary tribune was used to reassure the people that, unlike the current "corrupt" government, they would come to work without sleep. Two years later, we can say that this is another unfulfilled promise made by the velvet authorities. Let's say that Prime Minister Pashinyan also joined many high-ranking officials who went on vacation during these days of the epidemic. he is also going on vacation. Before Pashinyan, the Minister of Health, the Mayor of Yerevan, the Governor of Lori, the Governor of Lori, the National Security Council, the President of the Republic of Armenia, the Minister of Territorial Administration, and the Chief Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs went to enjoy their "earned" rest.
31-07-2020, 20:06
I recently returned from the Martuni region, where I had a busy work schedule. Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"During the meeting of the community leaders of the region, in addition to the main issues, I also referred to the statement made by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Ali about our Republic yesterday, which condensed the rhetoric of the whole region during his rule. "It was possible not to respond to it, but in our native land, in a conversation with the cultivator and defender of that land, I once again reaffirmed what we think, what we live for, for what we are ready to fight forever," the Artsakh President said.

Arayik Harutyunyan, in particular, stressed that the rhetoric of political and military blackmail with the government and people of Artsakh is fraught with irreversible consequences and a humanitarian catastrophe in the region.

"The Defense Army, with the unconditional support of the Armenian people, is ready not only to defend our territorial integrity and the security of the people, but also, if necessary, to liberate the occupied territories of the Artsakh Republic," Arayik Harutyunyan said. The statements are baseless.

The President of Artsakh promised to address the results of the working day tomorrow.
31-07-2020, 20:01
"Trust in Azerbaijan, fear in Armenia" ․ Turkish press about Nakhichevan military exercises
31-07-2020, 19:42
A high-speed train crashed in Portugal. This was reported by Lusa agency. The accident took place in Coimbra district. It is stated that the train derailed after colliding with a car carrying out road repairs. At least one person was killed and another 37 were injured.

7 of the injured are in serious condition. There were about 280 passengers on the train. The details of the accident are not specified.