31-01-2020, 14:54
Gagik Surenyan, Head of the Meteorological Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia, commented on the introduction of the agricultural insurance system on his Facebook page. “Extraordinary good initiative. Since this year, some agricultural crops have been insured against hail, frost and fires, ”he wrote.
31-01-2020, 14:52
Referring to the police actions when several members of the group criticizing the authorities were arrested, Levon Zurabyan said that he considered the behavior of the police absurd. He urged them to get rid of cheap propaganda tricks because they consider them to make the image of the country's leader irrelevant.

"The government should just understand that it must free our people from 'Facebook passions' as well. When the head of state has achieved some serious results during his administration, we can have a much more relaxed, generous and serious posture. ”
31-01-2020, 14:39
The head of Nubarashen district Telman Tadevosyan resigns. He announced this on his Facebook page:

“Dear Nubarashens,

Today, for the last time, I appeal to you as the head of the Nubarashen district.
Since February 1, I have been leaving the position of Head of District on the basis of my application.
31-01-2020, 14:39
MP Kristine Poghosyan, a member of the "My Step" faction of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, visited the "Multi" gas station near the house of Gagik Tsarukyan a few days ago, where she met with a case of non-printing of a check. Poghosyan wrote about it on his Facebook page, noting that the gas station he mentioned never provided or issued a cash register receipt.

The MP told “Haykakan Zhamanak” that the case was with him personally. “MP Arpi Davoyan and our friend Vilen Gabrielyan were with me. We were in Gabrielyan's car, we were refueling at 10,000 drams, but they did not provide us with a cash register receipt. ”
31-01-2020, 14:15
Hetq continues to present the stories of forest tenants in Armenia. We will now turn to Hrazdan forestry, in particular to the landowners in Tsakhkadzor.

They are the family of former Minister of Finance Gagik Khachatryan, former MP, former director of “Hayantar” SNCO Michael Manukyan, businessman Samvel Mayrapetyan, Tsakhkadzor mayor relative, Hrazdan forestry manager Artash Hunanyan, wife of the former head of the Armenian Railways and others.
31-01-2020, 14:14
RA National Assembly deputy Gevorg Petrosyan has posted a video in which his daughter sings. The PAP faction MP attached to the video wrote:
31-01-2020, 14:09
Arthur Vanetsyan was interrogated in the Investigation Committee
31-01-2020, 14:08
Akazvits, Grigor Yeritsyan She said that the arrest of Narek Malian, in particular, was a public demand. Let me tell you a little about the current public demand. I think all of you will hear the ugly phrase I made when I was pulled out of the car, thrown on the asphalt, and kneeled while holding the bracelet.

So, when my lawyers finally came to me and told me that everything was gone, I was ashamed to get on the ground. Nicole certainly deserves the most rude wording, but at one point I felt really bad. As I walked out of the police gate, I apologized to all those who saw and heard it live, and then I began to comment on the events of that day.
31-01-2020, 13:55
St. Petersburg collapses roof of sports and concert complex, video showing the moment of collapse appears
31-01-2020, 13:41
“This seriousness is already serious. Key issues are already being overshadowed. The fact that the Constitutional Court should be changed in its entirety, we have always talked about, right after the revolution, when there was that opportunity. When the National Assembly came under full control of the new forces, we were saying then. We preferred and suggested the path of constitutional reform, "says Hovsep Khurshudyan, president of Free Citizens NGO, in the framework of the program" On Importance ".

About two years after the revolution, the ruling power begins the process of constitutional reform.