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"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "We ourselves do not understand why the number of people taking pneumonia is multiplying in such a way that 20% of the more than 400% published are those suffering from severe pneumonia. It is terrible that the beds are not catastrophic enough, the relevant bodies do not want to open new hospitals, they put the burden on the primary polyclinics, the polyclinics are not only not used to that workload, there is also a problem of infectious disease specialists. It is a matter of first aid, ”said the person in charge of the sphere.

 And why don't they start the Sports Complex? "The sports complex is a separate" case "- so many beds have been laid, so much money has been spent, but it cannot serve to solve the problem - so many patients need to be served, right? , wash, even charge the phone. There is no possibility of all that in the sports complex.
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"Zhamanak" newspaper writes. "In his latest video, Mikael Minasyan, who is wanted, was talking about a new scandal connected with Prime Minister Pashinyan. According to Serzh Sargsyan's son-in-law, Nikol Pashinyan and a certain David Galstyan are involved in the international arms trade. According to Minasyan's description, Nikol Pashinyan, together with his new friend, David Galstyan, Patron David, is implementing a scheme by which he authorizes David Galstyan through the RA Ministry of Defense and gives him the privilege of ordering weapons on behalf of the RA.

 The remarkable thing in this story is that the famous groom is trying to present "some David Galstyan" as a friend of Nikol Pashinyan. However, the same David Galstyan was Serzh Sargsyan's close friend. In addition to Serzh Sargsyan, Galstyan was very close to Serzh Sargsyan's former bodyguard Vachagan Ghazaryan, Serzh Vacho. "
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Where did Gagik Tsarukyan's love for lions come from? Maybe from oil producer Avetis Ghukasyan, who bought an unusual house in Tbilisi? More details in the article by Ekuterina Mikaridze, columnist for Sputnik Georgia.

Paul Stern, an architect from Tbilissi (Georgia) who was fond of various engineering tricks, designed the mansion and "sat" sculptures of lions in front of the gate. The lions remained so until modern times. Then there was a change of government, nationalization, and the house became a communal apartment. The predators changed their habitat and kept the entrance to the zoo for some time. The new city authorities considered the zoo a more natural environment for lions than Plekhanov Avenue.
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According to the "Fact" newspaper, this issue is discussed in the government almost every day, but the opinions are very different. According to our source, it is being studied in detail what economic risks and financial burden we can deal with in case of new total restrictions.

At the same time, it is not only about the suspension of the activities of certain structures, but also about much stricter restrictions, including on public transport and so on. Therefore, it is not ruled out that such events will be announced by the end of the week. By the way, it is noteworthy that under yesterday's live broadcast of the Prime Minister, the government's fake pages regularly called for "closing", moreover, for 10 days. Such posts, especially on the Prime Minister's page, can hardly be self-evident. "
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"The passions over the dismissal of Artur Aghajanyan, the head of the investigation department of the National Security Service, do not stop, and the" Zhoghovurd "daily has learned the background of this dismissal. First of all, it should be noted that Aghajanyan submitted his resignation on May 12, but it was officially announced only on May 19. And it is noteworthy that he submitted his resignation after the appointment of Argishti Kyaramyan, the former acting head of the State Control Service, as the director of the National Security Service.

The point is that according to the information we received from the National Security Service, in fact Artur Aghajanyan and Argishti Kyaramyan also had a personal conflict when the latter was still working in the PAP, and, in fact, Aghajanyan did not want to work with Kyaramyan in that structure.
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"Over the past week, an unprecedented increase in the number of citizens infected with coronavirus has been registered throughout Armenia. Unfortunately, the number of deaths is increasing. As of yesterday, Armenia ranked 28th out of 251 countries in terms of population per 1 million inhabitants. The authorities admit that the situation in our country is really quite serious and uncontrollable.

It was announced yesterday that new strictures are being set in the issue of wearing a mask, that is, we will always wear a mask everywhere, except our house. Moreover, parade Tigran Avinyan once again hinted that new, stricter restrictions, including curfew, are possible as an extreme toolkit.
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"I will be playing in that video in August 2016" ․ The hero of the scandalous video spread by Pashinyan denies (Video)
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Thanks to this Armenian, President Reagan recognized the Armenian Genocide. Kenneth Khachikyan is a unique person. He has worked with three presidents of the United States: President Nixon, Reagan, and Bush Sr.

Most importantly, he was the author of President Ronald Reagan's famous 1981 declaration, in which the current president of the United States officially and for the last time officially recognized the Armenian Genocide.

Khachikyan is proud of his work, he says, it was the call of the soul, adding that the Caesarean father and mother from Kharberd who survived the Genocide would also be proud. Kenneth Khachikyan started his career in Richard Nixon's team. "When I was in law school in New York, I wrote a letter to candidate Nixon asking him to help his campaign team. It was 1968, I was 23 years old. I was accepted to help write speeches and do research. ”

After Nixon's victory, Khachikyan returned to university, graduated, and in 1970 went to work at the White House. However, when Richard Nixon decides to resign, he asks Kenneth Khachikyan to help him prepare for the publication of his memoirs. Then, learning that presidential candidate Ronald Reagan needed a speech specialist, Khachikyan went to work for Reagan. "He and I had such a close personal relationship, we worked so well together that right after the victory, Reagan called me to the White House to work as the head of his speech preparation department."
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Nikol Pashinyan posted a photo of his little daughter Arpi on Instagram, where the child uses a stethoscope to check the dog's condition. "Arpi is trying to decide whether Molly is positive," Pashinyan wrote.

It seems that nothing extraordinary happened, but only at first sight. Arpi checks to see if Molly is a coronavirus. This is also normal. He is a child and plays like other children his age. Pashinyan does well, but Pashinyan does not do well to use the child for his reputation. Pashinyan is not doing well, whether Molly's dog willingly or unwillingly puts us on the same level with the citizens of Armenia. Especially for citizens who are ill, who suspect that they are ill, and are doing their best to get light, to have a lung examination, to have a normal check-up.
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"Every day, Clown Hayk, as the mayor of Yerevan, is an insult to the people of Yerevan and the citizens of Armenia. Prime Minister Pashinyan, that's enough. You have already exhausted all the resources to have fun and enjoy the power. Either get serious or the story won't forgive you. ”

The criminal failures of the government and the prime minister inevitably lead to a new crisis. Armen Ashotyan
The fact that the former prime minister has been hitting Nikol one after another in recent days, of course, cannot be just a coincidence ․ Maybe he feels something. But with such a tough anti-Catholicism, how do we understand a number of Darbinyan's previous statements? For example, in 2018 ․ Leaving aside the memory of the Genocide on April 24, he insisted on the following: "A real people's revolution has taken place in Armenia. Its locomotive was the beautiful, ideological, honest, wonderful Armenian youth, the main achievement of the independent Armenian statehood. ”