4-11-2020, 19:11
An earthquake was registered in the Imishlin region of Azerbaijan.

This was reported by Azerbaijani websites, citing the Republican Center of Seismological Service under the National Academy of Azerbaijan.

No casualties or damage have been reported so far.
4-11-2020, 19:09
During the day, there were battles in the southern direction, along the Vorotan River, in the direction of a specific hill, said the representative of the Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan during the press conference.

"They tried to carry out an attack with some armored vehicles, lost 2-3 units of armored vehicles and were thrown back," Hovhannisyan said.

According to him, the situation on the Armenian side is much better today than 15 days ago.

"I am not saying that the hardest days are over, maybe there will be more like that. But now, thank God, our potential, self-organization and governance are much better. "We do not see panic, disorganization, holding people by force," said the representative of the Ministry of Defense.
4-11-2020, 18:50
On November 3, the bodies of 10 servicemen were brought from Baku to Nakhichevan.

Today, on November 4, the Nakhichevan state channel published the videos of the transfer of the bodies and the arrival of the plane.

It should be reminded that last week three more flights took place, by which 31 bodies of servicemen were brought to Nakhichevan.
4-11-2020, 18:38
Artsakh Defense Army reports data on servicemen killed in repulse of Azerbaijani aggression ․

1. Yeghoyan Arsen Meruzhan, born 2001

2. Stepanyan Levon Hamlet, born 2001

3. Arakelyan Edgar Arayik, born 2000

4. Arakelyan Vahe Arayik, born 2000
4-11-2020, 18:31
Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov wrote on his Twitter page ․ "We need peace based on compromises in our region. For its part, Azerbaijan is ready to recognize the right of Karabakh Armenians to self-determination. "
4-11-2020, 18:30
The Prime Minister's wife Anna Hakobyan announced about forming a women's detachment and leaving for the front line. They have been in Goris for several days, the Prime Minister's wife regularly informs about their actions. Hayeli.am has learned that the Prime Minister's wife has already expressed dissatisfaction with her formal activities, visits and voicing whims in Goris military units. We also learned that he had gone to war in an armored vehicle and was circling a bodyguard.
4-11-2020, 18:09
The National Security Service has published a video where it is seen how they attack the enemy tank and armored vehicles. The enemy flees.
4-11-2020, 17:54
A photo has been spread on the Internet, where actor Mkrtich Kebabchyan, known to the audience from other projects such as "Mother's Promise", "Kinstagram", is in a military uniform, surrounded by other boys in uniform.

Tert.am Life has learned that the actor has left for the front.

It should be reminded that recently the actor also starred in Elena Arshakyan's new project "Heroic Novels".
4-11-2020, 17:39
President Erdoանիan's wife, Emine Erdoանըan, is a big fan of fashion goods from France and refused to accept her husband's call to boycott French goods.

According to the news, the Greek City Times drew attention to the fact that Emine Erdogan used the best fashion houses in Paris. According to the portal, the first lady of Turkey has repeatedly appeared in public with valuables. For example, the market price of her Hermes bag is $ 50,000, the bag from Chanel is $ 7,700.

Amid President Erdogan's loud statements, Internet users criticized Turkey's first lady for such behavior and advised her to get rid of French luxury goods immediately.
4-11-2020, 17:18
Azeris set fire to more than 30 hectares of forest in Artsvaberd community of Tavush region, Yerkir.am reports.

The residents of Artsvaberd told us that the cameras of the military positions recorded what really happened ․ The Azeris burned car tires from the top of the mountain, rolled in different directions inside the Armenian border, through the forest to the village reservoir, which the locals call "Jili Sea", and the official name is Khndzorut Reservoir.

"We are also drowning in the smoke in the village, all the smoke has spread throughout the village. "The forest burned from the tires rolled by the Azerbaijanis and went down smoking." They do it in such a way that people gather, start putting out the fire to see that they are gathered, throw a rocket or projectile, kill.

In addition, the forests help the border guards and volunteer detachments to keep the border more efficient, ”said local resident Anna Melkumyan. No one was injured at this time. The villagers do not rule out that the Azeris are trying to damage the reservoir, which supplies water to the surrounding villages. In those forests are the beehives of nearby villages. At this moment the reservoir and the hives are harmless.