27-03-2020, 08:33
Special measures are being taken in supermarkets by the request of the Yerevan Municipality. The Armenian Unified Information Center has posted a video on its Facebook page showing what measures are being taken to prevent the virus and urge them to follow the markings in the queue.

"Due to the epidemic, we have moved to a completely different working regime. disinfecting the materials with the clothes, we all have to disinfect ourselves when we come in. Clients are asked to use markings on the floor to keep them away from each other. This is for the safety of us all, ”said one employee.
27-03-2020, 08:14
A 2-month-old baby and her mother have been infected with a coronavirus. The baby is fine.

Armenian Health Minister Arsen Torosyan reported this on his Facebook page shortly.

Torosyan also mentioned a number of other data, in particular, 40 citizens will leave today and return home, 10 citizens have been cured.

At the moment we have 28 treated citizens, 1 is in extremely serious condition and another is in serious condition.

There is no danger to the lives of others. The rest of the patients are almost without symptoms.
27-03-2020, 08:11
We have 10 more cured citizens; Arsen Torosyan (video)
27-03-2020, 08:03
FBI staff arrested a Southern California resident who claimed to have developed a coronavirus drug and demanded investment in a company that should sell the drug, the AP reports.

Keith Lawrence Middlebrook has announced to his 2.4 million Instagram subscribers that his company will make hundreds of millions of dollars in profits, according to a statement from the US Department of Justice. Middlbrook assured that he developed tablets that would prevent COVID-19 infection and cure those who had already been infected.
27-03-2020, 07:41
“The World Health Organization, among other functions, do you know what its function is?
     Don't know?
     The WTO had to do it so that Europe would not be where it is today.
     Guidelines, Practices, and Steps Specifically Made for Every Level of Epidemic DUTY MUST be mandatory for all countries.
     And on the day of the pandemic, the WHO specifically noted that there is a higher degree of risk, but states should not change their actions. Let them continue to do what they have been doing until now.
     It doesn't happen that way. Every subsequent level of risk changes the order of action, increasing the severity.
     But so it was. A pandemic was announced, announced on the BBC and CNN, and the boys scattered around the houses. And they wished the states and the ministries of health success. Total.
     Guys, that doesn't happen.
27-03-2020, 07:21
March 27, 2020 Share:
"One-sided lung ...
On March 26, at 17:40, a report was received from Nork's Infectious Disease Hospital that they were taken to Margarita Grigoryan's 1961 hospital with the diagnosis of "one-sided pneumonia" from No. 10 14th Alapars village of Kotayk marz / 1961. g., the remaining data are revealed / who died in the hospital in the presence of doctors. It is reported by Armlur.am.

Investigator Abovyan left for the scene.

External examination revealed no traces of violence on the body.
27-03-2020, 07:04
A two-year-old child has been infected with a virus in Georgia. Danger According to Kakha Ishkhneli, director of the Bocorashvili Hospital, the child's condition is satisfactory. Aliq.ge reports.

It is said that his family was in isolation, and the subsequent examination confirmed the existence of the infection. Parents are not infected. The doctor noted that all the contacts in this infection were corrected.
27-03-2020, 06:27
There is a commotion in the Military Investigation Division of the RA Investigation Committee. Investigators are in a deadlock. The point is that recently RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan has decided to dismiss the case of the former MP Arakel Movsisyan's son Shmays' son David Movsisyan's dismissed case and launch a new investigation. This is a call by a military conscript's aunt to the Military Police, but no action was taken. Zhoghovurd daily wrote this on February 5, 2020.
27-03-2020, 06:01
The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Republic of Armenia has released new data on the spread of coronavirus in Armenia.

YEREVAN, March 27 - Sputnik. The number of people infected with coronavirus in Armenia has increased by 30 by 10:00 to 320 today. We have one death. The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the RA reports this information.

Recall, the number of people infected with coronavirus in Armenia increased by 25 and became 290 as of 10:00 on March 26 at 10:00 am, and 18 citizens were recovered. The first case of coronavirus death was registered in Armenia yesterday. The deceased was a 72-year-old Armenian citizen.
27-03-2020, 05:49
Hrachya Harutyunyan, an aide to the ruling National Assembly deputy Christine Poghosyan, has written a sexual blasphemy to anyone who thinks the government is failing in its work against the coravirus.

Interestingly, this post of the deputy's assistant was endorsed by National Assembly MP Hovik Aghazaryan and Lori Governor Andrey Ghukasyan. In fact, they have joined the debate and believe that the blasphemy he deserves is worthy of citizens who think the government has failed.