27-03-2020, 11:31
We have already reported that Nikol Pashinyan is on the air calling and talking to citizens, trying to find out their moods regarding restrictions, wondering what the problems are.

Speaking to one of the pensioners when the latter said her husband had worked as an infectionist once, the prime minister joked: "What does this mean when we can overcome this virus?" "What should I say, she's 90 years old now?" The woman continued; "It is difficult under this virus, a little pasta, I have something, so we do not go out. True, a man is 90 years old, he can roam and cook pasta. I can't do it, I'm lying down, I would like to take a step, it's very difficult for me. "
27-03-2020, 11:27
"I have had mild symptoms for the last 24 hours and the test has shown positive results. Now I'm self-isolated, but I will continue to lead the government through videoconferencing as we fight this outbreak.
27-03-2020, 11:20
Noah is taking care of her grandmother, Zara's mother-in-law; “In terms of taking care of my son, I was very lucky. Papa and grandmother, mother-in-law, organize everything, besides, she is a very quiet child. We had no problems. There were only shortcomings in the lessons, but with the help of my startup everything came to its place. ”

For the first time a slave has been so far away from his son. The actress mentioned that most of the day she talks to her, so they try to somehow fill her mother's absence.

“My son is a very understanding and patient child. I have explained to him in detail every time he says 'Mom, but you have no flu, you can't infect me, come home.' She was annoyed that I had come to Yerevan and didn't see her. We talk every day. They are now taking lessons online. I try as much as possible to keep track of what they are doing, what are the educational gaps. The hardest days have passed, with only three days left. Although these last days may be more difficult. I want to go through this as soon as possible so that I can see my son. "
27-03-2020, 10:46
2019 On May 25, a group of revolutionaries organized a rally in support of Nikol Pashinyan at Liberty Square, during which one of the organizers of the rally Jivan Abrahamyan threatened the authorities of Artsakh. He said he would "smash the head of Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan" if the second president of the Republic of Armenia Kocharyan was accepted in Artsakh.

Following these statements, the Sikhs attempted to "deny" their relationship with Abrahamyan. Abrahamyan has also denied the connection with "cursed" expressions, though the facts about that connection are more telling.

Jivan Abrahamyan, who was not held accountable after the statement of the incumbent president of Artsakh "to beheaded", had left for Artsakh days ago. After returning from Artsakh, the latter made live offensive statements to the Artsakh authorities and presidential candidates and said: “I saw forces in Artsakh doing their best to drive Artsakh away from Armenia. I saw forces in Artsakh that do not promote the interests of Armenians, Artsakh, but Azerbaijan and other countries; Artsakh tries to reproduce former government today; In Artsakh, this situation is used by some forces to reproduce in any way, and those forces, I cannot say, are Azerbaijani-led forces, what they are-directed forces. "

In his words, Abrahamyan also repeatedly stated that Artsakh is Armenia and the last sentence. He said: "Those people who are fighting for the de facto and de jure status of the idea of ​​a separate Republic of Artsakh are not the right forces, they are raising huge funds against people who are fighting for a whole Artsakh-Armenia idea; Being a traitor, a traitor to the nation. Such forces are led by the likes of Baku. Vitaly Balasanyan, who has repeatedly propagandized that Artsakh has nothing to do with Armenia, today paints a picture of him on the internet with everyone on his rubbish. Today they are doing their best to campaign and they will be reproduced in Artsakh's power so that the last bastion of anti-Armenian policy will be. These forces are intended to plunder Artsakh. ”

In another live broadcast, Abrahamyan referred to the media reports that he had been expelled from Artsakh with offensive and "blasphemous" expressions. He said: "You don't have so much to banish me, Cocktails, Vitalics and the like."

Michael Margaryan also left for Artsakh with Abrahamyan. He appeared on the revolutionary platform in April-May and is currently criticizing the authorities he has chosen.
27-03-2020, 10:43
Hydroxychloroquine can be prescribed and used for the treatment of coronavirus. The order was approved the day before. About this writes L'express.

Didier Raulte, a professor at Marseille University who advocates the use of hydroxychloroquine, who studied 24 patients and found out the usefulness of the drug, thanked French Health Minister Olivier Verani for "listening".
27-03-2020, 10:40
A video has been circulated on the internet where doctors pray before starting work.

"Start your day the same way ..."
27-03-2020, 10:35
YEREVAN, March 27 - Sputnik. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has called citizens directly on Facebook to find out how they feel.

Knowing that Pashinyan was calling, a girl handed the phone to her mother. The older woman, hearing that Pashinyan had called, said: "Maladets, Nicole Jan."

To Pashinyan's question how they stand, the grandmother answered that they somehow stand.
27-03-2020, 10:26
A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defense Shushan Stepanyan recently said that two servicemen were diagnosed with coronavirus, and that the results of testing of 35 servicemen were negative. Confirmed cases are correlated with the first case registered in that unit. The military are hospitalized and their health condition is assessed as satisfactory. Both were previously isolated.

None of the five infected soldiers has pneumonia, one has a mild fever, the other four have no symptoms at all.
27-03-2020, 10:22
On March 27, a contract serviceman was wounded by gunfire in the Noyemberyan border. This information was confirmed to Armenian News-NEWS.am by MOD spokesman Shushan Stepanyan.

The speaker said the soldier's life was not in danger, he was slightly injured.
27-03-2020, 10:20
RA Ministry of Defense spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan visited all the targeted isolated servicemen contacted with coronavirus to see how their health is.

He went into different rooms of the isolation site on Facebook, talking to isolated servicemen.

The servicemen said their condition was normal. They wished their friends infected with Coronavirus health and a speedy recovery to the Armenian nation.